Aiken Children

The Cartersville Express
Cartersville, Georgia
September 26, 1871, page 3
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Early Death.
[From the Southern Christian Advocate.]

It rarely happens, even in this world of tears and trials, that a happy household is so suddenly and sorely stricken by the Angel of Death, as is that of our esteemed friend and brother, Rev. Warren Aiken.  A few weeks ago, Katie, eight, Susie, six, and Elbert, four years of age, were in the loveliness of precious childhood.  On the 22d of August Katie and Elbert died with diphtheria, and on the 24th, Susie with the same rapid and fearful disease.

Katie the eldest of these three, was as gentle as the dove, and nestled herself in every heart.  She was a child of prayer, uniformly, night and morning, never failing to pour out her little heart to God.  She never failed in this duty herself and often reminded her younger sister and brother when they neglected it.  Susie, two years younger was as bright as a sunbeam—sparkling and sportive in mind and heart.  Elbert, manly in his budding boyhood, gave promise of character, strong and sturdy.  A trio these, that would make any household happy and lovely.  Hushed now their voices on earth, but Heaven’s music is richer, as these swell the ever-growing song of honor, blessing and glory to Him who redeemed them from the earth.  Blessed thought!  As earth and time lose their charms and grow sad and dark, faith looks to our home above and sees the departed, not lost or dead, but living, and the inheritors of a life that never ends—of joys that never fail or fade.  These, Katie, Susie and Elbert, dear to you father and mother, are dearer still to Him who bought them with precious blood.  They are with Him, which is for better, and are now in possession of that for which you that are left wait and long and pray.  Yours the pilgrim lot, yet awhile longer pain and sorrow and death—theirs, a home with God in the beautiful City, where there is nevermore sickness, suffering or death. – J. L. P.


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