Marriage Records by Groom

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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
Lackey, A.E.Rowland, Jane11 September 1859 E/165
Lackey, Edward McDaniel, Beulah 20 September 1941GDOB: 01-25-1904K (Colored)/420
Lackey, James M.Bell, Mary A.24 December 1862 E/253
Lackey, John A.Hamilton, Mattie01-May-1873 F/265
Lackey, OliverFranklin, Elizabeth (Mrs.)20 January 1898 I/564
Lackey, Reuben P.Harrison, Sophia09-Sep-1849 D/034
Lackey, Robert L.Harman, Nancy Lee2 October 1853 E/035
Lackey, W.A.Dowess, Ada29 December 1891 I/105
Lackey, W.E.Thacker, Mamie08 December 1904 J/320
Lackey, W.G.Bell, Rossie20 December 1914 K/437
Lackey, W.J.Milam, Udora28-Nov-1872 F/217
Lackey, William T.Aly, Ora24 July 1913 K/343
Lacy, CokerMcBee, Tamer09 August 1924 L/370
Lacy, J.W.Johnson, L.11 November 1880 G/496
Lacy, PerryPrice, Ellen10/6/1907 K/007
LaFoy, Claude K.Clark, Ruth Alphrieda08 December 1936 M/545
Lagree, DavidJackson, Bertha06 January 1926Groom's last name may be LagreeK (Colored)/118
Lagree, EdCarlog, Jennie16 October 1886 H/411
Lagree, Edley Henderson, Savannah 23-Jan-1873 F/237
Lair, Matthew ElmerHowell, Laura Ione20 October 1928 M/048
Laird, TurnerPowell, Rebecca26 December 1839 B/042
Lam, RobertWilliams, Frances03 February 1935 M/410
Lamar, MarshallBrown, Anie10 May 1868ColoredE/607
Lamar, Will Padgett, Irene 8/23/1910   Colored/241
Lamb, WilliamBurt, Catherine13 April 1842 B/085
Lambert, A.L.Clayton, Julia A.1/30/1910 K/126
Lambert, HowardAdams, Minnie31 October 1936 M/532
Lambert, J. FredFoute, Julia14 August 1912 K/276
Lambert, James S.Waters, Bessie09 January 1916 K/508
LaMotte, WoodrowHill, Mrs. IreneOctober 15, 1932 M/243
Lance, Alfred N.Hawkins, Rebecca J.29-Apr-1869 F/047
Lance, James M.Cowart, Bonnie M.27 April 1918 L/001
Lance, S.P.Mewborn, Luna04 November 1886 H/286
Lance, WillardEdwards, Loucille24 January 1930Bride's name also written as"Lucille"M/109
Land, H.T.Land, M.A.08 June 1871 F/161
Land, HenryMcMillan, Carrie E.13 August 1891 I/145
Land, Hubert M.Rhodes, Mary F.23 May 1936Hubert added to Groom'sM/501
Land, J.T.Bruce, Lillie18 December 1904 J/314
Land, J.T.Watkins, Geneva12 October 1935 M/453
Land, JamesAdams, Mary H.26 January 1879 G/352
Land, JohnChastain, Frances14-Jan-1874 F/316
Land, John A.Crow, Emma24 October 1889 I/006
Land, OscarPlemmons, LillyJune 5, 1932 M/227
Land, R.A.Garwood, Alice J.07 April 1881 G/450
Land, RobertBrooks, Vada26 November 1911 K/225
Land, W.A.Bruce, C.F.11 November 1894 I/347
Land, W.R.Worley, Ella09 December 1905 J/402
Land, Walton T.Lanham, Mae22 December 1928 M/038
Landers, A.G.Wilson, Mattie06 May 1906 J/423
Landers, Albert C.Hart, Mattie29 December 1885 H/319
Landers, C.F.Hill, Fannie Lu12 April 1903 J/231
Landers, DanielBiddy, Jewell07 March 1936"D" added to Groom's name as middle initialM/491
Landers, Dewey C.McCleskey, Julia E.28 September 1921 L/214
Landers, ErnestRay, Mamie13 September 1903 J/275
Landers, GuyGrant, Mary17 March 1918 K/329
Landers, Harlin StantonNeal, Sallie F.31 January 1905 J/316
Landers, J.M.Falkner, Rebecca A.10 January 1880 G/371
Landers, J.O.Broughton, Susan B.14-Sep-1873 F/326
Landers, James A.Daniel, Tulular05 December 1878 G/308
Landers, JesseWillis, Bertie3/9/1910 K/173
Landers, JohnWestbrooks, Mattie29 December 1918 L/049
Landers, John T.Conaway, Rachel13 May 1893 I/231
Landers, L.D.Down, S.E. 10 December 1893Recorded 2 July 1901J/101
Landers, R.W.Jackson, Mebee31 January 1883 H/084
Landers, S.E.Williams, Martha Ann24-Dec-168 F/032
Landers, W.F.Crow, Margaret R.23 October 1887 H/262
Landers, William Grant, Ella 6/21/1902 Colored/089
Landis, Thomas M.Addington, Anna C.29 September 1890 I/063
Landis, W.N.Faris, Alice19 February 1914 K/390
Landon, J.W.Wise, S.E.21 October 1879 G/389
Landrum, Horace G.Stephens, Eva E.12 September 1912 K/288
Landrum, James M.Blalock, Ella21 December 1887 H/508
Landrum, JohnConyers, Lou26 May 1892ColoredI/137
Landrum, Merriman ClayGreen, Cloma19 August 1933 M/293
Landrum, S.H. Reynolds, Emma20-Apr-1873 F/238
Landrum, W.P.Owens, Mary 19-Nov-1871 F/163
Lane, J.H.McReynolds, M.03-Oct-1872 F/208
Lane, Joe HenryWilliams, Anna01 November 1924Henry added to groom's naK (Colored)/105
Lane, John White, Hattie 3/7/1912 Colored/282
Lane, LawrenceDuncan, May Elise08 August 1936 M/514
Lane, Robert F.Gaines, Annie L.9/20/1908 K/055
Lane, W.Hagood, S.A.24-Mar-1869 F/041
Laney, JohnMassey, Frances9/21/1854 E/041
Langford, H.L.Hainey, Dora21 November 1883 H/129
Langford, Otto C.Brock, Julia K.04 June 1921 L/197
Langford, SelvesterPinion, Mary J.31 May 1860 E/218
Langford, ThomasCowart, Lissie31 December 1899 J/055
Langford, W.G.Davis, Helen23 October 1929 M/088
Langley, DilmusCrocker, Nancy J.06 February 1882 G/452
Langston, ArthurBohannon, Victoria10/31/1909 K/113
Langston, Frank Johnson, Leila 12/3/1901 Colored/067
Langston, HomerCarson, Rosebud25 July 1925 K (Colored)/119
Langston, Jesse B.Powell, Emily M.26 November 1867 E/126
Langston, John Phifer, Katie 6/24/1909 Colored/157
Langston, Roscoe Johnson, Dollie A. 4/4/1900Not indexedColored/051
Langston, ThomasPhinizee, Sarah28 December 1897 I/527
Langston, W.R.Stokes, Sallie10/26/1909 K/113
Lanham, Albert AndersonKinsey, Bessie03 February 1918 K/610
Lanham, B.P.Elder, M. E.19 October 1893 I/277
Lanham, BruceReeves, Julia28 March 1905 J/332
Lanham, CharlesIvie, John H. (Mrs.)26 Apr 1930 M/122
Lanham, Charles M.Tumlin, Fannie08 October 1899 J/054
Lanham, CleveLong, Thelma Lois28 August 1915 K/485
Lanham, F.A.Russell, Mary (Mrs.)13 August 1920 L/141
Lanham, FletcherCain, Louisa04 December 1886 H/363
Lanham, FloydGreen, Bertha20 December 1935 M/475
Lanham, ForrestYoung, Lena07 September 1935 M/446
Lanham, GeorgeGreene, Grace05 March 1934 M/343
Lanham, George W.Jennings, Mary01 November 1903 J/244
Lanham, H.H.Pinion, Dora12 April 1900 J/065
Lanham, Henry FloydPendley, Mary Kate20 June 1936 M/505
Lanham, HomerKelly, Josie8/1/1909 K/132
Lanham, HoseaPonder, Hannah10/26/1854 E/042
Lanham, Hosea L.Blackwell, Mary (Mrs.)06 September 1905 J/390
Lanham, HowardHaney, Jessie07 November 1936 M/537
Lanham, J.A.Sumner, Matilda04 March 1875 G/057
Lanham, J.H.Leachman, M.L. (Mrs.)19 November 1903 J/266
Lanham, J.R.Alford, Esobella19 November 1891 I/174
Lanham, JeffersonWilliams, Lizzie4/9/1911 K/208
Lanham, JoeJones, Nellie16 February 1934 M/340
Lanham, JosephKeown, Lena19 August 1902Bride's first name marked through and changed to"Mrs. Zonia" J/186
Lanham, JosephPinion, Mary J.23 July 1867 E/409
Lanham, Lee B.Jones, Rochelle04 June 1904 J/269
Lanham, Lee BurroughBruce, Susan03 April 1907 J/457
Lanham, LindsayRussell, Ora18 October 1902 J/208
Lanham, M.P.Pinion, Lottie06 March 1902Groom's first initial written over and changed to"M"J/172
Lanham, ObarPrador, Suzette28 February 1909 K/080
Lanham, Robert A.Ledford, Ida04 July 1897 I/510
Lanham, T.L.Hooks, Elizabeth20 September 1936 M/523
Lanham, W.H.Hill, Mary (Mrs.)24 January 1897 I/442
Lanham, WalterEverett, Thelma04 March 1934 M/344
Lanham, WalterLawhorn, Agnes25 July 1931 M/185
Lanham, WalterSutton, Emily03 December 1911 K/232
Lanier, Charles W.Bailey, Louanna22 April 1934 M/351
Lanier, F.B.McDonald, Sallie M.19 December 1878 G/308
Lanier, James C.Sproull, Mary E.07 April 1878 G/266
Lanier, James C.Taff, Fanny A.26-Jan-1871 F/162
Lanier, W.P.McGinnis, R.C.18 October 1888 H/468
Lankford, J.T.Quarles, E.P.05 October 1881 G/547
Lankford, JohnLogan, Martha23-Mar-1873 F/246
Lankum, PalmerWatson, Margaret31 December 1861 E/240
Lannurn, MyersRogers, Nancy C. 8 June 1856Grooms' Last Name QuestionableE/091
Lanston, WilliamGay, Elmida03 December 1837 B/007
Laramore, W.P.Stephens, Florida L.21 November 1876 G/116
Lard, ArthurPowell, Elizabeth12 January 1843 B/105
Larey, P.H.Deweise, Kittie P.17 July 1887 H/270
Lasetar, Henry Saxon, Mollie 18-Feb-1875 F/357
Laslie, Carney GrahamBackus, Alice Louise03 June 1935 M/427
Latham, CiceroSmith, Lois09 December 1913 K/395
Latham, John J.McPherson, Janie04 December 1892 I/214
Latham, W.D.Bennett, Lucy04 September 1895 I/389
Latham, Warren A.Roberts, Emma Maggie01 March 1896 I/552
Lathem, R.P.Cochran, LucileSeptember 23, 1932"Richard Paul" has been written in for Groom's nameM/238
Latimer, CharlesHill, Lucinda20 February 1890ColoredI/031
Latimer, JamesClark, Margaret10 August 1935"William" written in as the Groom's middle nameM/441
Latimer, W. CarrollWeinman, Frances05 March 1935 M/412
Latimer, William F.Whitworth, Hattie B.24 December 1910 K/186
Latin, WalterZachary, Ellen04 January 1940 K (Colored)/387
Lattimere, BerryMilner, Mary29 August 1876ColoredG/135
Lattimore, AlbertClark, Katie19 June 1888 H/493
Lattner, EddieStripling, Emma13 February 1941 K (Colored)/405
Latton, Bud Scott, Annie 1/1/1910 Colored/233
Lauder, James H.Keys, Mary30 Jan 1856 E/082
Lavasque, A.G.Green, Bonnie Lee10 December 1919 L/116
Lavasque, William L.Bell, Katie Pearl01 January 1922 L/250
Lavette, Dennis A. Davis, Alberta 7/28/1912 Colored/296
Lavette, GeorgeBlakely, Mattie21 December 1882 H/058
Lavette, GeorgeSpeer, Agnes19 November 1885 H/287
Lavette, JohnDungon, Emma26 March 1895ColoredI/360
Lavette, John WillieCarson, Adel2/17/1918 Colored/401
Lavosque, Henry BransonWages, LottieDecember 24, 1932 M/253
Law, AlfredHarris, Lillie06 August 1916 K/548
Law, CalhounBell, Dessie16 January 1937"John N." added to Groom's nameM/553
Law, CalhounPrather, Ella Mae30 May 1931"John N." added at first of Groom's nameM/175
Law, D.W.Law, Lizzie17 October 1906 J/450
Law, Henry H.F.Fitzsimmons, Cora O.08 August 1910 K/186
Law, J.C., Jr.Brown, Estelle24 December 1935 M/478
Law, J.H.Howell, Theodacia10 June 1888 H/470
Law, J.W.Potts, Lizzie03 June 1900 J/073
Law, James W.Foster, Mary A.26 August 1876 G/095
Law, JohnHicks, Emma26 November 1901 J/159
Law, John AkinGayton, Ada17 August 1924 L/391
Law, Robert E.Anderson, Annie09 August 1896 I/504
Law, S.W.Erwin, Susie24 December 1893 I/255
Law, SamuelHobson, Rachel D.26-Nov-1868 F/022
Law, WilliamLockridge, Nannie13 December 1897 I/516
Law, WilliamPhilips, Francis18 November 1865 E/270
Law, WilliamStephens, Belle14 January 1914 K/380
Lawhon, GeorgeMartin, Lucy12 May 1904 J/270
Lawhon, Will T.Greene, Estelle06 October 1919 K/366
Lawless, WilliamStegal, Susan22 July 1866 E/318
Lawrence, A.A.Stiles, Thelma12 November 1913 K/368
Lawrence, AlfredBarnwell, Demeris01 November 1876ColoredG/128
Lawrence, LewisMadden, Emma12-Dec-1872 F/224
Lawson, AmosScott, Mattie08 March 1893ColoredI/225
Lawson, Amos Brooks, Hettie 9/21/1903 Colored/119
Lawson, AndrewJenkins, Louisa13 October 1881 G/548
Lawson, FloydDuval, Brunette27 October 1933 M/308
Lawson, JasperTurbyfill, Elizer04 June 1884 H/199
Lawson, MajorMilsap, Firby15 January 1899 J/023
Lawson, Thomas W.Terry, Vera11 September 1925 L/426
Lawson, WilliamMcElwie, Mary15 Sept 1857Groom's last name questionableE/113
Lawson, YeulaReagin, Sallie19 July 1903 J/259
Lay, Cicero Scott, Tessie 2/6/1916 Colored/360
Lay, DockEdwards, Ella Mae03 October 1909 K (Colored)/154
Lay, EliasConnally, Rebecca26-Apr-1843 D/055
Lay, EliasMiller, Elizabeth05 September 1838 B/015
Lay, JamesRiley, Alma02 January 1932 K (Colored)/235
Lay, Judge McClinton, Fannie 30 June 1943 K (Colored)/418
Layne, Bert MonroeSatterfield, Aline17 September 1920 L/325
Layton, A.C.Morris, Salina07-Dec-1868 F/027
Layton, A.J.Leake, L.E.17 December 1874 G/038
Layton, Charley F.Strain, Delia26 April 1907 J/451
Layton, FrankWatkins, Leona01 May 1915 K/474
Layton, FredStepps, Marie27 Sept 1930 M/140
Layton, G.Y.Treadaway, Mary01-May-1873 F/253
Layton, Henry S.Rich, Mary01 May 1892 I/164
Layton, James A.Matthews, Cordelia23 December 1888 H/444
Layton, James CharlieBurdett, Oneta23 February 1913 K/323
Layton, James W.Lackey, Mary O.20 December 1882 H/057
Layton, JeromeWylie, Georgia17 February 1918 K/611
Layton, JohnShaw, Martha12 February 1868 E/600
Layton, JosephLeach, Ada04 December 1883 H/131
Layton, Joseph L.Hendricks, Lucy Jim21 May 1921 L/195
Layton, Oliver Y.Lochridge, Lydie11 August 1901 J/138
Layton, Paul M.Gillam, Kate18 January 1921 L/177
Layton, T.S.Bullineau, Leila M.03 July 1890 I/056
Layton, Thomas DanielGarner, Asalthus Mozelle03 June 1922 L/262
Layton, WilliamMayben, Leanna01/26/1854 E/014
Layton, William R.Smith, Berta P.15 May 1901 J/103
Leabetter, Jim F.Elliott, Zonie31 March 1912 K/269
Leach, B.F.Wise, Lucy06 January 1878 G/215
Leach, CharleyKay, Laura29 December 1906 J/408
Leach, Earl HudsonEarwood, Sara Louise13 Dec 1931 M/209
Leach, FrankShinall, Fannie22 October 1918 L/028
Leach, HudsonMcEver, Lucile24 February 1934 M/342
Leach, John W.Alexander, Sallie24 December 1901 J/155
Leach, SamCowart, Lily07 October 1917 K/607
Leachman, AlvinDavis, Elizabeth23 December 1936 M/542
Leachman, B.F.Smith, Fannie1/17/1909 K/137
Leachman, C.J.Harris, Elizabeth09 January 1881 G/513
Leachman, Carl C.Davis, Elizabeth R.30 March 1922 L/279
Leachman, J.L.Milhollen, Martha E.09 September 1867 E/380
Leachman, J.R.Chandler, Eva22 December 1904 J/316
Leachman, J.R.Chandler, Hattie28 December 1919 L/106
Leachman, John R.Guyton, Jamie03 December 1896 I/439
Leachman, StanfordKeown, Evie17 September 1916 K/546
Leachman, WaltonPatterson, Eula27 April 1929 M/058
Leachman, WesleyGoss, Bertha18 February 1912 K/242
Leachman, WillBishop, Laura16 April 1923 L/365
Leachman, WilliamShinall, Nannie26 November 1893 I/262
Leachman, Willie ScottWare, Adelma G.J.08 January 1903 J/199
Leadbetter, CiceroLeadbetter, Anna11 July 1886 H/423
Leadbetter, JamesLeadbetter, Anna20 July 1883 H/128
Leadbetter, MosesSegars, Emma06 August 1882 H/022
Leadbetter, RobertJones, Semia04 December 1888 H/463
Leak, Bill Webb, Emma 4/20/1904 Colored/132
Leak, E.P.Groons, Annie May03 November 1919 L/108
Leak, George Felton, Fanie 20-Jan-1876 F/385
Leak, James H.Smith, Julia E.05 February 1880 G/330
Leak, Jerry Davis, Mary A. 25-Mar-1871ColoredF/161
Leak, John F.Leak, Laura A.18-Dec-1850 D/105
Leak, M.A.Leak, Sarah A. 20-May-1850 D/113
Leak, M.C.Adams, A.S.19 February 1888 H/454
Leak, Moses A.Scott, L. Catherine14 June 1860 E/217
Leak, Moses A.Wofford, Charlotte18 March 1868 E/600
Leak, Moses H.Lowry, Harriet A.10/6/1853 E/002
Leak, RanseBenham, Jennett07 September 1867ColoredE/381
Leak, TilmanMiller, Arminda11 December 1896 I/431
Leak, Tyler B.Smith, Kate04 August 1920 L/141
Leak, W.P.Brawner, Adelia05 December 1879 G/387
Leak, WalterKeeter, Malinda27 March 1910 K/134
Leak, William A.Knight, Frances Eliza09 November 1910 K/186
Leak, William B.Campbell, Eugenia11-Jan-1849 D/012
Leake, A.E.Dunnaway, M.L.07 November 1881 G/552
Leake, AndersonJohnson, Katie  H/434
Leake, Charles T.Lawson, Fannie M.10 May 1887 H/282
Leake, J.S.P.Johnson, Julia I.02 August 1866 E/294
Leake, James H.Graves, Georgia5/20/1909 K/096
Leake, Jesse JonesRiddle, Arabella24 August 1920 L/164
Leake, John S.Brandon, Elizabeth B.18-Feb-1869 F/039
Leake, LudieRamsey, Fannie27 December 1883Indexed under Groom's 1st nameH/128
Leake, LutieSproull, Eliza08 August 1885 H/290
Leake, W.B.W.Milam, E.W.09 November 1881 G/554
Leake, W.J.Jolly, Mary4/15/1919 K/521
Leake, WilliamEarpe, Sallie30-Mar-1873 F/249
Lear, RobertGriggs, Bessie10 February 1907 J/438
Leatherwood, HomerBailey, Doris09 June 1934 M/358
Leatherwood, James A.Stover, Willie Mae20 February 1937 M/562
Leborn, JohnHudgins, Pearl5/30/1909 K/088
Leconte, William L.Trimble, Virginia R.03 October 1866 E/348
Ledbetter, CiceroDavis, Mary31 August 1893 I/276
Ledbetter, CrawfordBenham, Katie Beth15 Feb 1936 K (Colored)/315
Ledbetter, DanielWinkler, Eula16 July 1902 J/187
Ledbetter, HalWhitner, Eula20 April 1929 M/057
Ledbetter, HowardBailey, Lena12 April 1942 K (Colored)/435
Ledbetter, HowardDavis, Sallie May22 December 1939 K (Colored)/387
Ledbetter, Howard Crawford, Lilla 12/9/1906 Colored/182
Ledbetter, John H. Hutcheson, Callie 3/28/1909 Colored/224
Ledbetter, MatthewJackson, Hattie11 November 1933 K (Colored)/263
Ledbetter, O.G.Dover, M???7/17/1881 G/434
Ledbetter, OscarGordon, Josephine12/9/1917 Colored/404
Ledford, CharlieHendricks, Olie06 January 1918 K/616
Ledford, F.R.McEver, Flonnie24 Dec 1930 M/153
Ledford, FredHudgins, Leona19 January 1919 L/056
Ledford, G.J.Lanham, Alice08 July 1887 H/268
Ledford, HenryLanders, Nell21 July 1928 M/015
Ledford, HightowerConoway, Bonnie05 Jul 1930 M/132
Ledford, HowardCole, Hollie10 February 1934 M/339
Ledford, JasonHill, Ollie24 March 1929 M/064
Ledford, JasonVance, Annie (Mrs.)21 October 1935 M/461
Ledford, Kinsey MonroeWoodall, Odessa08 July 1922 L/232
Ledford, L.A.Darnell, Ruby28 March 1925 L/417
Ledford, ThomasMarible, Maggie3/26/1910 K/138
Lee, AlbertVaughan, GertrudeJanuary 21, 1933 M/261
Lee, ArnoldGoode, Pearl1/19/1908 K/030
Lee, BufordWaits, Effie15 October 1933 M/305
Lee, BusterKennedy, Nora23 July 1917 K/598
Lee, CharlieFreeman, Nellie10 December 1905 J/355
Lee, CliffordSummey, Anie MayMay 27, 1933 M/281
Lee, DavidPope, Myrtle19 September 1915 K/528
Lee, EdSummey, DrusillaSeptember 11, 1932 M/240
Lee, Ellis Wiley, Pearl 7/20/1913 Colored/316
Lee, General Harrison, Anna Bell 1/2/1910 Colored/235
Lee, GoldenDaniel, Gertis27 April 1934 K (Colored)/278
Lee, GradyHovers, Sarah21 February 1915 K/462
Lee, HenryColbert, Hattie08 May 1888 H/479
Lee, Homer E.Cox, Henrietta28 September 1919 L/108
Lee, HubertSmith, Ophelia31 August 1935 M/444
Lee, James ThomasCook, Estelle30 June 1918 K/640
Lee, James W.Latham, Anna26 April 1885 H/341
Lee, JesseFowler, Maggie29 June 1919 L/074
Lee, JohnBing, Fannie10 March 1906 J/379
Lee, JudgeFord, Fannie09 April 1932 K (Colored)/240
Lee, OscarWatkins, Cleo12 April 1930 K (Colored)/208
Lee, Oscar Hill, Finnie 12/26/1909 Colored/231
Lee, P.F.Allison, Myrtle28 September 1913 K/345
Lee, Posey F.Stokes, Mamie24 March 1907 J/452
Lee, R.E.Latham, Mary14 October 1883 H/127
Lee, R.L.Summery, Malinda01 November 1919 L/108
Lee, R.V.Durham, Claudie B.09 September 1906 J/404
Lee, RaleighHarris, May6 Dec 1930 M/149
Lee, RobertHood, Ollie29 Nov 1930 M/148
Lee, RobertSpringer, Annie01 September 1933 K (Colored)/259
Lee, Robert Choice, Minnie 2/19/1908 Colored/212
Lee, RollieFarmer, MadgeSeptember 4, 1932 M/238
Lee, SimsWalker, Mollie07 July 1907 J/460
Lee, Thomas AndrewDewberry, Katie L.15 October 1911 K/229
Lee, VirgilCothran, MazilliaMay 6, 1933Someone has written"William" after"Virgil"M/275
Lee, W.D.Baker, Lorena20 July 1913 K/380
Lee, W.S.Garland, Dollie R.02 May 1886 H/416
Lee, WillVaughan, Dora29 May 1906 J/372
Lee, William C.Fowler, Josie10 september 1899 J/064
Lee, WillieKelly, Carrie4/4/1920 Colored/476
Leechman, Col. I.Mayben, Nancy May28 July 1867 E/367
Leeke, Joseph B.Dent, Mary C.24 December 1890 I/097
Leeke, LudaBennett, Bella01 March 1891ColoredI/153
Leeke, Thomas HollandLeeke, Nancy Elender16 Aug 1855 E/066
Leems, BradleyBrown, Lether02 August 1908 K/046
Leems, JamesBunch, Clara02 August 1908 K/046
Leeptrot, GradyPinson, Emma1/30/1910 K/139
Leggett, J.L.Satterfield, Jeminia13 February 1879 G/352
Legree, George Canty, Lilla 9/10/1905 Colored/153
Leigh, JohnAnderson, Mattie10/29/1905 Colored/165
Leigh, William C.Remington, Ellen S.15 November 1876 G/112
Lemon, HortKincaid, Ida03 February 1895ColoredI/341
Lemon, N.J.Teasley, Annie29 April 1904 J/273
Lemon, RobertJones, Annie Laura06 October 1924 K (Colored)/104
Lemons, JimDillard, Mattie09 December 1924groom last name Lemons or SemonsK (Colored)/108
Lennard, John C.Arnold, Carrie22 September 1881 G/458
Leonard, ArthurWyatt, Opy Lee23 December 1939 K (Colored)/388
Leonard, ArtieFair, Ruth4/29/1916 K/524
Leonard, BufordMullinax, LoisApril 1, 1933 M/270
Leonard, Claud H.Clayton, Muriel24 February 1934 M/341
Leonard, ClydeGriffin, Louise30 March 1934 M/347
Leonard, EmettJackson, Laura Bell09 Dec 1936 K (Colored)/325
Leonard, EmmettThornton, Mary22 February 1926 K (Colored)/127
Leonard, GeneralHeadden, Jennie20 March 1887 H/280
Leonard, GeorgePritchett, Beatrice8/31/1919 Colored/456
Leonard, Governor Wilmot, Malissa 7/30/1899 Colored/034
Leonard, JosephCampbell, Mattie28 January 1918 K/619
Leonard, Major Wofford, Katie 11/18/1900 Colored/064
Leonard, P.O.Dukes, Mary E. (Mrs.)02 October 1904 J/298
Leonard, Robert Wofford, Mattie 7/30/1905 Colored/164
Leonard, Robert EugeneReed, Ruby May23 June 1934 M/362
Lersch, AugustJohnson, Alma4/4/1915 K/474
Lesesne, L.B., Jr.Pratt, Mildred27 November 1933 M/326
Lester, AlbertDelk, Mary19 September 1925 K (Colored)/123
Lester, ArtieMartin, Corrinne27 April 1932 K (Colored)/241
Lester, Ben Chapman, Easter 8/14/1902 Colored/096
Lester, ClarenceWilliams, Laura Belle22 Jun 1940 K (Colored)/379
Lester, James Dobbs, Catherine 4/30/1913 Colored/306
Levy, Jerome M.Steinberg, Miriam05 October 1916 K/539
Lewis, A.L.Shinall, Clara (Mrs.)08 December 1934 M/393
Lewis, AlbertHite, Maude04 February 1920 L/109
Lewis, Anderson Lewis, Rhoda 07-Jan-1871ColoredF/162
Lewis, Arnold Barron, E.F.25 December 1890Andrew Jackson Lewis written in blue ink; also wrote in LenaI/082
Lewis, B.F.Guyton, Annie LauraDecember 31, 1932 M/258
Lewis, Ben Buford, Minnie 1/29/1911 Colored/263
Lewis, BusterHite, Tinie18 August 1923 L/309
Lewis, C.A.Freeman, Minnie25 December 1902 J/224
Lewis, C.J.Paris, Susie11 May 1903 J/219
Lewis, Cain Trimble, Ann 3/4/1875ColoredG/064
Lewis, CalvinMcGhee, Evaline13 November 1919 L/107
Lewis, CarlVaughan, Ruby06 January 1934"M" added as Groom's middle initialM/332
Lewis, ChaplinLewis, Elizabeth16 December 1880 G/507
Lewis, CharlesHastey, Elizabeth17 August 1879 G/362
Lewis, CharleyJacobs, Inez29 July 1904 J/279
Lewis, ColumbusSeay, Cinthia20 December 1883 H/130
Lewis, D.W.Lanham, Hannah07 January 1906 J/351
Lewis, DavidBarnett, Lizzie08 February 1919 L/059
Lewis, David F.Bird, Susan M.20 February 1840 B/049
Lewis, DyarBachelor, Hattie31-Aug-1872ColoredF/229
Lewis, E.C.Ponder, Josie12 September 1895 I/398
Lewis, E.D.C.Collins, Ollie E.25 December 1890 I/082
Lewis, E.J.Pinson, Victoria25 December 1894 I/347
Lewis, EarlyHawks, Sayle30 October 1880 G/475
Lewis, EdgarShinall, Hattie08 January 1907 J/442
Lewis, Edgar C.Sewell, Alice25 December 1895 I/410
Lewis, Edward V.Strickland, Sarah10-Apr-1873 F/265
Lewis, EliHite, Nannie19 August 1919 L/074
Lewis, EliasHenderson, Sallie M.03 November 1892ColoredI/215
Lewis, EliasJohnson, Mint22 February 1883 H/084
Lewis, EugeneGuyton, Lois21 December 1921 L/225
Lewis, FletcherTranham, Mattie11 February 1906 J/387
Lewis, FrederickShinnall, Susan11 April 1886 H/294
Lewis, GeorgeCarson, Lou02 August 1883 H/085
Lewis, GeorgeHicks, Charlotte02 January 1934 K (Colored)/270
Lewis, GeorgeLinley, Ruth15 Feb 1937 K (Colored)/331
Lewis, GeorgeRoberson, Madeline05 November 1930 K (Colored)/220
Lewis, George L.Leachman, Nancy D. (Mrs.)01 February 1900 J/091
Lewis, George T.Cook, Martha J. (Mrs.)09 September 1880Indexed for J.T. LewisG/484
Lewis, H.D.Floyd, Bessie24 November 1901 J/172
Lewis, H.D.Linn, Martha28-Dec-1868 F/031
Lewis, H.G.Cochran, Alice25 December 1900 J/098
Lewis, H.J.Jones, Bertha Mae30 November 1921 K (Colored)/040
Lewis, HesterWeems, Lucy13 June 1920 K (Colored)/007
Lewis, Homer FredBurdette, Mattie01 August 1923 L/306
Lewis, HoracePoole, Eloise06 November 1921 K (Colored)/037
Lewis, HowardGuyton, Lucile18 January 1920 L/106
Lewis, J.B.Watson, Hannah E.10 October 1886 H/411
Lewis, J.C.Kennedy, Ethel4/15/1916 K/520
Lewis, J.L.McDaniel, M.L.04 November 1888 H/440
Lewis, J.L.Tipton, Irene30 October 1936 M/530
Lewis, JackBanks, Louise16 Jun 1936 K (Colored)/319
Lewis, Jacob Martin, Martha E.16-Aug-1848 D/004
Lewis, Jacob W.Holcombe, Eliza Ann01-Apr-1852 D/157
Lewis, JamesBell, Eliza Ann02-Aug-1868 F/004
Lewis, JamesKnox, Flora25 May 1898ColoredI/536
Lewis, JamesLewis, Elizabeth31 December 1874 G/048
Lewis, James Carson, Lillah12/22/1901 Colored/070
Lewis, James Fowler, Emma 7/23/1905 Colored/164
Lewis, James W.Moore, Mary J.23 December 1888 H/583
Lewis, JeffFloyd, Rachel04 July 1895ColoredI/370
Lewis, JeffersonBurge, Lindy30 December 1880 G/506
Lewis, Joe Marvin Hyatt, Inell 28 December 1941GDOB: 07-03-1921; BDOB:11-??-1920K (Colored)/429
Lewis, John C.McGinnis, Margaret D.03-Apr-1851 D/108
Lewis, John F.Doyal, P.04-Apr-1869 F/047
Lewis, John L.Donald, Elizabeth (Mrs.)08 February 1891 I/065
Lewis, John W.Miller, Mary02 December 1877 G/220
Lewis, John W.Thomas, Nancy27-Sep-1868 F/016
Lewis, John Willie Conyers, Detha Mae 16 March 1942GDOB: 09-20-1918; BDOB:12-20-1923K (Colored)/432
Lewis, JosephWilleby, Frances17 October 1841 B/075
Lewis, Leisure Boyd, Cora 5/15/1911 Colored/269
Lewis, Leon PrinceJackson, Sallie Maude09 September 1913 K/352
Lewis, M.F.Hefner, Carrie F.23 December 1900 J/113
Lewis, Marcus D.Burns, Minnie 15 November 1892 I/197
Lewis, NathanielHuff, Dica A.11-Oct-1871 F/161
Lewis, OscarGunn, Willie H.19 December 1916 K/563
Lewis, Ovelton C.Burns, Nannie22 January 1889 H/576
Lewis, PaulPowell, Daisy28 December 1929 M/105
Lewis, PeterMoore, Pearl12/26/1918 Colored/433
Lewis, Pickens R.Edwards, Laura J.06 October 1858 E/149
Lewis, R.T.Lanham, Lou06 February 1890 I/046
Lewis, RaymondMcCoy, Myrtle11 May 1924 L/373
Lewis, RichardStephenson, Sallie07-May-1874 F/279
Lewis, Richard Wilburn, Sylvester 3/16/1914 Colored/330
Lewis, Robert A.McCarson, Ellen27 December 1888 H/595
Lewis, RosamondCrawford, Willie Mae19 April 1925 K (Colored)/108
Lewis, S.L.Renfroe, Roxie28 August 1929 M/078
Lewis, Silas C.Earnest, AnnieJanuary 28, 1933 M/262
Lewis, Sims Kay, Annie Lee 16 February 1942GDOB: 05-11-1922; BDOB:12-15-1921K (Colored)/430
Lewis, Thomas JamesFerguson, Clara29 November 1899 J/056
Lewis, W.C.Bruce, Vennie1/17/1909 K/073
Lewis, W.C.Leach, L.W. (Mrs.)27 December 1894 I/349
Lewis, W.T.White, M.H.18 December 1866 E/310
Lewis, W.W.Wyatt, Tinie10 March 1918 L/049
Lewis, WaddyDillard, Mahala22 September 1887coloredH/273
Lewis, WalkerTrammell, Lula18 October 1871 F/160
Lewis, WarrenBeaver, Hattie29 September 1912 K/288
Lewis, WesleyHarris, Laura20 January 1887 H/354
Lewis, WillCarson, Lorena10/6/1918 Colored/426
Lewis, WillGeorge, Rena09 November 1900 Colored/049
Lewis, Will Starr, Sallie Lou 1/10/1915 Colored/442
Lewis, WilliamRichey, Bessie08 Jun 1940 K (Colored)/382
Liechty, PeterColey, Elizabeth22 August 1897 I/494
Liggon, JohnMorris, Caroline16 February 1877ColoredG/233
Light, Henry T.Nichols, Janie12 December 1891 I/116
Light, William P.Ford, Mary 29 March 1868 E/601
Lightly, HughLee, Annie25 Nov 1936 K (Colored)/327
Ligon, WillieReynolds, Mattie25 October 1893ColoredI/318
Lillard, Dock Milner, Laura 10/8/1898 Colored/004
Limm, W.H.Gilrath, M.A.15-Oct-1872 F/207
Lindsay, Frank Solomon, Fanny 17-Nov-1869 F/068
Lindsay, G.G.Ables, Mary25 December 1881 G/563
Lindsay, JohnSorrells, Rinthia06 December 1913 K/371
Lindsay, L.H.Holtzclaw, Rebecca23 September 1897 I/476
Lindsey, Benjamin Jones, Lizabelle 4/7/1910 Colored/236
Lindsey, BennyLewis, Josephine26 June 1934 K (Colored)/281
Lindsey, DavidLeach, Willie08 October 1922 L/272
Lindsey, EliasKelly, Addie22 January 1922 L/240
Lindsey, J.E.Austain, Elizabeth19 April 1866 E/287
Lindsey, J.P.Gaines, Myrtle15 December 1934 M/396
Lindsey, Jacob D.Austin, Hanie R.10 October 1867 E/390
Lindsey, JesseWilson, Ollie10/5/1908 K/065
Lindsey, John Harris, Pecolia 1/15/1911 Colored/262
Lindsey, Roy JamesMooneyhan, Ercle03 May 1930 M/124
Lingefielt, AndrewLanham, Jennie1/17/1909 K/073
Lingerfelt, A.C.Brawner, Louis (Mrs.)28 September 1935 M/452
Lingerfelt, MilesWeaver, Stella, (Mrs.)08 November 1920Indexed for LengfeltL/167
Link, William D.Colhoun, Annie D.18 July 1889 H/607
Linley, James Daniel, Angeline 6/14/1915 Colored/442
Linley, Jim Martin, Mary Ann 1/14/1901 Colored/059
Linley, Raymond C.Graves, Eula26 Jly 1935"C" written in as Groom's middle initialK (Colored)/301
Linley, WilliamHelms, Ruby10/27/1917 Colored/393
Linn, Alley L.Murphey, Mary F.10 November 1893 I/263
Linn, Charley Branson, Annie 3/5/1911 Colored/262
Linn, EddieRussell, Alberta09 August 1925 K (Colored)/123
Linn, Franklin L.Hill, Ida14 February 1901 J/125
Linn, G.H.Carlisle, Alice C.18 September 1884 H/199
Linn, George H.Goss, Ada17 August 1905 J/364
Linn, J.F.Donald, Sallie M.31 March 1902 J/176
Linn, J.W.Venable, C.F.11-Dec-1872 F/228
Linn, JamesPenn, Elizabeth02 October 1868 F/017
Linn, James F.Lewis, Mary L.22 September 1866 E/350
Linn, James H.Barron, Julia S.01-Apr-1852Marriage certificate also recorded on page 157 but marked throughD/167
Linn, James HamptonMoore, Sallie P.12 January 1902 J/166
Linn, John G.Upshaw, Bernia23 December 1875 G/023
Linn, Sam Waters, Ella 12/29/1910 Colored/263
Linn, Thomas Branson, Ruby 10/27/1912 Colored/299
Linn, WestleyWooley, Carrie12 November 1880 H/083
Linsey, Allen Green, Mattie 10/7/1906 Colored/178
Linsey, JamesPatterson, Lucy18 Mar 1939 K (Colored)/366
Linsey, Robert Lee Patterson, Mary Alice 27 March 1943GDOB: 08-19-1921; BDOB:01-21-1922K (Colored)/452
Linsey, Thomas Blanks, Alice 5/20/1899 Colored/023
Linsey, Watson Davis, Emma Mildred 02 March 1943GDOB: 11-23-1923; BDOB:09-07-1921K (Colored)/450
Linton, CrocketeJohnson, Levia13 September 1887coloredH/271
Lipkin, Elbert Black, Mamie 5/30/1903 Colored/109
Lippett, Lowndes McCooSmith, Martha E.15 June 1920 L/141
Lipscomb, EliasPratt, Sarah C.08 June 1884 H/238
Lipscomb, Hershel H.Donald, Ethel21 December 1919 L/106
Lipscomb, J.A.Holden, Lillian1/9/1910 K/121
Lipscomb, J.F.Lowe, Sallie L. (Mrs.)22 November 1883 H/130
Lipscomb, J.L.Collins, Nina22 December 1912 K/312
Lipscomb, James S.Putnam, Mattie07 January 1877 G/157
Lipscomb, James S.Stoner, M.A. (Mrs.)11 September 1913 K/349
Lipscomb, JohnBishop, Lola MayFebruary 14, 1933 M/268
Lipscomb, Nathan L.Crow, Laura L.A.24 October 1876 G/120
Lipscomb, R.L.Hollingworth, Julia12/25/1907Groom Age 22, bride 19K/013
Lipscomb, Robert L.Gaines, Katie28 March 1921 L/191
Lipscomb, W.C.Moore, G.C.16 December 1902 J/199
Lipscomb, W.T.Alexander, Valarie16 September 1913 K/360
Lipscomb, W.T.Stedman, F.I.12-Jan-1873 F/230
Lipscomb, Walter G.Henry, Rebecca C.26 November 1935 M/470
Lish, DavidKinman, Katharine02 June 1839 B/028
Little, AlexanderToliver, Maggie29 March 1888 H/480
Little, CharlesRoberts, Lula20 December 1892ColoredI/207
Little, J.L.Wildes, Mannie2/5/1908 K/021
Little, J.S.Bennett, Lovie23 April 1893 I/230
Little, Louis M.Bradford, Annie Lee02 July 1915 K/476
Little, LutherJones, Ruth28 October 1934 M/384
Little, LutherJones, Ruth28 October 1934 M/386
Little, StarlingWillbanks, Lorine21 Oct 1931 M/198
Littlefield, Albert Henderson, Rhoda Ann 12-Oct-1870ColoredF/162
Littlefield, Charles E.Noland, Minnie15 September 1900 J/081
Littlefield, Paul Trimble, Rosa 9/29/1905 Colored/165
Littlefield, Robert LeeReagan, Claud23 April 1899 J/014
Littlefield, W.O.Carver, Jennie24 July 1896or CulverI/460
Littlejohn, StaplesClayton, Mat02 May 1885 H/237
Littles, JamesGelespie, Emma03 March 1895 I/339
Litton, L.P.Boone, Sarah E.29 December 1841 B/083
Livsey, Olden Knowles, Lottie 4/16/1911 Colored/272
Livsey, ThomasFields, Bessie12/27/1919 Colored/467
Lochey, Ernest Pritchett, Effie 9/12/1915"Lockey" written in as Groom's last nameColored/350
Lochie, Henry Smith, Lucinda 11/25/1899 Colored/031
Lochridge, LeonardKerr, Mary02 Aug 1931 M/186
Lochridge, WallaceLawhon, Belle27 October 1901 J/145
Lochy, JohnFowler, Mary27 October 1894ColoredI/301
Lockaby, HokeYoung, Viola22 Aug 1931 M/190
Locke, G.B.Calhoun, Jennie07 October 1888 H/469
Lockridge, ClarenceSewell, Mamie5/23/1909 K/122
Lockridge, G.S.Howell, Mary A.03 April 1887 H/518
Lockridge, G.W.Lawson, Sallie (Mrs.)25 February 1897 I/484
Lockridge, George W.Bolton, Mattie (Mrs.)05 January 1918 K/018
Lockridge, H.C.Kilgore, Martha L.21 November 1914 K/444
Lockridge, James S.Smith, Nicie05 September 1889 H/616
Lockridge, John L.Smith, Nancy28 July 1867 E/369
Lockridge, Thomas J.Smith, Dora J.16-Jan-1873 F/225
Lockridge, Thomas J.Taff, Nena May29 July 1899 J/036
Lockwood, CarlJohnson, Etta13 May 1917Bride's name is also listed as"Jackson"; indexed for"Etta Johnson"L/001
Loftis, RossDill, Ellen09 May 1919 L/075
Logan, BenRuff, Estelle (Mrs.)01 September 1934 M/373
Logan, EmmetMilam, Narcie17 August 1913 K/353
Logan, John C.P.Guyton, Nancy A.13 December 1854 H/387
Logan, JosephLangford, C.05-May-1873 F/266
Logan, W.L.West, Margaret21 October 1884 H/237
Lokey, JamesSay, Rebecca30 September 1939 K (Colored)/386
Lokey, Lewis Bailey, Ollie 9/17/1916 Colored/379
Lokey, WillDaniel, Coralie07 September 1898 I/561
Lolace, BenSmith, Elizabeth25 November 1891 I/187
Lolace, Dave Lochey, Mattie 12/7/1905 Colored/152
Lolace, Richard Miles, Elizabeth 1/4/1900 Colored/030
Lollace, RichardHannon, Ella25 December 1894ColoredI/335
Lollis, Isaac J. Ware, Mary 12/24/1905 Colored/155
Lollis, JohnUpshaw, Bessie17 September 1921 K (Colored)/037
Lom, BernieHutchinson, Roberta11/30/1919 Colored/467
Long, BennieBright, Bertie22 June 1925 K (Colored)/124
Long, BennieCochran, Matlie Lee15 August 1931 K (Colored)/229
Long, Clifford Morris, Maggie 11/28/1905 Colored/167
Long, DallasCowart, Annie24 November 1928 M/589
Long, F.G.Whitsitt, Hattie9/13/1908 K/054
Long, Howard M.Herod, Mamie LouiseMay 4, 1933 M/273
Long, J.A.Pilgrim, Adline16 October 1866 E/341
Long, J.B.Black, Callie12/28/1910 K/170
Long, J.T.Crowder, Mary Lou06 October 1934 M/380
Long, James F.Hutchingson, Catherine28 October 1838 B/018
Long, James M.Duck, Rildia01 December 1906 J/454
Long, JohnFoster, Luvinia15 November 1882 H/023
Long, JosephKay, Marion16 October 1927 K (Colored)/165
Long, LewisRouse, Eva16 Nov 1930 M/147
Long, RobertCochran, Maydell14 November 1931 K (Colored)/232
Long, Robert D.Brown, Mary25 October 1837 B/004
Long, SilasWofford, Katie21 February 1921 K (Colored)/018
Long, VirgilHendricks, Vera24 December 1934 M/400
Long, WilliamWilliams, Mattie16 July 1882 H/022
Looney, GradyLewis, Josie26 January 1919 L/258
Looney, John H.Cox Sarah E.24 December 1874 G/307
Looney, MosesLewis, Edna22 July 1911 K/218
Looney, ThomasGray, Bessie14 May 1905"J" written in as Groom's middle initialJ/320
Lord, AaronVanderford, Mary27 November 1839 B/040
Lorrman, Benjamin J.Mountcastle, E.M.16 March 1882 H/002
Lot, Ansel Strickland, Ann 7/4/1912 Colored/292
Lother, William P.Galt, Henrietta G.01-Sep-1874 F/334
Lott, JuliusLeonard, Elizabeth25 November 1929 K (Colored)/201
Lott, MitchellHowell, Annie5/9/1920 Colored/477
Lott, NelsonWoolley, Ellen11 May 1891ColoredI/132
Louder, Edgar Weaver, Emma 2/18/1906 Colored/149
Loudermilk, D.W.Loveless, Molly A.25-Sep-1869 F/062
Loudermilk, DavidMartindale, Sallie03-Mar-1870 F/088
Loudermilk, G.H.Burford, Susan T.18 December 1879 G/377
Loudermilk, George H.Strain, Fannie29 April 1906 J/373
Loudermilk, JohnSmith, Susan30 April 1854 E/025
Loudermilk, R.C.Taylor, Julia Ann23 February 1860 E/210
Loudermilk, SeymoreRandell, Rachel17 November 1861 E/235
Loudermilk, W. (Dr.)Loveless, Roxana30 September 1860 E/209
Loudermilk, W.L.Wilbanks, Susie7/25/1909 K/098
Loundes, Andrew Wilburn, Mary 06-Nov-1869 F/065
Love, HoytGray, Mary Lucy08 June 1935also as Byron HoytM/427
Lovelady, A.T.Brown, Tessie L.12/22/1910 K/171
Lovelady, R.S.Gunn, Nannie E.21 December 1911 K/247
Loveless, Charles RoyPettit, Mamie3/24/1908 K/027
Loveless, Greenberry B.Fuller, Margaret O.5 Mar 1857Not indexedE/106
Loveless, H.A.Johnson, Mary A. (Mrs.)15 July 1866Groom's initials may be H.H.E/292
Loveless, James Godfrey, Lucretia F.20-Jan-1853 D/189
Loveless, James R.Gholston, Elizabeth A.10-Feb-1853 D/186
Loveless, James T.Allen, Mary A.06 May 1866 E/283
Loveless, John M.Lumpkin, Nancy S.17-Jul-1853 D/200
Loveless, Joseph E.Gilreath, Lou C.27 December 1877 G/217
Loveless, Levi I.Green, Elizabeth J. (Mrs.)26 August 1860 E/206
Loveless, S.E.Lewis, Elizabeth (Mrs.)29 October 1884 H/238
Loveless, TerryAllen, America04 Jan 1855 E/061
Loveless, W.M.Dutton, M.E.19-Dec-1869 F/077
Loveless, William M.Banton, C.J. (Mrs.)13 March 1870 F/089
Lovell, KinseyHopkins, Anna21 January 1877 G/154
Lovell, W.S.Stiles, Caroline C.16 September 1884 H/198
Lovinggood, LemonChapman, Verlie21 December 1933 M/327
Lovingood, HenryLott, Annie1/13/1918 Colored/402
Lovingood, Lorn Weems, Dora 5/21/1913 Colored/306
Lovingood, RoyEllis, Lula1/14/1917 Colored/387
Low, Adolphus Reynolds, Carrie 5/3/1899 Colored/015
Low, JosephWise, Viola11/10/1918 Colored/433
Lowe, BurrowRush, Luvinia22 June 1882 H/021
Lowe, C.F.Shelton, Lillie17 April 1925 L/425
Lowe, Calvin Hammond, Sarah J. 29-May-1873ColoredF/255
Lowe, Calvin Wofford, Polly 21-Jan-1869 F/035
Lowe, Charley Jones, Ella 2/17/1901 Colored/056
Lowe, Frank Robertson, Mary 3/27/1901 Colored/053
Lowe, HenryHill, Lizzie Lou18 May 1924 K (Colored)/094
Lowe, Henry Copeland, Sarah 3/16/1906 Colored/150
Lowe, Isaac M.Gordon, Timissen J.11 October 1860 E/222
Lowe, J.I.Roberts, Bob19 December 1917 K/621
Lowe, JacksonSanford, Lillie07 September 1913 K/408
Lowe, JohnCowart, Rachel17 January 1904Groom's last name also written as"Law"; indexed under"Lowe"J/251
Lowe, JohnDisheroon, Claudia15 November 1919 L/107
Lowe, John Culberson, Mary Lee11/16/1902 Colored/099
Lowe, Joseph Johnson, Annie 5/14/1910 Colored/245
Lowe, LemuelGuyton, Bessie08 March 1924 L/364
Lowe, NedSaxon, Bernice29-May-1873ColoredF/255
Lowe, NewtonLanham, Ollie01 November 1919"W" written in as Groom's middle initialL/107
Lowe, PressHutcherson, Fannie21 September 1881 G/545
Lowe, Preston Davis, Henrietta 5/16/1914 Colored/336
Lowe, QuillBlackwell, Mattie4/16/1911 K/210
Lowe, W.J.Hanner, Sallie25-Jul-1868 F/004
Lowery, William D.Radebaugh, Mary Carolyn01 February 1930 M/110
Lowman, E.H. Willingham, Annie H. 02 June 1880  G/411
Lowman, FrankBramlett, Cansie05 March 1916 K/515
Lowry, Charles H.Carnes, M.E. (Mrs.)03 September 1916 K/536
Lowry, DanielDodd, Nancy Ann31 January 1841 B/066
Lowry, David C.Windsor, Sarah A.F.15 July 1865 E/314
Lowry, E.J.Tanner, Mary29 March 1877 G/167
Lowry, EdwardCarroll, Mary A.02-Apr-1851 D/101
Lowry, ElishaLove, Saleny22 September 1839 B/070
Lowry, F.L.Lowry, Lizzie17 June 1897 I/500
Lowry, FloydGoodwin, Susie13 September 1894ColoredI/308
Lowry, GeorgeGoss, Ethel24 December 1916 K/567
Lowry, GreenLeathers, Martha02 January 1840 B/043
Lowry, HarryCarver, Lula20 October 1917 K/604
Lowry, J.G.Roberts, Elma28 September 1929 M/084
Lowry, James T.Erwin, Cora12/20/1908 K/065
Lowry, John H.Collier, Rebecca24 December 1908 K/063
Lowry, Joseph C.M.Anderson, Forester08 December 1894 I/359
Lowry, MelvinHollingshed, Genie19 August 1891 I/149
Lowry, Russell J.Strickland, Elizabeth E.5/3/1857 E/117
Lowry, Thomas ChristopherGemes, Sarah Elizabeth17 February 1897 I/492
Lowry, W.D.Bailey, Mary E.14 June 1891 I/161
Lowry, William B.Dodd, Angelina23 January 1840 B/045
Lowry, William N.Erwin, H.E.07 April 1886 H/383
Loyal, John H.Martin, Ophelia15 December 1925 K (Colored)/117
Loyed, James AlfredJolly, E.A.11-Nov-1875 F/378
Loyed, ThomasBailey, Lettie F.10-Jul-1872 F/197
Loyed, W.C.N.Coldwell, Cheo C.08 May 1879 G/360
Lucas, BuddyLee, Lizzie03 June 1920 K (Colored)/006
Lucas, I.M.Conner, Lucile28 December 1912 K/311
Lucas, M.A.Hays, Phenie05 January 1896 I/404
Luck, John J.Ray, Mary17 April 1901 J/101
Luck, WillMasingale, Mary07 July 1929 M/071
Ludy, MagnusDodson, Mamie27 December 1925 K (Colored)/128
Luke, Claude W.Casey, Ruth08 September 1920 L/160
Luke, John C.Anderson, Nannie05 August 1894 I/307
Lumkin, Robert A.Neal, Frances W.29-Oct-1848 D/014
Lumpkin, A.D.Stewart, Lucretia07-Sep-1873 F/325
Lumpkin, BenJohnson, Julia08 May 1898ColoredI/539
Lumpkin, Charles D.Bates, Susan A.24 June 1855 E/090
Lumpkin, Charles D.Watson, Susan15 August 1866 E/327
Lumpkin, CharleyTaylor, Rosa26 January 1890 I/033
Lumpkin, George P.Cobb, Florence E.10 December 1885 H/311
Lumpkin, J.M.Williams, Sallie06 January 1866 E/324
Lumpkin, J.T.Benham, S.E.04 January 1882 G/568
Lumpkin, RobertGrayham, Lula01 April 1888 H/520
Lumpkin, RobertJackson, Virginia15 April 1893ColoredI/229
Lumpkin, WalterWills, Jessie May10/31/1917 Colored/397
Lumpkin, William A.Edwards, Jennie C.28 October 1886 H/285
Lumpkin, William H.Benham, Loulie H.14 January 1879 G/285
Lumpkin, William H.Womelsdorf, Margretta20 April 1922 L/254
Lunda, SilasCagler, Emma28 April 1895ColoredI/355
Lunday, HandyCagler, Annie21 May 1894ColoredI/291
Lunday, JamesMathis, Ella20 December 1885 H/306
Lundy, HandyMills, Nannie21 December 1887 H/508
Lunsford, JamesCooper, M.T.25 November 1866 E/407
Lusk, AlexanderPresley, May03 December 1916 K/562
Lusk, Cecil ConradHarris, Jessie Adeline07 May 1937 M/578
Lusk, David H.Huff, Elizabeth A.3/26/1854 E/023
Lusk, J.G.Bearden, Rilla V.06 May 1923 L/384
Lusk, Joseph R.Brooks, Alice05 September 1880 G/497
Lusk, MashburnIdson, Sallie23 February 1886 H/371
Lusk, RobertHenry, Fannie10 January 1878 G/239
Lusk, SamuelHammonds, Nancy12-May-1850 D/074
Lusk, WilliamWade, Sallie05 December 1876 G/122
Luster, M.S.Bramer, Ida22 March 1913 K/374
Luther, James L.Langston, Lizzie30 April 1889 I/001
Luther, Therron L.Lewis, Jamie A.03 February 1884 H/129
Lynch, Alexander M.Hutchison, Sarah24 March 1842 B/087
Lynch, Eugene Brown, Estella 15 April 1942GDOB: 08-29-1911; BDOB:01-05-1916K (Colored)/435
Lynch, T.F.Gambrell, M.J.19 August 1866 E/326
Lynn, Frank Knox, Rosa 8/7/1912 Colored/295
Lynn, H.J.Goode, Allie12/26/1910 K/169
Lyon, Robert L.Harwell, Lillie31 August 1890 I/063
Lyons, Alfred C.Hays, H.C.21 May 1890 I/050
Lyons, ElishaYarbrough, Louisa17-Aug-1868 F/006


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