Thomas Davis

The Free Press
Cartersville, Georgia
February 8, 1883, page 3
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Domestic Disappointments.
Sends the Troubled Soul of Thomas Davis to its Maker.

Last Saturday, two months ago, a young white man living near Kingston, by the name of Thomas Davis, married a young woman by the name of Ellrod. Soon after the marriage, family matters became mixed and demoralization reigned supreme in the household. Davis was said to be a man of good habits and a good workman, though he was subject to fits of despondency. Last Friday evening recognizing the fact that his world afforded no inducements to linger in it, he resolved to take passage for the next. He went to a neighbor’s house and captured a pistol. He told a young woman present that he intended to kill himself with it. She became alarmed and took it from him and left the house, thinking no more of the matter. Davis, however, found the pistol in a trunk and would probably have used it in his extermination had it not been a dollar and a half prize-box pistol and was calculated to do no harm whatever. He got hold of an 38 calibre Oliver repeating rifle, pulled the trigger and sent the ball whizzing through his head. The ball went in just above the right ear, passed through the brain and was taken out just underneath the skin near the left portion the frontal bone.

The coroner was notified and an inquest was held forthwith, the jury finding a verdict in accordance with the above. One of the jurymen during the inquest fainted and for awhile it was thought it was necessary to “set” on him. The bailiff was notified to hold the jury as it was thought there would be another occasion for inquest. The juror, after being duly saturated with water, revived, and at the present writing is in his usual health.


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