Lillie Mae Cline

The Cartersville News
Cartersville, Georgia
February 20, 1908 , Page 1
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A Horrible Accident
Children Ground Beneath Wheels of Locomotive.
Lillie Mae Cline and David Rogers Are Killed, One Trying to Rescue the Other, At Bartow.

Two children met a horrible death by being crushed beneath the massive wheels of a locomotive, at Bartow, last Monday afternoon.

Mr. Mike Cline, who is superintendent of the Clark graphite works, at Bartow, and whose home is near where the wagon road crosses the railroad track, has been sending his children to the school at Emerson.  On the afternoon in question he had gone up to Emerson and was accompanying his children back home.  With them also were the two children of a neighbor, Mr. Rogers.  Mr. Cline and his children were walking on the west side of the railroad track and the Rogers children were on the east side.  When they were about even with the big ore washer on the side of the track at Bartow, Mr. Cline saw a L. & N. freight coming, and because of a curve that had obstructed the view, it was well on them before they saw it.  Mr. Cline called to the children on the opposite side to stay where they were, fearing they might attempt to cross and get hurt.  Little David Rogers, either having misunderstood Mr. Cline or from fear, started to cross the track.  From the terror of the situation or for some other reason the little fellow stopped still in the middle of the track.  Mr. Cline’s daughter, Lily May, about thirteen years old, seeing the child’s peril, ran on to the track and seizing him in her arms was bearing him away, when the locomotive struck them both with the full force consequent to the momentum of its great speed.  The two children were crushed into a frightful mass.  The little girl’s head was quite severed from the body and the little boy was terribly mangled.  The train was stopped and the remains taken from the track.  The strong men, of the railroad, wept like children over the scene.

Rev. G. W. Duval, of this city, went down, on request, and officiated at the funeral.

People of the community say that no such sad occurrence has ever visited them in their knowledge.


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