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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
Blankenship, RaymondYancey, Cynthia16 September 1933 M/298
Curtis, PaulYancey, Elsie Faye12 January 1935 M/405
Head, CarrollYancey, Maxie25 May 1929 M/061
Richards, W.H.Yancy, Alice3/18/1909 K/146
Barker, Emory E.Yancy, Barbara20 March 1901 J/116
Bell, F.W.Yancy, Bessie P.01 August 1905 J/392
Hybert, AlbertYancy, Bettie (Mrs.)07 August 1917 K/583
Cline, Lester (Judge)Yancy, Ella02 April 1903 J/291
Thacker, HubertYancy, Eva May14 October 1923 L/335
Fielas, PuceYancy, Jane04 January 1872 F/186
Cowart, G.W.Yancy, Lelia06 December 1908 K/070
Monday, WilliamYancy, Lilly1/20/1910Groom's name indexed as MondyK/124
Atkins, Freeman P.Yancy, Myra21 December 1913 K/382
White, E.H.Yancy, Nancy A.M.15 January 1884 H/203
Mewborn, T.J.Yancy, Nancy E.12 November 1887 H/505
Stephens, W.W.Yancy, Rosalie26 August 1911 K/239
Jones, A.J.Yarborough, E.11 August 1859 E/173
Mack, J.T.Yarborough, Georgia04 February 1888 H/549
Rodgers, Augustus Yarborough, H.A. 24-Aug-1871coloredF/201
Ely, A.B.Yarborough, Laura30 September 1880 G/483
Yarborough, W.D.W.Yarborough, M.A,08 October 1882 H/037
Sayer, WilliamYarborough, Maggie14 December 1892 I/217
Allen, Jim Yarborough, Mary 9/1/1881 G/541
Reynolds, Freeman Yarborough, Mary 26-Dec-1869coloredF/101
Young, JohnYarborough, Rachel21 June 1877ColoredG/178
Gaines, William ArthurYarbough, Alma Virginia22 Feb 1931 M/164
Countryman, JohnYarbough, Mary31 December 1879 G/427
Mitchell, W.C.Yarbrough, Annie09 December 1900 J/096
Pasley, George Yarbrough, Bessie 1/2/1916 Colored/357
Harper, LeeYarbrough, Bettie02 February 1902 J/241
Harris, Richard G.Yarbrough, Edna13 May 1923 L/320
Thomas, AndrewYarbrough, Ella02 October 1898ColoredI/570
Shaw, LelandYarbrough, Georgia17 November 1935"Franklin added as Groom's middle name; Groom's DOB: 20 Set 1912; Bride's DOB: 22 Feb 1917M/469
Brownlee, J.R.Yarbrough, Ida19 April 1910 K/150
Presley, ClarkYarbrough, Jessie15 March 1936 M/493
Duckett, H.L.Yarbrough, Josie25 December 1900 J/086
Bates, GordonYarbrough, Laura2/3/1918 Colored/408
Pasley, WilliamYarbrough, Lou15 May 1894ColoredI/291
Lyons, ElishaYarbrough, Louisa17-Aug-1868 F/006
Baker, John H.Yarbrough, Lydie30 July 1921 K (Colored)/034
Stephens, Thomas N.Yarbrough, Mattie16 November 1898 I/572
Pasley, Wylie Yarbrough, Mattie 12/26/1915 Colored/356
Yarbrough, GuyYarbrough, Minnie16 March 1896 I/396
Felder, Sam Yarbrough, Mollie 11/28/1906 Colored/189
Gilreath, Lucius F.Yarbrough, Ollie06 December 1906 J/404
Mann, A.R.Yarbrough, Rebecca18 January 1898ColoredI/557
Ventoso, BenjamenYarbrough, Sarah E.xx-xx-xxxxLicense Date of 23-Jun-1852 only; not finalD/163
Sellers, John W.Yarbrough, Susie23 July 1903 J/240
Couch, JohnYarbrough, Willie02 September 1894 I/312
Jones, SamYearwood, Minnie20 November 1898 I/568
Dyar John H.York, Eliza J.12 May 1867 E/364
Bright, DavidYork, Fannie09 October 1904 J/369
Byars, W.L.Yother, Martha C.29 October 1893 I/251
Neal, A.P.Young, A.L.22 November 1881 G/558
Smith, B.C.Young, A.Z. (Mrs.)31 July 1913 K/347
Cornwell, SilasYoung, Ada13 October 1935 M/460
Stephenson, William"Freedman"Young, Adline"Freedwoman"10 August 1866Freedman; Freed WomanE/293
Oliver, PeterYoung, Amanda F.08 November 1878 G/312
Marshall, PeterYoung, Ann20 May 1868ColoredE/609
Saxon, Perry Young, Anna 6/3/1900 Colored/037
Ransom, W.W.L.Young, Anna R.19 December 1886 H/345
Patterson, Ben F.Young, Annie24 April 1879 G/314
Stephens, CrawfordYoung, Annie22 September 1889ColoredI/041
Parks, Reuben E.Young, Bernice24 December 1934 K (Colored)/293
Moss, HenryYoung, Beulah26 January 1925 K (Colored)/115
Patterson, Henry Young, Charlotte 12/29/1906 Colored/192
Clonts, R.T. Young, Clarence 27 February 1908Also spelled ClountsK/052
Gurley, Benjamin E.Young, Della21 February 1913 K/322
Cowart, John L.Young, Edna06 April 1919 L/066
Weathington, ThomasYoung, Elizabeth28 October 1860 E/215
Guardhigh, John H.Young, Ella18 May 1885 H/225
Kincaid, JackYoung, Ella11 June 1893ColoredI/237
Addison, AdamYoung, Elvira12/19/1898 Colored/006
Johnson, RichardYoung, Emma27 December 1876ColoredG/145
Stephens, C.L.Young, Estella3/30/1918 Colored/413
Harris, FredYoung, Eula06 May 1933 K (Colored)/253
Rogan, John P.Young, Fannie Jones21 December 1884 H/245
Reece, J.C.Young, Fannie LouMarch 22, 1933 M/266
Richardson, FrankYoung, Fannie Mae09 May 1920 K (Colored)/001
Taylor, Clayton"Freedman"Young, Hannah"Freedwoman"01 January 1867ColoredE/307
Daniel, RobertYoung, Hattie May1/7/1917 Colored/386
Bagwell, RobertYoung, Hazel11 March 1934 M/344
Dave, ReubinYoung, Henrietta06 March 1879ColoredG/357
Coggins, H.G.W.Young, Josephine B.16 February 1924 L/361
Lanham, ForrestYoung, Lena07 September 1935 M/446
Fields, JuliusYoung, Lillie3/28/1920 Colored/475
Tarver, RobertYoung, Lizzie11 July 1897ColoredI/499
Booza, JesseYoung, Lou12/5/1912 Colored/299
Mize, Robert L.Young, Lou28 May 1899 J/026
Jones, Foster (M.D.)Young, Louisa J.11 September 1860 E/213
Bryant, Ernest Young, Lucille 16 May 1942GDOB: 03-12-1902; BDOB:06-02-1903K (Colored)/438
Brown, JosephYoung, Lucy23 September 1940 K (Colored)/397
Castner, J.P.Young, M.J.04 September 1878 G/283
Munford, Robert SimsYoung, Marilu06 November 1919 L/111
Knowles, Luther Young, Marion16 Jun 1940"Ferry" written in as Groom's middle nameK (Colored)/381
Craig, RichardYoung, Mary8/2/1899 Colored/031
Worthington, JohnYoung, Mary23 September 1860 E/209
Patterson, JamesYoung, Mary Ann27 December 1877 G/226
Clemmons, JamesYoung, Mary E.01 March 1925 K (Colored)/106
Freeman, James Young, Mary J. 06 December 1868 F/034
Tune, Charles W.Young, Mary Lou18 June 1903 J/229
Smith, GuyYoung, Maude04 November 1923 L/330
Culberson, ErwinYoung, May18 March 1917 K/579
Gaines, AlfredYoung, Milly19 August 1868ColoredE/702
Moss, JackYoung, Minnie Mae11 November 1923 L/299
Kirkland, JamesYoung, Mordel2/27/1910 K/135
Abernathy, ElihuYoung, Nancy Elizabeth20 December 1885 H/370
Williams, Pomp Young, Nicie 12/21/1899 Colored/009
Cantrell, M.C.Young, Odessa23 December 1923William M. addedL/348
Ward, HarveyYoung, Pearl01 September 1919 L/083
Pratt, G.W.Young, Polly04 February 1889 H/600
Harvey, David DonaldsonYoung, Sara Octavia08 Oct 1930 M/143
Howell, C.H.Young, Savannah18 December 1900 J/114
Akerman, WalterYoung, Susie Agnes27 October 1892 I/183
Howell, Jessie A.Young, Thelma Bertha23 January 1929 M/044
Lockaby, HokeYoung, Viola22 Aug 1931 M/190
Butler, J.H.Young, Vivion23 August 1922 L/266
Wingard, William E.Youngblood, Corrie17 October 1878 G/323
King, James M.D.Youngblood, Eliza28-Jul-1853 D/202
Wade, H.F.Youngblood, Rebecca19-Dec-1872Henry Franklin WadeF/238
Jones, JamesYounger, Caroline (Mrs.)21 February 1889ColoredH/568
Anderson, ShelbyYounger, Fannie16 October 1924 K (Colored)/103
Henderson, Tom, Jr. Younger, Susie 2/24/1909 Colored/220
Latin, WalterZachary, Ellen04 January 1940 K (Colored)/387
Ross, Sanders Zachery, Polly A. 16-Oct-1870 F/172
Everett, Henry OlinZachry, Mary Kathryn23 December 1934 M/400
Milner, PrimusZackery, Mary 17 December 1884  H/240
Williams, W.W.Zan, Charlotte17 March 1921 L/189
McClelan, W.T.Zant, C.E.26 October 1876 G/107
Tripp, J.R.Zenos, Nettie3 February 1892 I/124
Park, EdisonZimmerman, Dora29 November 1912 K/291


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