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The following was submitted by Kurt Graham who maintains the Phillips Georgia Legion webpages
on Randy's Texas site.

Phillip's Georgia Legion was organized during the summer of 1861 and mustered into Confederate service that fall. Like almost all Confederate Legions, the unit contained a number of infantry companies, a number of cavalry companies and a battery of light artillery. It had originally been thought that legions would operate with all three arms of the service together (similar to the Combat Team of the Second World War), but it was soon found that the unit was more efficient with its elements detached. Supply and logistics problem for legions with their elements operating together proved impossible to solve. Phillip's Georgia Legion served with its elements detached from each other after July of 1862 .

Phillip's Georgia Legion's Cavalry Battalion was organized in 1861 with four companies (G,H,I & K). It was expanded during the spring of 1862 with the addition of two newly recruited companies (N & P). It served as a six company battalion until September, 1864, when the unit's strength was brought up to ten companies. This was accomplished by consolidating the Fourth Alabama Cavalry Battlion with the unit. (Technically, under Confederate War Department regulations, the unit should have received a Confederate States designation once it contained companies from more than one state. There is no record of such a step being taken.)

The Phillip's Legion's Infantry Battalion formed the infantry component of this Georgia unit. As originally organized in 1861 the Legion contained six infantry companies (A -F)and four Cavalry companies. During the spring of 1862, three new infantry companies, L,M and O, were recruited in Cobb and Bartow counties and added to the infantry Battalion. These nine companies, retaining their original company designations, served throughout the remainder of the war. Like almost all Civil War Legions, the infantry and cavalry battalions of the unit were separated fairly early in the war. In the case of The Phillips Legion this separation occurred in late 1862.

The Legion started out in 1861 with six infantry companies (lettered A-F) and 4 cavalry companies (these were lettered G, H, I & K). When the Legion was expanded in April and May of 1862, three infantry companies were added (L, M & O) and two additional cavalry companies (N & P). It appears that the companies got lettered in the order they mustered in (i.e. two infantry companies L&M, a cavalry company N, another infantry company O, and a final cavalry company P.) At some point in their existence they converted their company designations as follows:


G became A
H became B
I became C
K became D
N became E
P became F

In addition a "spare" (11th) company in the Cobb Legion Cavalry was moved over into the Phillips Legion Cavalry and was lettered Company G and known as the "Richmond Dragoons."
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