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The American Civil War
Rosters of the Men From
Bartow County, Georgia


This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by
Terry Foenander and used here with his permission.
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The following list of names, originally arranged by state, but re-arranged alphabetically by this author, was extracted from the Atlanta newspaper, the Southern Confederacy, dated March 25, 1864, and was preceded by the following notation:

"Below is appended a list of all deaths occurring among the soldiers at this post in the Newsom, Frank Ramsay, University and Flewellan Hospitals, from the 12th of October, 1863, to March 16th, 1864. By giving this list publicity some bereaved family may possibly receive the first tidings that a loved member of the home circle has gone to his last sleep, and to them is given the consolation that nothing was left undone by experienced and humane and attentive physicians to arrest the destroyer."

Each name is followed by the soldiers unit, and then the date of death. All the deaths shown occurred in the five or six month period prior to the publication of the list of names, and is not a complete listing of all deaths at the Cassville hospitals throughout the war. Additional data has been extracted from the sources shown at the end of the list. The newspaper listing did not specify cause of death, or which particular hospital each soldier died at. Unfortunately the Southern Confederacy did make some errors in publication. The major error spotted by this author was of a dozen names which were included under the listings for Florida, but which should have been listed under those soldiers from Georgia. I have corrected these listings by including the actual state in brackets. Undoubtedly there are other errors included in the publication of the list in the newspaper, and these will be corrected where possible.

Terry Foenander, transcriber and compiler

William Ashby company A, 41st Tennessee, October 28, 1863.
A.M. Barrow company F, 4th Tennessee, December 6, 1863.
John W. Bell (captain), company A, 32nd Alabama, February 14, 1864. [appointed from Clarke County, Alabama - AL Rosters, 640.]
---- Benefield company B, 39th Alabama, December 21, 1863.
John M. Benson company A, 40th Georgia, January 21, 1864. [private, October 15, 1863; sick in hospital, December 31, 1863 - GA Rosters, 4, 343.]
J.W. Black company G, 36th Georgia, January 27, 1864.
W.W. Boatwright company A, 10th South Carolina, February 3, 1864.
William E. Bobo (corporal), company K, 41st Florida [Georgia], March 12, 1864. [enlisted as second corporal, March 4, 1862; captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi, July 4, 1863; paroled July 6, 1863 - GA Rosters, 4, 499.]
Aaron J. Boggs company I, 28th Alabama, November 20, 1863.
---- Bordeaux company G, 30th Louisiana, December 9, 1863.
Felix Brachin company B, 27th Tennessee, November 27, 1863.
Abraham B. Bradley company D, 60th North Carolina, January 4, 1864. [private; born Greenville District, South Carolina; resided in Henderson County, North Carolina on enlistment at age 23, July 10, 1862; deserted November 13, 1862; returned to duty in March-April, 1863; deserted again on September 1, 1863; reported sick in hospital, November-December, 1863 - NC Rosters, 14, 532.]
L.H. Bragg, company A, Hawkin's Sharp Shooters, no further information shown.
S.E. Bridges company E, 63rd Virginia, October 2, 1863.
Calvin (or Clavin) Brown (sergeant), company F, 65th Georgia, December 9, 1863. [originally enlisted in Infantry Battalion, Smith's Legion, Georgia Volunteers, June 17, 1862; appointed 4th sergeant; transferred to company F, 65th Georgia Infantry, March, 1863; admitted to Lumpkin Hospital, Rome, Georgia, October 13, 1863, but died in a Cassville hospital - GA Rosters, 6, 638.]
S.G. Brown company B, 60th North Carolina, January 27, 1864. [private; enlisted in Madison County, North Carolina, April 5, 1862; reported sick in hospital, November-December, 1862; returned to duty in January- February, 1863 - NC Rosters, 14, 516.]
Robert Bruce company F, 2nd South Carolina, October 21, 1863.
Raymond Buckhalter company B, 19th South Carolina, January 25, 1864.
Samuel J. Burrel company A, 42nd Georgia, January 25, 1864. [enlisted November 4, 1862, as private; captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi, July 4, 1863; paroled July 7, 1863 - GA Rosters, 4, 513.]
J.E. Butler Alexander's Battery, no further information shown.
J.W. Carr company G, 55th Georgia, December 9, 1863.
John P. Carr company C, 26th Florida [Georgia], March 13, 1864.
John Carrie company F, 24th South Carolina, December 18, 1863.
Travers M. Chandler company I, 66th Georgia, January 20, 1864. [enlisted as private, September 1, 1863 - GA Rosters, 6, 756.]
James Clack company D, 60th North Carolina, November 17, 1863. [private; shown as James A. Clark; enlisted at Tullahoma, Tennessee, January 20, 1863, as substitute for private Branson Broils of the same company - NC Rosters, 14, 533.]
Daniel Clowers company I, 54th Virginia, October 5th [?], 1863.
Jacob Clowers company I, 54th Virginia, November 15, 1863.
J.W.C. Cole company B, 56th Georgia, January 19, 1864.
Berry Collins company H, 24th Georgia, November 17, 1863. [roster shows the surname as Collier or Colyer; private - GA Rosters, 3, 65.]
James H. Congue Dent's Battery, no further information shown.
J.W. Crash company G, 47th Georgia, December 12, 1863.
Freeman Crump company D, 7th Florida Cavalry, January 26, 1864.
Jasper Curl company H, 1st Florida Cavalry, February 10, 1864.
Joseph Davis company B, 8th Tennessee Cavalry, November 6, 1863.
S.J. Dickson (sergeant), company A, 26th Battalion Georgia, December 12, 1863.
D.W. Dodson company F, 54th Virginia, December 16, 1863.
J.W. Dubose company D, 16th Alabama, December 8, 1863.
W.Frank Dunaway company G, 4th Georgia, January 25, 1864. [actually served in company G, 46th Georgia Infantry; enlisted as private, March 4, 1862; roster entry shows he died at Marietta, Georgia, hospital - GA Rosters, 4, 990.]
T.J. Eddingfield company A, 26th Battalion Georgia, January 28, 1864.
John W. Edson company H, 46th Florida [Georgia], February 8, 1864. [surname shown as Eidson; private, May 1, 1862 - GA Rosters, 4, 1000.]
J. Edwards company C, 37th Tennessee, December 31, 1863.
William Elison company H, 42nd Georgia, January 24, 1864. [was actually a private in company D, died at Newsome Hospital - see GA Roster, 4, 543.]
Henderson D. Estes company E, 58th North Carolina, February 3, 1864. [private; born Caldwell County, North Carolina; occupation, farmer; enlisted at age 24, July 5, 1862; mustered in as musician (drummer), later appointed drum major; transferred to field and staff, prior to May 1, 1863; reduced to ranks and transferred back to his old company, June 20, 1863 - NC Rosters, 14, 330.]
James C. Floral (corporal), company C, 63rd Tennessee, November 18, 1863.
Thomas Fort company G, 46th Georgia, January 19, 1864. [first name shown as Tomlinson; enlisted as private in company K, 2nd Georgia Infantry, July 17, 1861; discharged for disability, September 12, 1861; appointed 4th corporal, company G, 46th Georgia Infantry, March 4, 1862; musician, August, 1862 - GA Rosters, 4, 988.]
J.W. Gabel 9th Battalion Sharp Shooters, Federals, no further information shown.
Samuel Garrett company H, 30th Alabama, January 17, 1864.
J.T. Garrison company C, 9th Texas, October 17, 1863.
Roof Gordon company A, 54th Virginia, October 28, 1863.
John Graves company K, 58th Alabama, January 20, 1864.
John Gray company E, 33rd Alabama, March 2, 1864.
John Green company G, 47th Florida [Georgia], March 12, 1864. [enlisted as private, September 1, 1862; died of pneumonia in Newsome Hospital, Cassville, Georgia - GA Rosters, 5, 72.]
Harvey H. Gregg company E, 58th North Carolina, January 20, 1864. [private, actually served in company D; surname shown as Gragg; enlisted at Watauga County, North Carolina, December 27, 1863; reported sick in hospital, January 15, 1864; had previously served as captain in the 98th Regiment, North Carolina Militia - NC Rosters, 14, 315.]
J.W. Haley company H, 11th Florida, February 14, 1864.
J.T. Hamilton company K, 30th Alabama, January 20, 1864.
S. Hamilton company I, 3rd Florida, February 15, 1864.
L.H. Hampton company A, 12th Tennessee, October 28, 1863.
Richard J. Hardy (sergeant), company G, 43rd Georgia, December 16, 1863. [roster actually indicates his rank as private, at death; enlisted March 10, 1862 - GA Rosters, 4, 688.]
Ben A. Harrison company H, 66th Georgia, January 24, 1864. [enlisted as private, September 15, 1863 - GA Rosters, 6, 749.]
John Hawley company A, 8th Mississippi, January 27, 1864.
H.J. Hays company E, 60th North Carolina, November 19, 1863. [probably Hugh Hays who had enlisted in this company, at Camp Martin, Mitchell County, North Carolina, on June 27, 1862 - NC Rosters, 14, 333.]
S.W. Henderson company B, 36th Alabama, October 28, 1863.
Manuel B. Hernandes (corporal), company A, 1st Florida, December 12, 1863. [enlisted May 31, 1861, at Pensacola, Florida - FL Rosters, 1, 78.]
Lawson T. Herrin company K, 65th Georgia, January 27, 1864. [enlisted as private, September 11, 1863 - GA Rosters, 683.]
Lewis Hilton company D, 54th Virginia, November 18, 1863.
James Hobbs company D, 66th Florida [Georgia], February 3, 1864.
E. Holland (sergeant), company F, 27th Tennessee, October 19, 1863.
John Thomas Houghton company G, 25th Georgia, December 15, 1863. [was actually a member of company G, 46th Georgia Infantry; enlisted as private, March 4, 1862 - GA Rosters, 4, 991.]
J.A. Houston company K, 36th Alabama, January 30, 1864.
Edmond Howard company A, 10th South Carolina, January 29, 1864.
James M. Hughes company I, 65th Georgia, December 16, 1863. [originally enlisted as private in Infantry Battalion, Smith's Legion, Georgia Volunteers, February 15, 1863; transferred to company I, 65th Regiment Georgia Infantry, March, 1863; in Loudon, Tennessee, hospital, March 19 - June 30, 1863; Dalton, Georgia, hospital, October 14-31, 1863; died in hospital at Cassville - GA Rosters, 6, 674.]
John C. Hughes company G, 1st Tennessee Cavalry, January 31, 1864.
Joseph Hutch company C, 10th South Carolina, February 1, 1864.
William Jarniken zcompany D, 1st Florida, November 3, 1863.
A. Johnson company F, 38th Alabama, January 25, 1864.
W. Johnson Dent's Battery, no further information shown.
Wiley Jones company D, 66th Florida [Georgia], February 10, 1864. [enlisted as private, July 28, 1863; died of brain fever in Newsom Hospital, Cassville (roster shows date of death as January 10, 1864) - GA Rosters, 6, 720.]
John Kemp company L, 58th North Carolina, January 26, 1864. [private; enlisted in Ashe County, North Carolina, September 10, 1863 - NC Rosters, 14, 412.]
James D. Kerby company E, 16th South Carolina, February 3, 1864.
C.H. Knight company B, 32nd Mississippi, October 22, 1863.
G. Lee company K, 7th Mississippi, December 9, 1863.
William H. Levert company F, 24th South Carolina, January 23, 1864.
Thaddeus C. Lloyd company K, 32nd and 58th Alabama, March 5, 1864.
W.A. Maddox company B, 5th Kentucky, November 7, 1863.
Thomas Marion company G, 38th Alabama, December 12, 1863.
J.H. Marsh company G, 25th Georgia, December 15, 1863.
---- Matthews company E, 10th Texas Cavalry, October 20, 1863.
Dan McKracken company I, 32nd and 58th Alabama, January 27, 1864.
Isaac Moody company F, 47th Florida [Georgia], March 18, 1864.
T.H. Morgan company I, 36th Florida [Georgia], March 5, 1864.
W.P. Morgan company G, 40th Florida [Georgia], March 15, 1864. [enlisted as private, December 24, 1863; died of pneumonia - GA Rosters, 4, 400.]
J.D.C. Nixon company H, 24th Mississippi, December 13, 1863.
Sanford V. Owen company I, 66th Florida [Georgia], February 1, 1864. [enlisted as private, September 1, 1863; died in Newsom Hospital, Cassville - GA Rosters, 6, 759.]
John D. Owens company F, 30th Alabama, March 15th, 1864.
Joshua Padgett company E, 24th South Carolina, February 16, 1864.
Solomon Pippin company H, 4th Florida, October 13, 1863. [born 1842; enlisted September 7, 1861, at Vernon, Florida; died at the University Hospital, Cassville, Georgia - FL Rosters, 1, 438.]
Charles W. Plunckett company F, 42nd Georgia, January 17, 1864. [roster shows his surname as Plunkett; enlisted as private, September 5, 1863; roll dated December 9, 1863, shows him as actually being in an Atlanta, Georgia, hospital - GA Rosters, 4, 567.]
Josiah F. Polk company F, 1st Florida Cavalry, December 12, 1863.
James M. Pope company K, 22nd Alabama, January 30, 1864.
Wesley Pope company C, 51st Georgia, December 8, 1863. [born 1837; enlisted as private, March 4, 1862 - GA Rosters, 5, 391.]
Robert J. Pounds company G, 4th Florida Infantry, February 12, 1864. [born 1838; enlisted July 2, 1861, at Ocala, Florida - FL Rosters, 1, 429.]
Thomas Proctor company E, 43rd Georgia, January 25, 1864. [enlisted as private, March 10, 1862 - GA Rosters, 4, 669.]
J. Qustes company E, 54th Virginia, November 24, 1863.
Jeptha Ramsey Alexander's Battery, no further information shown.
Samuel Ratcliff company E, 6th Texas, November 17, 1863.
W.B. Rayburn company H, 38th Alabama, December 9, 1863.
William Reeves (sergeant), company K, 23rd Alabama, January 27, 1864.
J. Richards Smith's Battery, no further information shown.
H. Robbins company I, 8th Arkansas, November 18, 1863.
A.M. Russell company A, 28th Alabama, December 12, 1863.
Reuben Savage company D, 18th Georgia, November 20, 1863. [enlisted as private, March, 1863 - GA Rosters, 2, 650.]
R.F. Sawyer company H, 30th Alabama February 28, 1864.
B.F. Scott company H, 4th Kentucky, January 24, 1864.
W.B. Scott company F, 27th Tennessee, October 21, 1863.
J.N. Sellers (sergeant), company F, 47th Georgia, October 16, 1863.
A.L. Smith company C, 60th North Carolina, October 16, 1863. [sergeant; name actually shown in roster as D.L. Smith; enlisted in Buncombe County, North Carolina, July 8, 1862, as private; promoted sergeant, March 23, 1863; wounded in head at Chickamauga, Georgia, September 20, 1863; nominated for Badge of Distinction for gallantry at Chickamauga - NC Rosters, 14, 530.]
J.T. Smith company B, 2nd Battalion Georgia, October 15, 1863.
W.G. Smith company A, 26th Battalion Georgia, December 9, 1863.
Charles Snow company D, 65th Florida [Georgia], February 5, 1864. [originally enlisted as private in company F, Infantry Battalion, Smith's Legion, Georgia Volunteers, February 4, 1863; transferred to company D, 65th Georgia Infantry, March, 1863; absent without leave, July 28, 1863; rejoined company, December 23, 1863, and placed under arrest - GA Rosters, 6, 625.]
R.D. Spivey (corporal), company L, 154th Tennessee, October 12, 1863.
W.J. Suddith company G, 60th Alabama, January 19, 1864.
Wardedell Taylor company E, 58th North Carolina, January 5, 1864. [private; name actually shown in roster as Weistell Taylor; enlisted in Burke County, North Carolina, August 29, 1862; reported sick in hospital in September-October, 1863 - NC Rosters, 14, 341.]
James Thornhill company C, 23rd Alabama, February 5, 1864.
D.W. Toland company B, 24th Battalion Tennessee, March 13, 1864.
James Townsend company B, 4th Florida, January 26, 1864.
John Turner company F, 58th North Carolina, November 22, 1863. [corporal; born in McDowell County, North Carolina, where he enlisted July 14, 1862, aged 18, as private; promoted corporal prior to March 1, 1863 - NC Rosters, 14, 356.]
James B. Tutt company K, 7th Texas, March 16, 1864.
J.P. Vandever company G, 28th Alabama, March 6, 1864.
J.E. Vaughan company K, 28th Alabama, November 17, 1863.
Samuel B. Walker company B, 2nd Kentucky, October 14, 1863.
J.W. Webb company F, 24th South Carolina, March 4, 1864.
---- Williams company I, 6th South Carolina, December -, 1863.
S.P. Williams (sergeant), company C, 47th Georgia, December 12, 1863.
J.F. Wilson company E, 45th Mississippi, January 8, 1864.
J.W. Wisher company H, 24th South Carolina, February 24, 1864.
S.H. Wood company F, 4th Battery Alabama, October 21, 1863.

Additional Sources of Information:

AL Rosters: "Brief Historical Sketches of Military Organizations Raised in Alabama During the Civil War, [this single volumed publication is in fact a reprint of pages 589 to 705 of the 1872 publication, by Willis Brewer, titled Alabama: Her History, Resources, War Record, and Public Men and includes just a listing of the officers of all the units from that state who served in the Civil War] Alabama State Department of Archives and History, 1966.

FL Rosters: " Biographical Rosters of Florida's Confederate and Union Soldiers, 1861-1865," 6 volumes; compiled by David W. Hartman and David Coles; Broadfoot Publishing Company, Wilmington, North Carolina, 1995. Reference shows volume and page numbers.

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NC Rosters: "North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865," 14 volumes (in 2001); compiled under the authority of the North Carolina Division of Archives and History, 1961-current. Reference shows volume and page numbers.

©Terry Foenander
June, 2001

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Kern Amputation Kit

1865 Kern Amputation Kit
From Medical Antiques

This set is by Kern, Philadelphia. It is a fascinating set and somewhat of a mystery. It is a 4 layer set incorporating instruments for neurosurgery, general amputation and orthopedics. Considering that there are 4 layers and this is a large set size-wise it is interesting that there are relatively few instruments. Some minor pieces such as scalpels are missing but the majority of instruments are there, including the unusual rongeur's for picking at bone during and amputation.

This set is very similar to the Kolbe set on this site. They both have slide latches common to military sets and both are from Philadelphia. The layouts of the sets are similar as well. None of the instruments in this set are stamped USA Hosp Dept, though. Interestingly, this set has an original sales receipt with it, in fancy script, stating that the set was sold on August 9, 1865 to Benjamin Pope. Some research revealed that Pope was an Assistant surgeon with the New York 10th heavy artillery during the war. He was mustered in upstate New York and mustered out a few months prior to the date of sale on the set in Washington. The set was sold in Washington therefore making it likely a set he used as a civilian surgeon after the war.

Most likely this was a set originally intended for military use but then sold to a civilian as an "extra" towards the wars end. There were many such sets. When I got this set it was apparent that the nameplate was reversed. I removed it and on the other side was inscribed "Adams." That deepens the mystery. . . could it have been sold to Adams after it was owned by Pope? Research is ongoing.

Addendum!!: Turns out that Pope was in the 6th AND 10th NY heavy artillery. He was in the 6th just before being mustered out. The chief surgeon of the 6th was one John Adams. The picture now comes together: Most likely Pope got the set from Adams on the 6th, and after being mustered out did what other surgeons did: bought the set back from the government. Of course, he wouldn't want Adams name on the top of the case so he flipped the plate and voila. . . . the mystery is solved (or so I think).

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