The American Civil War

Rosters of the Men From Bartow County, Georgia
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Muster Roll, 1st Confederate Regiment "Galt's Regiment" Company F 

Name Rank
Alley, Isham 2nd Lieutenant
Armstrong, James F. Private
Arnold, Daniel Private
Ashworth, John A. Private
Baker, B.W. Private
Barton, Joshua Private
Bates, M.S. Private
Bogle, John William Private
Boyd, Robert W. Private
Bradley, J.P. Private
Brannon, J.F. Private
Brewster, O.H. Private
Brooks, Elijah Private
Brooks, S.A. Private
Burge, J.R.M. Private
Butler, John Private
Byant, H.D. Private
Callahan, John W. Private
Carr, A.J. Private
Carr, Jeptha Private
Carr, William L. Private
Carver, T.J. Private
Casey, A.J. Private
Champion, John Private
Champion, William 1st Corporal
Connor, J.H. Private
Culver, Cleophus Private
Darby, James Private
Darby, Newton Private
Darby, Oliver P. Private
Davis, William S. Private
Dean, Henry Private
Dean, Zachariah Private
Deaton, Elijah 3rd Corporal
Deaton, John D. 3rd Lieutenant
Deaton, Nathan Private
Dempsey, L.C. Private
Denton, William M. Private
Dickerson, Thomas C. 1st Lieutenant
Dowdy, A.P. Private
Dozier, Marcus Private
Dunnaway, J.L. Private
Dunnaway, John Private
Dunnegan, Abner Private
Elrod, F.A. Private
Evans, John W. Private
Fennell, William Private
Ferguson, B.F. Private
Ford, John D. Private
Foster, J.M. Private
Fountain, J.W. Private
Fowler, Leonard C. Private
Freeman, G.N. Private
Freeman, George T. Private
Freeman, H.D. Private
Freeze, R.R. Private
Gerrin, John Private
Gilstrap, R.W. Private
Goddard, R.T. Private
Gordon, A.P. Private
Gordon, Jarrett Private
Green James Private
Gullidge, Eli J. Private
Hammond, J.B. Private
Haney, Thomas Private
Harberson, William Private
Harbin, John Private
Hardin, J.M. 3rd Sergeant
Hardy, Henry Private
Hardy, J.S. Private
Harper, Roderick Private
Harris, S.H. Private
Harris, S.R. 2nd Corporal
Heath, V.A. Private
Holden, M.N. Private
Holland, M.W. Private
Howard, J.A. Private
Howell, Eli Private
Howell, J.R. Private
Hudson, Shadrick Private
Humphries, James Private
Jarrett, C.K. Private
Jefferson, R.L. Private
Johnson, Samuel Private
Johnson, W.H. Private
Jordan, William Private
Keith, M.A. Private
Keith, M.A. Jr. 2nd Corporal
Keown, T.R. Private
Keys, William Private
Kilgo, Ausburn Private
Knox, Joseph Private
Lang, Stephen Private
Leak, Asbury Private
Leak, M.A. Private
Leonard, William Private
Lindsey, John F. 1st Corporal
Lindsey, W.M. Private
Lowe, Isaac M. Private
McCandless, William M. Private
McCoy, Elisha Private
McCoy, W.A. Private
McFadden, A.L. Private
McKinnie, David Private
McMahan, James 5th Sergeant
Meers, J.M. Private
Meirs, Joseph F. Private
Moon, P.L. Private
Moore, F.J. Private
Moore, F.P. Private
Moore, T.E. Private
Murphy, William S. Private
Nelson, Elihu G. Captain
Northcutt, L.S. Private
Payne, Edward Private
Pitts, G.W. Private
Prater, W.W. Private
Pruitt, S.J. Private
Puckett, A.M. 3rd Sergeant
Puckett, E.D. 2nd Sergeant
Ragsdale, Spencer Private
Reid, Robert Private
Rhodes, J.G. Private
Richie, Robert Private
Roberson, W.J. Private
Rosson, Thomas Private
Rowland, W. Private
Shaw, E.J. Private
Smith, E.G. Private
Smith, James M. 1st Sergeant
Smith, L.S. Private
Spear, W.H. Private
Stancil, Alfred Private
Stephenson, J.W.T. Private
Suggs, W.A. Private
Sullins, William M. 4th Sergeant
Summey, George L. Private
Terrell, James D. 4th Corporal
Thomason, James Allen Private
Thompson, William Private
Tolbert, A.J. Private
Turner, William Private
Walker, Daniel Private
Walker, John Private
Walls, J.S. Private
Waters, A.D. Private
White, J.M. Private
Wiley, G.W. Private
Wilson, A.D. Private
Wood, Powell Private
Worley, J.T. Private
Worley, W.W. Private
York, John Private
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