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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
Ulman, A. BarclayWomelsdorf, Lyda MurrayOctober 1, 1932 M/240
Umphris, TateBrownlee, Hulda A. 19 December 1876ColoredG/133
Underwood, A.L.Kemp, Eula24 January 1914"Albert" written in as Groom's first nameK/379
Underwood, BirdHicks, Mossie14 Feb 1931 M/164
Underwood, C.J.Hardwell, Luna Mae24 September 1907 J/473
Underwood, ConniePitman, Emma11 May 1899 J/043
Underwood, D.H.Staffin, Mary Ann15 September 1878 G/320
Underwood, DavidBailey, Della (Mrs.)05 March 1900 J/041
Underwood, David H.Pearson, Anna16 February 1864 E/262
Underwood, David IraMartin, Emma17 May 1876 G/093
Underwood, E.A.Dodd, Lucresia25-Aug-1870 F/107
Underwood, G.L.Kiser, Lou (Mrs.)19 November 1916 K/564
Underwood, HenryNewton, Flora07-Aug-1870 F/083
Underwood, J.W.Bell, Sallie25 October 1903 J/243
Underwood, J.W.Cline, JewelAugust 16, 1932 M/234
Underwood, James B.Hamilton, Sarah T.23 July 1839 B/030
Underwood, James M.Crow, Sallie H.21 July 1893 I/241
Underwood, JohnCollins, Dorothy L.14 March 1878 G/320
Underwood, JohnGaines, Fannie16 February 1888 H/516
Underwood, KennedyLather, Mary10 September 1881 G/543
Underwood, LarkinGee, Sarah23 June 1929 M/069
Underwood, LindseyReeves, Fannie15 March 1905 J/329
Underwood, Robert W.Chapman, Martha28 February 1859 E/190
Underwood, S.W.Duckett, Lula25 December 1878 G/404
Underwood, StephenAdair, Nancy27 March 1861 E/223
Underwood, T.J.Cox, Florence19 October 1879 G/339
Underwood, ThomasDobby, Anna07 January 1888Bride's name indexed as DobbyH/535
Underwood, Thomas H.Withers, Grace27 September 1924 L/396
Underwood, WileyMitchell, Leila29 January 1902"H" written in as Groom's middle initialJ/167
Underwood, William J.Turner, Anna06 November 1842 B/103
Unthank, RalphPingel, Margaret17 August 1929 M/077
Upchurch, J.T.Ray, Angie07 November 1924 L/401
Upshaw, Benjamin Smith, Annie Pearl 9/30/1906 Colored/176
Upshaw, Charley Scott, Keziah 13-Jun-1872 F/204
Upshaw, Claud Sterling, Corene 7/8/1910 Colored/251
Upshaw, DorseyGordon, Maybelle9/30/1918 Colored/428
Upshaw, E.M.Adair, S.E.22 December 1875 G/110
Upshaw, EdmanShepherd, Amanda28 June 1883 H/100
Upshaw, ErbyWilliams, Irene23 March 1940 K (Colored)/391
Upshaw, G.W.Fain, Georgianna27 December 1896ColoredI/434
Upshaw, George L.Latimer, Mary C.12/15/1853 E/006
Upshaw, Henry Morris, Mary 11/25/1905Bride's last name Marsh was marked out and Morris was written in pencil in the indexColored/152
Upshaw, J.T.Jones, Lou26 March 1882 H/035
Upshaw, JamesGoodwing, Bertha06 March 1923 K (Colored)/067
Upshaw, John A.McMullins, Mary E.27 October 1842 B/093
Upshaw, L.S.Gaines, Clara Irene30 April 1903 J/223
Upshaw, LeeCarson, Lizza20 December 1883ColoredH/177
Upshaw, Lucius Myers, Olivia 9/20/1911 Colored/277
Upshaw, M.L.Maxwell, Irene04 September 1890 I/077
Upshaw, M.L.Walker, Rebecca (Mrs.)15 March 1914 K/397
Upshaw, Murray L.Rains, Bettie28 November 1936 M/546
Upshaw, Thomas Johnson, Hannah 29-Dec-1868 F/030
Upshaw, Thomas A.Taylor, Adell11 February 1934 M/339
Upshaw, Thomas AdairPittard, Lois M.22 September 1914 K/418
Upshaw, Thomas L.Lowe, Mary A.10/20/1853 E/002
Upshaw, Troy B.McEver, Ora Rachel08 May 1937 M/575
Upshaw, W.H. McClinton, Susie 4/28/1907 Colored/183
Upshaw, W.T.Moore, Bertha B.08 October 1903 J/292
Upshaw, Walter H.Maxwell, Ida30 December 1891ColoredI/121
Upshaw, WilliamJones, Leola21 June 1920 K (Colored)/011
Upson, J.D.Rogers, Fannie H.15 October 1879 G/341
Upston, S.M.Seay, Julia M.1/6/1908 K/041
Uren, James BarnesHolland, Avery Mabel18 June 1921 L/200
Usher, M.D.Marshall, Lucinda05 Apr 1937 K (Colored)/334
Usher, Robert Booth, Carrie Neal 15 January 1942GDOB: 03-14-1921; BDOB:06-06-1926K (Colored)/429


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