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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
Baker, IsaacUnderwood, Alice22 December 1887 H/501
Brisindine, Louis P.Underwood, Amanda05 August 1886 H/428
Green, W.R.Underwood, Amanda28 July 1872 F/214
Smith, Benjamin F.Underwood, Annaxx-xx-xxxxLicense date of 16-Apr-1852; no marriage date but Recorded 20-Sep-1852D/168
Copeland, Willie W.Underwood, Annie11 April 1909 K/089
Barney, James M.Underwood, Elizabeth A.09-Mar-1853 D/191
Dobbs, J.C.Underwood, Emma May04 December 1889 I/027
Howard, B.F.Underwood, Ethel22 June 1902 J/184
McDaniel, AndyUnderwood, Florence25 April 1886 H/385
Norris, WilliamUnderwood, Frances (Mrs)13-Apr-1869 F/048
Manor, SandfordUnderwood, Louisa19 June 1842 B/087
Milner, HenryUnderwood, Nancy01 August 1837 B/002
Chambers, J.P.H.Underwood, Nancy J.20 September 1874 G/055
House, William H.Underwood, Pearl Emma13 February 1910 K/120
Anderson, James A.Underwood, Tela25 July 1908 K/102
Summerour, RufusUpshaw, Alice Bell21 September 1940 K (Colored)/395
Allen, EdUpshaw, Allee9/17/1911 Colored/281
Johnson, Tobe Upshaw, Annie 3/18/1906 Colored/145
Linn, John G.Upshaw, Bernia23 December 1875 G/023
Lollis, JohnUpshaw, Bessie17 September 1921 K (Colored)/037
Towns, Charley Upshaw, Charlotte 10/2/1911 Colored/278
Vaughan, William B.Upshaw, Ella16 November 1877 G/194
Barnes, Lewis Upshaw, Elliot 06 March 1878ColoredG/245
Reynolds, Calvin Upshaw, Emma 18-Aug-1868 F/009
Johnson, AmosUpshaw, Evaline01 February 1897ColoredI/489
King, GuyUpshaw, Harriet26 December 1878ColoredG/306
Ballenger, E.W.Upshaw, L.E.03 December 1874 G/049
Bailey, AndyUpshaw, Leola20 November 1934Marriage date is as it appears; License issued 20 Nov 1935; Recorded 20 Sept 1935K (Colored)/302
Smith, F.A.Upshaw, Lizzie19 July 1899 J/036
Smith, J.V.H. Upshaw, Lou 9/9/1899 Colored/010
Jones, William M.Upshaw, Louisa E.06 March 1843 B/107
Erwin, William R.Upshaw, Lucinda C.09 January 1840 B/051
Hite, CharlieUpshaw, Maggie10 November 1895ColoredI/378
Johnson, JoeUpshaw, Marian08 Mar 1936 K (Colored)/316
Vincent, Aulsey Upshaw, Martha G.04 January 1838 B/008-009
Dobbs, AlexUpshaw, Mary30 December 1879 G/465
Thomas, JohnUpshaw, Mary Frances27 June 1922 K (Colored)/049
Pearce, LeviUpshaw, Matilda08 December 1836 B/001
Jones, SamUpshaw, Mattie13 January 1876ColoredG/136
Boyd, Alexander Upshaw, Ninnie 5/30/1909   Colored/240
Heard, William Upshaw, Parilee 3/15/1914 Colored/331
Davenport, CharlieUpshaw, Sallie1/26/1919 Colored/451
Chum, George Upshaw, Sallie 18 February 1881 G/523
Jones, Andrew Upshaw, Sarah 7/23/1899 Colored/033
Dysart, Joseph L.Upshaw, Sarah E.03 October 1839 B/037
Weems, ArthurUpshaw, Susan21 April 1890ColoredI/038


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