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The information following is both from the Bible [typed in bold font] or gathered from researching other sources – and the spelling/dating, etc. is recorded verbatim as best I could interpret it. 

The gentleman who purchased the Bible told me that he did so at an estate sale in Dallas about eight years ago – which means the Bible likely was in the possession of Eugenia Herring, who appears to have died without any children. 

I believe the family bible belonged to:
     William & Sarah Elizabeth (Chrisman) Herring, married October 13th 1841. 
William & Elizabeth lived in the area around Bridgewater , Rockingham County , Virginia .  According to the 1850 census for Harrisonburg , Rockingham County , Virginia William was a physician, born in Virginia about 1814.  William & Sarah Herring died Sept 14th 1858 and Feb 2nd 1853, respectively.  

Sarah E. Chrisman was the daughter of John & Elenor (Ralston) Chrisman, born Feb 29th 1825.

William & Sarah had three children (all reflected in the 1850 census report mentioned above):
      (1) John Crofton Herring, Jan 7th 1844;
      (2) Ada Worth Herring Aug 30th 1847; and
      (3) Alberta Bruce Herring Ap 13th 1849. 

I have not determined what became of Ada Herring.  In 1870 Alberta , or “Bertie”, was living in Franklin Township , Rockingham County , Virginia with her brother John and his wife.

John Crofton Herring married Camilla Jacqueline Dinkle on February 7th 1867.  Camilla was the daughter of John & Ann Dinkel of Bridgewater, Virginia.  The inconsistent spelling of Dinkle/Dinkel is as recorded in the Bible and this inconsistency is commonly found when researching this surname. 

John Crofton & Camilla (Dinkle) Herring had two sons:
      (1) John William Herring, born Dec 8th 1867; and
      (2) Bernard Allen Herring, born March 6th 1874. 

Per the 1870 census John William was born in Virginia and - per the 1880 census for Cassville, District No. 828 for Bartow County , Georgia - Bernard was born in Georgia .

By the 1900 federal census J.W. Herring was living in the McLeod Hotel in Precinct No. 1, City of Dallas , Dallas County , Texas .  He was recorded as being born in Virginia during December 1868 and he was single.  In the 1910 census he was recorded in Justice Precinct 1, Dallas City, Dallas County, Texas as having been married for four (4) years to Edna Earle, who was 38 years of age and born in Louisiana (circa 1872).  They owned a home, mortgage-free, at 183 Reiger Avenue in Dallas .  In the 1920 census he was recorded living in the same location with his wife and two children: Eugenia A., 9 years of age; and William C., 7 years of age. 

I could not locate any of these individuals in the 1930 census.  On Ancestry.com I also located Dallas County , Texas birth records for William Crofton Herring born 11/19/1912 and Eugenia Alberta Herring born 7/17/1910.  These birth records match the census data and the middle names of “Crofton” and “ Alberta ” have family significance.  According to the Dallas County, Texas death records for 1964-98, there was a William C. Herring who died on 1 June 1977 who was reflected in the SSDIndex as having been born on 19 November 1912; and there was a Eugenia Herring who died in Dallas County, Texas on 30 December 1996 and who was reflected in the SSDIndex as having been born on 17 July 1910. 

I do not have any record as to William Crofton Herring with respect to marriage and/or children.

Also in the 1900 census for Cassville, Bartow County , Georgia , John C. & Camilla J. Herring were living with their 26 year old son Bernard A., who was recorded as being born in March 1874.  The family owned their own farm.  In the 1910 census for Cartersville, No. 822 Militia District in Cartersville City, Bartow County , Georgia , Bernard A. was recorded as living in his mortgage-free home at 611 West Avenue and having been married for six (6) years to Martha.  Martha P. was recorded as being 27 years of age and born in Georgia (circa 1883) – and both of her two children were still living.  These two children were recorded living in this same household: (1) Millie L., 2 years of age and born in Georgia : and Martha L., six (6) months of age and born in Georgia.  There was also an 18-year old black servant by the name of Emma J. Earley.  In the 1920 census the family is recorded living in the same household at 611 West Avenue in Cartersville.  Martha P. is recorded as “Pearl”, Cammilla and Martha are 12 and 10 years of age, and they have a brother John who is recorded as being three (3) years and some [?] months of age.  Also living in this household is Bernard’s father John C. Herring, a widower who is 76 years of age and Bernard’s sister-in-law Miss Marylou Lynn, age 33 years and born in Georgia.  I could not locate John Crofton Herring or his wife in the 1910 census (see below regarding their deaths).  In the 1930 census Bernard is recorded at 611 West Avenue in Cartersville and his wife is now Mary Lou, 43 years of age and first married at age 38 – about 1925.  This leads me to believe that Bernard’s first wife, Martha Pearl Lynn, had died and Bernard married the sister-in-law who was living in the household in 1920.  Two of Bernard’s children were also living in this household: (Martha Lynn, age twenty (20) years; and John Allen, age fourteen (14) years.  I have no record of what became of his daughter Camilla L.

The Bible also indicates that Camilla Jacqueline Herring was paralyzed, died on what appears to be January 13, 1904 and was buried in Cassville on what appears to be January 15 1904 in a funeral serviceOctober 11, 2006 indicates that she was removed to Cartersville about 1917.  This is consistent with her living in Cassville per the 1900 census and her husband living in Cartersville in 1920, where the Bible indicates he died Oct 1st 1920 at 10 o’clock.  He was buried at Cartersville (probably next to his wife) on Oct 4th in a funeral service by Rev. J.H. Harris assisted by Rev. Myers.This is all the Bible contains, and all the information that I have garnered from my research, with respect to the Herrings.  However, there is further information in the Bible regarding the Chrisman family that I will endeavor to interpret herein as follows:

Jacob Chrisman was born to John & Mary Chrisman on Dec 15th 1763.

Jacob & Barbary Chrisman had the following children:  

      (1)     John, born January 10th 1794;
(2)     Henry, born May 2nd 1795;
     Elisabeth, born May 22nd 1797;
      (4)     Catherine, born March 3rd 1799;
(5)     Isaac, born Feb 30th 1801;
Joseph, born April 22nd 1804
      (7)     -----, born April 19th 1806; and
      (8)     __ Clair, born Nov 13th 1809.

John [(1) above] married Catherine on April 28th 1814. 
Catherine gave birth to Elisabeth Ann on January 7th 1815. 
Elisabeth Ann then died on Jan 9th 1815 and
Catherine followed her in death on January 10th 1815.

John [(1) above] then married Elenor Ralston, daughter of David & Sarah Ralston. 
Elenor was born April 11th 1798. 
John & Elanor then had the following children:

     (1)   Henry A., born Dec 23th 1817;
     (2)  Americus V., born Nov 22 1820;
     (3)    Camlyces C., born Oct 25th 1822;
     (4)     Erasmus L., born Nov 9th 1823;
     (5)     Sarah E., born Feb 29th 1825;
     (6)     John S., born Nov 12th 1826;
     (7)      Americus V., born Dec 31st 1831;
     (8)       Martha E., born April 13th 1833;
     (9)       David R., born May 13th 1834; and
    (10)    Frances E., born Nov 22 1838.

Fannie E. Chrisman [(10) immediately above] married Reuben W. Moore on May 1st 1866 and they had the following children:

      (1)   Thomas A., born Sept 18th 1867; and
      (2)    Ella C., born April 18th 1871.

Thomas A. Moore married Lizzie H. Allebaugh [sp?] on July 7th 1896 and they gave birth to Frances E. Moore on Nov 22nd 1898.

Ella C. Moore married Owen B. Brock on Nov 9th 1892.

The following dates of death are also recorded, [I expect mostly with respect to the children on John & Elenor (Ralston) Chrisman]:
V. July 29th 1828 (which explains why they had two sons named “Americus V.”)
      Martha M. Aug 19th 1828 (not sure who she may have been)
      Martha E. Sept 22nd 1835
Erasmus L. May 23rd 1846
Camlyces C. July 8th 1846
John October 25th 1846 (I believe this is the father who was born January 10th 1794)
      John S. January 8th 1849
Elenor Sept 14th 1860 (I believe this is Elenor (Ralston) Chrisman)
      Henry Alexander October 8th 1870
Fannie E. Moore April 17th 1900 (I believe this is Frances E. Chrisman born Nov 22 1838)


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