Death in the River.

The Cartersville Express Newspaper
Cartersville, Georgia
October 17, 1889 Page 3:
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Death in the River.

Mr. Miles Arnold Meets a Horrible Death Yesterday. While starting to cross the Etowah River he falls overboard and his lifeless body is found in the stream.

Mr. Miles Arnold, a prominent farmer and citizen of the seventeenth district, met his death yesterday by drowning in the Etowah river.

Mr. Arnold was postmaster at Ford and every Wednesday and Saturday carries the mail between that place and Kingston. Yesterday morning he left as usual with the mail, expecting to come down to Cartersville on the morning train, returning on the afternoon train to Kingston and return with the mail.

But he never reached Kingston. His family waited for his arrival home last night, but they waited in vain. When long after his usual arrival time had passed they grew uneasy. A searching party was made up and started off on the road Mr. Arnold had taken. When they reached the Etowah river about half a mile from home a horrible sight met their gaze. In the river, not far from the bank, and in shallow water, the bateau used for crossing was found turned up side down, and under it was the lifeless body of Mr. Arnold.

It is supposed that Mr. Arnold was bailing the water out of the boat, preparatory to crossing the stream. He is subject to attacks of vertigo and at this time one of the attacks came on him, he staggered and fell into the rushing water below, capsizing the boat as he went down.

The horrified and grief-stricken searchers, as quickly as possible, put him in a buggy and carried him to the home he had left that morning in such fine spirits.

What a difference of feeling in that household of morning and night. Truly the bright, glad sunshine had been exchanged for gloomy darkness.

Mr. Arnold is a gentleman of sixty-two years of age and leaves a large family of grown children, nine in number. Last year he lost one of his arms in his gin, and this fact, perhaps prevented him from making a greater effort to save his life.


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