Bibles of John L. D. and Catherine Carmichael Ward

Transcribed by 9/2006
Bible was in possession of Maurine Smith McDonald and passed to W.L. Ward
No date of publication
Birth Records
John L.D. Ward was borne May 27th 1802 William L. S. Dorsett was borne August 31st 1865
Catherine Ward his wife was borne July 10th 1804 John Thaddeus Smith Edwards was borne January 26th 1866
William E. Ward was born July 23rd 1824 William Thomas Edwards was borne May 18th 1867
Thadeus C. Ward was borne July 2nd 1826 Calvin G Gunn was borne May 23rd 1868
John S. Ward was borne January 22nd 1828 Virginia Catharine Edwards was borne Febuary 5th 1869
Sallie D. Ward was borne August 19th 1830 Elldorah Shearman was borne August 31st 1869
Benjamine P. Ward was borne November 26th 1832 John S Ward was born February 20th 1870
Nancy F Ward was borne June 18th 1835 Margret A.D. Gunn was born September 26th 1870
Pamiela E. Ward was borne December 21st 1837 Martha C. Shearman was borne February 23rd 1871
Artherneter H. Ward was borne April 11th 1840 John Edwards Sherman was borne October 21st 1872
Miriam C. Ward was borne August 31st 1842 Minnie C. Gunn was born November 23rd 1872
Epsybeth B. Ward was borne February 2nd 1845 Calvin Constintine Shearman was born July the 26, 1875
Calvin Johnson Ward was borne June 20th 1850 Catharine Dinon Ward was born Sept 6th 1876
John T.A. Gunn was borne October 21st 1864 General Charlie Branham Ward was born January 9th 1881
John L.D. Ward and Catherine Ward was married November 26th 1822
William E. Ward and Sarah C. Ward was married December 22nd 1847
Pamiela E. Ward and John M. Gunn was maried December 27th 1863
Arthunetta H Ward & John W. Edwards was maried April 9th 1864
Epsibeth B Ward & John K Dorsett was maried Demember the 7th 1864
Miriam C Ward and Jacob Sherman was marid October 15th 1868
Nancy F. Ward and James K. Ward was marid April 22nd 1869
Sallie D. Ward and Dr Dansler was maried August 14th 1873
Calvin J. Ward and Ella F Dansler was Maried March 17th 1874
Calvin J. Ward and Mary C. Shaw was married January 25 1880
Benjamine P. Ward Departed this life February the 11th 1836
William E. Ward Departed this life October the 16th 1854
John S. Ward Departed this life April 21st 1862
Thaddeus C. Ward Departed this life in March 1862
Martha C. Shearman Departed this life December 22nd 1872
John L. D. Ward Departed this life July 9th 1876
Ella F. Ward Departed this life Noveber the 16th 1876
N. F. Ward Departed this life January 14th 1881
John E. Sherman Departed this life 5th June 1886
Mrs. Cathrine Ward consort of J.L.D. Ward departed this life July 7th 1888. Died in the faith
Calvin Johnson Ward departed this life Jan 5, 1931
Another Bible. Also in possession of Maurine Smith McDonald to W.L. Ward.
  Sheets from this Bible which appear to be different from the above-- different margins, but appear to be the same handwriting as the above. At the top of this sheet written at a later time and in the handwriting of Louise Ward is: Holy Bible, Old and New Testaments. New York. American Bible Society 1853. Source of this is not clear which Bible she copied this from.
Family Record
Charles B. Ward was born Janary the 7 1881
George B. Ward was Born December the 3 1882
Banner B. Ward was born March the 15 1884
Nellie F. Ward was born June the 6 1886
Benjman F Ward was born Oct the 15 1885
Bessie C. Ward was Born May the 30 1891
Howard C. Ward was born Dec 24 1893
Herbert Ward was Born June the 7 1897
Gladys Gertrude Ward was Born Oct the 23 1899
Gladys Maurine Smith was born Mar 13th 1908.
Notes by Carolyn Ward

All of the above are copied just as they are in the Bible(s). Various spellings such as Sherman/ Shearman, married/maried/marid; borne/born; Catharine/Cathrine and so forth are as they are recorded.

One caveat in regard to these records. The oldest appear to be dim in places and someone unfortunately tried to darken them. I assume this occurred when the JLD Ward Bible was taken to a copy shop. This was probably in the 1960’s. Altho such overwriting is not recommended, the original data did not appear to have been changed.

The Wards moved to Bartow County about 1867/1868. The births therefore of their children occurred in Clarke/now Oconee County, Ga in the Salem District. Place of marriages and deaths of their immediate family can be assumed from this time.

Two exceptions are the deaths of John S. Ward and Thaddeus C. Ward who both died in service in the Civil War. From his record as well as certificates from the Confederate government, John S died in 1862 in Goldsboro, N. C. of complications of measles, not wounds, approximately 6 weeks after he enlisted. It states that his father JLD Ward obtained a settlement of $44.23 for pay and adjustments for clothing. Family tradition says that he was buried in the family cemetery in Clarke County (not yet found), but after the family moved to Bartow they went back and brought his body “to the garden.” The gruesome details regarding the move was that the wagon’s load became lighter and lighter as they traveled--meaning that the body was turning to dust. After that a second move of the body was made--from the garden up to a spot on the hill across from the Ward home on Halls Station Road. That old cemetery has been basically abandoned since in 1993 Mrs. Maurine McDonald had the 2 original granite stones (for John L.D. Ward and N.F. Ward moved to Mt. Carmel Methodist Church and had markers erected for Catherine Ward, Ella Dansler Ward “and Baby 1876*”; and 2 government markers for John S. Ward and Thaddeus C. Ward. These are placed in front of the Ward/Smith rock-walled lot.

Thaddeus C. Ward’s military record as well as Maurine McDonald’s personal memoirs show that he died about April 1862 (not 1864 as is on the marker) after being ill or injured in a Richmond Virginia hospital and there is no mention that family obtained the body.

John L. D. Ward was killed in a buggy accident at the railroad crossing in front of the Ward home on Halls Station Road, living only until the next day.

There are 2 John S. Wards. The older is the soldier who died in 1862. The younger born Feb 20 1870 is the son of Nancy F. Ward and James K. Ward (cousins).

*This “baby” presents a problem. The JLD Ward Bible states that Catherine Dinon Ward was born Sept 6, 1876. Her mother (Ella F Dansler Ward, 1st wife of Calvin J. Ward) died Nov 16,1876. The child Catherine Dinon Ward, called “Kate” is proven to have survived at least until the 1880 census. At that time due to a conflict with Calvin Ward’s new 2nd wife, the little girl went to live with her aunt and uncle John and Netta Ward Edwards at Halls Station. There she is listed as “niece”, age 3. The conclusion must be that the “Baby” listed on the grave marker must refer to Kate who lived to be at least over 3 years old.


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