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Samuel E. Fields, who married Sarah Quarriels (sic) sometime around 1855, signed up with the Confederate Army in 1861 and went into Phillip's Legions. He was killed at South Mountain in Maryland in 1862. Gen. Cobb was the commander of his brigade at the time. I have a copy of the last letter sent home in August of 1862, just before the second battle of Bull Run (Manassas). Samuel grew corn and was father of two young children with a wife who was less than twenty years old. They lost it all. For what? For a rich man to own a slave or that they might get rich and then own slaves themselves? I don't think so.

He lives every time someone says his name. Remember them all.

I am...
Your Obedient Servant,
Bert Hile, Acting 1st Sgt. Co. G. 6th Texas Vol. Inf.
Grandbury's Brigade, Cleburne's Division, Hardee's Corps, Army of Tenneesse

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Maryland Civil War Map of Battles
Manassas, Second Virginia, American Civil War, August 28-30, 1862

Letter from Samuel E. Fields to his wife just before his death


Transcription of the Letter

NOTE: The spelling and punctuation have been edited for readability.

August 18th, 1862

Camp Green near Gordonville

Dear Wife,

These few lines leave me in good health at present and hoping on receipt of the same that you & the children may be found enjoying the same blessings from God.

I have not received but one letter from you since we arrived here. I have been looking for a letter but we have not had any mail in 4 or 5 days. We were ordered here to Gordonville last Wednesday & we are under orders to march but we don’t know where. (3 words struck out)

It would offer me great pleasure to see you & those dear little babes but God only knows when I shall have that pleasure, if ever. But I hope that God will spare our lives ‘til we shall meet again. I want you to trust in Him for our preservation, both of soul & body. I want you to pray mightily too for me, for we are expecting a battle here soon, but it may not come off. God only knows what will come.

We have been moving ever since we have been here. The wagons left my box at Richmond with everything that I had except my clothes, but I will get them if I shall live to get back there.

I want you to write me as soon as this comes to hand write how the corn looks & tell your father to look at it. Write how much it will make to the acre & write whether if you have had any rain since you wrote me last.

It is very painful to me to be separated from you & those dear little babes. There is no one but myself & God knows how painful it is to me to be deprived of the privilege of being with you & them, but I hope that God will preserve our lives ‘til we shall meet again. But if it’s my lot to fall a victim to death before I shall return to you, I want you to seek the lord & try to live a Christian & try to teach those dear little babes to live for God & not for the Evil one. And there is one request that I shall make of you & that is, if I should fall I don’t want you to ever bring anyone over my children as you & they are as dear to me as my own life & I want you to try to raise them up in obedience to you & God & send them to school as much as you are able & try & manage the best you can with what you have on hand. Collect all my (unreadable) that is due you.

I will write again as soon I find out what we are going to do if I am not killed in a fight & I am I hope God will take charge of me & deliver up to heaven. I hope that we will meet in heaven if we don't on earth. I hope that He will be a father & a protector is your (unknown) this life & in the world to come. Tell mother that I want her to pray for me. Give my love to her & to your father & family. Tell them that it would offer me great pleasure to see them all once more & give my love to Gus (or Jess?) Bronett & family. Write whether Gus has gone back to his company or not.

We have had some of the coldest weather that I ever felt at this season. I have laid cold with a heavy blanket doubled over me & my coat over me also.

I saw Eliaser Brock since I came to Richmond. He said that Monroe Winser & (marked out) Haralson was well & the rest of the Brock boys was well & Elizah Shaw was not very well but he is able to be up & about. (unreadable) ordered to march at 8 o’clock tonight but I don't know where so nothing more at present, only I remain your affectionate companion until death

S.E. Fields

P.S. Direct your letter to Richmond as we don’t know where we will be. Write soon.

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