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Photos of people or places in Bartow County taken before 1930. 
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Headden Family

This photo was made sometime in the early 1900's.  I cannot make out all the names of the people on the back of the photo, but do know that one of the women is Lillian Delle Headden and another woman is her mother Lollie Marie Headden.  I can make out Smith  as the last name of two others in the photo.  I assume the buggies they are sitting in were made by Headdens as well since my g-g-great grandfather William Headden operated a large carriage factory before the Civil War and continued the business (not on as large scale) after the war. 

Delle Headden was born around 1888 and died in January 1974.  I remember meeting her once when I was 5 in 1967.  I have some hand-written notes she gave my father and 68 pages of family history she sent my great grandfather in 1938.

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Herbert Marshall Milam, born Jan 24, 1862, died April 20, 1933, of Cartersville, GA. His interest in family history led him to compile the second section of a book published in 1902 --"A Genealogical History of the Waters and Kindred Families."

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Herbert Marshall Milam
Allatoona, Ga

Allatoona was a town located in extreme southeastern Bartow County, Georgia. Built along Allatoona Creek, it was a gold mining area later in the first U.S. gold rush, which occurred in Georgia and North Carolina. Reaching its height in the 1840s, it continued into the 1850s even while the second gold rush was occurring in California. (Gold was also mined in nearby Woodstock.)

The Battle of Allatoona Pass took place here just after the fall of Atlanta in 1864. 

The town was destroyed in the late 1940s when the new Lake Allatoona flooded it, making the creek into its major southern arm. Red Top Mountain State Park is immediately north of the old town, the city of Acworth in Cobb County is immediately to its south, further upstream on the former creek. The site is just south and east of Altoona Pass.

Info from:  Wikopedia       Photo from:  Etowah Historical Society


Fannie Reeves and William F. Brookshire, early 1900's. 

Married in Cherokee County, March 24, 1884. Fannie Brookshire November 1858 -  November 1919.

Marriage Certificate                  Fannie's Death Certificate

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Fannie & William Brookshire



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