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We started photographing cemeteries late in 2004.  On occassion we would find a picture that turned out strangely which we would just delete.   We don't delete this type photo anymore. 

The odd thing about these pictures is that we saw nothing while we were taking the picture.  We didn't see the white "thing" until we looked at pictures on our computers. 


Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery  (Bartow County)   Arlene's personal ghost story...

In August, 2004 while Cindy Casey and I were recording Oak Grove cemetery (before we started using digital cameras). I was leaning over under a Dogwood tree recording the 3 tombstones beneath the tree.  The peace and quiet was so relaxing - until I felt someone behind me then heard "him" clear his throat.  During the 2 seconds it took me to turn around I thought it might have been the horse and rider that had gone by about 30 minutes before that, then I heard the horse wicker in the distance, then I thought it might be Cindy, expecting to find her behind me as the feeling of someone standing at my back was very strong.  As I completed my turn to face the other side of the cemetery, I discovered nobody was behind me and called out "Cindy did you say something" to which she responded with much laughter.  She answered my question with "no" and more laughter.  She then said "so you've finally heard one".   


Concord Baptist Church Cemetery (Paulding County)

In April 2006 Jane went to the Concord cemetery to continue photographing tombstones.  When she got home and looked at her pictures she called to say something was wrong with her camera, but was strange because it didn't affect all of her pictures, just the ones in front of the church.  When Jane took these pictures she was standing in front of the church so she could photograph both church and sign, one behind her and other in front.    Click on picture below for larger image. 

Concord 2
Concord 3
Concord 4
Concord 5
Concord 6

Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery (Bartow)

In June 2006, we were checking out cemeteries to see what condition they were in.  Fairview had a lot of very tall grass, so we recorded the coordinates and took a few pictures with plans to return after the cemetery had been mowed, or the weather cooled enough that snakes were under ground.  

If I'd seen the white stuff coming out of the tombstone while taking the picture, I'd probably have run screaming to the car.  The image on the right is just to show you what a nice day we were having.  Click on picture below for larger image. 

Fairview 1
Fairview 2

New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery (Bartow)

September 2006  we were photographing New Hope.   All four of these pictures were taken in sequence.  Two looked great, but the other two...   Click on picture below for larger image. 

New Hope 1 New Hope 2 New Hope 3 New Hope 4

That's all for now.  As we have more "camera failures", or whatever,  we'll put them on this page...  Arlene



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