Mamie Carnes

The Courant American
Cartersville, Georgia
May 5, 1892, page 1
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A Watery Grave.
Sad Death of a Little Girl Near Adairsville, Georgia.
Mamie Carnes Drowned,
While Fishing on the Banks of the Oothcaloga She Loses her Footing and Falls Into the Water.

Close upon the announcement of the sad and untimely death by drowning of a young man and two of his schoolmates, young ladies, in Chickamauga creek Saturday last, the news was received of a second dreadful catastrophe in which the cruel waters clasp in a cold embrace another victim living near Adairsville. On the Tom Turner farm is Mr. Wm. Carnes, an honest son of the soil, who with his family lives comfortably and sings the song of happiness and gladness as he breaks the bread around a peaceful fireside. Monday our good farmer friend went out with his boys to plant corn on the creek bottom near the Oostanaula river. In order to further the days work before them, as the time for dinner approached a little daughter, Miss May, eleven years of age came to the field with the dinner for her father and brothers; with all the goodness in her heart and a love for her father’s welfare, she said she would drop a row or two of corn while the rest ate their dinner. She did so, and after finishing her task so freely done, concluded to fish some in the creek near by, and while so doing by some mishap fell into the water and before anyone knew of her mishap poor little Mamie went to join the Angels from whence she came.

After the brothers finished their meal they called in an affectionate manner for their sister and an earnest beseech from a father, but a grim silence and possibly a plaintive voice from some water fowl who was the only witness, was echoed back to them. Hurrying up and down the stream in despair, calling and looking for May, and at last coming to a place on the banks where their worst fears were realized, they found her little bonnet and a fishing pole, and evidence on the banks that she was drowned.

Terrel Speed who lives near by was called into service, and after 30 minutes work in dragging for the body, it was found in 12 foot water but a few feet from where she fell in. There seems to have been an unusual devotion for this little girl outside of the family, and the many tears shown in the faces affirm [sic] strongmen was evidence of this fact. The little girl had some presentiment of near death and had spoken of this and added that the world was going wrong. She was noted for her many good points of character, and especially for her Christian life.

Her remains were photographed by Yarbrough, the artist, Tuesday, and the scene at the gallery was affecting indeed. The body was buried at Turner Conaway’s burial grounds in South Adairsville.


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