Bartow County, Georgia
Newspaper Period Published Comments
Bartow Herald (Cartersville) Apr 1929 - May 29 1969 Merged with "Weekly Tribune News" to form Harold Tribune
Bartow Neighbor (Cartersville) Apr 1989 - present  
Bartow Tribune (Cartersville) Oct. 26, 1911 Title changed to "Cartersville News"
Cartersville American     (Cartersville) Sep. 19, 1882
Jan. 1884 - Dec. 1886
Merged with "Cartersville Courant" to form the "Courant American"
Cartersville Courant  (Cartersville) Feb. 1885 - Dec. 1886 Title merged with Cartersville American to form the "Courant American"
Cartersville Express  (Cartersville) Aug. 17, 1860;
Jan. 1867 - Jul. 21, 1881;
Oct. 17, 1889
Cartersville News (Cartersville) Jan. 1914 - Dec 1914;
Jan. 1916 - June 1929;
Feb. 1907 - Mar. 1917
Title changed from "Bartow Tribune"
Cassville Standard  (Cassville) Feb. 9, 1855 - Jan. 1, 1857  
Courant American   (Cartersville) Jan. 1887 - Feb. 1901  
Daily Tribune News (Cartersville) May 6, 1946 - present  
Free Press (Cartersville) Aug. 22, 1878 - Dec. 1883  
Georgia Pioneer  (Cassville) Jun. 4, 1840 - Oct. 3, 1845  
The News (Cartersville) Mar. 5, 1901 - Jul. 5, 1901 Title changed to "News and Courant"
The News and Courant    (Cartersville) Jul. 11, 1901 - Jan. 1907 Title changed from "The News"
The Standard (Cassville) 1852 - 1860  
Tribune News (Cartersville) July 1929 - Feb. 1946 Title changed to the "Weekly Tribune News"
Weekly Tribune News (Cartersville) Mar. 1946 - Sept. 1969 Title changed from the "Tribune News"; Title merged with the "Bartow Herald" to form the "Herald Tribune News"

Information regarding newspapers


All microfilm may be purchased through University of Georgia Newspaper project:  Thank you Laurel Baty for the information on the local newspapers.


Religious papers are a great source for early newspaper obituaries--many obituaries were published free of charge (most local newspapers charged per word for obituaries). The Methodists had numerous religious periodicals, the most notable for Georgia being "The Southern Christian Advocate." Brent Holcomb has published several volumes of abstracts from this paper.

Wofford College also has an online index to the obituaries in the "Southern Christian Advocate" starting with 1837.  A search for the place "Bartow" turned up 16 entries. Using "GA" there were over 2000 entries. Two entries appear for "Adairsville" and 6 for Cartersville. Many obituaries may not mention a city or state--so it a good idea to search by name.

The "Nashville Christian Advocate" obituaries (another Methodist periodical) have been abstracted by Jonathan K. T. Smith and all of his abstracts are on-line at:  There is a search engine just for the Nashville Christian Advocate entries and there are several early entries for Cass County, GA.

There are many Baptist papers for GA--the most notable being the"Christian Index" --obituaries and marriages have been abstracted and published in a volume series by Mary Overby. The following link gives a number of resources for searching for information on Georgia Baptists:

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