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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
Nalley, A.J.Brooks, Julia A.M.24 December 1865Groom's last name also spelled"Nally"E/298
Nalley, PierceRoberson, Amanda19 April 1877ColoredG/169
Nally, Andrew A.Amos, Leah L.09 April 1899 J/001
Nally, BensonPerkins, Christiana27 February 1840 B/050
Nally, EmsleyColeman, Clara Ann13-Aug-1849 D/031
Nally, RichardSmith, Ruthelle05 Dec 1931 M/207
Nally, SeabornWoodall, Varchies D.27 March 1840 B/050
Nally, VirgilDonald, Virginia15 May 1931 M/184
Nance, James W.Williams, Margaret J.26 December 1877 G/227
Napier, J.N.Hague, Susie20 Mar 1937Groom's middle initial may be"W"K (Colored)/332
Napier, John Willie Sloan, Ollie May 12/11/1916 Colored/395
Napier, ZackLindsay, Edith28 April 1907 J/464
Nard, ThomasChitwood, Susan25 February 1889 H/576
Nation, HerbertChandler, Louise07 November 1936"Frances" added as Bride's first nameM/536
Nations, BudFranklin, Callie02 August 1935 M/441
Nations, GeorgeWilliams, Lizzie04 August 1914 K/409
Nations, GordonWilkey, Daisy04 October 1914 K/442
Nations, LutherPayne, Clara12 August 1912 K/278
Nations, OscarWalker, Nora07 June 1913 K/333
Nations, RoyHill, Dollie23 December 1923 L/347
Nations, ThomasHilburn, Leila21 February 1914 K/457
Nations, WalkerCoursey, Marianda10 June 1854 E/028
Neal, A.P.Young, A.L.22 November 1881 G/558
Neal, Arthur V.Warlick, Lillie M.04 October 1911 K/231
Neal, B.F.Rollins, Adelaide21 June 1916 K/533
Neal, C. T.Atkinson, Jodie25 November 1909Indexed for p. 164K/165
Neal, C.F.Branton, Hortense28 Sept 1931 M/195
Neal, GreenIvins, Sarah12 December 1877ColoredG/224
Neal, GreenSteed, Dina17 September 1921 K (Colored)/038
Neal, Green Reynolds, Fannie 12/22/1913 Colored/323
Neal, J.M.Anderson, Julia04 January 1883Indexed as NeelH/092
Neal, JakeLeake, Jane16 November 1876ColoredG/131
Neal, James WylieHopper, Willie Swann27 August 1911 K/238
Neal, Joseph L.Swain, Mary Ann02-Nov-1848 D/019
Nealey, J.W.McDonald, Octavia N.30-Dec-1869 F/076
Neel, James MonroeAnderson, Anna M.10/20/1875 G/077
Neel, Oliver A.Bass, Eula Belle26 November 1913 K/376
Neel, SheriffNeeley, Etta14 August 1898ColoredI/556
Neill, C.C.Eaton, Ellen16 September 1858 E/174
Nelms, T.H.Howell, Rebecca11-Feb-1872 F/184
Nelson, A.J.Edge, Annie R.17 July 1918 L/058
Nelson, A.J.Putman, M.E.23 November 1902 J/198
Nelson, AdrianCornwell, Corrie30 December 1908 L/039, L/536
Nelson, AndersonHamilton, Mary J.07-Dec-1873 F/294
Nelson, CarlHyde, Willie Mae17 May 1924 L/371
Nelson, Clifton A.Saggus, Josie Bibb28 November 1925 L/429
Nelson, Clyde Muncher, Frances24 March 1934"A" added as Groom's middle initialM/464
Nelson, E.C.Martin, May17 June 1894 I/319
Nelson, E.G.Bailey, Albina L.09 February 1858 E/133
Nelson, F.E.Williams, Elizabeth16 February 1894 I/320
Nelson, F.G.Lowry, M.E.15 April 1883 H/091
Nelson, FletcherJohnson, Corine17 Dec 1939License & marriage date is Dec 17, 1939; recorded date is Jan 23, 1939K (Colored)/364
Nelson, FrankGoodwin, Milley24 November 1881 G/558
Nelson, G.C.Broome, Jessie10 August 1905 J/364
Nelson, George B.Roberson, Lucy07 May 1890ColoredI/036
Nelson, H.C.Bradley, Nellie Lee12 April 1911 K/208
Nelson, Henry C.Payne, Ruth08 March 1925 L/417
Nelson, JesseGoss, Clarice08 July 1917 K/600
Nelson, JohnBohanan, Mary16 September 1888 H/461
Nelson, Joseph C.Patterson, Frankie M.20 October 1920 L/163
Nelson, MelvinCarey, Alice09-Nov-1871 F/190
Nelson, MiltonJames, Lucy02 January 1868ColoredE/505
Nelson, Paul H.Kennedy, Ethel I.15 July 1908 K/039
Nelson, R.S.Gaines, Katie3/2/1910 K/145
Nelson, RobertLinn, Tinnie L.05 August 1885 H/290
Nelson, Vance E.Fink, Laura22 December 1904 J/305
Nelson, Warren R.Beal, Virginia17 September 1914 K/418
Nelson, William AlfredPowell, Nettie Mariah22 December 1875 G/008
Nelson, WillieMartin, Pauline21 October 1933 M/307
Nepper, SamuelWofford, Teeny31 December 1885 H/379
Nesbet, BealKing, Florence14 February 1894ColoredI/247
Nesbey, Charley Johnson, Willie 4/30/1912 Colored/289
Nesbit, Cornelius Carter, Izetta 1/1/1913 Colored/302
Nesbit, EliasWalker, Mamie20 September 1909 K (Colored)/153
Nesbit, FrankEarle, Susan (Mrs.)03 May 1885 H/243
Nesbit, HenryBrandon, Mary08 April 1883 H/090
Neville, C.S.Leiter, Constance C.12 January 1914 K/361
Neville, WilliamBrownlow, Lilly21 April 1907 J/458
Neville, WilliamSmith, Anna L.15 April 1882 H/156
Nevills, Homer V.Gillam, Teresa M.19 December 1894 I/363
Newberry, N.A.Cantrell, Nettie Jane13 May 1917 K/601
Newberry, SilasMcMichen, Thelma31 August 1935 M/451
Newbille, W.C.Womack, Georgia30 August 1914 K/425
Newborn, Robert S.King, Pearl20 December 1916 K/563
Newcomb, Thomas S.Presley, Fanny E.21 June 1866 E/295
Newhouse, Ed C.Gibby, Nevada05 October 1919"Edward" written in as Groom's middle name;"Viola" written in as Bride's middle nameL/112
Newman, A.J.Jones, Rebecca05 December 1931 K (Colored)/233
Newman, AndrewWilkins, Gertrude26 May 1934 K (Colored)/279
Newman, CarlGilstrap, Pauline01 March 1914 K/396
Newman, Clayton H.Bell, Mary Lee27 October 1923 L/330
Newman, David J.Haddah, S.E. 03 November 1859 E/183
Newman, G.C.Cotter, Ethel23 December 1913 K/375
Newman, George E.Hubbard, Ethel Overton21 April 1918 K/625
Newman, LeffertHarrison, Mattie (Mrs.)05 March 1882 G/453
Newman, O. R., Sr. Guyton, Sallie 14 September 1941GDOB:02-24-1883; BDOB:02-22-1884K (Colored)/422
Newman, O.R.Wilson, Sallie Joe23 Sep 1937 K (Colored)/340
Newman, OrealHenderson, Mary09 July 1926 K (Colored)/133
Newman, S.A.Brooks, Emma C.16 February 1888 H/490
Newman, S.A.Haney, Margaret26 November 1919 L/113
Newman, WilliamGamble, Nancy K.12 February 1890 I/032
Newman, William M.Hatchett, Lucy24 September 1861 E/230
Newman, Z.M.Putman, Sarah28 February 1868 E/374
Newpree, KindnessGilreath, Lucy15 November 1924 K (Colored)/088
Newsom, Seth A. T.Gilreath, Mary Lou07 July 1934 M/363
Newsome, Sellers Floyd, Mary 2/18/1905 Colored/140
Newson, George A.Cantrell, Cornelia30 October 1898 I/577
Newton, BurtWhisenant, Alice21 December 1887 H/549
Newton, George F.Kerr, Julia27 December 1899 J/039
Newton, Henry B.Dyar, Mary Louisianna18 Oct 1931 M/197
Newton, Henry BassSmith, Mae Beatrice06 February 1937 M/560
Newton, JamesCrow, Hattie26 December 1882 H/060
Newton, JamesJohnson, Emily31-Mar-1853 D/193
Newton, Joseph G.Barton, Della28 October 1897 I/520
Newton, Joseph M.Henderson, Ora20 September 1911 K/230
Newton, NedWest, Lula20 March 1890 I/043
Newton, UriahWilson, Margaret15 November 1874 G/052
Newton, William C.Sisson, Emma04 February 1912 K/255
Nichalson, Henry Butte, Malinda 12/23/1874ColoredG/071
Nichols, E.C.Attaway, M.L.10 January 1882 H/091
Nichols, GeorgeFowler, Ruby22 June 1924 L/388
Nichols, H.J.Gamblin, Eliza29 October 1891 I/118
Nichols, HenryWeild, Caroline04 July 1880ColoredG/422
Nichols, JacksonDawson, Amanda A.23 June 1842 B/094
Nichols, L.J.Craddock, Sallie08 January 1885 H/244
Nichols, W.R.Shuler, L.A. (Mrs.)11 May 1913 K/327
Nichols, WilliamWade, Josephine23-Dec-1873 F/319
Nicholson, H.T.Wells, Ida02 June 1889 I/024
Nicholson, HobartOwens, Pearl04 July 1921 L/211
Nicholson, Ira E. Eddy, Sarah L.22 June 1896 I/423
Nicholson, John R.Staney, Nancy27 March 1887 H/283
Nicholson, Sam,"Freedman"Nicholson, Margaret,"Freedwoman"09 August 1866 E/293
Nicholson, W.N.Guyton, M.A25 October 1891Groom's last name also written as NicholsI/109
Nightinggale, Moses F.Pinson, Catharine28 December 1856 E/123
Nix, CalvinWoods, Roxie13 September 1891 I/147
Nix, George, Jr.Head, Mary Frances06 January 1936 M/481
Nix, IsaacCarter, Mary12 October 1891 I/156
Nix, John LeeBryant, TommieJune 3, 1933 M/277
Nix, NewtonHelton, Martha8 August 1857 E/110
Nix, Robert H.Kiser, Mattie (Mrs.)10 October 1907 K/007
Nix, RoyLynch, LorraineJuly 2, 1933 M/281
Nix, RufusStowers, Mary21 September 1890ColoredI/071
Nixon, JosephAllen, Ida26 December 1889Colored; Groom's last name also written as"Nix"I/072
Noble, William Milner, Alice 1/20/1907 Colored/190
Nobles, William F.Bloodworth, M.24 January 1880 G/368
Noe, JohnReeves, Minnie29 January 1912 K/281
Nolan, JamesBlat, Emma13 February 1887 H/333
Noland, BillNix, Lillie17 November 1934 M/388
Noland, Dock Moore, Ada 7/2/1911 Colored/267
Noland, E.F.Durham, Rossie14 July 1897 I/497
Noland, SamuelGentry, Maggie12 February 1905 J/328
Noland, T.J.Trimble, Minnie19 May 1897 I/480
Noles, C.Haley, Cherokee08 February 1888 H/491
Noles, JamesBranton, Nancy27 November 1879 G/375
Noles, James Campbell, Sarah 18-Sep-1871ColoredF/168
Noles, JosephDonahoo, M.E.30 December 1883 H/135
Noling, CharlesCotton, Asolie31 May 1892Bride's firstname also spelled"Adeline"I/136
Norrell, Reubin Penny, Mary E.27 November 1860 E/252
Norris, Charley Dungan, Hattie 5/7/1901 Colored/075
Norris, EzekielHearn, Martha03-Jan-1850 D/052
Norris, G.W.Rainey, Jery19 August 1877 G/193
Norris, JesseSproull, Lizzie30 December 1880 G/468
Norris, JohnHead, Emma21 April 1877ColoredG/170
Norris, JohnMcCollum, Mattie06 October 1887coloredH/275
Norris, JohnWright, Margarett11 March 1883 H/092
Norris, John T. (Rev.)Bass, Mary E.14 December 1882 H/041
Norris, NormanChampion, GraceJuly 8, 1933 M/285
Norris, PickensBurge, Dollie21 November 1884 H/200
Norris, Pickens Brux, Jane 01-Sep-1872ColoredF/244
Norris, Pickens Washington, Jennie 12/28/1899 Colored/032
Norris, PickneyReeves, Sarah04 October 1876ColoredG/131
Norris, RaymondJackson, Maybelle14 June 1924 L/386
Norris, SamAllsup, Emma3/18/1900 Colored/054
Norris, ThomasRichardson, Mollie10 September 1893ColoredI/280
Norris, Thomas Johnson, Dollie 12/27/1903 Colored/114
Norris, TomTrippe, Mary17 January 1926 K (Colored)/129
Norris, WilliamUnderwood, Frances (Mrs)13-Apr-1869 F/048
North, J. S. Sr.Williams, Beatrice26 November 1939 K (Colored)/387
Northcut, E.M.Forrester, Annie Laura09 December 1891 I/117
Northey, J.F.Guyton, Mattie04 January 1885 H/243
Norton, AndrewBolton, Lula28 August 1904 J/289
Norton, HowardTucker, Clara21 April 1936 M/496
Norton, William Davis, Annie3 October 1896 I/451
Norvell, Roy E.Middlebrooks, Marion02 June 1928 M/006
Norwood, Elisha Christopher, Hester 3/21/1903 Colored/106
Norwood, EnochJones, Minnie17 December 1890ColoredI/079
Norwood, EnosBrown, Margaret21 December 1894ColoredI/362
Norwood, S. A.Hightower, Elizabeth26 January 1840 B/045
Notts, RichardShaw, Georgia 25 November 1874 F/369
Nunnally, A.H.Brown, Pauline07 June 1923 L/357


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