Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery

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Directions:  The Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery is located on Red Top Mountain and is surrounded by Allatoona Lake and Red Top Mountain State Park. According to Georgia Planters in Georgia 1832 - 1838 by Professor Don L. Shadburn, "the Cherokees established Allatoona Town in this area and many of them resided there prior to 1838". Much of the area is now covered by the water of Allatoona Lake.
Bethany Church History
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Name  click on name for image Birth Death Inscriptions/Comments
Alford, Hosie T. Feb 14, 1897 Oct 16, 1984 PFC, US Army, WW I   add'l image
Alford, Infant no dates   Inf. d/o Hosie & Lillie Alford
Alford, Lillie Fay Apr 5, 1902 Jul 31, 1957  
Bivins, David F. Dec 29, 1862 Apr 29, 1932  
Bivins, Flora Lee Mar 7, 1907 May 1, 1965  
Bivins, Joseph W. May 28, 1889 May 4, 1961     add'l image
Bivins, Ola C. Apr 29, 1887 May 18, 1972     add'l image
Bivins, Oliver E. May 2, 1930 Nov 26, 1930  
Bivins, Rosa Lanham Nov 29, 1864 Feb 24, 1926 w/o D.F. Bivins
Bohannon, Sallie May 4, 1873 Jan 18, 1904  
Cabe, Dillard one date Sep 15, 1946 Inf. s/o M/M Henry Cabe
Cabe, George W. Feb 9, 1903 Oct 2, 1977  
Cabe, Jim Jun 9, 1865 Jan 9, 1950  
Cabe, Mattie P. Jun 18, 1873 Nov 28, 1932  
Cabe, Robert Edward Sep 30, 1930 Mar 28, 1933  
Canup, James O. Sep 1, 1896 Dec 30, 1978  
Canup, Lizzie N. Apr 1, 1899 May 14, 1989  
Carroll, Joyce H. Oct 25, 1949 Sep 2, 2000  
Chatman, Henry 1878 1898  
Chatman, I.C. 1846 1912  
Chitwood, Donna M. Nov 26, 1933 Dec 19, 1997  
Cothran, Dave one date Apr 12, 1962  
Cothran, Eugene no dates    
Cothran, Franklin no dates    
Cothran, Joe no dates    
Cothran, Mary one date 1934  
Cothran, Melinda no dates    
Cothran, Nellie Newberry 1904 1921 Mother & infant; married Aug 29, 1920 to Ben Cothran
Day, Mary Geneva Dec 5, 1941 Nov 5, 2001  
Earwood, Mary one date Mar 5, 1937 d/o Viola & Meville Earwood
Earwood, T.N. Nov 4, 1912 May 19, 1992  
Fowler, Norma Jo May, 1933 Aug, 1933 Baby daughter of Barney & Perlie
Franklin, Ruby Nellie Sep 22, 1916 Mar 23, 1948  
Groce, C. Sherman Jan 28, 1917 Jul 8, 1997  
Groce, Ina H. Jun 7, 1915 May 12, 1997  
Harris, Hattie no dates   '
Harris, James Hoyt Jan 10, 1931 Jun 4, 1997  
Harris, James M. Feb 18, 1879 Oct 3, 1904  
Harris, Jim no dates    
Hight, Dar Aug 2, 1865 Oct, 1874 Hand carved, hard to read
Hilton, Hazel L. Jul 21, 1935 Apr 10, 1995 Medical symbol (Caduceus)
Hufstetler, Caleb C. Apr 27, 1838 Apr 16, 1905 Co 17 Batt GA Inf, Civil War   add'l image
Hufstetler, Clifford M. (Rev.) Dec 25, 1922 Mar 22, 1988  
Hufstetler, Luvicy Apr 6, 1816 Aug 26, 1898  
Hufstetler, Sarah Jane Jun 14, 1836 Mar 14, 1918  
Lanham, Hannah Feb 25, 1835 Feb 21, 1905  
Lanham, Marry Aug, 1853 Oct, 1939  
Lanham, Wesley W. 1859 Oct 22, 1942  
Lee, Joe Starling May 20, 1904 Sep 23, 1983  
Lee, Lon W. Jun 8, 1934 Dec 10, 1983  
Lee, Mary Hufstetler Dec 4, 1912 Nov 7, 2000  
Lee, Willard Rosco Feb 13, 1928 Jun 25, 1989 PVT, US Army   add'l image
Lewis, Annice E. Sep 2, 1917 Dec 4, 1989  
Lewis, Ethel no dates    
Lewis, Ethel S. Aug 11, 1938 Oct 30, 1940  
Lewis, Hurby H. May 10, 1911 Aug 29, 1977  
Lewis, Larry Glenn Jul 21, 1944 Dec 31, 1977  
Lewis, Warren Richard, Jr."Ricky" Oct 15, 1983 Oct 19, 1983  
McClaren, William R. Sep 12, 1889 Mar 14, 1977 CPL, US Army, WW I
Newberry, Charles William Dec 6, 1865 Oct 30, 1936  
Newberry, Manerva G. Mar 11, 1873 Dec 16, 1951  
Prewett, Infant Sep 22, 1951 Sep 22, 1951 Inf. s/o S.J. & Lexie Prewett
Richards, Nancy J. one date Jul 6, 1847 Consort of Joseph Richards, aged 30 yrs, 3 mos, 10 days   add'l image
Smith, J.F. Jun 5, 1852 Jul 4, 1917  
Smith, John M. Apr 16, 1816 Mar 21, 1904  
Summey, Elihue R. Nov 25, 1892 Jul 13, 1949     add'l image
Summey, Nellie A. Jan 20, 1898 Aug 29, 1969     add'l image
Walker, Hattie B. Harris no dates    
Walker, James Miller no dates    
Willbanks, Lena B. May 14, 1904 Jul 7, 1907 d/o R.H. & Catie Willbanks
Wooton, Ricky L., Sr. 1948 1998 Parnick Jennings FHM
Young Deer 1790 1828 Born Forsyth Co., GA, died Allatoona Town, GA, wife-Winnie Tidwell, son-John Youngdeer Tidwell, aka Indian John   add'l image

The following is from an article written by Mrs. Naomi Corley Holland and Hubert G. Holland in September 1992 from data furnished by the Georgia Department of Archives and History, National Archives and other sources.

Bethany Baptist Church was founded many years prior to 1903 and the church records back of 1903 are missing. As per the records of the Georgia Department of Archives and History and other sources, the Bethany Baptist Church was founded in about 1840 which was the next year after the conclusion of the tragic Trail of Tears in 1839. The Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery contains about 320 graves and most of them are marked with uninscribed, simple field stones. The Indian and Slave Section of the cemetery is located in the west part of it. A large amount of the west part is covered with beautiful oak and pine trees and the area once contained several (oval shaped piles of stones and soil) graves of Indians of the Mississippian Culture or earlier cultures. It is interesting to note that some of these ancient Indians placed objects in the graves of their dead because they believed in the "concept of life after death" as early as 1000 BC and possibly sooner. Many treasure hunters were aware of this fact and unfortunately, culprits robbed these old Indian graves prior to 1945 as none of these oval shaped burial sites have been visible there since that time.

Young Deer was born in 1790 in a cabin beside a creek in an area now located in Forsyth County. This lovely creek was named in his honor and is still known as Young Deer Creek. His parents were Cherokee Indians. At a young age, this famous Cherokee Indian boy could see, hear and run fast like a deer and due to these characteristics, he became known as Young Deer. He had a beautiful sister name Susannah who married William Hendericks. Young Deer married Winnie Tidwell, daughter of John and Celia Tidwell and had a son named John Youngdeer Tidwell a.k.a. Indian John Tidwell through which many can trace their ancestry.

Down the slope of the Red Top Mountain below the Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery there was a lovely spring whose crystal clear water was used by the Cherokees.

Mr. Benjamin Parks was hunting for deer on Finley Ridge near Dahlonega and "stumped his toe and out rolled a lump of gold which was as big as a large hen egg!" The news about the discovery of gold spread very rapidly and in 1828 about 5,000 people illegally entered the Cherokee Indian Nation in search of gold. Many of the Cherokee were robbed and killed. According to Mrs. Susannah Hendricks, sister of Young Deer, he failed to return home one night in 1828. While searching for him the next morning, they found his body beside the lovely spring. Dead from gun shot wounds.

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