Bible of Benjamn F. and Frances Barnett Shaw

Transcribed by 2006
Bible is in possession of Mary Carolyn Ward, great great granddaughter--passed down to Mary Shaw Ward, to Maurine Smith McDonald to W. Leverett Ward to present possessor in 2005.



Marriages: Date
Benjamin F. Shaw and Francis Barnet 13th day of January 1842


Births: Date Born
George Washington Shaw October 23rd 1842
Savannah Elizabeth Shaw August 16th 1844
Martha Henrietta Shaw April 24th 1846
Wm Thomas Jefferson Shaw August 6th 1849
Nancy Eudoxy Shaw November 27th 1851
Bolivar Joseph Shaw November 30st 1853
Mary Caledonia Shaw Dec 19th 1855
Francis Jane Neppie Shaw June 2nd 1858
Shaw, John F. March 11th 1861
Forrest Franklin Shaw Sept 18th 1862
Benjamin Franklin Shaw Nov. 26th 1817
Francis Barnett June 5th 1819
Polke Shaw Ward Sept, 1, 1913
Herbert Wesley Terell Jarrett (no dates)
Calvin Franklin Jarrett (no dates)
Hubert Leo Smith July 4, 1906
Gladys Maurine Smith Mar 13, 1908
Mary Ella Jarrett June 3, 1913


Deaths Death Date Notes
B. F. Shaw Oct 28-1891  
Francis Barnett Shaw Dec 10. 1902  
Haley Shaw November 16th 1875 “was the Father of Benj. F. Shaw"
Wm Thomas Jefferson Shaw Jauary 4 1858 killed by the fallin of a tree
John F. Shaw March 28th 1861  
Elizabeth Shaw August 1st 1880  
Polke Shaw Ward Sept 19, 1913  
Herbert Wesley Terrell Jarrett (no date)  
Calvin Franklin Jarrett (no date)  
Herbert Leo Smith Sept 2 ,1906  

Notes by   9/2006:

George Washington Shaw was called “Polk.”

The notation that Wm Thomas Jefferson was “killed by the fallin (sic) of a tree” was also on his tombstone in the James Shaw Cemetery. My father GT Ward remembered hearing of this and said that the accident occurred “down on the Lanham place.” This was just south of the BF Shaw homeplace, which was just south of the Calvin Ward home, still standing in 2006, but renovated and much changed.

Nancy Eudoxy Shaw was called “Dockey.”

Bolivar Joseph Shaw was called “Dick.”

Many of this family moved to Texas in the late 1800’s.

The later page of deaths are of children, all of which are buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery and all marked, except for Polke Shaw Ward. The information for him was first sent to me by Edrice Ward who was given it by Rosa Ward. The child was a son of Charlie B Ward and Maggie Murphey and Rosa was married to Charles Calvin Ward who was a brother to the child. My aunt Louise Ward confirmed this and said that she was once shown the unmarked grave.

The children Herbert Wesley Terrell Jarrett and Calvin Franklin Jarrett are sons of Dave Wesley and Bessie Ward Jarrett.

Herbert Leo Smith was a child of Tom and Savannah (Banner) Ward Smith.


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