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Directions:  Drive WEST from Canton, GA on GA-20 to the intersection with GA-108; continue WEST on GA-20 approximately 2.6-miles (you will enter Bartow County about 0.4-miles). Turn LEFT on Woodall Road, proceed SOUTH about 1.6-miles to intersection with Upper Sweetwater Trail. Turn LEFT on Upper Sweetwater Trail (gravel road) and proceed EAST about 0.4-miles. The Alexander Cemetery is located on the LEFT. Access by car via Upper Sweetwater Trail from GA-20/GA-108 intersection is not recommended due to unimproved section of Upper Sweetwater Trail between Rhine Road and Sisley Trail.

USGS Quad Sheet: Allatoona Dam   Lat: 34.191-degrees N, Long: 84.650-degrees W, UTM 16 716523 E, 3785822 N (WGS-84)


Notes:  Row 1 is taken as the most westerly row adjacent to the fence with numbers increasing toward the east. The stones within each row begin with the lowest number nearest the road and increase in a northerly direction.

Inscription from Alexander Cemetery Entrance Marker:   Welcome Lafingal Community Fair Play District Cherokee County, GA George Washington Alexander Cemetery

Inscription from side nearest the road:  Home Place of George W. & Elizabeth Evaline Frye ALEXANDER.  This was also the Tavern of and Home Place of Indian Woman “Lafingal"

GPS / Map:  N34 11.460, W84 39.000
Name  click on name for image Birth Death Row / Lot Inscriptions/Comments
Alexander, Bessie R. Jan 6, 1879 May 14, 1970 R5, S2  
Alexander, Calvin Ernest Dec 5, 1891 Nov 11, 1918 R3, S2 **Memorial marker describing his life and family; buried in Arlington National Cemetery
Alexander, Elizabeth Boston Oct 25, 1909 Aug 14, 1988 R6, S1  
Alexander, Evaline E. Oct 13, 1837 Nov 23, 1915 R3, S3  
Alexander, George W. May 5, 1836 Oct 7, 1914 R3, S3  
Alexander, Joseph 6/29/1808 2/22/1897   Thanks to for this unmarked grave
Alexander, Joseph Lafayette Aug 28, 1899 Aug 30, 1901 R4, S2  
Alexander, Joyce Sep 8, 1926 blank R1, S3 Married Wallace Alexander May 25, 1953
Alexander, Myrtle Marie Apr 17, 1901 Oct 23, 1901 R4, S1  
Alexander, Sarah 8/23/1812 2/9/1884   Thanks to for this unmarked grave
Alexander, Thomas P. Mar 30, 1874 Jan 2, 1940 R5, S1  
Alexander, Wallace Nov 28, 1912 Aug 11, 1988 R1, S3 Married Joyce Alexander May 25, 1953
Alexander, William Roscoe Nov 1, 1904 Apr 3, 1981 R6, S1  
Clotfelter, Guy B., Sr. 1921 1983 R6, S2  
Clotfelter, Josephine K. 1925 blank R6, S2  
Dysart, Paul Alex Mar 6, 1985 Jul 25, 1985 R6, S4  
Edmondson, Infant one date 1915 R6, S3 "Baby Girl Edmondson"
Goodson, Joseph A. Dec 11, 1852 Dec 25, 1915 R3, S1  
Goodson, Susan Anne Alexander Jul 21, 1860 Sep 26, 1915 R3, S1 w/o Joseph A. Goodson
Holden, Clara M. 1902 1903 R5, S6  
Holden, Evelyn E. 1907 1908 R5, S5  
Holden, Flossie L. 1904 1921 R5, S4  
Holden, George W. 1872 1947 R5, S3  
Keever, Don Alex, Sr. Jun 17, 1947 Aug 31, 1970 R4, S5 Youth mayor, master counselor, DeMolay, Graduate UGA, 2nd Lt. USAR, UGA Law - Student, Cancer   add'l image
Keever, George Wallace May 12, 1923 blank R1, S1 Married Mildred Payne Keever Mar 6, 1946
Keever, Henry A. Apr 13, 1925 blank R4, S5 Lawyer, state legislator, Austin College, Emory Univ. Law, US Navy 1943-46   add'l image
Keever, James Thomas Mar 15, 1896 Apr 13, 1970 R3, S7 Georgia, PFC, 94 Depot Svc Co ASC, WW I
Keever, Karen Dangler Nov 22, 1942 Jan 3, 1992 R5, S7  
Keever, Leon H. Apr 26, 1895 Nov 16, 1979 R4, S3  
Keever, Mary Louise Jun 11, 1921 Mar 9, 1922 R3, S5  
Keever, Mildred Payne"Millie" May 26, 1921 Dec 2, 2002 R1, S1 Married George Wallace Keever Mar 6, 1946
Keever, Myrtle R. May 30, 1906 Aug 27, 1981 R4, S3  
Keever, Sallie Alexander Aug 22, 1902 Jun 5, 1926 R3, S6  
Keever, Thomas P. 1949 1967 R1, S2  
Martin, Julia Frye Aug 5, 1843 Nov 20, 1934 R3, S4  
Smith, Dellie A. Mar 24, 1914 Jul 14, 2000 R4, S4 Married T. Clifford Smith Nov 30, 1933
Smith, T. Clifford Jun 5, 1910 May 8, 1987 R4, S4 Married Dellie A. Smith Nov 30, 1933
Treadwell, Infant one date 1915 R2, S1 "Baby Boy Treadwell"


** Calvin Earnest Alexander memorial:  "His mother, Jane Hufstetler Alexander, wife of Calvin Morgan Alexander, died while giving birth to baby Calvin and was buried near Reinhardt College. Calvin E. Alexander was raised by his grandparents George W. & Evaline Frye here until 1916. George W. died 07 OCT 1914 and Evaline died 23 NOV 1915. Calvin then went to live with his father in Gordon County until 04 SEP 1917, when he enlisted in the US Army. He was mortally wounded on 10 NOV 1918 and died 11 NOV 1918, on Armistice Day in France, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, Section 18, Grave 1350. He is recognized in his grandparents will as the 12th child."


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