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Date From Emailed Comments:
2007.1110 Terri Boyd "You all are doing a FANTASTIC job getting all these records and photographs on the web.  It's such a pleasure to research Bartow County, compared to most any other county anywhere.  I really appreciate all your hard work."
2007.0601 John Cannon "You and the others involved are doing a great job on the Bartow County website."
2007.0419 Charlotte Thompson "... we discovered the remarkable job you and others have done cataloging the graves of Bartow County.  My daughter had researched enough to know Mt. Zion could be what we’re looking for and found their graves.  This means a lot to us and I just wanted you to know that."
2007.0413 Myra "I have searched years for this family and then last week it was like all the pieces started falling together.  I was so thrilled when I pulled up a photo of her tombstone.  Again thanks for the time and effort you dedicated to this site."
2007.0410 Cindy Roberson Raschke "I appreciate so much all the work ya'll have done on the Bartow site. There is so much more local info available than some of the neighboring counties and states have. I know this is a labor of love and dedication for you all, and I certainly thank you."
2007.0408 Lisa Casey Perry "I also wanted to take this moment just to thank you and all of the volunteers for all of the great work you do. The Bartow County site is just about the best I've worked with. So much dedication. The love for the work really shows. A million thanks!"

Michael Proctor

"Your GaGenWeb site is one of the easiest to use and most comprehensive of ANY genealogy sites that I have tried using. THANKS."
2007.0215 Margaret St Jean "I want to say once again what a wonderful job you and the other volunteers are doing! "
2007.0121 Millie Rempel The Bartow County site is the BEST I've come across - and I've been browsing lots of places across the Southern part of the country, including GA, SC, NC, TN, FL, TX, OK, and MS. 
2007.0130 Ella Jean Walker Sharpe "Arlene, thank you so very much for all the work you and your friends have done on the Bartow files!  I have a lot of relatives over there in those cemeteries and now I can get the information on them."
2006.1221 Susan Holt Thanks so much for all you do to make searching easier
2006.1128 Laurel Baty Seeing all of the pictures together makes realize what a tremendously valuable project this is--so many of the tombstones won't be readable in a few years, so many are broken and the pieces will separate and disappear under bushes or get thrown away.  Thank you so much for undertaking this task-- genealogists, historians and family members will bless you for generations to come.
2006.1124 Gerald Moore I am very impressed with your work.  It is the best site that I have ever seen for family research.
2006.1120 Terry Burns I am impressed with the website and the amount of work which has gone into research and transcription.  This site should be an exemplar for other counties. 
2006.1113 Rosemary Wofford I would like to say what a wonderful job you and the others are doing. How wonderful to have all this information....
2006.1105 Reba Shafer "...You have a wonderful county web page."
2006.1021 Jan Bowers "I want to take this time to"Thank You!" for the work you do. Their would be no way that I could get the research that I do from your site, living here in Texas."
2006.1019 Bob Evans "I have been coming to your site periodically for information (The Evans side of my family is from that area) and have been really impressed with what has been done with the site. It seems to be very professionally done and easy to navigate."
2006.1018 Hazel Kimbrell

I haven't been to the site lately. I just went there and"I LOVE IT"

Thanks to all who have spent so much time making"OUR (those who can't travel there)" search for our roots easier.' 

2006.1017 Netha Dunlap I am always pleased when I visit the Bartow Co site.  It is much better than many of the other counties I am doing research in.  Keep up the good work.
2006.1015 Sue Riddle "Arlene, I read with great interest your news about Cassville and the cemeteries.  What great work you and your companions are doing -- thank you."
2006.1015 Jim Sands "I, like the others who have been corresponding, are very appreciative of you Bartow researchers.  I put you on the top of all county researchers. "
2006.1003 Betty Boggs "Thanks, it is so exciting when each of these cemeteries are added.  How many years we all have spent just to find maybe one or nothing!  There will be stars in all of your crowns for your unselfishness and kindness. Betty"
2006.1002 Betty A. "Thank you so much.  Ya'll are wonderful."
2006.0921 Joan Carroll I have just discovered this web site and would like to thank everyone involved for all the work you have done.....truly amazing.
2006.0920 Rosemary Wofford "I just had to write and tell you how you how very much you and Laurel are appreciated . I know your work is very demanding and want to say   THANK YOU ...You and all the volunteers are angels of mercy..."
2006.0919 Joy Porter "FIRST I JUST WANT TO THANK YOU ABOUT 10 THOUSAND TIMES FOR THE WORK YOU HAVE DONE.  Thanks to you’ll I have found where some of my relatives are buried.  Since I live in Colorado, I would never have been able to go to Georgia. "
2006.0918 Karen Chapman

I want to sincerely thank whomever prepared the list of who is buried at the Taylorsville cemetery!!  You have help me tremendously in my efforts to trace my family's heritage.  Also, thank you so much for pictures of the headstones and grave markers!  What a valuable resource you have created for genealogists!

Thank you for all your hard work!

2006.0904 Judy Campbell "I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I think you and your volunteers have an amazing GAGenWeb site. I only wish I had direct line ancestors that came through Bartow county! Thank you for all you do for the genealogical community, and please extend my thanks to the volunteers who help you create and maintain such a wonderful resource."
2006.0808 Margaret St. Jean "Thanks for all you and the other volunteers are doing to put this information out for those of us who cannot get the information otherwise."
2006.0626 Jean Taylor

"Just wanted to let you, and all involved, know just how great I think Bartow County’s website is.  It is laid out in a manner that is simple to understand and use.  The obvious “Search” feature is wonderful!  ...

Bartow County has some of the most amazing volunteers and the work they do are a blessing to us all with ties to that area of Georgia."

2006.0620 Ella Jean Walker Sharpe "Thank you so very much for sharing your Genealogy information with us!"
2006.0515 Andrew Ward "Let me begin by saying what a wonderful job you and your staff are doing. I've never seen such a comprehensive site."  [Everyone, including myself, is a volunteer. I believe our volunteers are why we have such a great website... Arlene]
2006.0512 Robert L. Rea "I wish to thank you and all the people in Bartow Co. that have transcribed so many records. I had several families that were in Cass and Bartow Co.. The information that I have gleaned on this site, has been invaluable . May God bless all of you for all your efforts."
2006.0508 Susan Fulbright "I just want to say thank you for your very informative web site. It is a great asset to those of us who live many miles away."
2006.0407 Ella Jean Walker Sharpe "Arlene, would you convey my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has worked on these files?" 
2006.0406 Annette Wade "... You have done a wonderful job in getting so much information available on line.  Thanks to you and all of those who work with you!"  
2006.0406 Carol Carmichael "I've gotten so much help from this website, I really need to give back. Just tell me where to start."  [Carol is now part of our Volunteer Team... Arlene]
2006.0228 Dawn Cook "Thank you for doing such a good job . I wish all counties had as much information as the Bartow site."
2006.0219 Jerry Howard Adams "Thanks for the great job you and so many others do and have done to get this data on to the internet. Rest assured that it is appreciated."
2006.0207 Pauletta Anglin   "Thank you for your site and all the work that has been done to assist folks like myself. I was delighted to find my husband's great grandfather and mother on the marriage index."
2006.0207 Laurel Baty "What a fantastic job you and your team of volunteers did with the marriage records--that was a monumental undertaking!"   [Laurel is currently working on a monumental task - transcribing old Cartersville newspapers... Arlene]
2006.0206 Lorna Anderson "I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the volunteers that have given their time to publish the records of so many of our ancestors. The bartow county website is one of the best by far. I am in Missouri but if there is something I can do to help, please let me know."
2006.0128 Gerald Moore "I am impressed with your great work.  Great site."
2005.1204 Jan Sherrouse "I really admire and appreciate the work being done by volunteers in Bartow County. I wish I could be of some help in your project, but live in *****, Texas. "  [note - Jan is now part of our Volunteer Team. In addition to transcribing cemetery photos, she's become very active in helping with web page coding...Arlene]
2005.1126 Fred Graham "You have done a wonderful job getting volunteers together and putting a tremendous amount of information online for Bartow Co...  I'm ashamed not to try to contribute to the wonderful County page you have going. "  [note - Fred is now a member of our awesome Volunteer Team.  He's become a guiding force in the Census Transcription Project... Arlene]
2005.0908 Jennie Stone "I have been visiting your Bartow County web sight.  You and your volunteers are doing a wonderful job. "
2005.0814 Phil Harris "What a great site. it has been very helpful to me. "
2005.0711 Cindy "Thank you so much for a wonderful job of posting the cemetery pages in and around Adairsville, Ga. I grew up there and knew a lot of people from school and work. Thanks to all ! It sure beats walking around to see them all and its listed in order. "
2005.0708 Margaret St. Jean "To you and all the volunteers, thank you. You are doing a wonderful job - way ahead of your neighbors. "
2005.0525 George Goswick "Thanks for your hard work in keeping this data available to us on the net."
2005.0309 Jean Taylor "Thanks to all you Bartow Co. angels."
2005.0209 Betty "What a wonderful job and I want you and all who have worked or working on this to know how wonderful you are.  The people who work days who can't drive,  just anyone who doesn't drive or those who live too far away; what a wonderful opportunity you have given to all of us. I was thrilled to see all those marriages also listed.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you. "
2004.1216 Emily O'Neal "I have been looking at the online Bartow marriages. Such a great work you and your volunteers are doing!"
2004.1210 Carolyn Spence "...I would like to thank you and those persons who worked with you on transcribing the Wofford Cross Roads Cemetery.  At long last, I have"found" the final resting place of my grandfather and great grandfather."
2004.1202 Anne "The Bartow Co. Website is wonderful-  I could look at it for hours."
2004.1129 Gary F. "Thank you very much for putting the Hayes Cemetery online... Your work putting this information online is very much appreciated."
2004.0815 Cathy Chamlee "Also, I just have to say that your gen web site is the best I have come to. "
2004.0804 Eleanor Dalton "...thank you and all those who have worked so diligently to record the cemeteries of Bartow County.  I know what job it is..."
2004.0710 Sandi Damron " I just wanted to thank you all for the great work you have done!!!!!!!!!!!!! I  live  in Tennessee and frequently check back to the website. I was so excited to see the work you all had done.  I was even more excited to locate two family members because of your work.  I knew they had died in the 1890's .  Thank you, thank you,  thank you."
2003.0827 Ben McEwen "It's got to be a major job keeping track of all this information. I always enjoy looking through this web site."



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