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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
Ledford, JasonVance, Annie (Mrs.)21 October 1935 M/461
Cole, RenusVance, Gladys25 June 1935 M/448
Grant, NathanielVandaver, Margaret06 December 1842 B/099
Lord, AaronVanderford, Mary27 November 1839 B/040
Hill, John W.Vandiver, D.E.02 December 1877 G/223
Bell, V.P.Vandiver, J.E.18 January 1872Bride's first initial questionableF/209
Wallace, DouglasVandiver, Nellie Kate18 December 1933 M/324
Durham, Frank P.Vandivere, Maggie C.24 September 1890 I/080
Gaines, Richard M.Vandivere, Willie B.20 March 1898 I/543
Montgomery, John H.Vandivier, Ophelia19 February 1882 H/087
Stone, Anderson P.Vanhorn, Luvicie11 March 1901 J/126
Free, A.P.Vann, Sallie12 February 1883 H/078
Bagwell, John M.Vaughan, Ada03 February 1895 I/340
Hite, LeeVaughan, Addie07 January 1917 K/558
Carter, W.J.Vaughan, Alice04 September 1874 G/073
King, ElmerVaughan, Alice18 September 1904 J/300
Mundy, Lee Vaughan, Annie2/9/1913 K/307
Hamby, Tandy K.Vaughan, Annie Lucile09 June 1907 J/466
Camp, Marvin T.Vaughan, Bertie Mae21 November 1925 L/428
Pool, H.A.S.Vaughan, Caldonia16 February 1882 G/578
Walker, JohnVaughan, Carrie22 September 1912 K/286
Bennett, ReubenVaughan, Clara23 December 1928 M/040
Taylor, Daniel M.Vaughan, Claudia27 December 1924 L/406
Hunter, Phelix L.Vaughan, Comelia E.30 March 1876 F/369
Lee, WillVaughan, Dora29 May 1906 J/372
Strickland, RobertVaughan, Easter16 January 1907 J/432
White, A.G.Vaughan, Elizabeth02 December 1923 L/354
Koehler, S.F.Vaughan, Ella21 April 1878 G/265
Womack, JosephVaughan, Ella23 June 1907 J/464
Wilson, J.H.Vaughan, Emily03-Dec-1869 F/331
Carnes, HenryVaughan, Eva Bell1 January 1915 K/438
Heath, V.A.Vaughan, Fanney H.13 June 1870 F/093
Cox, CarterVaughan, Flonnie S.05 May 1901 J/107
Robinson, B.F.Vaughan, Francis02 February 1862 E/241
Lee, AlbertVaughan, GertrudeJanuary 21, 1933 M/261
Maloy, L.J.Vaughan, Ida25 December 1906 J/447
Walker, JohnVaughan, Irene17 January 1914 K/369
Kemp, IrvinVaughan, Katie15 August 1915 K/497
Fortenberry, LouVaughan, Leila25 January 1919 L/055
Woods, GipVaughan, Lena9/18/1916 K/547
Harris, James H. FitzVaughan, M.F. 04 June 1871 F/157
Johnson, WarrenVaughan, Mabel17 October 1917 K/637
Tippens, D.F.Vaughan, Maggie24 December 1905 J/348
Bagwell, O.T.Vaughan, Mattie18 December 1898 J/020
Bishop, S.P.Vaughan, Minnie19 May 1907 J/463
Bishop, ArthurVaughan, Nellie26 December 1910 K/175
Bishop, F.L.Vaughan, Nora27 December 1908 L/036
Hale, NewtVaughan, Ollie10 February 1929 M/045
Goode, Elmer C.Vaughan, Ora L.07 May 1906 J/405
Smith, Conrad A.Vaughan, Rubie23 October 1921 L/217
Lewis, CarlVaughan, Ruby06 January 1934"M" added as Groom's middle initialM/332
Williford, Archie BrownVaughan, Ruth Williams01 September 1929 M/079
Starnes, John W.Vaughan, Sallie08 August 1920 L/146
Simpson, C.A.Vaughan, Viola22 June 1924 L/388
McMillian, WilliamVaughn, Permelia17-Jul-1851 D/116
Helms, William D.Vaughn, Susan17 November 1865 E/271
McElwee, AaronVaughn, Susan22 May 1868 E/608
Grady, Noah HamiltonVeach, Annie L.20 October 1891 I/108
Stewart, John A.Veach, Julia L.25 October 1911 K/226
Johnson, Theron W.Veach, Lillian Bradley (Mrs.)26 Feb 1931 M/166
Milner, Richard WillisVeach, Mary Anna17 March 1920 L/132
Gaines, Milton P.Veach, Susie C.02 November 1916 K/552
Chapman, Jack Veal, Nancy 10 August 1868  F/007
Freeman, JohnVeals, Laura27 January 1895ColoredI/344
Johnson, BenjaminVenable, Adline22 May 1870ColoredF/097
Linn, J.W.Venable, C.F.11-Dec-1872 F/228
Patton, J.E.Venable, E.J.08 August 1889 H/605
Thompson, John W.Venable, Eliza02 August 1839 B/064
Gray, John W.Venable, Sarah I.08-Nov-1849Bride's middle name may be"J"D/046
Murphey, A.A.Verderey, Oriana L.30-Aug-1874 F/328
Prather, John S.Verdery, Susan H.12 April 1860 E/198
Covington, Leon HoytVerner, Bobbie15 May 1915 K/456
Jolly, Alfred C.Verner, Fincher11 October 1919 L/105
Allen, Sam J.Verner, Jimmie O.02 September 1902 J/189
Jackson, Robert WilsonVerner, Willie Dozier27 October 1909 K/112
Garrett, Joseph ClydeVernnon, Sarah Elizabeth14 May 1937 M/576
Wilson, A.B.Vernon, G.A.E.14-Apr-1874 F/282
Matthews, AmosVernon, Georgia23 December 1888 H/446
Dodgen, William C.Vernon, James Lucile14 June 1903 J/242
Head, BennieVernon, Madeline16 December 1929 M/098
Alexander, J.P.Vernon, Sallie C.23 December 1874 G/051
Halerand, T.J.Vick, Sadie08 May 1916Groom's name has been written over; appears to be HollarandK/524
Campbell, Newton B.Vincent, Della01 December 1886 H/331
Chisom, BillVincent, Fannie1/25/1914 Colored/320
Waters, W.H.H.Vincent, Flora E.09 July 1865 E/282
Jones, John Vincent, Janie 8/8/1915 Colored/441
Bradford, Virgil W.Vincent, Lillian17 April 1905 J/323
Barton, Homer R.Vincent, Lorena24 December 1912 K/315
Pettit, Fred F.Vincent, Lucile07 December 1923 L/356
Ward, W.R.Vincent, Lucinda10 April 1867 E/362
Hews, George W.Vincent, Lucinda H.28 August 1866 E/326
Weems, Alen FletcherVincent, M.E. 06 July 1856 E/093
Bradford, W.T.Vincent, M.R.12/19/1872 F/247
Smith, Levvy Vincent, Margaret 10-May-1874ColoredF/299
Ransom, CharlieVincent, Mary30 December 1895ColoredI/412
Branson, B.B.Vincent, Ora4/16/1925 L/418
Childers, Emsly J.Vincent, R.C.09 May 1855Groom's first name hard to readE/067
Reynolds, A.J. Vincent, S.B. 24 December 1882  H/061
Adair, J.P.Vincent, Stella D.21 October 1888 H/465
Green, JohnVincent, Susan (Mrs.)19 January 1882 G/573
Ford, E.H.Vines, Hazel Louise12 Jun 1930 M/129
Crawford, PrinceVineshell, Hannah28 August 1884ColoredH/182
Rogers, Leland TheodoreVinson, Mabel Virginia15 Mar 1930 M/117
Crow, Daniel M.Vinson, Rebecca J.3/15/1854 E/035
Evans, J.H.Voil, Annie May Roach (Mrs.)21 December 1929 M/099
Day, S.J.Volentine, Anna29 January 1880 G/332
Williamson, G.L.Vowell, Ara Lou29 September 1923 L/311
Boring, Carl H.Vowell, Robie Grace21 January 1923 L/292


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