Mrs. William Alexander

The Courant American
Cartersville, Georgia
July 21, 1887, page 3
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A Shocking Suicide.
Mrs. William Alexander, of Adairsville, Blows Her Head Off With a Shotgun.

Our little sister city of Adairsville is just now undergoing a sensation that is convulsing her from center to circumference.  The town is usually a quiet one, but yesterday morning it was thrown into the wildest excitement.  One of the most high-toned and respected ladies of the town deliberately took a heavily loaded shotgun from its resting place, and more deliberately pulled the trigger, sending the deadly load through her head.  Mrs. William Alexander was probably one of the most happily situated ladies in this section.  With a kind husband, two talented and interesting daughters, with her every wish gratified, her’s was indeed a happy lot.  A few months ago her health began failing, and two or three weeks ago it was noticed by her family and closest friends that her mind was giving way to the dreadful march of disease.  She was getting worse every day, not withstanding she had the best medical attention that money could procure and the most attentive nurses that love could command.

Yesterday morning she arose from her couch where she had rested very well the night preceding and went into the kitchen to assist her daughters.  The young ladies called her attention to her weakness and begged her to return to her room, which she did.

A few minutes afterwards a loud report was heard from the room.  The family instantly congregated thither and the sight that met their gaze beggared description.  There stretched out full length on the floor was the poor invalid wife and mother, dead, the top pf her head being entirely blown off.  The room was a ghastly scene indeed and the feelings of the horror struck family were given vent to by the most pitiable wailing of the deepest anguish.  The neighbors came pouring in and found the entire family on the floor caressing the body of the deceased lady, and acting in the mildest manner.  Her body was taken up, and made ready for burial.

The family has received the kindest attention from the clever people of the town, each member is very popular and consequently the whole town and neighboring country has been cast into the deepest gloom.  The remains were followed to the grave late yesterday by the largest concourse of people ever assembled in the town on a like purpose.

The deceased as well as the entire family are members of the church. The husband, one of the solidest men of the community, is nearly crazy with grief, and the heart of every one goes out to him and his children in this their greatest grief.  A kinder and more considerate husband never lived, and it was of common remark in the town that his was the happiest family in the community.  This terrible affliction must surely bear with a crushing weight upon it.


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