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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
Oaks, JesseWiggins, Rachel14-May-1852 D/161
OBrien, PatPatterson, Sarah A.28 January 1883 H/108
OBryan, MichaelKirkpatrick, Barbary H.24 November 1842 B/104
Ockerblom, A.L.Stable, J.S.14-Apr-1872 F/200
Odom, BarnerShepherd, Josephine21 July 1928 M/013
Odom, BennyRogers, Floy11 Dec 1931 M/208
Odom, E.J.Conley, Ethel25 December 1920 L/177
Odom, HenryApplin, Ella May02 June 1930 K (Colored)/212
O'Donald, J.H.Smith, M.A.23 December 1884 H/244
Odum, HenryDavis, Viola11/21/1915 Colored/346
Odum, Thomas G.Brawner, Susan A.11/5/1854 E/043
Oglesby, J.W.Cobb, M.E.16 May 1878 G/261
Oglesby, J.Z.Crawford, Mamie15 November 1897 I/512
O'Kelly, JohnGriffin, Annie Mae15 July 1923 K (Colored)/069
Oldham, Charles J.Bright, Sadie24 April 1914 K/398
Oliver, BenjaminFulton, Pauline05 October 1892 I/179
Oliver, ClemonTanner, Myrtice08 August 1933 M/290
Oliver, DanielCook, Enma13 April 1935Groom's last name was written originally as Olliver; Correction made 12/7/65, signature on application Oliver; Bride's first name was originally written as"Emma" but changed to"Enma"K (Colored)/297
Oliver, J.B.Brawner, Margarett E.08-Jan-1873 F/236
Oliver, JamesSewell, Rosa24 January 1916 K/511
Oliver, JesseStephens, Tempy04 April 1897 I/488
Oliver, MynorDungon, Becky20-Apr-1873 F/252
Oliver, PeterPiercen, Lizzy22 September 1882ColoredH/027
Oliver, PeterYoung, Amanda F.08 November 1878 G/312
Oliver, ThomasMinton, Pauline10 Jan 1931 M/157
Oliver, Walter Brown, Lula 12/29/1904 Colored/137
Oneal, JohnnieFreeman, Vongolla02 Oct 1937 K (Colored)/340
Oneal, L H.Dutton, Tish28 June 1875 F/363
O'Neal, WillieHutchison, Annie May15 July 1923 K (Colored)/077
Oney, Edd N.Blanton, Mattie25 February 1902Groom's name also written as"Ed"J/174
O'Rourke, James C.Milner, Mary Lou9/28/1910 K/155
Orr, AllenWhite, Rosa18 December 1926 K (Colored)/135
Orr, Andrew Miller, Mattie 10/28/1906 Colored/208
Orr, D.W.Carpenter, Lucy23 October 1900 J/067
Orr, James Edward Freeman, Jessie Mae 01 August 1941GDOB: 06-20-1922; BDOB:12-09-1925K (Colored)/416
Orr, JohnBrown, Mary25 January 1838 B/009
Orr, RobertCampbell, Margaret19 October 1837 B/011
Orton, Charlie Q.Dover, Laurice Carrie Lee08 November 1936 M/539
Orton, LesterWilson, Thelma16 February 1935 M/410
Osborn, G.W.Williams, Cora29 December 1901Groom's last name also spelled"Osborne"J/208
Osborne, BenWilliams, Annie01 Feb 1931 M/162
Osborne, F.A.Cantrell, Lula23 November 1919 L/113
Osborne, ThomasBrown, May 01 December 1922 L/283
Osborne, ThomasHazel, Malinda26 August 1906 J/413
Osburn, Jessie Woods, Mattie 7/4/1915Indexed for Mattie WoodsColored/447
O'Shields, John A.Gaines, Frances O.16-May-1850 D/066
Osment, H.J.Lumpkin, Ida17 January 1888 H/517
Osment, Harry LumpkinDaniel, Cecile06 June 1918 L/004
Ottling, CothernMcCoy, Annie Ruth25 Dec 1930"David" added as Groom's middle nameM/155
Overall, MosesButler, Nancy23 April 1894ColoredI/296
Overbey, J.L., Jr.Mills, Maude20 December 1908 K/073
Ovom, S.H.Bradley, Annie Belle27 January 1919 L/057
Owen, GradyWilson, Zola17 September 1917 K/607
Owen, IsaacAlford, Ada26 June 1890 I/057
Owen, IvesWearing, Alice24 January 1880ColoredG/331
Owen, J.J.Thompson, M.M.22 November 1877 G/194
Owen, J.M.Glenn, Ollie G.14 May 1905 J/400
Owen, John C.Kennett, Mollie14 December 1887 H/488
Owen, M.T.Kennett, Ada C.05 May 1880 G/414
Owenby, Everett C.Queen, Ruby19 February 1922Groom's last name indexed as"Owensby"L/249
Owens, A.C.Mealer, Lillie Mae02 May 1920 L/132
Owens, AlonzoShaw, Elizabeth3/14/1918 Colored/412
Owens, ButlerOwens, Samantha C.28-Aug-1870 F/109
Owens, Cliff A.McGriff, Eunice27 December 1899 J/039
Owens, E.C.Nickols, Mary26 February 1874 F/309
Owens, G.W.Chitwood, Sarah J. (Mrs.)29 November 1877 G/185
Owens, GeorgeHolcomb, Laura02 September 1922 L/269
Owens, GeorgeSlay, Mary Lee21 August 1919 L/077
Owens, George B.Culver, Maude01 May 1921 L/193
Owens, H.B.Deems, Clara31 January 1915 K/463
Owens, H.K.Wade, Annele22 October 1922 L/275
Owens, HenryGrant, Dovie30 December 1917 K/622
Owens, Henry Carson, Lula 6/2/1912 Colored/290
Owens, Henry C.Carroll, Amanda23 June 1863 E/259
Owens, Hiram M.Boggs, Surreptie G.03 January 1891 I/102
Owens, IveyBrier, Lizzie06 August 1893ColoredI/235
Owens, J.C.Fields, Mary07 January 1903 J/209
Owens, J.J.Arnold, F.L.01 February 1883 H/093
Owens, James Q.Toney, Nannie J.02 July 1895 I/369
Owens, JeffBiddy, Ida13 July 1924 L/386
Owens, Jehu S.Jackson, Susan P04 January 1866 E/263
Owens, JoeGordon, Carrie04 July 1925 K (Colored)/125
Owens, JoeSlocum, Lucinda7/30/1917 Colored/396
Owens, John D.Smith, Pauline02 Mar 1930 M/115
Owens, John L.Richards, N.V.20 February 1898 I/553
Owens, John S.Jones, Sarah A. L.22 Jan 1857 E/103
Owens, Joseph G.Jarman, Lillie Belle27 April 1919 L/077
Owens, Lewis Thomas, Emma 5/3/1899 Colored/087
Owens, MiltonFranklin, Ruby12 January 1935 M/405
Owens, R.A.Smith, Mary06 October 1901 J/188
Owens, ReubenDeems, Ollie10 June 1923 L/315
Owens, Roy Ryals, Lonie 12/9/1915 Colored/346
Owens, T.A.Arnold, Amanda E.31 December 1879 G/428
Owens, Thomas A.Walker, Luticia A.14 January 1858 E/134
Owens, WilliamGriggs, Mary5/11/1908 K/035
Owens, William F.Gattis, Emeline12-Aug-1869 F/055
Owensby, J.T.Goodson, Grace15 November 1929 M/093


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