Marriage Records by Bride

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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
Irwin, James A.Lacey, Faye B.14 June 1919 L/061
Mayburn, HenryLackey, Cliffie V.5 January 1898 I/564
Hayse, G.W.Lackey, Fannie31 July 1887 H/327
Kirk, WilliamLackey, Laura13 February 1896 I/404
Daniel, James FLackey, Laura B.14 February 1899 J/011
Rogers, H.Lackey, Lizzie02 March 1885Groom's initial indexed as"H"H/246
Franks, G.L.Lackey, M.A. 01 August 1872 F/260
Turner, B.E.Lackey, Maggie01-May-1873 F/265
McGuire, PatrickLackey, Marinda07 July 1839 B/035
Layton, James W.Lackey, Mary O.20 December 1882 H/057
Stegall, Emusly L.Lackey, Sarah A.05 April 1842 B/087
Miller, B.F.Lackie, Lula17 September 1891 I/145
Willis, LesterLacy, Beulah10 May 1930 M/125
Smith, DeanLacy, BlanchApril 7, 1932 M/218
Wofford, James Lacy, Carrie 9/4/1915 Colored/352
Burch, G.L.Lacy, Lenna E.13 November 1884 H/213
Hembree, BirdLacy, Minnie30 April 1898 I/537
Haggood, JohnLacy, Ora02 November 1901 J/144
Williams, ReeceLaGree, Eva03 February 1924 K (Colored)/086
Rowe, WillLagree, Martha04 March 1928 K (Colored)/171
Perkins, M. R.Lagree, Willie28 December 1921 K (Colored)/042
Wortham, Nathan Lambers, Lizzie 08-Jun-1873 F/267
Reason, Jonas Lambert, Elizabeth 04-Mar-1873ColoredF/257
Teague, JohnLambert, Ethel27 October 1918 L/052
Terrell, WarrenLampkin, Emma16 January 1896ColoredI/422
Moore, WadeLampkin, Sarah12 November 1893Colored/Indexd in D's as Green, J.J.; also indexed in G'sI/284
Bruce, A.B.Land, Beatrice07 February 1915 K/451
Dooly, ClayLand, Dessie19 Decemver 1915 K/501
Gowing, James L.Land, Lula8/30/1908Indexed as GogingK/061
Alford, ThomasLand, Luna13 June 1898 I/549
Land, H.T.Land, M.A.08 June 1871 F/161
Chunn, William A.Land, Martha Delilah10 May 1860 E/200
Tatum, William P.Land, Retha19 Sept 1931 M/194
Price, C.F.Land, S.S.L.26 November 1879 G/387
Isbell, HaroldLanders, Annie Lee26 Apr 1930 M/123
Williams, HarveyLanders, Annie May16 July 1922May be BUDDY WilliamsL/235
Cowart, DeanLanders, Edna15 November 1936 M/538
Hilburn, R.L.Landers, Lillie24 January 1904 J/248
Morgan, RichardLanders, Lizzie03 November 1928 M/031
Pitts, George W.Landers, Louisa (Mrs.)02 September 1866 E/349
Carnes, KingLanders, Mary22 January 1888 H/543
Barnett, MeltonLanders, Mary CorneliaDecember 3, 1932 M/250
Martin, John H.Landers, Maud F.17 June 1900 J/076
Smith, George F.Landers, Minnie13 June 1916 K/532
Hood, Herbert B.Landers, N. Lucile17 November 1935 M/468
Ledford, HenryLanders, Nell21 July 1928 M/015
Chambers, JackLanders, Violet17 February 1923 L/294
Keys, Will M.Landers, Willie M.03 April 1895 I/357
Taylor, JesseLandham, Azzie09 September 1918 L/034
Bennett, W.A.Landrum, Eva Bell11 March 1915 K/465
Shaw, C.M.Landrum, Jewell B.10 January 1925 L/402
Jones, Thomas F.Landrum, Pearle Marie08 February 1912 K/244
Adams, F.M.Lands, Mary E.9/11/1881 G/543
Walker, Robert B.Lang, Belle08 August 1894 I/315
Logan, JosephLangford, C.05-May-1873 F/266
Pinion, JeffersonLangford, Caroline24 January 1858 E/130
Bohanan, JohnLangford, Hamister10 February 1895 I/338
Wilson, OliverLangley, Sarah10-Jul-1851 D/115
Turner, CharleyLangston, Belle08 October 1905 J/380
Mims, JamesLangston, Bertie11 August 1928 K (Colored)/179
McGee, Loyed Langston, Charlotte 17 August 1875Colored; Groom's last name also spelled"McGhee" on marriage recordG/026
Byrd, JosephLangston, Josalie12 September 1915 K/484
Appling, AlfredLangston, Julia11 August 1901 J/141
Marshall, JohnLangston, Laura17 January 1891ColoredI/069
Luther, James L.Langston, Lizzie30 April 1889 I/001
Turner, James C.Langston, Mattie04-Nov-1873 F/317
Bates, Henry D.Langston, Minie E.12 July 1888 H/472
Wofford, TomLangston, Ola16 Oct 1937 K (Colored)/342
Boyd, AlexanderLangston, Rosebud30 December 1934Recorded 19 January 1936K (Colored)/312
Stegall, Edward Lanham, Odell11/10/1907 K/010
Ledford, G.J.Lanham, Alice08 July 1887 H/268
Kuykendall, E.R.Lanham, Alma01 May 1937 M/574
Shelly, W.R.Lanham, Anna29 December 1892 I/203
Cantrell, EugeneLanham, Annie Belle06 July 1935Virgil written in blue ink by someone as groom's first nameM/432
Kay, W.W.Lanham, Bell (Mrs.)01 November 1933 M/311
Beavers, William C.Lanham, Buelah Mae07 September 1924 L/392
Kimsey, L.V.Lanham, CarolineJune 19, 1932Someone has written the" N" over"M" in KimseyM/231
Carnes, AlbertLanham, Carrie06 January 1924 L/349
Smith, EdLanham, Carrie14 January 1917 K/573
Johnsey, James T.Lanham, Ella27 August 1898 I/558
Hainey, J.W.B.Lanham, Emma27 January 1891 I/126
Cabe, J.S.Lanham, Fannie07 September 1917 K/596
Smith, LonLanham, Fannie22 February 1912 K/259
Lewis, D.W.Lanham, Hannah07 January 1906 J/351
Jones, James S.Lanham, Ida07 January 1898 I/519
Lingefielt, AndrewLanham, Jennie1/17/1909 K/073
Pearson, J.A.Lanham, Jennie18 April 1897 I/486
Casey, AlvinLanham, Josie14 October 193414 has been written over the original marriage date; License issued 13 October 1934; Recorded 3 August 1935M/437
Bruce, WilliamLanham, Katie18 October 1891 I/100
Keown, FrankLanham, Laura22 August 1882 H/056
Grizzle, J.T.Lanham, Leah (Mrs.)02 September 1933 M/297
Lewis, R.T.Lanham, Lou06 February 1890 I/046
Alford, G.W.Lanham, Lula15 June 1890 I/057
Stephens, ElbertLanham, Lula20 January 1924 L/354
Land, Walton T.Lanham, Mae22 December 1928 M/038
Hale, AlonzoLanham, Malinda09 July 1899 J/051
Reeves, RansomLanham, Martha27 December 1908 L/040, L/530
Bishop, AsaLanham, Mary27 September 1914 K/446
Holcomb, FredLanham, Mary Frances25 May 1929 M/062
Chapman, IsaacLanham, Nettie02 May 1886 H/295
Lowe, NewtonLanham, Ollie01 November 1919"W" written in as Groom's middle initialL/107
Segers, Elijah H.Lanham, Parlie8/31/1910 K/163
Alford, GeorgeLanham, Pearl18 February 1899 J/009
Grier, GeorgeLanham, Pearl02 February 1905 J/318
Turner, C.B.Lanham, Rosa19 April 1925 L/424
Pettit, N.N.Lanham, Rosetta (Mrs.)01 June 1920 L/144
Hight, TheodoreLanham, Smiley18 February 1934 M/340
Worthum, SamuelLanier, Isabella21 February 1841 B/067
Sproull, Elihu H.Lanier, Martha26 November 1879 G/374
Goddard, GeorgeLankford, Ellen19 August 1866 E/328
Hand, J.B.Lankford, IzoraMay 29, 1933 M/276
Fox, AndrewLankford, Jane13 November 1859 E/177
Goddard, JohnLankford, Lucy20 March 1870 F/088
Tipton, WesleyLansing, Eunie02 January 1937 M/553
Taylor, William Lasiter, Louisa 06-Aug-1871ColoredF/176
Burton, Walter ELasseter, MargaretJuly 15, 1933 M/284
Kennedy, James S.Lassiter, Mary31 December 1857 E/129
Dickerson, Joseph G.Laster, Phinilz L.20 Aug 1857 E/117-118
Carson, JamesLaster, Rosa Mae18 Mar 1937 K (Colored)/333
Lee, James W.Latham, Anna26 April 1885 H/341
Foster, Lewis Latham, Etta 10/19/1901 Colored/080
Parker, EliLatham, Fannie05 February 1893 I/232
Lee, R.E.Latham, Mary14 October 1883 H/127
Elkins, W.H.Latham, Mattie / Martha24 August 1910 K/164
Underwood, KennedyLather, Mary10 September 1881 G/543
Williams, Moses Latimer, Henrietta 1/6/1902 Colored/066
Shackleford, William G.Latimer, Joanah R.17 October 1861 E/231
Upshaw, George L.Latimer, Mary C.12/15/1853 E/006
Hance, James W.Latimer, Sally E. 27 Mar 1856 E/084
Worthy, John Latin, Fannie 12/26/1910 Colored/258
Banks, DockLatner, Lettish1/22/1911 Colored/260
Rowe, HowardLatten, Annie16 March 1920 K (Colored)/001
Carpenter, ClaudeLavasque, Leona04 August 1923 L/302
Baggett, CharlieLavasse, Mamie13 April 1923Bride's last name may be spelled"Lasse"L/298
Evans, PolyeLavavque, Hattie10 Jan 1931 M/157
Smith, James M.Lavender, Lillybelle20 January 1923 L/292
Rucker, HarveyLavette, Ada18 February 1886 H/312
Ford, Robert LewisLavette, Agnes May12 December 1931 K (Colored)/233
Brown, James A. Lavette, Amanda 24 December 1874ColoredG/129
Wiley, HerbertLaVette, Annie Lou10/19/1919 Colored/472
Maxwell, H.W.Lavette, Annie May07 September 1935 K (Colored)/303
Dodson, JackLavette, Lillie May24 December 1934An"E" has been printed over the"Y" in Bride's middle name; MaeK (Colored)/293
Johnson, Eugene Lavitte, Clifford 10/23/1910 Colored/254
Watson, R.W.Law, Elizabeth27 May 1888 H/510
Stroud, A.C.Law, Ella24 December 1899 J/056
Earwood, Charles BobLaw, Eunice09 March 1924 L/371
Padget, A.L.Law, H.J.22 June 1875 F/352
Darden, GeorgeLaw, Ina Mae9/4/1916 Colored/376
Smith, HomerLaw, Jessie29 April 1936 M/499
Law, D.W.Law, Lizzie17 October 1906 J/450
Ingle, EdwardLaw, Lou12 December 1878Indexed in J'sG/353
Harris, John M.Law, Martha Amos20 August 1876 G/094
Abernathy, AndrewLaw, Mary18-Jun-1853 D/196
Fenley, J.D.Law, Mary E.12 September 1872 F/205
Hicks, John W.Law, Minnie10 November 1901 J/157
Biddy, John F.Law, Ovaline25 January 1925 L/381
Rice, BenjaminLaw, Pearl22 December 1912 K/310
Chambers, G.W.Law, Tibitha 20 May 1900 J/072
Lochridge, WallaceLawhon, Belle27 October 1901 J/145
Lanham, WalterLawhorn, Agnes25 July 1931 M/185
Camp, Fred A.Lawhorn, Katie10 November 1917 K/592
Tucker, HerbertLawler, Ruby18 January 1934 M/336
Cochran, John M.Lawrance, Mary01-May-1851 D/110
Cotterell, Samuel Lawrence, Clara6/19/1912 Colored/291
Jackson, SamLawrence, Hattie05 October 1883 H/155
Jones, HenryLawrence, Lilla01 September 1895ColoredI/389
Stovall, Scot Lawrence, Mary 6/1/1902 Colored/086
Jones, ChesterLawrence, Peggie12 August 1888 H/448
Rowland, Charles R.O.Lawrence, Rosa Lee11/6/1902 Colored/099
Marchant, Frank A.Lawrence, Ruby 9/18/1918 Colored/427
Christopher, NathanLawrence, Sallie29 January 1896ColoredI/405
Adams, RoyLawson, Alice6/27/1915 Colored/436
Hassell, William D.Lawson, Catherine26 November 1840 B/060
Blackman/Blackwell, WilliamLawson, Edie17 November 1893 I/319
Chapman, ClaudeLawson, Fannie14 November 1915 K/486
Leake, Charles T.Lawson, Fannie M.10 May 1887 H/282
Countryman, ColeyLawson, Ida05 July 1903 J/238
Moore, Pirly Lawson, Josie 1/8/1914 Colored/320
Wyatt, FrankLawson, Minnie20 November 1898 I/572
Lockridge, G.W.Lawson, Sallie (Mrs.)25 February 1897 I/484
Mims, Aaron Lawston, Ella 27 December 1891ColoredI/105
Byrom, Henry C.Lay, Elizabeth05 May 1839Bride's last name questionableB/033
Rowe, Will Lay, Essie 12/26/1914 Colored/340
Merrett, Earl Lay, Evelyn 5/31/1905 Colored/156
Terrell, Joseph P.Lay, Frances24-May-1849 D/002
Dodson, ElishaLay, Kenedy06 January 1842 B/080
Fuller, William J.Lay, Malinda24 November 1839 B/039
Waters, GeorgeLay, Sadie04 January 1893ColoredI/208
Edwards, Robert RidleyLayton Gladys18 October 1935 M/459
Tidwell, M.J.Layton, Ada (Mrs.)06 February 1887 H/354
Burdett, James MilesLayton, Addie M.10 April 1920 L/125
Hannah, John H.Layton, Angie08 March 1867 G/283
Baker, NatLayton, Dora15 January 1891 I/073
Gaines, K.B.Layton, Elizabeth25 January 1880 G/401
Bell, S.W.Layton, Ethel12 October 1902 J/205
Smith, Florence V.Layton, Fannie A.09 April 1884 H/252
Guyton, JoshuaLayton, Laura03 November 1895 I/376
Heath, JohnLayton, Lidie24 November 1912 K/301
Chitwood, D.B.Layton, Malisa18 November 1875 F/379
Jenkins, JackLayton, Mary Frances02 May 1931 M/183
Garrett, Thomas J.Layton, Mary J.09 December 1881 H/051
Parker, William M., Jr.Layton, Mary Minerva03 April 1937 M/570
Stover, Young J.Layton, Mary Pauline08 June 1922 L/242
Pittard, James D.Layton, Oveline16 December 1895 I/421
Smith, W.V.Layton, R.C.10 November 1889 I/028
Layton, JosephLeach, Ada04 December 1883 H/131
Pressley, DewittLeach, Fannie (Mrs.)02 September 1923 L/305
Holmes, Hugh H.Leach, Frances20 June 1931 M/179
Lewis, W.C.Leach, L.W. (Mrs.)27 December 1894 I/349
Perkins, AmosLeach, Laura (Mrs.)25 July 1918 L/006
Smith, H.H.Leach, Lillie Mae (Mrs.)20 November 1921 L/219
Brown, J.W.Leach, Lois10 November 1901 J/147
Clark, P.W.Leach, Maggie17 August 1902 J/189
Jarrett, William AndersonLeach, Mattie Hattie Bessie13 February 1937 M/560
Ferguson, AlexLeach, May22 January 1905 J/301
Alexander, AndrewLeach, Pearl31 January 1920 L/088
Lindsey, DavidLeach, Willie08 October 1922 L/272
Barrett, Thomas N.Leachman, Alice07 January 1892Groom's last name also written as"Barnett"I/138
Dysart, JoeLeachman, Eva Louise25 January 1936 M/485
Lanham, J.H.Leachman, M.L. (Mrs.)19 November 1903 J/266
Payne, WebbLeachman, Martha07-Jun-1874 F/289
Smith, J. HudsonLeachman, Mary Virginia 10 September 1934"John" added as Groom's first nameM/377
Lewis, George L.Leachman, Nancy D. (Mrs.)01 February 1900 J/091
Guyton, SamuelLeachman, Perlina05 December 1901 J/151
Haygood, CharlieLeachman, Retta30 November 1935 M/472
Leadbetter, CiceroLeadbetter, Anna11 July 1886 H/423
Leadbetter, JamesLeadbetter, Anna20 July 1883 H/128
Mann, MonroeLeadbetter, Arenia19 September 1867 E/379
Terrell, John A.Leak, A.E.P. 15 Aug 1855 E/066
Colbert, John G.Leak, Amanda C.13 April 1856 E/087
Stidham, LewisLeak, Anna 25-Aug-1871 F/197
Henderson, W.O.Leak, Annie P.09 April 1903Indexed at end of L'sJ/217
Carlile, S.J.Y.Leak, Elizabeth27 November 1854Recorded 20 March 1860E/195
Bennett, Alexander F.Leak, Emma F.19 December 1867 E/401
Thomas, Henry Leak, Fanny 17-Jan-1871ColoredF/140
Leak, John F.Leak, Laura A.18-Dec-1850 D/105
Howard, Jeremiah A.Leak, Martha A.21-Nov-1852 D/177
Rogers, Will Leak, Nedie 7/27/1900 Colored/040
Milam, Henry H.Leak, Romie E.18 December 1902 J/211
Leak, M.A.Leak, Sarah A. 20-May-1850 D/113
Russell, JohnLeak, Sarah Ann15-Jul-1852 D/168
Smith, Samuel H.Leak, Sarah W.01 Mar 1855 E/059
Ramsey, Henry Leake, Agnes 4/15/1906 Colored/146
Jordan, M.S.Leake, Alice E.16 December 1906 J/445
Johnson, A.Leake, Dolly13 March 1879ColoredG/303
Henderson, Ratio E.Leake, Elizabeth17 July 1907 J/468
Wilbur, Henry Leake, Elizabeth 1/1/1874ColoredG/062
Neal, JakeLeake, Jane16 November 1876ColoredG/131
Manuel, Edward Leake, Jane 29-Dec-1869 F/073
Grambrell, D.H.Leake, Joannah C.01 July 1869 F/052
Layton, A.J.Leake, L.E.17 December 1874 G/038
Wilkins, Edmond Leake, Laura 08-Mar-1874 F/296
Conyers, Claude BrunsonLeake, Minnie Simmons22 December 1897 I/518
Cunyus, C.HLeake, Villa Deen21 December 1876 G/144
Baggett, JeffersonLeake, Willie19 October 1915 K/490
Allen, BenLeake,Lula16 January 1887ColoredH/343
Lowry, GreenLeathers, Martha02 January 1840 B/043
Banks, M.C., Jr.LeCroy, Annie Lou27 October 1934 M/382
Blackwell, JoeLeCroy, Rosa May05 September 1936 M/524
Brown, JamesLedbetter, Bertha May08 December 1932 K (Colored)/248
McMillen, John E.Ledbetter, Callie07 December 1890 I/091
Millsaps, BruceLedbetter, Cansada03 May 1891 I/173
Carson, CharleyLedbetter, Lilly03 Apr 1937 K (Colored)/333
Stinnett, Silas L.Ledbetter, Lucy20 December 1896 I/441
Vaughn, W.J.Ledbetter, M.S.L.P.19 July 1902 J/187
Vaughan, OscarLedbetter, Martha J.14 January 1906 J/392
Gray, BenjaminLedbetter, Viola20 Jun 1936 K (Colored)/319
Hill, SamLedbetter, Viola24 March 1930 K (Colored)/216
Shook, Emanuel N.Ledford, Addie05 March 1921 L/187
Clark, JackLedford, Alice22 December 1918 L/043
Patterson, Thomas H.Ledford, Alma19 November 1893 I/261
Mikel, Frank Ledford, Bertha (Mrs.) Dec 20, 1927   L/552
Batts, AlseyLedford, Florida09 September 1919 L/090
Lanham, Robert A.Ledford, Ida04 July 1897 I/510
McEver, AnsonLedford, Laura07 Nov 1931 M/201
Moore, W.J.Ledford, Lois04 April 1920 L/131
Matthews, A.J.Ledford, Nettie19 June 1921ANTON J. addedL/210
Moore, William FairLedford, Ruby25 December 1935 M/482
McDaniel, Jonathan M.C.Lee, Ada10 September 1893 I/277
Tidwell, L.D.Lee, Addie13 April 1913 K/362
Rawlins, RobertLee, Anna12-Apr-1870 F/092
Lightly, HughLee, Annie25 Nov 1936 K (Colored)/327
Wright, LeonisLee, Beatrice20 January 1934 M/337
Tatum, George R.Lee, Bertha E.04 January 1914 K/379
Griggs, William P. Jr.Lee, Cora Belle10/2/1910 K/160
Heath, G.F.Lee, Cora Belle21 January 1906 J/385
Huskins, GeorgeLee, Docia13 April 1929 M/055
Cornwell, O.L.Lee, Edna11 May 1919 L/065
Bailey, C.E.Lee, Etta19 November 1908 L/037, L/536
Russell, M.E.Lee, Ida01 April 1886 H/415
Waldrep, Denward S.Lee, Lavonia Frances12 June 1936 M/507
Wright, FurmanLee, Lena MayNovember 6, 1932 M/262
Lucas, BuddyLee, Lizzie03 June 1920 K (Colored)/006
Young, Lon Lee, Lizzie 4/12/1909 Colored/223
Pelham, HaroldLee, Luby24 October 1933 M/306
Young, WillLee, Lucy29 September 1934 K (Colored)/287
Gordon, Henry Lee, Lucy 30 September 1868 F/012
Bailey, JoeLee, Mary06 November 1904 J/302
Shuler, Robert A.Lee, Mary30 May 1901 J/137
Turner, DerrinLee, Mary M.15-Feb-1849 D/035
Colbert, W.T.Lee, Minnie20 December 1909 K/132
Cornwall, JimLee, Minnie28 October 1905 J/341
Hightower, Will Lee, Minnie 8/19/1913 Colored/315
Rowl, PaulLee, Nellie26 September 1932 K (Colored)/244
Hutcherson, J.C.Lee, Nettie17 July 1940 K (Colored)/393
Sims, JohnLee, Pearl05 September 1923 K (Colored)/081
Dover, GeneLee, Sallie04 May 1935"Arthur" added as Groom's first nameM/422
Stokes, ColumbusLee, Tinie10/20/1907 K/029
Cox, JesseLee, Willie Bert06 July 1922 L/230
Thompson, C.J.Leeke, Annie L.10 July 1884 H/176
Burns, Samuel T.Leeke, Mattie E.16 April 1890 I/041
Leeke, Thomas HollandLeeke, Nancy Elender16 Aug 1855 E/066
Cunyus, Henry D.Leeke, Sallie M.22 December 1881 G/564
Sutton, Egerton B.Leems, Addie Idella8/9/1908 K/045
Moss, Mark Legree, Ora 1/16/1907 Colored/189
Henderson, John Leigh, Edna M. 1/27/1902 Colored/082
Frier, Henry Leigh, Laura 12/28/1913 Colored/321
Allen, BenLeigh, Lena6/29/1899 Colored/026
Chandler, WillLeigh, Lizzie12/4/1906 Colored/180
Strickland, Wash Leigh, Luella 11/16/1908Recorded 29 October 1918Colored/418
Smith, H.W.Leigh, Maggie11/22/1908Recorded 29 October 1918Colored/418
Williams, Isaac Leigh, Mattie 8/5/1902 Colored/091
Neville, C.S.Leiter, Constance C.12 January 1914 K/361
Madison, CharlesLeland, Grace25 January 1878ColoredG/232
Gilbert, A.D.Leland, Tatie J.13 January 1881 G/518
Hardy, I.F.Lemaster, Mary E.1/29/1908 K/030
Barnes, J.D.Leming, Bertha17 February 1917 K/582
Davis, WillieLemon, Leola27 September 1928"William" written above Groom's name; Bride's last name also spelled"Lemons"K (Colored)/182
Cooper, HughLemons, Carrie29 March 1930 K (Colored)/208
Smith, G.W. Lemons, Hattie 4/10/1902 Colored/093
Johnson, William Lemons, Mary Jane 21-May-1871Colored F/158
Dudley, J.E.Lenicks, Mattie26 March 1871 F/152
Byess, G.F.Lenning, Emma14 August 1904Groom's last name may be"Byers"J/285
Moss, ThomasLenning, Lula (Mrs.)12 August 1920 L/142
Fowler, Raymond BellLeonard, Agnes04 June 1905 J/368
Coleman, John HenryLeonard, Belle23 January 1921 K (Colored)/019
Cash, John C.Leonard, Carrie25 December 1884ColoredH/218
Lott, JuliusLeonard, Elizabeth25 November 1929 K (Colored)/201
Pace, T.A.Leonard, Fannie17 October 1916 K/535
Wheeler, EdLeonard, Lily5/24/1917 Colored/389
Watkins, CharlesLeonard, Minnie12 August 1898 I/558
Wade, JamesLeonard, Myrtis10 April 1914 K/408
Hill, MasonLeonard, Ollie09 March 1929 M/050
Cowart, John M.Leslie, Louisa27 December 1935 M/480
Ware, JoeLester, Anna Belle09 September 1926 K (Colored)/132
Henderson, RobertLester, Ella27 Apr 1940 K (Colored)/379
Milner, Henry L. Lester, Helen 28 December 1890ColoredI/085
Kary, Joe Lester, Latitia 16-May-1875Colored F/343
Marshall, John WesleyLester, Lenora17 Jun 1940Groom's middle name written inK (Colored)/381
Webb, JasperLester, Rosa25 November 1894ColoredI/322
Conyers, EdmondLevert, Lizie16 July 1870  F/094
Wood, A.Lewis, A.13 May 1875 F/354
Crow, WillLewis, Addie18 July 1915 K/632
Bivins, RalphLewis, Agnes14 April 1929 M/057
Wofford, Noah Lewis, Aley 17-Aug-1869 F/054
Grigry, James A. Lewis, Amanda 17 December 1874 Colored F/348
Rainey, JohnLewis, Amanda J.22-Jan-1874 F/309
Cochran, William C.Lewis, Anna E.19 June 1897 I/499
Chitwood, HoraceLewis, Berdie05 February 1903 J/227
Brown, MatthewLewis, Bessie26 November 1911 K/224
Jackson, MosesLewis, Bessie24 January 1915 K/428
Williams, George Lewis, Bessie 12/22/1901 Colored/070
Fussell, A.W.Lewis, Bessie (Mrs.)15 December 1921 L/229
Whitehead, ThomasLewis, Chanie11 February 1876ColoredG/029
Johnson, EdwardLewis, Charlotte30 January 1881 G/457
Young, CharlieLewis, Charlotte13 May 1884 H/179
Hoyle, William Lewis, Christiania25 December 1873ColoredF/286
Dillard, B.M.Lewis, Clara30 October 1884 H/193
Guyton, ClaudeLewis, Claudie12 January 1913 K/313
Holland, JamesLewis, Clifford26 January 1913 K/318
Chum, JesseLewis, Edna6/16/1918 Colored/410
Looney, MosesLewis, Edna22 July 1911 K/218
Guyton, StanfordLewis, Elizabeth31 January 1875 G/046
Lewis, ChaplinLewis, Elizabeth16 December 1880 G/507
Lewis, JamesLewis, Elizabeth31 December 1874 G/048
Loveless, S.E.Lewis, Elizabeth (Mrs.)29 October 1884 H/238
Cannon, Allen Lewis, Ellen 09 February 1873ColoredF/238
Gholston, James Lewis, Emaline 06 September 1875ColoredF/371
Hawkins, JoeLewis, Emma08 April 1877ColoredG/177
Baker, WillLewis, Estelle08 December 1907 K/011
Jolly, H.L.Lewis, Ethel T.23 December 1900 J/113
Stroups, John C.Lewis, Eva30 May 1921 L/197
Brown, William J.Lewis, Fannie21 December 1913 K/386
Martin, H.D.Lewis, Fannie Lee23 December 1900 J/129
Gainor, CapLewis, Flora07 June 1908 K (Colored)/150
Hill, James JacksonLewis, Frances19 April 1905 J/324
Camp, GreenLewis, Gallaleah05 October 1884 H/191
Richards, E.F.Lewis, Georgia27 December 1900 J/085
Cothran, RichardLewis, Hannah18 August 1912 K/285
Tumlin, Albert Lewis, Hannah 05-Mar-1872ColoredF/188
Brown, James R.Lewis, Harriet F.3 July 1856 E/093
Knowles, HaroldLewis, Hattie31 Dec 1938 K (Colored)/363
Trantham, PoseyLewis, Hattie10 June 1906 J/411
Whitfield, SolomonLewis, Hattie22 March 1931 K (Colored)/224
Carson, Frank Lewis, Henrietta 31 December 1868ColoredF/028
Hill, Robert F.Lewis, Henrietta J.11/9/1854 E/043
Sheffield, MortonLewis, Hulda May01 May 1910 K/143
Daniel, Y.W.Lewis, I.A.14 December 1890 I/093
Brooks, C.E.Lewis, Ida MayMarch 19, 1932 M/217
Luther, Therron L.Lewis, Jamie A.03 February 1884 H/129
Dean, Harvey WillisLewis, Josephine06 May 1940 K (Colored)/379
Lindsey, BennyLewis, Josephine26 June 1934 K (Colored)/281
Looney, GradyLewis, Josie26 January 1919 L/258
Jenkins, S.N.Lewis, Josie F.2 May 1908 K/036
Scott, SolomonLewis, Josphine04 December 1867ColoredE/393
Williams, Eugine Lewis, Katie 8/19/1875ColoredG/076
Raiden, Robert J.Lewis, Lalla I.23 December 1891 I/139
Walters, D.Y.Lewis, Laura E.11 January 1891Groom's middle initial questionableI/081
Knowles, RufusLewis, Louise27 December 1930 K (Colored)/222
Sullins, W. A.Lewis, Lucy01 July 1894 I/287
Mackey, Francis M.Lewis, Lucy A.10 August 1879 G/361
Moss, J.W.Lewis, Maggie25 September 1892 I/211
Smith, George S.Lewis, Maggie30 March 1890ColoredI/039
Guyton, BenLewis, Mandy19 September 1878ColoredG/275
Williams, A.R.Lewis, Martha A.05 April 1883 H/102
Hicks, S.T.Lewis, Mary24 December 1874  G/072
Bibb, B.F.Lewis, Mary A.13 December 1877 G/223
Linn, James F.Lewis, Mary L.22 September 1866 E/350
McElivee, George E.Lewis, Minnie L.04 August 1895 I/386
Denman, James P.Lewis, N.A.18 December 1879 G/385
Beck, John C.Lewis, Nellie29 December 1889 I/048
Jones, Edward Lewis, Nora 12-Feb-1871ColoredF/159
Atkins, JohnLewis, Odessa30 Oct 1937 K (Colored)/343
Huggins, ElbertLewis, Ophelia13 March 1920Ophelia ELIZABETH addedL/129
Huggins, T.E.Lewis, Ophelia E.01 November 1924 L/400
Bradley, R.S.Lewis, Ora A.28 December 1886 H/346
Browder, JimLewis, Rachael7/31/1907 Colored/197
Lewis, Anderson Lewis, Rhoda 07-Jan-1871ColoredF/162
Heard, Dee Lewis, Rosa 27 August 1869 F/055
Huggins, Thad D.Lewis, Rosalie15 February 1919 L/060
Yancer, ThomasLewis, Ruth W.24 December 1839 B/043
Fain, CharleyLewis, Sallie29 January 1887 H/334
Collins, ZimLewis, Sara19 November 1923 K (Colored)/082
Hill, Isiah RobertLewis, Sarah Geneva20 October 1940 K (Colored)/398
Jarrett, ClydeLewis, StellaApril 23, 1933 M/272
Starr, LutherLewis, Sudie18 February 1917 K/568
Ingram, W.J.Lewis, Susan25 August 1893 I/250
Strickland, TaylorLewis, Susan12 March 1883 H/096
Baker, George P.Lewis, Tiffie21 July 1936 M/510
Thompkins, Ben Jr. Lewis, Tiney 11/17/1901 Colored/073
Glasgow, MarionLewis, Vilanta22-Dec-1849 D/046
Jackson, RoscoeLewis, Willie May21 July 1935 K (Colored)/301
Reese, J.S.Liggon, Mattie E.16-Feb-1871 F/171
Stepp, JosephLight, Elizabeth (Mrs.)12 September 1858 E/143
Mann, DaveLightner, Addie9/7/1919 Colored/456
Davis, WillieLightner, Estelle20 August 1928 K (Colored)/180
Manuel, Joe Lightning, Emma 3/3/1914 Colored/335
Greene, RichardLigon, Cora3/12/1899 Colored/005
Williams, Allen A.Ligon, E.A.23-Jun-1853 D/196
Brown, JohnLigon, Ella01 February 1894ColoredI/246
Ramsey, RichardLigon, Margaret Elizabeth 12 May 1856 E/087
Wingo, W.S.Ligon, Mary A.27 September 1859 E/172
Phillips, Grover ClevelandLigon, Nan Rob27 November 1912 K/292
Barrott, RobertLim, Harriet12 April 1868ColoredE/606
Wheeler, Webster Limm, Jennie 11/20/1899Bride's last name may be LinnColored/016
Shaw, Henry Lin, Ella 5/22/1910 Colored/242
Napier, ZackLindsay, Edith28 April 1907 J/464
Shepherd, GeorgeLindsay, Etta01 September 1907 J/478
Cooley, Charles WilliamLindsay, Gertrude29 December 1920 K (Colored)/023
Jones, Richard Lindsay, Hattie 2/3/1907 Colored/204
Hatfield, HoraceLindsay, Lomie04 April 1920 L/130
Wise, LonLindsay, Lula18 August 1895ColoredI/390
Goodwin, MarkLindsay, Ola4/4/1915 K/465
Milner, James Lindsay, Rebecca 9/8/1907 Colored/200
Waits, WillieLindsay, Vinnie03 October 1897 I/472
Jenkins, JohnLindsey, Annie Lee24 December 1901 J/164
Fields, WilliamLindsey, Daisy9/30/1918 Colored/424
Earwood, G.M.Lindsey, Elvira09 March 1919 L/054
Jones, John Henry Lindsey, Emma 4/4/1909 Colored/223
Wiley, AndrewLindsey, Lillie Mae28 November 1936 M/540
Sanford, Vinson ThomasLindsey, Maggie18 February 1905 J/331
Sikes, William R.Lindsey, Mary S.03 November 1887 H/531
Armstrong, Jefferson D.Lindsey, Odessa11 July 1920 L/122
Beauman, JohnLindsey, Sarah6/17/1900 Colored/042
Brazzell, DaltonLingerfelt, Lizzie15 September 1934 M/376
Hill, WillLinley, Angeline02 October 1940 K (Colored)/396
Harris, WillieLinley, Pauline15 Mar 1940 K (Colored)/376
Lewis, GeorgeLinley, Ruth15 Feb 1937 K (Colored)/331
Wells, Allen Linn, Ann 10-Feb-1874ColoredF/307
Sessions, EdLinn, Clara9/20/1916"Lynn" written in as Bride's last nameColored/378
Wright, George Linn, Eliza 28 June 1877 ColoredG/207
Henderson, Marvin LindseyLinn, Elon Estelle27 September 1905 J/394
Brown, JohnLinn, Gertrude9/25/1916 Colored/376
Ingram, Claud LewisLinn, Gladys H.24 December 1916 K/567
Branson, W.P.Linn, H.S.1/24/1878 G/457
Mathis, IsiahLinn, Hannah 28-Jul-1868ColoredF/005
Freeman, SamuelLinn, Harriett09 November 1888ColoredH/458
Jewell, RobertLinn, Ida07 November 1920 K (Colored)/017
Richards, Paul B.Linn, Lillie11 August 1907 J/470
Lewis, H.D.Linn, Martha28-Dec-1868 F/031
Floyd, Jefferson J.Linn, Mary A.19 November 1899 J/054
Price, Thompson Linn, Rosie 06-Aug-1868ColoredF/009
Gaines, William P.Linn, Sarah E.23 December 1875 F/385
Nelson, RobertLinn, Tinnie L.05 August 1885 H/290
Posey, B.F.Lipscomb, A.13 May 1875 F/363
Jackson, Monroe Lipscomb, Eliza 4/6/1912 Colored/287
Burnett, W.A.Lipscomb, Ethel02 August 1903 J/239
Geurin, John A.Lipscomb, Laura15 September 1889 H/613
Holden, C.C.Lipscomb, Maggie4/2/1916 K/518
Cox, Jessie LewisLipscomb, Mary Lucille12 February 1930 M/112
Denman, M.H.Lipscomb, Minnie24 December 1905 J/349
Boston, S.W.Lipscomb, N.L.13 September 1874 F/355
Gaines, Julius PrestonLipscomb, Nora Ozella05 May 1931 M/171
Satterfield, G.M.Lipscomb, Sallie04 September 1910 K/163
Cannon, FrankLiptie, Virgle9/11/1918 Colored/423
Guardhigh, EdwardLister, Florence31 December 1884 H/227
Dabbs, MarvinLittle, Ida02 Apr 1931 M/168
Griffin, W.B.Little, Mamie08 October 1911 K/225
Frazier, William S.Littlefield, Emma Lou14 June 1908 K/131
McCoy, E.C.Littlefield, Julia05 June 1898 I/534
Smith, FredLittlejohn, Nannie06 July 1923 L/425
Brown, GeorgeLittles, Alma25 May 1913 K/326
Brown, W.H.Littles, Estella25 May 1913 K/326
Cox, Robert ButlerLivingston, Margaret Virginia02 November 1936 M/535
Moore, Bernice Livsay/Livsey, Annie May 14 May 1942 K (Colored)/438
Shaw, J.L.Livsey, Etta13 July 1935 K (Colored)/300
Wiggins, HenryLloyd, Ruth26 May 1937 M/581
Williams, Earle Lochey, Liza Ann 1/1/1903 Colored/094
Lolace, Dave Lochey, Mattie 12/7/1905 Colored/152
Extine, J.Lochlee, Mary26 March 1899 J/043
York, A.N.Lochlier, Beulah17 July 1907 J/471
Stephens, Walter A.Lochridge, Bertie26 August 1912 K/272
James, W.A.Lochridge, Florence21 February 1892 I/122
Layton, Oliver Y.Lochridge, Lydie11 August 1901 J/138
Goley, EarnestLochridge, Martha14 September 1919Groom's last name marked through and"Ghorley" printed over itL/069
Bell, J.D.Lochridge, Mattie12 November 1884 H/210
Martin, G.A.Lochridge, Rubie09 September 1906 J/453
Allen, E.G.Lochridge, Sallie19 February 1916 K/528
Young, Willie A.Lockaby, Wynette04 September 1934 M/375
Anderson, M.K.Lockert, Lizzie (Mrs.)12 November 1936 M/541
White, AnthisLockridge, Beatrice22 December 1934 M/399
Temples, G.W.Lockridge, Belle18 November 1934Groom's name also listed as"Temple"; Bride's name also spelled"Bell"M/389
Bradford, C.J.Lockridge, Clara L.18 December 1921 L/224
Whitesides, W.O.Lockridge, Ida E.06 June 1920 L/150
Phillips, TurnerLockridge, Jane06-Jan-1853 D/187
Carson, B.K.Lockridge, L.E.25 November 1874 F/368
Johnson, D. PerryLockridge, Mary11/17/1853 E/004
Sceals, A.V.Lockridge, Mary C.21 March 1883 H/144
Kinnett, JoshuaLockridge, N.J.22 November 1860 E/221
Law, WilliamLockridge, Nannie13 December 1897 I/516
Davis, G.W.Log, May (Logg)19 November 1909 K/117
Priest, J.B.Logan, Ada22 February 1910 K/151
Brock, W.C.Logan, Della (Mrs.)19 February 1914 K/404
Kilgore, J.K.Logan, Lenora13 February 1914 K/392
Lankford, JohnLogan, Martha23-Mar-1873 F/246
Humphrey, ThomasLogan, Nancy19 October 1869 F/333
Milles, Edd Logan, Sarah 23 June 1894ColoredI/287
Palmer, Joseph I.Logan, Susie20-Dec-1868 F/034
Terry, JeffersonLogan, Virginia27 January 1880 G/429
Sanders, JohnLokey, Fanny04 April 1897ColoredI/502
Pritchett, Jim Lokey, Lucinda 10/27/1910James" written in as Groom's nameColored/257
Crowder, PaulLolace, Georgia10/6/1901 Colored/072
Bailey, WilliamLolace, Mary7/15/1901 Colored/077
Darby, Bird Lollace, Minerva 12/16/1906 Colored/192
Mahoney, E.W.Lollament, Zelema18 October 1915 K/478
Bailey, ArchLollis, Lelia21 January 1899Indexed for p. 2J/020
Moore, WillieLondon, Bertha08 April 1923 K (Colored)/076
Carson, DeeLondon, Ruby18 July 1923wed day (18) written overK (Colored)/069
Fox, ClaudLong, Della09 March 1919 L/069
Thompson, James P.Long, Eliza23 November 1837Bride's last name questionableB/006
Thomas, Kinson M.Long, Elizabeth10 June 1841 B/069
Ash, J.R.Long, Elizabeth A.29 November 1863Recorded 24 April 1868E/313
Tidwell, ZiphLong, Ella V.03 May 1914 K/400
Cagle, GlennLong, Elsie14 January 1934 M/334
Crawford, Claude C.Long, Emily Olivia29 Dec 1930 M/154
Bryant, StanleyLong, Emma L.25 December 1920 L/173
Hanie, JohnLong, Francis12 August 1879 G/363
McEntire, S.F.Long, Julie30 July 1936 M/564
Akins, HenryLong, Lucille27 Mar 1931 M/168
Clark, Elias Long, Martha 26 December 1879ColoredG/381
Gilreath, Joe F.Long, Mary16 November 1935 M/469
Hatcher, MorganLong, Mary E.30-Aug-1849 D/029
Holmes, AlexanderLong, Mary M.11/23/1854 E/045
Brooksher, OscarLong, Millie21 July 1904"Brookshire" written in as Groom's last nameJ/287
Redding, W.H.Long, Nancy01-Oct-1871 F/112
Pitts, Samuel AndrewLong, Nellie31 october 1935 K (Colored)/306
Ward, B.F.Long, Odessa C.27 December 1914 K/445
Kelly, Clifford Long, Ola 11/14/1899 Colored/014
Dodson, RaymondLong, Pauline E.08 September 1939 K (Colored)/385
Turner, H.G.B.Long, Susie28 May 1903 J/234
Lanham, CleveLong, Thelma Lois28 August 1915 K/485
Hale, JesseLong, Zonie03 July 1919 L/071
Patterson, R.L.Looney, Eula02 July 1908 K/039
Hendrix, ClaudeLooney, Patrie17 Oct 1930 M/143
Johnson, WilliamLord, Anna28 May 1838 B/018
McMakin, Sherman Lot, Nellie 3/10/1913 Colored/316
Lovingood, HenryLott, Annie1/13/1918 Colored/402
Johnson, AndyLott, Georgia Ann28 April 1890ColoredI/039
Gillard, Walter E.Lott, Josephine Ophelia26 May 1940Gr's last name may be GilliardK (Colored)/377
Young, Sam Lott, L. 9/11/1904 Colored/128
Hays, HilsonLott, Loza24 February 1929 K (Colored)/191
Mayes, Claud Lott, Mildred 13 September 1941GDOB: 04-25-1920; BDOB:06-11-1921K (Colored)/420
Riley, ThomasLott, Susie18 May 1924 K (Colored)/092
Guyton, Robert H.Loudermilk Susan C.01 December 1868 F/022
Johnson, JosephLoudermilk, Adline27 September 1881 G/545
Tanner, AllenLoudermilk, Arvy19-Jun-1870 F/115
Groover, E.M.Loudermilk, Lillie11/15/1910 K/178
Baker, W.H.Loudermilk, Sallie C.17 December 1874 G/039
Elijah (a Freedman)Louisa (a Freedman)24 June 1866Indexed in E's for ElijahE/292
Boyce, S. N.Love, Belle09 April 1882 H/070
Camp, Charles Love, Jane 24 December 874ColoredG/045
Lowry, ElishaLove, Saleny22 September 1839 B/070
Akin, Paul F.Lovejoy, Catherine Ray10 December 1909 K/063
Dearing, William W.Lovelace, Emmagene11 January 1893 I/210
Hunt, W.S.Lovelace, Mattie E.22 February 1888 H/552
Watson, JamesLovelady, Elizabeth12 January 1840 B/044
Evans, FletcherLovelass, Pearl12 July 1903 J/266
Gilreath, G.H., Sr. (Rev.)Loveless, America (Mrs.)09 July 1890 I/058
Evans, John G.Loveless, Cora28 November 1878 G/293
Gilreath, S.A.Loveless, Delia10 January 1878 G/231
Boswell, John S.Loveless, Ella2/1/1881 G/522
Turner, J.R.Loveless, Emma E.25 August 1881 G/538
Burnett, JerimiahLoveless, Louisa29 April 1866 E/287
Allen, W.C.Loveless, Louisa M.10 January 1867 E/352
Drummond, Daniel PinckneyLoveless, Mary Catherine12-Oct-1848 D/013
Loudermilk, D.W.Loveless, Molly A.25-Sep-1869 F/062
Reid, George O.Loveless, Nancy I. (Mrs.)11 March 1866 E/289
Boswell, Lewis P.Loveless, Nannie V.23 November 1882 H/045
Mooney, LewisLoveless, Percey08-May-1853 D/193
Loudermilk, W. (Dr.)Loveless, Roxana30 September 1860 E/209
Finch, LarkinLovell, Josephine06 February 1872 F/180
Porter, Jim B.Lovette, Katie16 August 1889ColoredI/011
Balding, JoshuaLovingood, Carry7/30/1911 Colored/272
Sullins, CecilLovingood, Ruth05 April 1923 L/375
Roberson, ArtherLow, Julia14 April 1918 L/009
Coleman, J.P.Low, Lizzie05 Feb 1939 K (Colored)/365
Holmes, C.C.Lowe, Alice A.04 October 1896 I/459
Russell, Harry Lowe, Ann 14-Jan-1872ColoredF/183
Davis, LindenLowe, Bernice26 December 1897 I/565
Kidder, GrierLowe, Bessie04 April 1883 H/083
Hutchison, JeffLowe, Della02 October 1895ColoredI/383
Harris, A.N.Lowe, E.V.05 December 1889 I/026
Johnson, TaylorLowe, Elemus22 December 1881 G/454
Buffington, E.C.Lowe, Fannie10/10/1907 Colored/203
Stafford, CharlieLowe, Hannah02 December 1894ColoredI/359
Wofford, Ely Lowe, Joe Anna 7/30/1899 Colored/034
Griffin, Robert P.Lowe, Lula31 January 1897 I/442
Henderson, ManuelLowe, Mary14 December 1882 H/038
Rogers, C.M.Lowe, Mary16 June 1920 L/145
Johnson, James Lowe, Mary 2/7/1909 Colored/221
Upshaw, Thomas L.Lowe, Mary A.10/20/1853 E/002
Gaddis, V.B.Lowe, Nora19 February 1914 K/394
Pratte, G.O.Lowe, Sallie25 November 1907 K/009
Lipscomb, J.F.Lowe, Sallie L. (Mrs.)22 November 1883 H/130
Smith, John M., Jr.Lowe, Sarah F. 01 Nov 1855 E/077
Sawyers, ThomasLowe, Stella02 September 1900 J/080
Queen, James M.Lowe, Tarzie06 May 1906 J/421
Zuber, Will Lowe, Tichia 10/30/1904 Colored/134
Reese, OscarLowman, Sarah13 February 1916 K/512
Hatfield, W.L.Lowry, Ada25 December 1890 I/083
Turner, Cecil C.Lowry, Alleen14 November 1910 K/190
Erwin, J.W.A.Lowry, Americus05 December 1886 H/347
Spence, Clark K.Lowry, Belle02 September 1894 I/305
Stokes, W.R.Lowry, Etta11 September 1904 J/289
Leak, Moses H.Lowry, Harriet A.10/6/1853 E/002
Edwards, D.F.Lowry, Janie23 June 1886 H/433
Milam, RalphLowry, Jennie12/1/1912 K/303
Pruett, James Franklin, Jr.Lowry, Leslie Mae10 May 1935 M/424
Lowry, F.L.Lowry, Lizzie17 June 1897 I/500
Johnsey, Charles H.Lowry, Lou17 December 1893 I/260
Nelson, F.G.Lowry, M.E.15 April 1883 H/091
Harris, O.T.Lowry, Maggie21 January 1905 J/319
Templeton, Thaddeus H.Lowry, Nannie A.17 October 1900 J/067
Dodd, ChristopherLowry, Sarah Ann13 July 1839 B/032
Harris, FloydLoy, Lillie02 November 1932 K (Colored)/246
Stepp, HenryLoyd, Nora01 August 1920 L/148
Tanner, B.B.Luck, Nana17 July 1912 K/279
Brazziel, JamesLudy, Louisiana26 December 1923 K (Colored)/086
Kendall, Charles A.Luke, Bessie O.21 September 1924 L/394
Garmon, A.M.Luke, Carrie08 January 1888 H/540
Casey, Howard H.Luke, Esther M.17 February 1923 L/285
Pitman, William P.Luke, Isabelle27 December 1888 H/590
Addington, J.F.Luke, Myrtle C.15 January 1917 K/574
Hamilton, H.T.Luke, Sarah A. (Mrs.)05 February 1937 M/555
Shugart, HomerLummers, Lula07 May 1906 J/422
Miller, John PeterLumpkin, Ann03 January 1858 E/119
Jackson, Felix PrestonLumpkin, Christine25 February 1922Bride's first name indexed as ChristianL/245
Bishop, D.F.Lumpkin, Elen13 November 1866 E/335
Howard, W.H., Jr.Lumpkin, Elizabeth B.26 November 1903 J/245
Chambers, GordonLumpkin, Ethel03 June 1928 M/006
Hicks, Thomas R.Lumpkin, Fannie G.19 October 1886 H/359
Osment, H.J.Lumpkin, Ida17 January 1888 H/517
Sherman, Paul H.Lumpkin, Jessie31 March 1912 K/257
Bishop, L.D.Lumpkin, L.E.20 December 1870 F/138
Scott, J.E.Lumpkin, Lizzie08 November 1885 H/361
Strickland, Edward, Jr.Lumpkin, Loulie15 January 1907 J/443
Dawson, John F.Lumpkin, Martha Ann10 January 1856 E/082
Loveless, John M.Lumpkin, Nancy S.17-Jul-1853 D/200
Thompson, AlonzoLumpkin, Octavia05 December 1882 H/062
McMurray, J.A.Lumpkin, P. (Mrs.)02-Nov-1871 F/164
Terry, Thomas L.Lunsford, Effie Mae11 November 1916 K/550
Brooks, C.B.Lusk, Elizabeth13 February 1887 H/344
Bishop, C.F.Lusk, Emma20 August 1912 K/276
Shinall, L.J.Lusk, Josie08 June 1929 M/071
Sanford, William J.Lusk, Lovie09 January 1918No recorded date in Book LK/611, L/526
Jones, EdLuster, Elsey28 August 1888 H/558
Petitt, J.H.Luther, Lula16 February 1881 G/526
Boyd, Joseph M.Luther, Mattie E.02 October 1888 H/588
Vaughan, Thomas W.Lyda, Annie O.24 January 1920 L/124
McCoy, J.H.Lyle, H.J.15 December 1889 I/026
Walls, LovinyLynch, Anna18-Dec-1852 D/190
Smith, W.E.Lynch, Doodie19 December 1895 I/418
White, AndrewLynch, Eleanor12 December 1839 B/042
Wood, A. C.Lynch, Elizabeth26 July 1840 B/055
Bailey, James M.Lynch, Frances H.15-Jul-1849 D/054
Boswell, James M.Lynch, Jane E.19-Oct-1848 D/020
Nix, RoyLynch, LorraineJuly 2, 1933 M/281
Atwood, Berry AndersonLyon, Mary I.10-Oct-1848 D/022
Zachary, Felt Lyons, Ella 12/14/1902 Colored/108
Jones, Samuel Houston, Jr.Lyons, Vivian03 January 1935 M/403


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