Marriage Records by Bride

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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
McLauren, JamesMabry, Georgia30 December 1906 J/446
Hobgood, GeorgeMaccobee, Lola06 October 1918 L/024
Pickard, George WayneMacDaniel, Rose Bud01 June 1934 M/357
Staten, Francis M.Macin, Georgia E.07 November 1867 E/395
Jewell, Robert Mack, Lena 06 April 1941GDOB:12-12-1889K (Colored)/409
Kay, JamesMack, Lizzie13 October 1921 K (Colored)/038
Sarles, JosephMackey, Annie01 October 1891ColoredI/107
Doyle, FrankMackferson, Ida12 February 1886 H/319
Chitwood, P.L.Macon, Annie24 Oct 1931 M/198
Dent, CharlesMadden, Alice28 May 1878ColoredG/262
Brown, ThomasMadden, Elizabeth31 December 1841 B/081
Gaines, RichardMadden, Emily F.06 December 1874 F/366
Lawrence, LewisMadden, Emma12-Dec-1872 F/224
Tate, Coleman BryantMadden, Emma Grace18 November 1928 M/032
Harper, William H.Madden, Harriet A.18 October 1876 G/203
Brawner, W.D.Madden, M.E.07 October 1879 G/373
Young, BenMadden, Maria03 November 1889ColoredH/601
Scott, William A.Maddox, Agnes21 October 1933 K (Colored)/261
Wimpey, VirgilMaddox, Beatrice26 February 1937 M/563
Hogan, T.W.Maddox, Bell14 August 1878 G/301
McGinty, M.B.Maddox, Comelia26-Dec-1872 F/218
Greer, Oliver ClydeMaddox, Lucy Lee04 Jan 1931"Neal" added as Bride's middle name and"Lee" marked throughM/156
McPherson, P.C.Maddox, Mamie25 July 1907Indexed in M"sJ/472
Dencon, Warren Maddox, S.W.21 December 1862 E/255
Barker, DeWitt TalmadgeMaddox, Susan01 Jun 1930 M/130
Rucker, Garfield Maddox, Tempie 12/22/1915 Colored/356
Webster, Charles H.Madison, W. Ruth02 Aug 1937 K (Colored)/337
Hoyle, Andy Magarrett, Mattie11 September 1881 G/541
Knuckles, WilliamMagill, Eula10 August 1930 K (Colored)/215
Stanford, StephenMagraw, Eleanor05-Feb-1850 D/075
Hilton, S. Hudgens Magraw, Martha06-Mar-1853 D/190
Findley, JeffersonMahan, Alice14 February 1895 I/342
Bird, Lewis Mahan, Harriet 3/24/1877ColoredG/164
Strickland, JamesMahan, Kathleen14 October 1924 K (Colored)/088
Adair, R.E. (Dr.)Mahan, Lula04 December 1894 I/327
Wooten, L.O.Mahan, Maggie B.02 September 1906 J/417
Walker, Jacob LesterMahan, Rebeeca28 September 1898 I/580
Garrison, ErnestMahan, Victoria Elizabeth03 June 1934 M/362
Harbin, W.J.Mainer, S.J.16 December 1883 H/120
Stacy, M.C.Malone, Annie E.01 February 1915Incorrectly indexed for page 452K/450
Coleman, NedMalone, Pearl7/12/1905 Colored/168
Golden, John WillieManan, Hattie Mae29 December 1920 K (Colored)/025
Stannard, Platt A.Maner, Virginia10 March 1875 G/068
Carroll, John H.H.Mangrum, Lucy E.19 November 1859 E/203
Burch, J.D.Maning, L.E.11 May 1882 H/046
Bishop, Jimmie W.Manley, Ola Mae17 October 1920 L/175
Godhigh, John H.Mann, Belle17 March 1889ColoredH/608
Bryant, BenjaminMann, Eliza25 March 1890 I/020
Daniel, Eddie Mann, Ella 3/10/1900 Colored/020
Dodson, Milton Mann, Emily 9/2/1908Recorded 29 October 1918Colored/415
Whitener, William A.Mann, Jane14 December 1880 G/480
Ryans, WallaceMann, Lelah12 December 1920 K (Colored)/017
Adams, HarveyMann, Lillie02 April 1905 J/341
Green, Tobias A. Mann, Mary Ann12/29/1899 Colored/032
Brown, GeorgeMann, Mattie01 March 1903 J/232
Jackson, AlexMann, Melvina J.19 January 1878 G/389
Williams, AlexanderMann, Willie Mae16 March 1924 K (Colored)/087
McDonald, Horace MullManning, Clara Lucile30 December 1933 M/330
Elrod, C.C.Manning, Dora17 April 1904 J/277
Rearden, Homer Manning, Edna14 December 1936"W" added as Groom's middle initial;"E" added as Bride's middle initialM/549
Allen, M.F.Manning, Ella03 January 1883 H/042
Echols, F.A.Manning, Florence K.28 February 1884 H/117
Herod, T.L.Manning, L.M.16 February 1887 H/497
Dodd, StuartManning, Leila01 October 1933 M/302
Hatcher, J.F.Manning, Leo E.15 July 1885 H/372
Casey, Perry D.Manning, Mary E.24 January 1889 H/574
Johnson, CharleyManning, Maude03 February 1907 J/439
Gilreath, HaroldMansell, Eula01 January 1919 L/100
Dysart, James H.Mansfield, Frankie T.21 April 1907 J/451
Smith, George W.Mansfield, Mary E.29-Oct-1868 F/017
Canty, DavidManual, Della29 November 1883 H/113
Clayton, Anderson Manuel, Eliza 31 August 1871 ColoredF/148
Crawford, Joseph Manuel, Laura 15 September 1878ColoredG/268
Jordan, Will Manuel, Minnie 11/7/1901 Colored/078
Smith, HumphreyManuel, Susan02 October 1879 G/349
Smithson, Edmund F.Maquire, Mary27-Dec-1849 D/045
Powell, Willis F.Marble, Nannie30 September 1895 I/463
Dacus, W.M.Marckham, Bluford16 February 1915 K/450
YoungMariah15 September 1866Colored; no other names writtenE/351
Ledford, ThomasMarible, Maggie3/26/1910 K/138
Garner, T.S.Marks, Carrie04 October 1903 J/244
Alford, JoeMarlow, Bessie11 March 1922 L/256
Sexton, Arthur J.Marlow, Willie J.14 November 1920 L/167
Delbrow, BenMaronie, Alice02 July 1921 K (Colored)/032
Chitwood, VirgilMarr, Ada03 May 1914 K/400
Shinall, LeeMarr, Eva May03 May 1914 K/407
Souther, H.N.Marr, Ivanettie15 September 1918 L/032
Ruffin, Isam Marrow, Henrietta 3/26/1906 Colored/151
Padgett, B.F.Marsh, Carrie F.28-Jan-1874Carrie MarchF/313
Thomas, Irwin A.Marsh, Maggie T.W.06 December 1868 E/338
Cox, John T.Marsh, Sallie L.11 December 1887 E/398
Younger, SilasMarshal, Susie27 October 1898ColoredI/577
Colquitt, Jessie James Marshall, Annise 16 November 1941GDOB: 06-27-1920; BDOB:12-28-1922K (Colored)/426
Hamilton, Gus Marshall, Bessie 7/10/1915 Colored/440
Price, JacobbMarshall, Celia 22-Aug-1870ColoredF/108
Moore, JosephMarshall, Celia"Freed Person"27 December 1866ColoredE/306
Rogers, Ed Marshall, Daisy 3/5/1905 Colored/143
Edwards, HenryMarshall, Dora02 December 1878ColoredG/292
Craig, CharlesMarshall, Hattie May02 November 1933 K (Colored)/262
McGregor, Lonnie Marshall, Josephine 4/5/1908 Colored/215
Pritchett, CharlieMarshall, Julia15 August 1893ColoredI/280
Usher, M.D.Marshall, Lucinda05 Apr 1937 K (Colored)/334
Rowland, FrankMarshall, Sallie28 May 1868 E/700
Robertson, GeorgeMarshall, Salome28 December 1929 K (Colored)/190
Black, Henry R.Marshburn, Dora01 December 1918 L/042
Bell, Robert E. Marshman, Eva 05 December 1942GDOB: 10-22-1919; BDOB:11-07-1917K (Colored)/448
Ray, J.M.Marsingale, Fannie24 June 1923 L/301
Shepherd, T.N.Martin, Ada30 November 1913 K/381
Wilson, BenMartin, Ada20 January 1889 H/593
Elder, S.V.Martin, Addie A.20 October 1892ColoredI/180
Jones, LeeMartin, Alice15 May 1896 I/463
Simpson, TiraMartin, Alice07 September 1902 J/277
King, W.B.Martin, Amanda28 January 1896 I/394
Wilson, HenryMartin, Ann01 January 1886 H/418
Yarborough, Calhoun B.Martin, Anna L.29 December 1892 I/218
Porter, LutherMartin, Anna May01 March 1936Thanks Freeman Porter for providing corrected name of Anna Mae MartinM/491
Kennedy, CrawfordMartin, Avis13 July 1935 M/465
Ramsey, WillieMartin, Beatrice15 March 1935 M/414
Patterson, JackMartin, Berdie16 October 1922 L/271
McKinley, MosesMartin, Carollee13 May 1900 J/063
Huggins, RobertMartin, Cora01 August 1897 I/498
Wilson, C.D.Martin, Cora28 July 1897 I/475
Lester, ArtieMartin, Corrinne27 April 1932 K (Colored)/241
Bailey, F.C.Martin, Della08 March 1891 I/151
Young, RubenMartin, Effie17 April 1937 M/572
Silvers, A.L.Martin, Effie S. (Mrs.)27 February 1924 L/362
Denton, W.R.Martin, Elizabeth20 July 1890 I/061
King, Jesse F.Martin, Elizabeth I.F.10 October 1861 E/235
Barnes, Augustus N.Martin, Ella2/4/1899 Colored/009
Underwood, David IraMartin, Emma17 May 1876 G/093
Bailey, Warren F.Martin, Estelle10 October 1936 M/528
Meeks, SamuelMartin, Estelle3/29/1908 K/027
Ripley, T.A.Martin, Estelle12 October 1887Groom's last name indexed as RippleyH/273
Padgett, LewisMartin, Ethel01 September 1934 M/374
James, HarveyMartin, Eva25 May 1924 L/368
Bell, Richard B.Martin, Evvie Gertrude07 September 1929 M/081
Garrett, W.J.Martin, F.M.A.21 September 1868 F/010
Cargile, JohnnieMartin, Fannie Mae04 October 1934 K (Colored)/288
Bibb, Peyton B.Martin, Frances J.10 November 1887 H/495
Bishop, James D.Martin, Hannah A.17 April 1874  F/281
Cox, RobertMartin, Ida31 October 1915 K/488
Moody, BuscoMartin, Ida19 September 1886 H/433
Thompson, N.C.Martin, Ida06 December 1896 I/438
Hardin, ThomasMartin, Jessie20 October 1923 L/333
Haygood, JohnMartin, Julia16 December 1894 I/348
Godfrey, ClarenceMartin, Lena11 December 1921 L/223
Abernathy, LeroyMartin, Lillian Virginia11 February 1933 M/589
Cash, JosephMartin, Lilly L.23 April 1911 K/207
Griffin, FrankMartin, Lola09 September 1933 M/302
Dodd, B.M.Martin, Lou02 March 1902 J/176
Pickard, J.R.Martin, Lou (Mrs.)16 April 1899 J/025
Howren, ArthurMartin, Louella24 September 1906 J/448
Lawhon, GeorgeMartin, Lucy12 May 1904 J/270
Wallar, J.W.Martin, Lula02 August 1891 I/133
Shinall, J.S.Martin, Luvenia05 December 1889 I/037
Weesner, AaronMartin, Maggie24 May 1878 G/263
Williams, WillieMartin, Maggie05 May 1892ColoredI/166
Chestnut, James L.Martin, Maggie May02 July 1924 L/428
Tatum, VanMartin, Mamie20 October 1914Van TatumK/455
Speers, G.W.Martin, Margarett A.01 August 1894 I/312
Jerry, William HenryMartin, Maria11 May 1886 H/299
Lewis, Jacob Martin, Martha E.16-Aug-1848 D/004
Brown, F.P.Martin, Mary11 May 1890ColoredI/030
Jones, W.C.Martin, Mary25 December 1904 J/383
Shultz, PhilipMartin, Mary27 April 1854 E/025
Baker, J.I.Martin, Mary A.27 August 1881 G/539
Linley, Jim Martin, Mary Ann 1/14/1901 Colored/059
Williams, George W.Martin, Mary V.25 November 1880 G/480
Connell, W.E.Martin, Mattie06 November 1909 K/144
Templeton, ScottMartin, Mattie13 April 1902 J/177
Jackson, James R.Martin, Maude11/7/1909 K/141
Nelson, E.C.Martin, May17 June 1894 I/319
Bright, Alfred W.Martin, Millie M.7/31/1881 G/460
Clark, Ed Martin, Minerva 12 June 1869 F/051
Shelton, JohnMartin, Minnie01 November 1923 L/329
Wilson, J.H.Martin, Minnie27 February 1892 I/136
Proctor, G.W.Martin, Nancy24 December 1865 E/270
Mathis, V.C.Martin, Nealie Mae25 July 1928 M/015
Loyal, John H.Martin, Ophelia15 December 1925 K (Colored)/117
Nelson, WillieMartin, Pauline21 October 1933 M/307
Peace, JimmieMartin, PaulineApril 7, 1932 M/219
Cross, DewittMartin, Pearl10 July 1913 K/343
Gemes, M.V.B.Martin, Rebecca23 December 1869 F/076
Kenyon, D.P., Jr.Martin, Rosa T.23 April 1884 H/169
Keeter, AdenMartin, S. I.20 December 1888 I/286
White, GusMartin, Sallie29 June 1914 K/419
Goldsmith, William T.Martin, Sallie E.04 October 1860 E/208
Farmer, HenryMartin, Sarah08 July 1877 G/175
Hawkins, R.B. Martin, Sarah Myrt06 Jul 1930 M/130
Williams, WillMartin, Sulie09 September 1897 I/492
Thacker, MorrisMartin, Thelma21 January 1934 M/354
Fowler, WillieMartin, Vernie14 July 1923 L/302
Keeter, C.M.Martin, Virginia19 November 1892 I/292
Stewart, William HenryMartindale, Georgia Ann5/18/1876 G/084
Loudermilk, DavidMartindale, Sallie03-Mar-1870 F/088
Wilson, Joe W.Masey, May12 February 1908 K/022
Carr, Edgar LeeMashburn, Annie May05 November 1909 K/118
Shambley, George W.Mashburn, Emma31 December 1893 I/252
Collins, William D.Mashburn, Lizzie11 August 1904 J/311
Venable, Marvin W.Mashburn, Luella11 August 1904 J/310
Thomas, HubertMashburn, Maude17 December 1911 K/243
Ingram, W.J.Mashburn, N.M. (Mrs.)11 October 1914 K/439
McMillian, AlonzoMasingale, Leo07 August 1920 L/142
Luck, WillMasingale, Mary07 July 1929 M/071
Pasley, James Masley, Lula 7/14/1901 Colored/069
Clark, Aleck Mason, Edrey23 June 1872ColoredF/202
Davis, Tyre B.Mason, Elizabeth 20 April 1856 E/094
Stevenson, John WillieMason, Ellie1/18/1914 Colored/320
Youngblood, EdwardMason, Lucinda15 March 1855 E/060
Putmon, Alen M.Mason, Mary M.23 Oct 1856 E/101
Wilson, FletcherMassengale, Annie15 December 1901 J/143
Ray, JuliusMassengale, Vanie18 May 1902"Vena" written above Bride's nameJ/179
McMichen, LonnieMassey, Bell12/25/1909 K/119
Morris, John Massey, Clara30 June 1934"Willie" added as Groom's middle nameM/364
McCoy, J.F.Massey, Estelle20 June 1914 K/416
Laney, JohnMassey, Frances9/21/1854 E/041
McMichen, JasperMassey, Jennie 14 March 1915  K/466
Gray, HenryMassey, Josie17 June 1917 K/599
Simpson, MelvinMassey, Laura01 September 1918 L/033
Turner, AndrewMassey, Lillie29 November 1913 K/383
Gatlin, CliffMassey, MaryMay 21, 1932 M/224
Kirk, Clifford R.Massey, Maude16 July 1911 K/219
Emory, WalterMassey, Randy19 September 1909 K (Colored)/159
Hess, J.A.Massingale, Lizzie05 july 1922 L/228
Cornwell, WalterMassingale, Margaret14 October 1917 K/605
Cornwall, JohnMassingale, Octavia16 May 1909 K/095
Goss, J.J.Masters, E.E.28 August 1870 F/115
Shook, ThomasMatheson, Pearl09 October 1921 L/214
Kincade, John Jr.Mathews, Amanda04 February 1886 H/316
Kimsey, Arlie R.Mathews, Annie Lee29 December 1935 M/480
Powell, WalterMathias, Lula8/7/1909 K/102
Remington, W.A.Mathias, Mary E.22-Aug-1871 F/337
Cooper, J.W.Mathis, Abbie Louise06 June 1929 M/064
Thomas, Jerry Mathis, Elizabeth 26-Jul-1875 F/361
Lunday, JamesMathis, Ella20 December 1885 H/306
Phinyzy, RobertMathis, Ella25 July 1884 H/437
Fowler, J.F.Mathis, Ida08 March 1891 I/130
Brewer, JamesMathis, Lena23 September 1900 J/096
Satterfield, John W.Mathis, Lucinda (Mrs.)14 July 1907 J/466
Bose, Hugh Mathis, Mary24 February 1934"A" added as Groom's middle initialM/342
Bruce, George W.Mathis, Mary26 August 1906 J/415
Guinn, HughMathis, Mary21 August 1862 E/256
Powell, ThomasMathis, Mary02 June 1907 J/461
Bing, FrankMathis, Mertie08 May 1910 K/130, 137
Whitehead, S.W.Mathis, Rosanna08 November 1885 H/301
Boston, Jefferson J.Matthews, Amazonia19 January 1888Indexed for p. 404H/504
Layton, James A.Matthews, Cordelia23 December 1888 H/444
Edwards, AndrewMatthews, Ellie Fair17 March 1912 K/302
Keever, James DanielMatthews, Ida Mae24 August 1907 J/470
Rogers, James W.Matthews, Lavenia01 March 1896 I/440
Bradford, Samuel Watt, Jr.Matthews, Lena Wofford15 September 1915 K/495
Powell, M.J.Matthews, Lillie12 December 1915Bride's name indexed as LilyK/480
Johnston, JohnMatthews, Louise20 July 1928 M/014
Bowles, Carl F.Matthews, Lucy Mae20 December 1905 J/383
Pope, HomerMatthews, Pearl04 January 1920 L/113
Dooley, Albert L.Matthews, Victoria23 January 1907 J/437
Edwards, HenryMatthews, Willie31 August 1915 K/490
Temples, EdgarMaulden, Marie07 November 1936"James" added as Groom's first nameM/537
King, FloydMaulden, Relda02 May 1931 M/171
Cox, Johnnie M.Maulden, Ruby V.12 August 1934Recorded 3 August 1935M/436
Fitzsimmons, B.G.Mauldin, Alice10 November 1895 I/392
Godfrey, HowardMauldin, Minnie14 December 1929 M/098
Hackett, FeltonMaulding, Nettie5 April 1914 K/399
Yarborough, BirdMauney, L.C.09-May-1872 F/204
Findley, JeffersonMauney, Mary Lee22 January 1923HENRY Jefferson addedL/293
Mosteller, Andrew H.Mauney, Sarah C.28 May 1867 E/365
Watts, Fletcher S.Mauney, Susan10-Feb-1870 F/084
Irwin, CharlieMaxie, Josephine05 February 1927 K (Colored)/146
Adair, L.M.Maxwell, A.T.31 December 1890 I/084
Jones, DavidMaxwell, Alice29 December 1875ColoredG/143
Trippe, James Maxwell, Anjoe 6/23/1912 Colored/296
Scott, RenayMaxwell, Annie01 March 1937 M/563
Scroggin, BuffMaxwell, Della10 September 1899Written in blue ink above names: Rufus C. Scroggin and Dellia MaxwellJ/058
Smith, E.J.Maxwell, Dolie05 December 1897Bride's first name also spelled"Dollie"I/522
Waters, CharlieMaxwell, Dora14 October 1923 L/332
Gentry, W.A.Maxwell, Ella26 October 1888 H/465
Boyd, HamiltonMaxwell, Fannie (Mrs.)13 July 1889ColoredH/609
Sidney, Luther EugeneMaxwell, Fannie May21 June 1933 K (Colored)/255
Starnes, JohnMaxwell, Florence A.01 January 1857 E/194
Webb, N.G.Maxwell, Hattie J.25 December 1900 Colored/047
Upshaw, Walter H.Maxwell, Ida30 December 1891ColoredI/121
Miller, Charley Maxwell, Ida 5/8/1910 Colored/246
Upshaw, M.L.Maxwell, Irene04 September 1890 I/077
Bolding, Mark AnthonyMaxwell, Izetta14 September 1910 K/157
Johnson, William H.P.Maxwell, Julia E.12/3/1908 K/060
Pastell, JohnMaxwell, K.L. (Mrs.)27 September 1887 H/278
Gentry, ElijahMaxwell, Lelia22 October 1893 I/285
Jones, Robert Maxwell, Lou 22 June 1876Colored; Indexed for Bob JonesG/088
Curtis, ErnestMaxwell, Lucille13 June 1909 K (Colored)/158
Brightwell, Thomas B.Maxwell, Lula04 April 1893 I/232
Goode, CalebMaxwell, M.O.03 July 1886 H/335
Henson, William L.Maxwell, Mae17 August 1904 J/286
Hyatt, Charlie T.Maxwell, Mary18 December 1933 K (Colored)/267
McCoy, Jule Maxwell, Odie 4/20/1914 Colored/333
Echols, H.T.Maxwell, Opal Marie31 October 1936 M/532
Barnwell, FelixMaxwell, Ophelia1/29/1911 Colored/261
Clark, JamesMaxwell, Rhoda2/23/1899 Colored/002
Henson, AllenMaxwell, Rhoda L.2/1/1853 E/033
White, Claude E.Maxwell, Sarah A.01 November 1924 L/400
Popham, John HenryMaxwell, Tiny16 August 1891 I/134
Strain, A.M.Mayben, Fannie20 April 1893 I/230
Layton, WilliamMayben, Leanna01/26/1854 E/014
Leechman, Col. I.Mayben, Nancy May28 July 1867 E/367
Strain, AdolphusMayben, Susan01-May-1870 F/102
Evans, James HarveyMayburn, Katie Lee10 June 1934 M/358
Findley, W.B.Mayes, Minnie1/25/1920 Colored/465
Pierce, Floyd H.Mayes, Pauline27 September 1924 L/395
Jones, ThomasMayes, Ruby03 September 1927 K (Colored)/164
Abernathy, LummieMayfield, Eloise16 January 1937 M/554
Pickard, J.E.Mayfield, Julia5/24/1908 K/037
Franklin, Thomas M.Mayfield, Leila Mae27 December 1905 J/349
Coffey, N.E.Mayfield, Muriel A.29 December 1919 K/508
Smith, G.W.Mayfield, S.R.15-May-1870 F/087
Henderson, Irby D.Mayhew, Nelle12/15/1909 K/112
Huffstetler, LeeMayhue, Arminda03 March 1907 J/446
White, AlbertMayhugh, Fannie07 March 1908 K/023
Cherry, JohnMays, Anna25 November 1922 K (Colored)/061
Johnson, Frank Mays, Carry 11/14/1899 Colored/012
Bell, W. T.Mays, Eleanor B.11 October 1838 B/016
Hays, Jerry Mays, Ella Brown 3/31/1898 Colored/003
Moore, Jerry J.Mays, Georgia A.20 January 1867 E/353
Roberts, John C.Mays, L.E.02-Sep-1868 F/014
Dixon, Andrew Mays, Lucy 9/3/1905 Colored/168
Cantrell, William J.Mays, Mary12 December 1837 B/008
Turner, W.R.Mays, Mary Jones (Mrs.)01 September 1904 J/288
Haley, Henry Mays, Minnie 12/29/1908Recorded 29 October 1918Colored/416
Jennings, Shephard Mays, Rosalie 3/27/1910 Colored/245
Rollins, J.C.Mayson, Ella F.15 November 1880 G/507
Rowland, W.D.Mayson, Evy3 December 1890 I/090
Perry, D.L.Mayson, Fannie20 November 1877 G/186
Mabbitt, IsaacMayson, Lula B.09-May-1872 F/202
Barron, Benjamin F.Mayson, Martha J.C. (Mrs.)21 August 1860 E/221
Hall, J.H., Jr.Mayson, Mary22 December 1891 I/106
Jenkins, LinMayze, Bobbie Alnes05 December 1939 K (Colored)/384
Scott, Alonzo LoganMc Niel, Callie15 Oct 1938 K (Colored)/360
Attaway, C.L.McAbey, Adline11 December 1875 F/380
Tumlin, ThomasMcAdams, Sarahxx-xx-xxxxNo date; Names indexed for page 184 but page missingD/184
Appling, WillieMcAfee, Margaret22 November 1935 K (Colored)/308
Hobgood, J.B.McAfee, Myra14 October 1906 J/421
Akers, William T.McAlister, Carrie I.01 August 1901 J/150
Dodd, Earl TMcAlister, Rosco Ernestine19 January 1899 J/021
Brandon, Joseph D.McAlster, Ermia15 February 1909 K/082
Smith, Julius A.McAteer, Elaine16 November 1913 K/404
Lacy, CokerMcBee, Tamer09 August 1924 L/370
Garrison, CarlMcBrayer, Anna22 September 1912 K/289
King, CarlMcBrayer, Annie May16 August 1903 J/235
Quinn, HugheyMcBrayer, Sarah10 May 1842 B/090
Joyner, Henry E.McBroom, Evelina09-May-1850 D/067
Fowler, JacksonMcCain, Adeline3 April 1855 E/085
Patillo, G.F.McCallister, Addie11 May 1879 G/355
Jackson, LouisMcCamy, Beatrice07 July 1935 M/433
Stephens, John A.McCandless, Maggie16 January 1900 J/034
Thompson, J.R.McCanless, Elizabeth28 September 1881 G/546
Franks, L.C.McCanless, Mary A.17 March 1870 F/083
Bruce, AdolphusMcCann, Caroline04 October 1895 I/382
Stroup, R.C.McCarey, Johnnie 20 April 1890 I/016
Erwin, William G.Mccarry, Martha B.10 February 1842 B/088
Bradford, CharlesMcCarson, Anne08 August 1889 H/603
Lewis, Robert A.McCarson, Ellen27 December 1888 H/595
Brunes, ThomasMcCarting, Christiana M.06 October 1839 B/038
Everge, JosephMcCary, Georgie26 December 1907 K/014
Jolley, JamesMcCary, Ida18 December 1878 G/360
Calaway, W.W. McCary, Liller01 December 1909 K/131
McGovaran, FralMcCaskel, Elizabeth16 February 1843 B/106
Bryant, Oscar McCauley, Cleo 10 May 1942 K (Colored)/437
Henderson, James H. McCauley, Mary 3/5/1900 Colored/019
Miller, W.D.McCay, Mary E.11 August 1889 H/604
Todd, AlexanderMcCelvey, Martha M.12 January 1843 B/104
Jones, W.H.McClelan, I.J.23-Dec-1873 F/322
Parlier, A.M.McClellan, Sallie25 November 1867 H/406
Bryant, Lee E.McClelland, Josephine12/24/1916 Colored/385
Smith, James M.McClelland, Nancy L.07 January 1868 E/409
Andrews, CharlieMcClendon, Clara1/13/1918Marriage year written as 1919Colored/388
Rucker, Joe McClendon, Jimmie Lee 21 November 1942GDOB: 09-15-1904; BDOB:05-15-1921K (Colored)/448
Robertson, PerryMcClennon, Louise07 January 1890ColoredI/029
Carson, LeonardMcClennon, Tenie1/28/1917 Colored/390
Harris, ClarenceMcCleskey, Elizabeth07 November 1925 K (Colored)/118
Landers, Dewey C.McCleskey, Julia E.28 September 1921 L/214
Greenwood, WashMcClinton, C.29 August 1872  F/211
Lay, Judge McClinton, Fannie 30 June 1943 K (Colored)/418
Upshaw, W.H. McClinton, Susie 4/28/1907 Colored/183
Cain, C.S.McClure, A. Lee24 August 1902 J/191
Elliott, RobertMcClure, Bessie Alene17 August 1940 K (Colored)/393
Davis, OscarMcClure, Carrie May4/20/1919 Colored/454
Wofford, WilliamMcClure, Dorothy23 Jan 1938 K (Colored)/347
Powell, Oscar McClure, Emma 2/19/1911 Colored/264
Jones, WillieMcClure, Fannie25 March 1928 K (Colored)/173
Broadway, HubertMcClure, Lorene15 May 1937 M/580
McCoy, James HadenMcClure, Lou14 January 1899 J/032
Smith, William J.McClure, Lula M.27 December 1898 I/532
Davidson, S.J.McClure, Maggie8/29/1918 Colored/427
Crowell, WillMcClure, Marie26 Jun 1937 K (Colored)/337
Gainor, GeorgeMcClure, Marie21 January 1940 K (Colored)/390
Martin, JodieMcClure, Mary03 July 1929 K (Colored)/197
Johnson, J.F.McClure, Mary Agnes24 August 1913 K/357
Hill, JohnMcClure, Moline15 June 1930Bride's first name also spelled"Molen"K (Colored)/216
Davis, Junior McClure, Myrtle Mae 07 March 1942GDOB: 09-05-1908K (Colored)/431
Hamett, George McClure, Olie01 May 1873  F/253
Hutcherson, Berry RussellMcClure, Pearl4/11/1909 K/093
Phillips, R.M.McClure, Sallie12 May 1895 I/351
Hill, James McClure, Sara 21 February 1942GDOB: 01-09-1923; BDOB:05-19-1925K (Colored)/430
Miller, Henry R.McCoffrey, Margaret L.13 May 1890 I/049
Wilburn, Samuel P.McCollum, Annie29 November 1917 K/592
White, BirdMcCollum, Belle22 October 1915 K/489
Cronon, RoyMcCollum, Beulah07 December 1935 M/473
Davis, Thomas M.McCollum, F.E.10 June 1866 E/408
Morris, RobertMcCollum, Lorena29 December 1934"O" written in as Groom's middle initial;"M" written in as Bride's first initialM/402
Ezell, EwellMcCollum, Louise11 July 1931 M/184
Norris, JohnMcCollum, Mattie06 October 1887coloredH/275
Sims, Don C.McCollum, Maude Lucile26 April 1914 K/404
Vance, AlfredMcCollum, Maybell22 March 1934 M/345
Johnson, James A.McCollum, Minnie30 September 1900 J/078
Parker, William J.McCollum, N.E.10 June 1866 E/408
Thompson, W.J.McCollum, Nancy A.E.07-Mar-1870 F/091
Hughes, WilliamMcCollum, Nancy M.26 March 1874 F/293
Young, SamuelMcCollum, Narcissa9/11/1854 E/038
Price, John A., Jr.McCollum, Ola0'3 September 1896 I/465
Craig, L.C.McCollum, Pearl14 February 1920"Mc" marked out of Bride's last nameL/093
Sutton, AsaMcCollum, Sarah Annxx-xx-xxxxNo date; Names indexed but page missingD/206
McEntyre, S.F.McCollum, Vennie29 June 1924 L/387
Turner, Samuel M.McComick, Bettie26 December 1867 E/400
Ware, Clay McConald, Pearl Estelle 11/17/1911 Colored/274
Fowler, LewisMcConnel, Ellen28 December 1875 G/031
Gunter, Charles W.McConnel, P.P.14 March 1875 F/345
Williams, DanielMcConnell, Alice29 September 1889ColoredI/033
McCollum, William T.McConnell, B.F.09 October 1881 G/544
Knight, Homer R.McConnell, Clara Bell25 June 1916 K/526
King, Cyrus N.McConnell, Eliza23 July 1876 G/089
Coram, JasonMcConnell, Elizabeth14 August 1887 H/512
Broglin, RobertMcConnell, Essie Lee26 May 1930 K (Colored)/212
Garrett, George McConnell, Eva 15 November 1941GDOB: 04-26-1914; BDOB:02-24-1916K (Colored)/426
McConnell, HazelMcConnell, Millie07 September 1867ColoredE/383
Copelan, ArthurMcCorker, Jesse Mae08 September 1923 K (Colored)/073
Carson, EddieMcCorker, Viola11 June 1921 K (Colored)/032
McGinnis, S.T.McCormac, F.S.17 May 1859 E/160
Brown, Hall McCormack, Sarah 29 January 1870ColoredF/125
Wilson, Erwin W.McCormick, Clara15 May 1884 H/179
Mann, Thomas PaigeMcCormick, Clara Sue16 Aug 1930 M/135
Hightower, William CliffordMcCormick, Fannie V.25 July 1914 K/409
Pettit, JamesMcCormick, Frances24 August 1936 M/520
Jackson, R.W.McCormick, Malinda20 January 1922 L/237
McGinnis, V.B.McCormick, Martha10 January 1867 E/308
McKenzie, W.B.McCormick, Rebecca Hunter23 August 1928 M/016
Beagley, Frank StewartMcCormick, Reva Jane17 Dec 1931 M/210
Hawkins, T.S.McCormick, S.T. 13 March 1873 F/262
Cannon, Roy H.McCormick, Van Hunter20 December 1910 K/172
Strickland, TrumanMcCoy, Anna07 September 1898ColoredI/579
Glass, J.A.T.McCoy, Annie12 May 1903 J/220
Ottling, CothernMcCoy, Annie Ruth25 Dec 1930"David" added as Groom's middle nameM/155
Brown, MallyMcCoy, Bessie04 July 1912 K/283
Hardy, C.R.McCoy, Bettie05 April 1903 J/233
Allen, Daniel J.McCoy, Cassy18 December 1898 J/021
Bennett, M.W.McCoy, Eliza13 February 1890 I/052
Walker, H.A.McCoy, Elnora27 June 1866 E/322
Simmons, George D.McCoy, Gertrude23 November 1919 L/259
Hembry, Samuel D.McCoy, Jennie04 November 1888 I/024
Sheabley, WalterMcCoy, Julia24 February 1929 K (Colored)/189
Seay, LittletonMcCoy, Julia (Mrs.)16 February 1902"H" written in as Bride's middle initialJ/170
Shuler, William A.McCoy, L.A.14 March 1897 I/506
Braswell, W.H.McCoy, Laura19 May 1912 K/321
Biddy, ElbertMcCoy, Lenora 20 February 1937"Burton" added as Groom's middle name;"Alberta" added as Bride's middle nameM/561
Brown, MelvinMcCoy, Lilah8/1/1915 Colored/437
Dover, A.B.McCoy, Lou E.17 February 1895 I/361
Strickland, Alonzo, Jr.McCoy, Lucile16 Jun 1940 K (Colored)/382
Bennett, W.H.McCoy, Maggie19 November 1893 I/272
Hill, IsiahMcCoy, Marie22 December 1933Groom's first name also spelled"Isiaah"K (Colored)/268
Henderson, RobertMcCoy, Mary Frances30 March 1934 M/347
McPherson, J.A.McCoy, Mary Lou7/3/1910 K/166
McMaree, WalterMcCoy, Minnie22 May 1921 L/196
Boatfield, J.S.McCoy, Missouri (Mrs.)23 December 1901 J/160
Shuler, DavidMcCoy, Mollie27 January 1900 J/031
Lewis, RaymondMcCoy, Myrtle11 May 1924 L/373
McPherson, JesseMcCoy, Myrtle9/3/1916 K/528
McCain, AaronMcCoy, Ora23 December 1934 K (Colored)/292
McEver, CharlesMcCoy, Pearl12 July 1920 L/143
Keys, HillmanMcCoy, Tinie13 September 1903Recorded 17 Dec 1906J/419
Hamilton, Ralph L.McCrary, Annie26 November 1914 K/449
Craig, AsberryMcCrary, Easter05 July 1914 K/410
Cox, Silas J.McCrary, Fannie31 December 1866 E/304
England, Josiah B.Mccrary, Frances Marian06 February 1840 B/046
Martin, Grover C.McCrary, Leila16 June 1912 K/263
Cash, GeorgeMcCrary, Millie C.06 December 1908Indexed as G. CarterK/059
Hefner, William M.McCrary, Morgan13 Sep 1855 E/071
Bennett, JackMcCrary, Roxie18 February 1883ColoredH/071
Wright, RichmondMcCrary, Sarah S.25 September 1857 E/098
Albert, GeorgeMcCrary, Viola11/27/1919 Colored/461
Butt, T.J.McCravy, Ella22 April 1869 F/048
Jones, W.P.McCravy, Joanna04 January 1880 G/404
Rogers, S.A. McCravy, P.L.11-Jun-1871 F/193
Crawford, CliffordMcCrocker, Celia6/11/1905 Colored/160
Wilson, F.M.McCue, Susie19 April 1909 K/088
Johnson, George S.McCullers, Beula Maude01 Nov 1930 M/146
Hubbard, Thomas W.McCurley, Hassie22 November 1902 J/216
Wood, JamesMcCurley, Minnie11 March 1894 I/286
Godwin, JonathanMcCutchen, Eliza18 March 1841 B/091
Hite, CharlieMcDabb, Virginia08 February 1925 L/421
Maffette, OwenMcDade, Mattie24-Jun-1875 F/348
Fletcher, CharlieMcDaniel, Ada16 October 1896ColoredI/454
Yarborough, WashingtonMcDaniel, Annie G.M.06 April 1886 H/414
Lackey, Edward McDaniel, Beulah 20 September 1941GDOB: 01-25-1904K (Colored)/420
Brown, WilliamMcDaniel, Celia A.22 October 1867 E/386
Blackman, HenryMcDaniel, Fannie18 May 1890 I/051
Johns, C.B.McDaniel, Flora11 November 1917 K/603
Garner, GoodsonMcDaniel, Jennie18 December 1887 H/499
Guyton, WeldonMcDaniel, Lenu28 July 1934 M/368
Stephens, Willie McDaniel, Lilla 2/24/1905 Colored/142
Ingram, Thomas J.McDaniel, Lillian B.08 June 1921 L/198
Drummond, George L.McDaniel, Lucinda26-Apr-1849 D/003
McKinley, D.B.McDaniel, M.E.24 October 1897 I/508
Lewis, J.L.McDaniel, M.L.04 November 1888 H/440
Henderson, KilbyMcDaniel, Mahala2 Aug 1855 E/082
Hemphill, JudsonMcDaniel, Mary04 September 1939 K (Colored)/384
Whisenant, H.McDaniel, Mary (Mrs.)02 September 1877 G/205
Hemphill, Judson McDaniel, Mary Trimble 22 September 1941GDOB: 02-03-1888; BDOB:12-20-1905K (Colored)/421
Cagle, RolenMcDaniel, Minnie26 March 1905 J/359
Robertson, J.H.McDaniel, Nannie E.27 September 1891 I/154
Mangum, James M.McDaniel, Polly25 January 1863 E/258
Yarborough, GeorgeMcDaniel, Rachel04 March 1886 H/314
Turner, J.C.McDaniel, Sallie17 November 1887 H/502
Head, J.S.McDaniel, Sarah J.16 May 1879 G/359
Brownlow, Joseph L.McDaniel, Savanah26 December 1897 I/522
Cato, R.T.McDaniel, Susie27 May 1888 H/556
Hunter, John H.McDaniel, Virginia (Mrs.)23 April 1878 G/248
Hollis, G.W.McDonald, A.L.20 December 1891 I/103
Hightower, John FlemingMcDonald, Amanda (Mrs.) 18 September 1906 J/418
Bednegfield, WilliamMcDonald, Caroline13 December 1874 G/212
Heslup, David W.McDonald, Cleo19 October 1896 I/455
Hill, WilliamMcDonald, Francis 05-Sep-1869 F/061
Jones, C.H.McDonald, Ida10/7/1909 K/108
Potter, WilliamMcDonald, Lucinda27 February 1842 B/084
Heaton, Robert H.McDonald, Martha24 January 1869 F/099
Barber, George M.McDonald, Mattie B.28 July 1889 H/607
Fricks, Robert L.McDonald, Mittie19 December 1886 H/367
Nealey, J.W.McDonald, Octavia N.30-Dec-1869 F/076
Shaw, James E.McDonald, Rachel M.(Mrs.)28-Mar-1872 F/195
Lanier, F.B.McDonald, Sallie M.19 December 1878 G/308
Jordan, B.H.McDonald, Sarah A.22 September 1861 E/231
Hargis, Frank N.McDonald, Susie Snowie27 September 1907 J/476
Robinson, William S.McDow, Caroline H.08-Mar-1852 D/166
Johnson, Silas McDow, Cynthia 31-Dec-1870Colored F/159
Swain, William J.McDow, Eliza A.19 February 1861 E/223
Garner, JesseMcDow, Ella Mae8/3/1916 Colored/431
Martin, Ambrose McDow, Emeline 11-Feb-1869 F/041
McCoy, SimeonMcDow, Emily12 January 1868 E/352
Reece, Martin A.McDow, Florence A.17 May 1876 G/084
Kegler, Horace McDow, Janie12/14/1911 Colored/283
Carson, West McDow, Josie 26 October 1879ColoredG/426
Roper, GlenMcDow, Lillian24 December 1927 K (Colored)/170
Radford, LonnieMcDow, Lillie10 April 1920 K (Colored)/001
Watkins, TobeMcDow, Lucy10 November 1887 H/530
McReynolds, J.G.McDow, Martha J.14-Mar-1872 F/189
Abbott, AaronMcDow, Minerva26 May 1868ColoredE/607
Strickland, NashMcDow, Minnie30 May 1892ColoredI/137
Johnson, A.C.McDow, Mollie28 December 1890ColoredI/085
Street, James B.McDow, Sarah28 July 1860 E/207
Bennett, M.C.McDowell, Elizabeth18 June 1871 F/116
Jenkins, JohnMcDowell, M.J. (Mrs.)25-Nov-1871 F/158
Manuel, George McDowell, Molley20 July 1876ColoredG/130
Hight, GabeMcDowell, Nancy24 January 1887 H/357
Phillips, Dock McDowell, Sophie 4/7/1912 Colored/290
Cochran, John S.McDowell, Susan31 July 1870 F/085
Cox, IsaiahMcDurman, Sarah03 January 1861 E/226
Wiley, ThomasMcDurmon, Ida25 May 1937 M/578
Gotell, JohnMcElreath, Alice9/14/1918 Colored/424
Putman, A.A.McElreath, E.A.21 November 1880 G/499
Braud, Jesse O. (Rev.)McElreath, Mary Odessa27 December 1900 J/085
Ray, J.R.McElreath, Mollie T.15 March 1880 G/433
West, A.E.McElree, Callie29 November 1906 K/012
Collins, James R.McElroy, Alma23 December 1900 J/084
Shinall, Arthur A.McElroy, Dora Ethel28 April 1921 L/210
Hollinshed, John H.McElroy, Maggie13 February 1901 J/123
Rowlings, J.T.McElvey, Bettie04 September 1882 H/028
Quillian, L.C.M.McElvey, Kate L.07 May 1882 H/028
Ford, M.W.McElvey, Mattie19 May 1886 H/419
Gaines, W.T.McElvey, Susan18 November 1888 H/459
Spriggs, D.A.McElwee, Laura27 March 1887 H/320
Jones, John S.McElwee, Lou02 October 1881 H/125
Coleman, JamesMcElwee, Martha M.11 April 1867 E/502
Tidwell, J.R.McElwee, Mollie24 February 1884 H/175
Huggins, JohnMcElwee, Sarah18 July 1871 F/201
Lawson, WilliamMcElwie, Mary15 Sept 1857Groom's last name questionableE/113
Roberson, Chesley B.McEntire, Edna A.02 September 1923 L/305
Pittman, W.M.McEntire, Gladys22 November 1929 M/094
Black, W.T.McEntire, Lou11 October 1925or McEntyreL/432
Keith, RichardMcEntire, Mary05 February 1898ColoredI/542
Phillips, MaxwellMcEntire, Pearline22 December 1934 M/399
Black, CrissMcEntyre, Camilla11 October 1925 L/432
Taylor, A.B.McEntyre, Minnie29 July 1909 K/385
Ross, Henry JacksonMcEntyre, Nellie Frances17 August 1924 L/392
Vaughn, ArthurMcEver, Abbie22 September 1901 J/149
Robins, Oscar C.McEver, Alethea12 June 1910 K/148
Elrod, George W.McEver, Bessie07 June 1903 J/228
Wofford, EliphazMcEver, Eliza23 June 1878 G/249
Richards, Newborn G.McEver, Ella07 December 1900 J/105
England, Charles T.McEver, Ellen (Mrs.)14 April 1904 J/272
Ledford, F.R.McEver, Flonnie24 Dec 1930 M/153
Padgett, J.C.McEver, Isabella11 November 1888 H/450
Bradley, JoelMcEver, Isabella F.08 December 1859 E/189
Bailey, Arthur C.McEver, Kate17 November 1907 K/016
Parsons, James R.McEver, Lena08 August 1909 K/098
Bivins, RalphMcEver, Lillie13 July 1924 L/383
Ensley, John W.McEver, Lizzie24 December 1923 L/345
Leach, HudsonMcEver, Lucile24 February 1934 M/342
Vincent, A.A.McEver, Margaret C.08 January 1878 G/207
Caldwell, George W.McEver, Mary18 Oct 1855 E/075
Tanguany, H.F.McEver, Mary Pauline28 September 1910 K/154
Bearden, JesseMcEver, Naomi15 April 1928Initial"E" written in for Groom; Initial"F" written in for BrideM/004
Hughes, J.A.McEver, Nelle22 October 1916 K/545
Siniard, G.W.McEver, Ola12/20/1908 K/072
Upshaw, Troy B.McEver, Ora Rachel08 May 1937 M/575
Randolph, SamuelMcEver, Pollie30 January 1881 G/521
Bruce, J.A.McEver, S.A.19 February 1888 H/542
Randolph, Thomas PatonMcEver, Sophy Jane10 January 1877 G/147
Crow, WilliamMcEver, Susan E.15 Jan 1855 E/062
Horn, C.G.McEwen, Mary Ida06 July 1905 J/336
Millican, E.F.McFadden, Lou25 November 1880 G/511
Gilreath, J.W.F.McFurland, L.A.13 May 1888 H/490
Gaddy, J.W.McGasky, Dora31 August 1919 L/069
Huffstetler, JohnMcGaspey, Dora (Mrs.) 04 June 1905 J/340
Sorron, RubenMcGee, McClara11 March 1937 M/564
Lewis, CalvinMcGhee, Evaline13 November 1919 L/107
Biddy, Joe BrownMcGhee, Lanie May24 August 1935 M/443
Burch, Edd A.McGhee, Sarah Cameron03 July 1936 M/507
Moseley, C.W.McGinis, Ellen12 July 1868 E/704
Aiken, Hugh FraserMcGinnes, Roberta ClaireNovember 29, 1932 M/249
Conant, O.P.McGinnis, Bettie07 October 1878 G/282
Jolly, Robert H.McGinnis, E.E.09 May 1886 H/294
Raiford, F.L.McGinnis, G.H.01 December 1889 I/011
Swinney, Walter B.McGinnis, Iris18 February 1891 I/153
Smith, Ralph MacbethMcGinnis, Katherine WilmaApril 27, 1932 M/220
Cason, R.J.McGinnis, L.J. 12 Jul 1855 E/065
Smith, J.L.J.McGinnis, Leo Ann02 June 1878 G/462
Atwood, W.M.McGinnis, M.T.28 December 1882 H/042
Lewis, John C.McGinnis, Margaret D.03-Apr-1851 D/108
Moseley, W.S.McGinnis, Nancy T.03 February 1859 E/162
Lanier, W.P.McGinnis, R.C.18 October 1888 H/468
Adams, A. McGinnis, Sarah A.18 September 1862Cannot read Groom's middle initialE/250
Hodges, John T.McGinty, Hellen V.08 April 1869 F/100
Hesterly, MelvinMcGoogen, Nellie7/16/1916 Colored/373
Williamson, Cole S.McGouirler, Marion (Mrs.)08 January 1937Bride's last name questionableM/552
Roberts, William WesleyMcGowan, Margie Scott28 June 1912 K/273
Burns, J.C., Jr.McGowan, Virginia25 May 1929 M/060
Guthrie, OtharMcGra, Ruth Mae10 Oct 1937 K (Colored)/341
Clements, BenMcGregor, Caroline16 December 1894ColoredI/330
Sanders, GusMcGregor, Emma27 December 1891ColoredI/104
Carroll, Mat McGregor, Mariah 19 January 1868ColoredF/149
Roberts, GeorgeMcGregor, Pellie17 June 1894ColoredI/288
Christopher, GeorgeMcGregory, Maggie22 October 1893 I/274
Owens, Cliff A.McGriff, Eunice27 December 1899 J/039
Matthews, WilliamMcGriggers, Sarah04 January 1891ColoredI/070
Anderson, JohnMcGruder, Alice05 September 1909 K (Colored)/155
Wadsworth, Joseph McGruder, Clifford 3/16/1905 Colored/144
Erwin, FrankMcGruder, Ella11/8/1902 Colored/094
Felton, Floyed McGruder, Lucy 30 December 1875 F/384
Turner, Innus I.McGuin, Viney11/29/1853 E/005
Bates, SamuelMcGuire, Amanda25 May 1882 H/008
Anderson, Willis P.McGuire, Diana 1 May 1856 E/085
Adams, Timmey WesleyMcGuire, Dorothy24 December 1935 M/479
Vaughan, A.B.McGuire, Mary26 November 1920 L/161
King, Guy McGuire, Matilda12-Nov-1868 F/024
Griffin, Harry CrawfordMcGuire, Mattie E.16 June 1912 K/271
McGuire, James E.McGuire, Nancy E.28 Dec 1856 E/102
Williams, Manuel McHenry, Jenny 20-Nov-1867 F/069
King, AndrewMcHugh, Katie09 May 1915 K/457
Kernodle, James S.McIntyre, Jennie F.06 September 1883 H/126
Wikle, W.S.D.McJenkin, M.S.18 July 1858Both names hard to readE/138
Rogers, J.F.McJenkins, Minnie02 April 1905 J/321
Gaines, Henry PeneltonMcKary(McCary), Susan21 December 1876 G/152
Burris, AaronMcKeever, Mary Jane (Mrs.)05 October 1858 E/146
Harris, W.P.McKelvey, Clara12/22/1907 K/027
Parkham, J.E.McKelvey, Leo25 August 1901 J/168
Burns, W.M.McKelvey, Mai 03 August 1899 J/061
Greer, Thomas H.McKelvey, Mattie01 January 1900 J/029
Powell, FrankMcKelvey, Sallie Mae31 December 1914 K/429
Wilson, M.B.McKelvy, N.E.19 December 1878 G/325
Booker, ThomasMcKelvy, Sarah (Mrs.)14 January 1866 E/289
Jordan, William J.McKever, J.L.11 March 1877 G/171
Parham, Andrew M.McKin, Sallie H.07-Jul-1867 F/095
Raiford, Charles R.McKinley, Irene06 December 1920 L/179
Pace, Thomas McKinney, Georgia 2/22/1900 Colored/021
Green, DaveMcKinney, Ida Mae12/2/1917 Colored/394
Adcock, Landrum B.McKnabb, Lula (Mrs.)12 October 1918 L/018
Williams, RichardMcKnabb, Mariah07 August 1842 B/090
Milner, PorterMcKnight, Jane12 January 1887 H/356
Thomas, Edward McKnight, L. 10-Sep-1874ColoredF/357
Wideman, Abram McKnight, Louisa 15-Jan-1874ColoredF/310
Gay, George McKuskel, Harriet07 March 1843 B/105
Freeman, S.T.McLarin, Annie Lou07 April 1928 K (Colored)/173
Roberson, JosephMcMahan, Mary07 February 1877 G/164
DeLoach, W.S.McMahan, Willie Mae25 June 1934 M/363
Tumlin, R.L.McMakin/McMichen, Annie10 January 1897 I/433
Carruthers, HoraceMcMichel, Martha09 December 1933 K (Colored)/265
Hobgood, W.E.McMichen, Athilia29 June 1924 L/398
Groce, ShermanMcMichen, Effie23 January 1937 M/557
Chance, A.P.McMichen, Etta18 June 1905 J/345
Bennett, C.F. McMichen, Jennie22 March 1914 K/393
Holcomb, GeorgeMcMichen, Josie29 July 1928"Washington" written in as Groom's middle nameM/015
Vaughan, A.B.McMichen, Lillie12 August 1904 J/283
Rerrong, JuniorMcMichen, Mary03 February 1937 M/559
Rhyne, PhillipMcMichen, Mattie09 April 1905 J/369
Biddy, B.W.McMichen, Myrtle28 April 1914 K/408
Stiles, Carl C.McMichen, Ora21 November 1920 L/184
Richards, John R.McMichen, Ruth Leon31 October 1936 M/535
Newberry, SilasMcMichen, Thelma31 August 1935 M/451
Carter, J.C.McMichen, W.A. (Mrs.)04 December 1924 L/414
Watman, Robert R.McMichin, Eliza Jane28 July 1860 E/208
Parks, Monroe SmithMcMicken, Jennie 29 Aug 1931 M/193
McCollum, RobertMcMicken, Laura24 December 1915 K/507
Copelan, WilliamMcMicken, Mary Ann21 Aug 1855Groom's last name hard to readE/068
Smith, William G.McMickle, Mary19 April 1855  E/124
Guyton, JohnMcMickle, Vienna3/28/1854 E/023
Land, HenryMcMillan, Carrie E.13 August 1891 I/145
Freeman, S.J.McMillan, Gertrude18 December 1922 L/285
Cornwall, PleasMcMillan, Jeannett13 December 1914 K/434
McCraney, MarvinMcMillan, Rose24 December 1929 M/100
Hethcock, JohnMcMillen, Georgia20 January 1876 F/374
Branham, JamesMcMillen, Margaret I.24 August 1882 H/005
Brawner, T.L.McMillen, Mary M.3/5/1882 G/452
Collier, James M.McMullan, Frances H.27-Jun-1849 D/030
Henderson, ArchibaldMcMullan, Georgian09-Aug-1849 D/028
Heifuer, B.F.McMullin, L.T.11 October 1859Groom's last name hard to readE/170
Stubbs, George W.McMullin, Sarah Ann20 August 1840 B/058
Upshaw, John A.McMullins, Mary E.27 October 1842 B/093
Terrell, James D.McMullins, Virginia A.3/11/1854 E/022
Styles, HarleyMcNannara, Bessie M.05 June 1910 K/134
Jackson, Anderson BradleyMcPherson, Corine Elizabeth21 October 1933 M/307
Latham, John J.McPherson, Janie04 December 1892 I/214
Hallman, A.F.McPherson, Lucille26 November 1936 M/544
Woodruff, J.L.McPherson, Manassie25 December 1910 K/171
Going, JohnMcPherson, Octie03 August 1905 J/361
Terrell, Charles P.McQueen, Pearl17 May 1914 K/417
Kimball, Ira M.McRae, Lean9/3/1908 K/054
Stegall, John P.McRae, Susan (Mrs.)02 May 1905 J/322
Toliver, Jesse McRae, Viola 11/20/1910 Colored/257
Taylor, TomieMcRay, Lois (Mrs.)29 September 1936 M/525
Stiles, Fred C.McRay, Maude12 January 1924 L/353
Siniard, HiramMcRea, Mattie10 February 1907Bride's last name also written as"McRae"J/438
Moss, ThomasMcRee, Mamie10/9/1910 K/187
Lane, J.H.McReynolds, M.03-Oct-1872 F/208
McTaggart, JamesMcTaggart, Villa (Mrs.)24 Dec 1931 M/211
Varner, F.M.McTear, Nancy 08-Oct-1868 F/021
Holmes, Hiram H.McTeer, Rachel N.26 November 1868 F/027
Bruce, EdwardMcTeer, Sallie M.6/30/1880 G/409
Gibson, J.D.McTier, Elizabeth21-Mar-1850 D/061
Chunn, William SamuelMcTier, Fannie Sue01 December 1904 J/317
Morris, JamesMcWhorter, Audrey12 June 1921 L/196
Rider, Christopher C.McWhorter, Jane24-Dec-1871 F/122
Winters, L.W.McWhorter, Martha25-May-1869 F/050
Ingram, J.C.Meaddows, Nancy A.24 December 1871 F/121
Hendricks, Abner LutherMeadows, Gorda E.11 August 1895 I/364
Freeman, Charles HenryMeadows, Mary Beulah12 May 1907 J/468
Freeman, WilliamMeadows, Sarah A.23-Jan-1853 D/199
Brawner, M.P.Meadows, Thelma01 January 1922 L/227
Owens, A.C.Mealer, Lillie Mae02 May 1920 L/132
Sutton, ShermanMealor, Mable12 October 1924 L/398
Carney, EdwardMedley, Lorine13 January 1934 M/333
Cody, William Medlock, Emma 22 December 1871 ColoredF/150
Griggs, HubertMeeks, Clara03 February 1924 L/360
Hubbard, JohnMeeks, Dasie27 October 1901 J/157
Bright, S.J.Meeks, Florence J.18 January 1885 H/213
Jones, W.A.Meeks, Mary31 October 1923 L/336
Rowland, Joe B.Meeks, Mittie V.28 December 1929 M/105
Cox, SamuelMeeks, Ruth13 February 1916 K/513
Russell, J.V.Meeks, Sallie C.20 March 1866 E/283
Black, Clyde DennisMeeks, Willie02 April 1922 L/249
Craig, BobMells, Millie04 November 1894ColoredI/317
West, W.J.Melton, Adeline16 December 1880 G/505
Drummond, Joseph B.Melton, Elenor18 July 1843 B/112
Spriggs, JohnMelton, Sallie12 April 1883 H/095
Taber, David FairnanMemmler, Catherine09 December 1887 H/312
Sanders, R.P.Menafer, Louisa02 September 1883 H/140
Smith, William MaxwellMerchant, Edith Loraine07 July 1920 L/148
McPhadden, Com. D.Merchison, Jane P.24 September 1860 E/249
Miller, HezekiahMercier, Elizabeth J.27 February 1842 B/096
Cotton, GreenMeritt, Lizzie3/17/1916Spelling of Bride's last name has been changed; may have been originally written as"Morett"Colored/365
Edmondson, EverettMerrett, Mamie07 May 1921 L/194
Whetstone, David E.Merrill, Lula F.06 February 1902 J/167
Avery, J.C.Messer, Annie20 June 1913 K/348
Farmer, E.I.Metcolf, Maggie16 February 1910 K/125
Lance, S.P.Mewborn, Luna04 November 1886 H/286
Smith, Emory LawrenceMiddlebrooks, Edna Ruth02 September 1935 M/444
Strickland, William Middlebrooks, Fanny 03-Dec-1868 F/023
Strickland, AndrewMiddlebrooks, Katherine R.08 March 1941 K (Colored)/406
Norvell, Roy E.Middlebrooks, Marion02 June 1928 M/006
Johnson, Mat Middlebrooks, Minnie 6/14/1899 Colored/024
McConnor, JackMiddlebrooks, Sylla30 December 1894ColoredI/349
Gaynor, CapMiers, Emma27 December 1896ColoredI/468
Cochran, R.T.Milam, C.M.19 February 1885 H/215
Hite, PadgettMilam, Dessie20 August 1905 J/372
Jones, A.V.Milam, E.A.30-Dec-1869 F/075
Leake, W.B.W.Milam, E.W.09 November 1881 G/554
Tinsley, James W.Milam, Elizabeth9/19/1854 E/039
Mathis, R.O.Milam, Eva09 February 1912 K/254
Bowler, William O.Milam, Francis E.05 August 1863Groom's last name may be"Bowles"E/260
Davis, WilliamMilam, Henrietta26 January 1894ColoredI/268
Johnson, SamuelMilam, Henrietta25-Aug-1868 F/008
Coleman, HenryMilam, Ida24 January 1893ColoredI/211
Swanson, H.B.Milam, Jane16 June 1887 H/281
Hokely, JosephMilam, Katie14 October 1887 H/277
Pasley, PinkneyMilam, Lou21 January 1876ColoredG/146
Edwards, HenryMilam, Maggie21 March 1889 H/581
Hammond, John E.Milam, Mattie25 April 1882 H/018
Carter, Richard O.Milam, Mattie A.21 December 1865 E/266
Carter, James HenryMilam, Mollie Ann23 May 1865 E/282
Glueson, Thomas F.Milam, Nannie E.5/13/1876 G/083
Logan, EmmetMilam, Narcie17 August 1913 K/353
Price, William M.Milam, Pearl L.18 March 1901 J/099
Jolly, R.F.Milam, Romie Eugenia08 May 1930 M/124
Kirkpatrick, Alen L. (Dr.)Milam, Rosanna W. 8 Jan 1857 E/103
Sexton, JohnMilam, Silvia25 August 1867ColoredE/371
Templeton, J.W.Milam, Sophronia15 November 1857 E/120
Wallis, W.B.Milam, Susan20 December 1886 E/311
Rouse, E.F.Milam, Susie09 July 1906 J/409
Lackey, W.J.Milam, Udora28-Nov-1872 F/217
Floyed, SmithMilam, Willie18 January 1883 H/079
Wise, JamesMilam, Willie30 March 1887 I/159
Whitten, A.J.Milburn, M.A.26-Dec-1872Should be F/244F/244
Bradley, JosephMiles, C.M.24 July 1866 E/293
Hays, Robert Miles, Cheney 4/10/1910 Colored/256
Lolace, Richard Miles, Elizabeth 1/4/1900 Colored/030
Daniel, JohnMiles, Hannah26-Jul-1853 D/197
Henderson, RobertMiles, Mary03 December 1897ColoredI/516
Stradley, David M.Miles, Mary M.11 August 1858 E/166
Haney, PleasantMiles, Nancy16 February 1859 E/195
Scott, John S.Miles, Sarah C.12 March 1865 E/269
Leachman, J.L.Milhollen, Martha E.09 September 1867 E/380
Dodgen, George N.Milhollen, R.L.08 September 1878 G/256
Henderson, Herman W.Milhollin, Clair22 December 1903 J/255
King, Thomas R.Milhollin, Corra29 March 1898 I/539
Borge, Jacob J.Milhollin, Gertrude06 November 1921 L/219
Vaughan, G.W.Milhollin, Ida B.05 January 1890 I/036
Pettit, Benjamin L.Milhollin, Mary Lee06 July 1909 K/099
Carter, B.B.Milhollin, Susan C.08 June 1870 F/104
Jackson, Milton C.Milican, Emily08 January 1861 E/220
Jackson, Milton O.Milican, Francis13 October 1858 E/147
Cousins, Samuel A.Milican, Georgia A.03 August 1871 F/118
Patterson, JeptaMilican, Hallie09-Dec-1869 F/074
Seagers, Clyde Tom Miller, Ada26 October 1935Clyde added to Groom'sM/488
Reagan, Robert A.Miller, Amoyoria J.30 December 1909Groom's last name may be spelled ReagonK/122
Hudgins, LenoisMiller, Annie19 Feb 1930 M/113
Leak, TilmanMiller, Arminda11 December 1896 I/431
Kinsey, J.A.Miller, D.L.19 December 1878 G/305
Johnson, CharlieMiller, Elizabeth5/12/1918 Colored/411
Lay, EliasMiller, Elizabeth05 September 1838 B/015
Sullivan, A.J. Miller, Ella 8/6/1911 Colored/279
Stewart, JenningsMiller, Gladys02 February 1930 M/110
Conner, Reuben C.Miller, Harriet J.xx-xx-xxxxNo date; Names indexed but page missingD/047
Bell, Thomas W.Miller, Ida24 December 1905 J/354
Thomson, George H.Miller, Inez L.25 February 1936 M/490
Gentry, GradyMiller, Laura21 December 1922 L/289
Barron, Robert LeeMiller, Lena L.27 February 1895 I/337
Patrick, FrankMiller, Lennie01 January 1923 K (Colored)/063
Shaw, Nathan Miller, Linnie 10/6/1907 Colored/201
Williams, OscarMiller, Lizzie19 July 1924 K (Colored)/090
Watts, James Miller, Lizzie Vick05 August 1928 K (Colored)/179
Slocum, John ThomasMiller, Lucile17 October 1935 K (Colored)/305
Patterson, MartinMiller, Lucinda02 February 1893ColoredI/331
Rutledge, John A.Miller, Margaret L.15-Nov-1868 F/124
Parmer, George Miller, Mariah 22-Oct-1870ColoredF/169
Kennedy, DavidMiller, Marie30 November 1921 K (Colored)/040
Gemes, WilbernMiller, Martha27 December 1877 G/296
Smith, Francis M.Miller, Martha A.23 Nov 1854 E/054
Lewis, John W.Miller, Mary02 December 1877 G/220
Robenson, ZebulonMiller, Mary Jane (Mrs.)21 August 1868 E/297
Perkins, WilliamMiller, Mary M.24-Mar-1872 F/187
Orr, Andrew Miller, Mattie 10/28/1906 Colored/208
Hurst, Roy M.Miller, Mildred30 April 1937 M/573
Jones, Ben Miller, Millie 22-Oct-1870ColoredF/160
Johnson, Young Miller, Minnie 3/17/1912 Colored/282
Godwin, L.J.Miller, Mintie25 December 1888 H/456
Cooley, John H.Miller, Ollie Mae8/27/1916 Colored/366
Hatch, John D.Miller, Orpha H.17 Dec 1854 E/055
Barron, William K.Miller, Sarah Elizabeth23 January 1842 B/082
Bell, J. B.Miller, Tilda21 March 1922 K (Colored)/052
McCoy, EdwardMiller, Willie Maud28 April 1935 K (Colored)/298
Smith, Emanuel HerbertMillhollan, Barbara07 July 1937 M/585
Bradford, Samuel M.Millican, Eliza P.09/22/1853 E/001
West, SylarMillican, Permelia 18 September 1855Groom's 1st name hard to readE/074
Finley, Hilard G.Millikan, Rebeeca S.16 September 1866 E/349
Young, Perry Mills, Alice 24-Feb-1873ColoredF/258
Black, H.L.Mills, Bessie04 January 1917 K/575
McDaniel, J.V.Mills, I.G.15 February 1887 H/333
Cox, James W.Mills, Mary J.11 December 1874 G/291
Overbey, J.L., Jr.Mills, Maude20 December 1908 K/073
Palmore, JohnMills, Maude04 May 1919 L/079
Lundy, HandyMills, Nannie21 December 1887 H/508
Kincade, FrankMills, Zettie23 October 1879ColoredG/338
Armstrong, Charles AlvinMillsap, Dorris (Mrs.)06 February 1937 M/559
Springfield, CarlMillsap, Ida09 November 1919 L/259
Mashburn, A.W.Millsaps, Fannie19 June 1904 J/275
Reagan, JohnMillsaps, Jane22 February 1888 H/520
Bailey, O.R.Millsaps, Lena B.03 December 1921 L/221
Chastain, J.C.Millsaps, Lottie (Mrs.)01 Jan 1932 M/213
Clark, MichaelMillsaps, Marietta25 June 1905 J/396
Edwards, John M.Millsaps, Martha15 June 1879 G/445
Cochran, W.A.Millsaps, Mary20 April 1913 K/342
West, GreeneMillsop, Rosa19 May 1912 K/270
Dover, HornerMillsopp, Cansada18 May 1910 K/147
Billips, Edmund Milner, Alice 03 November 1877ColoredG/225
Noble, William Milner, Alice 1/20/1907 Colored/190
Ware, Albert Milner, Anna 8/26/1907Recorded 30 October 1918Colored/420
Dohl, RalphMilner, Annie11/19/1916 Colored/382
Johnson, CapharisMilner, Annie__ April 1910Marriage date may be 13th or 15thColored/236
Towns, LeonardMilner, Annie Bell30 December 1923 K (Colored)/083
Combs, George A.Milner, Bertha I.31 December 1910 K/194
Carson, ErnestMilner, Bessie04 November 1923 K (Colored)/080
Galloway, S.H.Milner, C.S.21 July 1875 F/361
Carson, CharleyMilner, Carry12/23/1899 Colored/023
Ellis, Ellie Milner, Clara Bell 10 November 1941GDOB: 05-06-1914; BDOB:04-14-1923K (Colored)/424
Wade, GartrelleMilner, Eleanor16 October 1926 K (Colored)/136
Henderson, William H.Milner, Ella10 March 1892ColoredI/125
Melton, Robert C.Milner, Ella B.12/4/1917 Colored/388
Cummings, John L.Milner, Ella InghramDecember 25, 1 932 M/256
Wallace, J.W.Milner, Ella S.01 September 1881 G/540
Daniel, Abraham Milner, Elvira 5/28/1905 Colored/158
McDow, HenryMilner, Emma07 October 1897ColoredI/473
Phillips, Walter Milner, Emma 6/12/1910 Colored/241
Trippe, Luther M.Milner, Eva M.25 January 1911 K/195
Watkins, WashingtonMilner, Francis09 August 1888Bride's name indexed as MillnerH/470
Henderson, SamuelMilner, Hester28 December 1877ColoredG/243
Milam, Samuel F.Milner, Ida M.27-Mar-1872 F/187
Johnson, JoeMilner, Isabella09-Dec-1871 F/188
Edwards, EsawMilner, Isabelle12/27/1899 Colored/012
Wofford, Harry Milner, Iverda 4/21/1912 Colored/293
Harrison, CincinatusMilner, Jenny22 December 1869 F/071
Stocks, William H.Milner, K.C.14-Jan-1869 F/036
Lillard, Dock Milner, Laura 10/8/1898 Colored/004
Patterson, GeorgeMilner, Louise24 February 1925 K (Colored)/106
McEwen, CharlesMilner, Lucy N.29 December 1875 G/012
Jones, Robert Milner, Lula 4/6/1905 Colored/159
Milner, Jefferson (Rev.)Milner, Martha14-Feb-1869 F/040
Patterson, JamesMilner, Martha30 December 1880ColoredG/471
Lattimere, BerryMilner, Mary29 August 1876ColoredG/135
Milner, Haynes Milner, Mary 05 March 1867ColoredE/359
Key, Hugh GrahamMilner, Mary Etta03 Sept 1931 M/191
O'Rourke, James C.Milner, Mary Lou9/28/1910 K/155
Washington, LewisMilner, Mattie13 November 1882 H/064
Edwards, SimonMilner, Minnie8/24/1911 Colored/280
George, Dan G.Milner, Nancy12 March 1893ColoredI/281
Johnson, Robert Milner, Ola May 3/1/1914 Colored/330
Jones, MilesMilner, Ora01 September 1898 I/561
McMikan, E.J.Milner, Sallie17 January 1888 H/473
Hutchins, Stiles LintonMilner, Talulah20 March 1873 F/237
Perry, James Milner, Virgel 1/29/1900 Colored/009
Lawson, MajorMilsap, Firby15 January 1899 J/023
Garrett, Sam Mimms, Sicily 4/30/1908 Colored/210
Stratton, A.J.Mims, Anna (Mrs.)04 March 1900 J/232
Moore, HenryMims, Julia9/30/1917 Colored/398
Crawford, DavidMiner, Pinkey24 December 1884coloredH/218
Holloway, Vernon O.Mingrum, Lizzie03 September 1929 M/081
Morris, JohnMinor, Mary22 October 1899 J/057
Peek, John JulianMinter, Lois06 July 1929 M/070
Clay, HenryMinthaw, Clara12/14/1919 Colored/464
Dawkins, James CarsonMinton, Ina Ruth16 Nov 1931 M/204
McCoy, JamesMinton, Mary12-Mar-1871 F/165
Smith, Thomas M.Minton, Naomi (Mrs.)09 July 1905 J/395
Oliver, ThomasMinton, Pauline10 Jan 1931 M/157
Jones, Robert L. Mitchell, Ada 12/24/1914 Colored/340
Durham, TomMitchell, Alice20 January 1901 J/119
Goode, SamuelMitchell, Bertie23 January 1907 J/452
Williams, GeorgeMitchell, Clara30-Apr-1874ColoredF/373
Young, Z.A.Mitchell, Cordelia18 September 1884 H/184
Winnett, George W.Mitchell, Elizabeth02 January 1840 B/042
Wigington, CarterMitchell, Ethel29 December 1918 L/259
Underwood, WileyMitchell, Leila29 January 1902"H" written in as Groom's middle initialJ/167
Wilson, RobertMitchell, Lelia22 February 1919 L/059
Pruitt, W.J.Mitchell, Lillie (Mrs.)02 August 1920 L/144
Hart, CharleyMitchell, Lizzabell18 July 1902Groom's first name also spelled"Charlie"J/188
Peacock, Albert R.Mitchell, Madeline (Mrs.)09 August 1902 J/189
Porter, Wreney W.Mitchell, Maggie E.25 December 1895 I/402
Harrill, Albert V.Mitchell, Mary Lucy20 June 1906 J/411
Godhigh, ErastusMitchell, Mattie12/23/1917 Colored/405
Smith, JamesMitchell, Nancy A.17-Feb-1870 F/084
Watts, JamesMitchell, Queenie12 September 1926 K (Colored)/131
Garrett, ColumbusMitchell, Ritta22 January 1888 H/489
Patterson, Jule P.Mize, Addie E.05 February 1911Bride indexed as Eddie E.K/199
Seay, W.T.Mize, Mary A.28-Dec-1873 F/308
Stafford, Robert Mize, Maudie 8/30/1906 Colored/175
Carver, M.T.Moat, Annie10 August 1913 K/351
Carter, GroverMobley, Nora23 October 1910 K/180
Raines, WilliamMohoffey, Willie Mae20 March 1909 K/093
King, OrasMonday, Janie07 July 1907Bride's last name also written as"Munday"J/469
Jackson, Frank T.Monfort, Mary Guill06 June 1923 L/317
Collins, HenryMonroe, Ava11 January 1885Bride's first name may be AraH/219
Hamilton, GeorgeMontgomery, Addie B.30 May 1927 K (Colored)/143
Smith, Isaac Montgomery, Florence 11/17/1912 Colored/298
Pritchett, PeterMontgomery, Georgia23 November 1924 K (Colored)/089
Scott, AlonzoMoody, Laura7/9/1913 Colored/317
Massey, J.W.Moody, Lizzie, (Mrs.)03 March 1903 J/224
Kemp, John L.Moon, Carrie Belle06 February 1901 J/127
Bruce, Rufus N.Moon, Carrie D.18 December 1901 J/154
Settle, Harry MitchellMoon, Hattie Eugenia11 March 1911 K/196
Webb, Lester NMoon, Ina C.04 June 1907 K/585
Smith, WillisMoon, Julia Ann27 September 1879ColoredG/347
Bradford, Harry BellMoon, Lanelle11 August 1917 K/597
Williamson, GeorgeMoon, Lucy17 June 1880 G/411
Rivers, HillianMoon, Mary 10/7/1906Marriage year written overColored/208
Houston, Mack Mooney, Charity05 July 1873 F/269
Mooney, J.D.Mooney, Martha A.22 May 1883 H/085
Smythers, W.H.Mooney, Mary Ann14 March 1886 H/313
Mooney, C. MackMooney, Mattie07 February 1883 H/392
Mason, JohnMooney, Tiney05 June 1867 E/321
Rogers, A.B.Mooneyham, Velma28 July 1931 M/185
Lindsey, Roy JamesMooneyhan, Ercle03 May 1930 M/124
Green, Luther P.Moor, Mattie E.29 June 1910 K/160
Smith, RoyMoore, Ada11 January 1911 K/191
Noland, Dock Moore, Ada 7/2/1911 Colored/267
Morgan, WillMoore, Addie03 December 1898ColoredI/566
Goodwan, ReubenMoore, Adeline18 August 1863 E/261
Moreland, GeorgeMoore, Adline17 May 1925 K (Colored)/122
Jones, HenryMoore, Adoline05 October 1893ColoredI/276
Hill, JohnMoore, Alice15 June 1890ColoredI/055
Dial, J.D. Moore, Alice 10/22/1908Recorded 29 October 1918Colored/415
Murphey, W.L.Moore, Allie E.17 September 1893 I/283
Manor, WilliamMoore, Angeline17-Sep-1850 D/080
Popham, WilliamMoore, Ann (Mrs.)20 July 1893 I/238
Dobbs, WilliamMoore, Annie30 Oct 1939 K (Colored)/375
Kincaid, JamesMoore, Annie1/9/1916 Colored/359
Terrell, H.A.Moore, Annie8/30/1910 K/162
Marshall, John Moore, Annie 12/28/1899 Colored/012
Roberson, JohnMoore, Bantie12 February 1911 K/198
Upshaw, W.T.Moore, Bertha B.08 October 1903 J/292
Jones, SamuelMoore, Carrie29 January 1882 G/575
Jackson, Benjamin Moore, Carrie 12/14/1903 Colored/121
Moore, Wash Moore, Cornelia 08-May-1872 F/214
Chapman, Joseph C.Moore, Effie Pearl05 July 1908 K/034
Appling, ElmerMoore, Eliza10/13/1919 Colored/461
Williams, W.P.Moore, Eliza03 March 1903 J/221
Hargiss, JosephMoore, Elizabeth31 January 1837 B/003-004
Coleman, HarryMoore, Ella May7/17/1913 Colored/314
Slege, WilliamMoore, Elsa06 January 1875ColoredG/058
Maxwell, John E.Moore, Eulee4/20/1913 K/339
Campbell, Green B.Moore, Eveline20 March 1861 E/222
Dooley, DeeMoore, Fannie21 July 1905 J/367
Jones, Henry C.Moore, Fannie01-Aug-1871 F/336
Edwards, DuncanMoore, Flora15 November 1885 H/318
Lipscomb, W.C.Moore, G.C.16 December 1902 J/199
Knuckles, RobertMoore, Hannah07 October 1934 K (Colored)/287
Hazlewood, AaronMoore, Hattie18 March 1875 F/346
Martin, W.H.Moore, Jane26 December 1893 I/255
Eiseman, PatrickMoore, Jeanette12 February 1905 J/307
Thompson, Paul Moore, Jessie 6/16/1912 Colored/291
Pinion, W.I.Moore, Jodie E.02 September 1900 J/116
Cantrell, A.J.Moore, Josephine05 December 1925 L/427
Turney, A.E.Moore, Josephine24 December 1907 K/614
Tidwell, WillieMoore, Josie03 September 1916 K/547
Turner, WilliamMoore, Laura21 March 1885 H/252
Harper, Harvey Moore, Laura 7/17/ 1901 Colored/079
Christopher, WalterMoore, Lena12/11/1910 Colored/254
Martin, WilliamMoore, Liza (Mrs.)18 May 1929 M/059
Abney, J.W.Moore, Lizzie27 December 1890 I/086
Mitchell, Willie L.Moore, Lizzie09 November 1919 L/110
Bates, ColonelMoore, Lonnie3/25/1913 Colored/307
Todd, Robert J.Moore, Lou C.27-Sep-1870 F/130
Robertson, RobertMoore, Lucile05 January 1935 K (Colored)/294
Moore, James Moore, Lucy 29-Jul-1871ColoredF/117
Robertson, W.E.Moore, Lula20 September 1888 H/545
Stephens, Charles Moore, Lula 9/15/1915 Colored/351
Patterson, WillisMoore, Maggie30 December 1877ColoredG/237
McClendon, GeneralMoore, Marjorie07 Mar 1936 K (Colored)/316
Jarrett, JohnMoore, Mary11 January 1914 K/373
Reed, MosesMoore, Mary08-Jun-1873 F/280
Decatur, WilliamMoore, Mary A.29 June 1891ColoredI/167
Lewis, James W.Moore, Mary J.23 December 1888 H/583
Saxton, EdMoore, Mattie21 March 1921 L/237
McLendon, FrankMoore, Maybelle10 December 1933 K (Colored)/264
Robertson, William F.Moore, Minnie21 April 1895Groom's last name changedI/356
Sutton, J.H.Moore, Nellie May20 July 1913 K/358
Moore, B.R.Moore, Nettie W. (Mrs.)12/30/1916 K/598
Mitchell, AllenMoore, Nevey 21 April 1868ColoredE/605
Pendergraff, JohnMoore, Octavia24 July 1892ColoredI/186
Williams, Albert Moore, Ophelia 12 April 1941GDOB:06-26-1921 BDOB:04-14-1923K (Colored)/408
Black, SamMoore, Ora10/21/1900 Colored/036
Hamilton, L.D. Moore, Ora B. 10/13/1913 Colored/316
Wyatt, GeorgeMoore, Pauline27 July 1929 K (Colored)/196
Lewis, PeterMoore, Pearl12/26/1918 Colored/433
Stovall, JamesMoore, Peggie25 November 1875ColoredG/023
Johnson, James W.Moore, Queen26 December 1892ColoredI/281
Carson, ColemanMoore, Rhodie31 December 1921 K (Colored)/041
Freeman, James Moore, Rosa 12/13/1911 Colored/286
Cannon, SamuelMoore, Sallie29 December 1882 H/071
Linn, James HamptonMoore, Sallie P.12 January 1902 J/166
Campbell, WillMoore, Sarah7/6/1902 Colored/087
Morgan, WillieMoore, Sarah16 Feb 1936 K (Colored)/315
Dobbs, NewtonMoore, Sarah J.M.20 January 1867 E/353
Hill, HenryMoore, Sarah M.08 September 1894 I/308
Phillips, JoeMoore, Susie18 February 1923Sula added to brideK (Colored)/066
Yarborough, Sidney Moore, Victoria 2/7/1897 Colored/017
Echols, ArthurMore, Hannah1/28/1906 Colored/148
King, David More, Louisiana 4/7/1903 Colored/107
Reed, S.J.Moreland, Beatrice05 May 1889 H/599
Kirby, JamesMorfitt, Lizzie27 September 1908 L/038, L/539
Blalock, R.L.Morgan, Alice02 August 1908 K/041
Wyley, Titus Morgan, Anna 15 October 1899 Colored/048
Hill, ThomasMorgan, Annie05 January 1929 M/041
Thomas, ErnestMorgan, Annie Laura01 March 1923Thomas/gr's last nam changK (Colored)/067
Wofford, JohnMorgan, Carrie02 May 1895ColoredI/372
Henderson, SamMorgan, Cora10/1/1918 Colored/425
Ballard, JosephMorgan, Daisy19 December 1915 K/501
Jacobs, H.W.Morgan, Dorothy23 November 1936 M/544
Priar, L.Morgan, E.10 June 1875 F/354
Moore, Lewis Morgan, Emily 15 July 1879  G/427
Haney, Bob Morgan, Estelle 9/26/1910 Colored/249
Hudgins, W.E.Morgan, Fannie15 December 1889 I/044
Woods, GeorgeMorgan, Hallie11 November 1923 L/329
Phillips, LewisMorgan, Jessie Mae4/22/1916 Colored/363
Parker, LindseyMorgan, Leila09 December 1902 J/213
Collins, S.O.Morgan, Lillie Pearl28 June 1891 I/132
Christopher, HenryMorgan, Lizzie09 July 1898 I/559
Garrett, JoeMorgan, Lois12/24/1918 Colored/430
Stansell, T.A.Morgan, Lula29 September 1911 K/248
Robertson, PhillipMorgan, Mary22 April 1895ColoredI/356
Yearwood, BarneyMorgan, Mollie06 May 1900 J/068
Starr, Ben Morgan, Ola 11/26/1905 Colored/161
Tigne, JimMorgan, Roseann27 December 1877ColoredG/210
Dabbs, ThomasMorris, Ada06 January 1901 J/090
Mann, Arthur Morris, Anna 9/3/1900 Colored/044
McGhee, Mc. Morris, Anna 24 September 1888 H/556
Craige, ElijahMorris, Annie28 December 1892 H/066
Reeves, William G.Morris, Annie Lee05 July 1924Indexed for"Reaves"L/388
Griggs, C.J.Morris, Bessie18 December 1918 L/044
Liggon, JohnMorris, Caroline16 February 1877ColoredG/233
Bell, FrankMorris, Christine23 May 1938 K (Colored)/350
Stephenson, AlexMorris, Clara26 December 1920 K (Colored)/022
Richey, RobMorris, Cora23 February 1890ColoredI/046
Dodson, LewisMorris, Dasie27 August 1896 I/465
Smith, C.F.L.Morris, E.V.21-Mar-1871 F/175
Turner, J. BerryMorris, Elizabeth Ann10/15/1853 E/016
Roberts, MillegeMorris, Emma17 August 1890ColoredI/071
Turnner, F.T. Morris, Emma 10/17/1908 Colored/207
Prater, WillMorris, Etta07 November 1893ColoredI/283
Mize, W. M.Morris, Eva May11/1/1913 K/363
Helms, GeorgeMorris, Fannie17 May 1888 H/551
Howren, Howel Morris, Hannah29 July 1873  F/273
Turner, AsomMorris, Hannah12 January 1867ColoredE/308
Chitwood, John WillieMorris, Hernione12 July 1923 L/304
Wise, TilmanMorris, Ida17 May 1930 K (Colored)/211
Whitlock, Gordon D.Morris, Irene19 August 1919 L/119
Waits, BufordMorris, Janie18 February 1906 J/382
Chapman, OllieMorris, Lareda27 June 1897 I/499
Pendley, E.T.Morris, Laura22 June 1913 K/345
Jackson, John Morris, Laura Belle 7/13/1919 Colored/466
Pounds, John D.Morris, Leila M.06 June 1895 I/371
Thomas, HenryMorris, Lillie9/14/1916 Colored/366
Pasley, A.G.Morris, Lizzie08 March 1884 H/245
Sims, JohnMorris, Lizzie02 May 1886 H/295
Bell, G.W.Morris, Louetta22 September 1901 J/159
Gotell, John Morris, Louise 27 December 1941GDOB: 02-08-1885; BDOB:-4-14-1913K (Colored)/428
Williams, TomMorris, Maggie19 January 1881 G/520
Long, Clifford Morris, Maggie 11/28/1905 Colored/167
Greer, SamMorris, Mariah11 January 1895ColoredI/397
Porter, AaronMorris, Mary30 October 1867ColoredE/385
Shaw, JoelMorris, Mary11-Jan-1874 F/310
Shepherd, WilliamMorris, Mary27 March 1884 H/174
Upshaw, Henry Morris, Mary 11/25/1905Bride's last name Marsh was marked out and Morris was written in pencil in the indexColored/152
Hood, William M.Morris, Mary M.xx September 1867License issued 05 Sept 1867E/381
Jordan, ThomasMorris, Mattie28 December 1890Colored I/083
Branton, Joe BenMorris, Mattie LoisDecember 22, 1932 M/252
Proctor, RobertMorris, May30 January 1920 L/115
Boyd, EctorMorris, Minnie Lee27 January 1941 K (Colored)/404
Floyed, C.M.Morris, Mollie28 December 1877 G/250
Gravitt, R.R.Morris, Mollie28 January 1909Indexed as GravitteK/293
Davis, Joshua J.Morris, Nancy L.13 May 1869 F/051
Cannon, T.L.Morris, Ophelia06 September 1925 L/426
Carter, Robert C.Morris, Ovey27 Nov 1931 M/205
Wright, RoscoeMorris, Pauline12 August 1928"Virgil" written in as Groom's middle nameM/020
Gaines, MackMorris, Peely08 August 1930 K (Colored)/214
Milner, Charles J.Morris, Rosa 3/29/1914 Colored/333
Layton, A.C.Morris, Salina07-Dec-1868 F/027
Higgins, MelvinMorris, Sallie19 September 1915 K/495
Fletcher, William Morris, Stella 12/26/1899 Colored/016
Moore, WillieMorris, Susie03 January 1892ColoredI/101
Pressley, Theo, Jr. Morris, Thelma 20 March 1943GDOB: 12-20-1919; BDOB:08-20-1919K (Colored)/451
Ransom, JoeMorris, Tillie May06 Jul 1936Bride's 1st name may be LillieK (Colored)/319
Benson, CharlieMorris, Willie Lou02 June 1931 M/175
Bell, B.E.Morrison, Carrie04 June 1883 H/087
McMillian, WilliamMorrison, Elizabeth Jane05-Nov-1848 D/016
Morris, JohnMorrison, Emily 2 April 1857 E/107
Rogers, William C.Morrison, George Ann23 December 1858 E/174
Henderson, WilliamMorrison, Hester13 July 1843 B/112
White, SydneyMorrison, Jane18 December 1838 B/023
Wilson, HenryMorrison, Rachel E.11 July 1859 E/161
Vestal, Charles R.Morrison, Rebecca01-Feb-1872 F/183
Hicks, T.J.Morrow, Francis E.23 December 1886 H/362
Sutton, Charles C.Morrow, Lizzie L.16 March 1882 H/003
Clemmons, William C.Morrow, Lula11 January 1900 J/031
Casey, George W.Morrow, Mary M.28 November 1859 E/183
Fain, WillMorton, Hattie2/18/1917"William" written in as Groom's first nameColored/380
Wood, Clarence J.Morton, Lillie14 December 1882 H/039
Hamilton, George Morton, Marie 5/8/1911 Colored/273
Gaines, MackMoseley, Susie19 February 1924bride has 2 last name spellings, also MoselyK (Colored)/102
Johnson, SimpsonMosely, Caroline09 September 1883 H/124
Garrett, Samuel Mosely, Ella 03 January 1869 F/001
Brown, NathanMoss, Anna9/8/1901 Colored/076
Moody, AugustusMoss, Anna24 May 1891ColoredI/051
Peacock, JamesMoss, Anna07 March 1886 H/376
Beavers, EarnestMoss, Annie Grace21 September 1921 L/213
Baker, ThomasMoss, Belle25 July 1905 J/360
Baker, EffieMoss, Bessie Mae15 December 1934 M/397
Hopkins, AlonzoMoss, Ella09 December 1888 H/441
Coy, ThomasMoss, Emma28 May 1916 K/541
Simpson, BillMoss, Emma16 January 1937 M/552
Davis, ThurstonMoss, Frances18 July 1896ColoredI/462
Elrod, JohnMoss, Jewell09 November 1934 M/386
Brown, LeeMoss, Lillah25 December 1900 Colored/048
Rutland, ClarenceMoss, Ludell Guyton08 August 1934 M/348
Elrod, LeeMoss, Lula23 July 1905 J/360
Sharp, J.J.A.Moss, M.E.14 December 1859 E/180
Elrod, ChesleyMoss, Martha08 August 1915 K/498
Searcy, WilliamMoss, Mattie05 January 1919 L/051, L/526
Beck, L.R.Moss, May25 December 1910 K/170
McCoy, GusMoss, Nancy07 January 1907 J/442
Herndon, Milton C.Moss, Neoma21 April 1929 M/056
Hannon, JerryMoss, Rebecca20 November 1898ColoredI/571
Kay, Pinkney J.Moss, Sallie25 December 1905 J/382
Young, JamesMoss, Sallie15 April 1918"W" written in as Groom's middle initial; marriage date changed to 18 Apr 1918L/017
Taylor, ArthurMoss, Sylvia09 December 1934 M/393
Edwards, JohnMosteller, Annie Lourie06 November 1909 K/111
Edwards, HarveyMosteller, Cleo02 August 1908 K/044
Reagan, J.W.Mosteller, Elizabeth21 October 1866 E/340
Cosstephens, William M.Mosteller, Frances3/11/1854 E/021
Smith, Benjamin T.Mosteller, Isabella12-Jun-1849 D/072
Anderson, J.T.Mosteller, Lizzie28 November 1875 F/380
Gore, T.G.B.Mosteller, M.T.07 December 1879 G/376
House, Aaron T.Mosteller, Margaret C.27 December 1857 E/128
Brown, VinsonMosteller, Martha J.17-Aug-1853 D/203
Elrod, William R.Mosteller, Sarah E.02 June 1861 E/228
Henderson, WilliamMosteller, Susan E.18 December 1859 E/181
Mostiller, Benjamin F.Mostiller, Eliza C.13 June 1857 E/108
Deming, T.P.Mostiller, Nannie07 September 1873 F/276
Mathis, Earl ArthurMote, Martha Louise01 May 1937 M/574
Espy, John T.Motes, Nancy29 November 1874 F/367
Barnett, LowellMotes, Ollie22 July 1928 M/014
Dempsey, Chapley W.Motes, Susan06 January 1860 E/187
Butler, HomerMoun, Jennie11 December 1900 J/095
Hall, W.J.Mountcastle, Annie E.09 July 1896 I/461
Lorrman, Benjamin J.Mountcastle, E.M.16 March 1882 H/002
Cary, YoungMoye, Susie10 March 1932 K (Colored)/238
Bird, WalterMozee, Minnie3/5/1906 Colored/150
Dupree, Robert C.Mulinax, Bonnie06 October 1928 M/027
Baker, Bled BarnaMulkey, Corrie15 November 1908 K/060
Adkinson, JohnMulkey, Ida B.21 August 1913 K/360
Ellis, AldenMulkey, Lemon10 November 1929 M/091
Ralston, AndrewMulkey, Lola May22 October 1935 M/459
Ragland, James MelvinMulkey, Ruby Lorine17 November 1933 M/315
Mulkey, W. D.Mulkey, Susan11/12/1917 K/601
McCoy, J.D.Mulkey, ViolaMay 15, 1932 M/225
Kiser, M.C.Mull, A.C.27 December 1888 H/596
Branson, LeviMull, Rhoda C.20 March 1875 F/346
Young, John H.Mullen, Sarah (Mrs.)20 May 1884 H/205
Bell, W.G.Mullenix, Sina29 January 1871 F/139
Tatum, J.A.Mullinax, Bettie21 December 1914 K/428
Rogers, Ed WoodrowMullinax, Connie Lee26 November 1933 M/317
Hill, WalterMullinax, Jessie09 June 1928"C" inserted as Groom's middle initialM/012
Leonard, BufordMullinax, LoisApril 1, 1933 M/270
Brown, HarryMullinax, Monteen27 February 1935 M/411
Wright, F.C.Mullinix, Amanda09 August 1924 L/397
Howell, John D.Mullins, Annie Lee23 December 1900 J/117
Hubbard, Isaac M.Mullins, Dicy18 August 1842 B/094
Rogers, DocMullins, Frances03 November 1886 H/422
Bohannon, JamesMullins, Lena27 April 1924 L/374
Croy, J.L.Mullins, Lula05 December 1897Bride's name also spelled"Lilla"I/514
Vance, M. A730H.Mullins, Mrs. DaisyJuly 16, 1932 M/234
Davis, William S.Mullins, Sarah C.09/29/1853 E/001
Gilreath, James H.Mumford, Bettie30 October 1866 E/340
Gilreath, Hiling P.Mumford, N.O.28 May 1861 E/229
Gilreath, G.H.Mumford, Rena26 November 1874 F/372
Nelson, Clyde Muncher, Frances24 March 1934"A" added as Groom's middle initialM/464
Morris, Harold Munday, Flossie09 June 1934"D" added as Groom's middle initialM/358
Black, B.F.Mundy, Bessie27 December 1918 L/042
Fortenberry, RobertMundy, Velvie09 November 1902 J/203
Williams, Sandy Munford, Gillian 31-Oct-1867 F/018
McCormack, John HunterMunford, Ida V.05 January 1898 I/529
Peeples, Oscar T.Munford, Louis D. 1 December 1898 I/532
Smith, A.L.Murcherson, Mammie16 April 1896 I/430
Thomas, W.F.Murchison, E.C.24 September 1867 E/377
Ivie, WilliamMurchison, Maggie05 October 1870 F/157
Hall, Robert F.Murchison, Nannie Lou27 December 1914 K/440
Dewey, David AugustusMurchison, Susan03 July 1898 I/547
Goodwin, James S.Murchison, Viola B.18 December 1884 H/226
Jones, HenryMurchurson, Emma05-Mar-1871 F/118
Thompson, Wade H.Murkinson, Sarah E.20 December 1859 E/196
Hutcherson, Will Murphey, Alice 3/17/1907 Colored/182
Dunson, AutneyMurphey, Ann16 March 1868 E/602
Barber, WilliamMurphey, Annie30 March 1913 K/340
Yarbrough, John Murphey, Eliza xx/xx/xxxxNo marriage date; License issued 20 Sep 1907; Marriage recorded '29 Nov 1907Colored/203
Woodall, J.E.Murphey, Estha L.16 February 1902 J/170
Beavers, RobertMurphey, Helen08 Feb 1937 K (Colored)/331
Jourdan, J.H.Murphey, L.F.26 June 1890 I/057
Beaver, AllenMurphey, Laura26 September 1895Colored/Indexd in D's as Green, J.J.; also indexed in G's Bride-2 last namesI/383
McDowell, Henry Murphey, Lula 9/3/1907 Colored/204
Ward, CharleyMurphey, Maggie24 November 1912 K/290
Thurmond, LewisMurphey, Martha04-Aug-1868 F/008
Linn, Alley L.Murphey, Mary F.10 November 1893 I/263
Cook, Oscar E.Murphey, May L.02 October 1901 J/122
Murray, Thomas Murphey, Millie 1/10/1906 Colored/213
Cox, JohnMurphey, Minnie14 March 1889 H/575
Washington, Benj. Murphey, Pallace 12/25/1872ColoredG/061
Pratt, GreenMurphey, Roxie05 June 1898 I/534
Blalock, William P.Murphey, Texana07 November 1870recorded 8/17/1881G/432
Butler, Eli Murphey, Viney 4/5/1873ColoredG/062
Denman, JuliusMurphy, Minnie25 December 1904 J/297
Head, IsaacMurray, Elizabeth22 July 1879 G/353
Clark, GeorgeMurray, Julia4/5/1905 Colored/145
Mann, BusterMurray, Laura May14 January 1930"Arthur" written in as Groom's first nameK (Colored)/205
Roberson, AbramMurray, Maray13 October 1867ColoredE/385
Mumfort, J.A.Murrell, Lela E.18 March 1891 I/130
Henderson, Richard Murry, Julia 12/29/1918 Colored/431
Willis, BradleyMusic, Rosie Lee16 February 1937 M/561
McCoy, Robert E.Musick, Margaret11 July 1931 M/186
Henderson, W.H.Musk, Ora01 August 1928 K (Colored)/179
Pittard, William D.Myers, Cynthia A.22 December 1885 H/315
Vincent, WoodMyers, Milly07 September 1839 B/035
Head, D.C.Myers, Nancy J.15 September 1872 F/212


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