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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
Swetman, JosiahOakes, Neiley06-Sep-1849Indexed as SweatmanD/060
Tally, Stephen S.Oats, Amanda E.24 Sept 1855 E/072
Moore, ThompsonOBrien, Elizabeth21 February 1859 E/172
Madden, W.H.OBrien, S.A. (Mrs.)20 February 1887 H/331
Dix, W.M.Odam, Ethel30 May 1931 M/174
Jones, T.W. (F.M.)Odom, A.D. (A.M.)19-Jul-1874 F/307
Ellis, Stephen R.Odom, Crysteaner A.28-Jul-1850 D/072
Dean, Marshall P.O'Dom, HazelMay 6, 1932 M/223
Mize, D.M.Odom, Nancy L. 23 January 1890 I/035
Dover, AndersonOdum, Eliza A.9/17/1854 E/038
Farmer, James W.Odum, Phoonie L.04 April 1909 K/090
Chapman, ThomasOgle, Sallie25 November 1879 G/383
McLung, J.F.Oglesby, M.E.29 October 1882Groom's last name questionableH/291
Carroll, EdO'Hara, Katie06 May 1911 K/212
Straron, F.F.O'Kelly, Elizabeth05 September 1859Groom's last name hard to readE/176
Majors, Thomas A.J.Olds, Eulah G.L.15 November 1885 H/300
Parker, Milford C.Oliver, Adaline22 November 1866 E/336
Findley, NathanielOliver, Alma16 July 1922 K (Colored)/043
Hilton, C.A.Oliver, Annie Ruth28 December 1929 M/103
Ward, WilliamOliver, Hattie17 July 1887 H/323
Johnson, Cliff Oliver, Sallie May 3/4/1916 Colored/361
Gordon, JohnnieOliver, Theo20 October 1928 K (Colored)/183
Boyce, CharleyOneal, Mary11/26/1906 Colored/181
Donald, J.B.Oneal, Mary15 January 1896 I/403
Dobbs, Miles E.L. Oneal, Mattie 7/12/1909 Colored/226
Huntington, Navano O'Neil, Nell27 August 1936 M/515
Scarborough, A.W.ONeil, R.F.13 December 1857 E/123
Parrette, Cyril Q.Orr, Esther Lee12 Nov 1931 M/202
Dyer, John WillieOrr, Flora20 Oct 1938 K (Colored)/360
Thompkins, Ben Orr, Flora 7/25/1903 Colored/110
Johnson, John L.Orr, Leola12 October 1923 K (Colored)/081
Foster, WaymanOrr, Lillian23 December 1923 L/357
Baldwin, GradyOrr, Malissa5/6/1916Bride's first name also spelled"Milissa"Colored/367
Strickland, DeweyOrr, Mary Ella7/23/1919 Colored/459
Riley, WillOrton, Ola29 October 1928 M/030
Ellison, C.A.Osborn, Clemmie25 December 1896 I/436
Potts, CharleyOsborn, Effie28 July 1909 K/095
King, OdasOsborn, Emma5/10/1917 Colored/395
Robison, BennettOsborn, Hattie19 March 1902 J/173
Roper, ShermanOsborn, Nellie04 August 1912 K/285
Stocks, MonroeOsborn, Susie19 January 1896ColoredI/402
Mobley, S.Osburn, Carrie May22 December 1891 I/107
Popham, MatOsburn, Lindsey (Mrs.)13 April 1916 K/520
Bridges, J.W.O'Shields, Annie 15 October 1884 H/186
Harden, J.D.OShields, Charlotte07 October 1857 E/120
Hemphill, James T.O'Shields, Fannie22 October 1876 G/107
Fuller, HezekiahOusilee(Qusilee), Addie25 December 1879 G/382
Thompson, W.A.Overton, C.E.9/5/1875 G/077
Morgan, Edward RussellOwen, Eula Bertha28 October 1903 J/243
Crawford, C.W.Owens, Ada17 April 1892 I/176
Prather, JohnOwens, Adys09 February 1929 M/046
Williams, LutherOwens, Alabama D.22 June 1879 G/342
Smith, ArthurOwens, Bessie Leo26 August 1911 K/227
Brown, James J.Owens, Catharine10 June 1860 E/202
Butler, Elias M.Owens, Charlotte L.10-Apr-1850 D/097
Barger, G.W.Owens, Cora29 December 1912 K/313
Forsyth, J.R.Owens, Effie02 August 1916 K/545
Brown, John D.Owens, Elizabeth05 September 1840 B/057
Barger, WillOwens, Ella26 January 1908 K/017
Burrough, A.L.Owens, Ellen09 March 1902 J/242
Heath, CarterOwens, Florence22 October 1905 J/367
Knight, Henry Owens, Frances 3/6/1913 Colored/309
Cothran, T.H.Owens, G.O. 10 February 1907"Thomas Cawthon" written in as Groom's name;"Georgia" written in as Bride's first nameJ/447
Grant, AuthurOwens, Grace24 December 1916 K/576
Jolly, J.C.Owens, Ida02 December 1886 H/365
Howard, WilliamOwens, Josephene05 February 1893ColoredI/212
Hendricks, Leland MarcusOwens, Laura25 December 1904 J/304
Howren, FrankOwens, Lena11 October 1903 J/263
Reeves, BernardOwens, Lillian22 August 1936"Harold" added as Groom's first name;"Mary" added as Bride's first nameM/517
Burrough, G.D.Owens, Maggie02 December 1917 K/594
Dawson, ThomasOwens, Maggie18 January 1894 I/249
Ginn, LutherOwens, Maggie15 June 1918 K/635
Gary, Charles Owens, Mamie 2/28/1909Charles marked through &"James" written above it; Recorded 30 Oct 1918Colored/421
Rogers, Henry H.Owens, Martha12 Jul 1855 E/064
Watson, William W.Owens, Martha Ann16 October 1856 E/105
Edwards, JohnOwens, Mary25 April 1883 H/077
Landrum, W.P.Owens, Mary 19-Nov-1871 F/163
McElwee, AaronOwens, Mary Ann4/15/1854 E/024
Parrish, William F.Owens, Mary Jane01 January 1859 E/154
Booker, ThomasOwens, Milly14 November 1837 B/007
Brownlow, H.J.Owens, Missouri12 May 1901Bride's name indexed as Miss OwensJ/205
Carpenter, SamuelOwens, Montie04 August 1900 J/072
Cantrell, AndersonOwens, Nancy19 August 1866 E/328
Ferrell, J.V., Jr.Owens, Nellie12 August 1933"James" written in as Groom's first nameM/291
Sherman, P.C.Owens, O.R.11 August 1897 I/500
Davis, John P.Owens, Olie12 January 1882 G/571
Nicholson, HobartOwens, Pearl04 July 1921 L/211
Griffin, Preston C.Owens, Sallie I.28 January 1895 I/252
Owens, ButlerOwens, Samantha C.28-Aug-1870 F/109
Chambers, W.C.Owens, Tinnie Mabel25 May 1913 K/325


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