Mary Ann Queen Anderson (1852-1929)

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01 Jun 2006

My great-great grandmother, Mary Ann Queen, was born to Henson/Hence Queen and Nancy York Queen on 11 September 1852. Her birth place and that of her siblings is given as Georgia per Federal Census records (North Carolina: 1860, 1870, 1880 and Georgia: 1900, 1910, 1920). Her birth and death dates are inscribed on her grave stone in Cassville Cemetery, Bartow, GA. Her mother’s maiden name comes from the death certificate of Mary Ann’s brother, James Harvey Queen (b 10 Mar 1854 in Rabun County, GA, d 22 Nov 1939 in Granite, Greer, OK).

At the time of the 1850 Federal Census for Militia District 587, Rabun County, GA, Mary A (2) is living with father Hence (27), mother Nancy A (22) and older brother Jerry S (4) in dwelling #147. Hence’s occupation is farmer and he owns real estate valued at $100. His birth place is given as NC and Nancy’s as TN. [Series: M432, Roll: 81, Page: 325].

By the time of the 1860 Federal Census for Fort Hembree, Cherokee, NC, Mary Ann’s mother was widowed. Nancy Quin (38) and her children Jerry (18), Mary (11), Harvey (9), Jane (5) and Jonas (2) are living in dwelling #1294. Nancy’s personal estate is valued at $25. The place of birth for all members of the household is Robeson County, GA [Series: M653, Roll: 892, Page: 530].

The 1870 Federal Census for Brasstown Township, Clay, NC shows Mary Ann (18), Harvey (16), Jane (15), Jonis (12) and their mother, Nancy (45), living in the household of Jeremiah Queen (22). Jeremiah’s occupation is given as farmer and his personal estate has a value of $100. Nancy’s birth place is given as TN, for all other family members it is given as GA [Series: M593, Roll: 1130, Page: 445].

On July 24, 1873, Mary Ann Queen married Jesse P F(ernando) Anderson in Clay County, NC. The officiator was W F Plott, Justice of the Peace. The groom’s parents: John and Mary Anderson and the bride’s mother: Nancy Queen, Brasstown [CLAY COUNTY, NC - VITALS - Marriage Records 1870-1891].

Mary Ann’s siblings, except for Harvey, also married in the 1870s in Clay County, NC:

• Jerrymiah Queen married Margaret McFalls on 25 Jul 1874. Officiator: W H Plott. Groom’s Mother: Nancy Queen; Bride’s Parents: Keller and Mary McFalls, Brasstown.
• Sara Jane Queen married Theiron Cheek on 18 Aug 1878. Officiator: G W Fleming. Groom’s Father: C P Cheek; Bride’s Parents: Henson and Nancy J Queen; Nancy Queen (residence) – [CLAY COUNTY, NC - VITALS - Marriage Records 1874-1879].

Jonas Queen married Lou Martin on 10 Jul 1879. Officiator: G S McClure; Groom’s Mother Nancy Queen; Brides Parents James and Permelia Martin; James Martin’s (residence) – [CLAY COUNTY, NC - VITALS - Marriage Records 1874-1879].

On 24 Mar 1881, Mary Ann’s brother J H(arvey) married D(ocia) O McFalls in Clay County, NC. Groom’s Parents: Henson and Nancy Queen; Bride’s Parents: A M and Mary McFalls; J M Queen’s (residence) – [CLAY COUNTY, NC - VITALS - Marriage Records 1879-1886].

In the 1880 Federal Census for Hayesville, Clay, NC, Mary A (27) and her husband, Jesse Anderson (24), are living in dwelling #138 and have three daughters: Lula B (age 5 – my great-grandmother), Ferest J (age 3) and Nancy Z (age 1). Mary’s birth place is given as GA, all others as NC. Jesse’s occupation is farming [Series T9, Roll 958, Page 430].

Mary Ann’s brother Jerry and his wife Margaret M (20) and sons Oscar K (4) and James M (1) are living two doors down in dwelling #140.

Mary Ann’s mother, Nancy (54) is enumerated in the 1880 Federal Census for Brasstown, Clay, NC as living in the household (dwelling #70) of her son Harve (23). Also living with them are Nancy’s daughter Sary (Sara Jane) Cheek (22) and her daughter Anna (1). The birth place of Harve and Sary is given as GA, as TN for Nancy and her parents and as NC for Anna. Harve is listed as working on a farm [Series T9, Roll 958, Page 443].

Mary Ann’s brother Jonas (22) and wife Lou (19) live two doors down in dwelling #72. Jonas works on a farm. Their birthplaces and those of their parents are given as Georgia.

Four more daughters were born to Mary Ann and Jesse Anderson: Loma Haseltine (1881-1993), Gertrude Mae (1881-1921), Magnolia (1883-?), Blen (1885-?) and one son: George S (1888-1959). Census records are inconsistent as to the birth place of the children (variously given as NC and GA).

On 8 Feb 1881, John L Anderson and his wife, Mary L Anderson, deeded 50 acres to Jesee F Anderson for the sum of $100.00. On 16 Jan 1882, Mary L Anderson confirmed her consent to the sale of the land in the presence of B R Langham, J.P. On 30 May 1883, the certificate of her consent as prepared by B R Langham was adjudged to be correct by G W Sanderson, Probate Judge, and the deed was ordered to be registered. The deed was registered in the Clay County Probate Court (Book B, page 511) on 1 Jun 1883 by G M Fleming, Reg. of Deeds.

Assuming that these two families were living in NC when the deed was finalized, sometime after 1 Jun 1883 (the registration of the deed) and before the 1900 Federal Census, Mary Ann and her family moved to GA. Review of Bartow County tax records for that period will be conducted soon and should clarify when they moved to GA. Family tradition has that they came to the Cassville area of Bartow County, GA in a covered wagon.

In the 1900 Federal Census for Cassville, Bartow, GA, Jessie (44), Mary A (46), Loma (19), Nola (16), Blen (14), George (11) and Gertrude M (7) are living in a rented home (dwelling #50). Jessie is a farmer [Series: T623, Roll: 179, Page: 214]. The age of Gertrude is problematic because her grave stone indicates a birth date of 29 Nov 1881, making her about 19 by the year 1900 and born 7 months after her sister Loma (April 1881).

Next door, in dwelling #51, lives James Anderson (54), his wife Lucinda (52) and their children (some of which appear to be too young to be their natural children). James’ age is about right to be the older brother of Jesse listed in the household of John and Mary L Anderson (dwelling #563) in the 1860 Federal Census for Franklin-Welches District, Macon, NC [Series: T623, Roll: 179, Page: 214].

Lula (my great-grandmother), the eldest child of Mary Ann and Jesse, married William Joseph Hall on 16 Oct 1892 in Cherokee County, GA. She, her husband Joe W (33) and daughters Jessie (4) and Lola B (1) live in dwelling #197 in District 859 G M Watters, Floyd, GA (ED 113). Joe is working as a farm laborer and the family home is rented [Series: T623, Roll: 196, Page: 49]. Lola B is Lola Blanche/Blanche Lola (my grandmother).

Jesse’s mother Mary Anderson (85) is living with her daughter Mary A (47) and her son-in-law James E Brown (45) in dwelling #71 in 856th Militia District, Bartow, GA. Mary Brown has had five children, all of which are living, with four at home: daughter Gertie L (20), sons Grasen F (18), George F (15) and daughter Mary L (8). Mary Anderson is credited with seven children, five living. Mary A Brown, Mary Anderson, Gertie and Grasen Brown are listed as being born in NC. James Brown, son George and daughter Mary L are listed as being born in NC. This indicates that the family moved from NC to GA between 1881 (birth of Grasen F) and 1885 (birth of George F) [Series: 623, Roll: 179, Page: 263]. Mary Anderson died 08 May 1906 (91 yrs 2 mos 8 days) and is buried in Cassville Cemetery, Bartow, GA (more below).

Voter's Oath Record - Cassville District - original book - reviewed at the Etowah Valley Historical Society offices in the old Bartow County Courthouse by Blanche Wallace on 11 Apr 2006. The record reads: 1909 Nov 7, Anderson, J F, age 53, white, descended from soldier, farmer (owned land column not checked).

In the 1910 Federal Census for Cassville, Bartow, GA [Series: T624, Roll: 171, Page: 141], Mary (58) and her husband Jessie Anderson (54) have been married 36 years. Jesse is a farmer and their son George S (21) lives with them. They own their home (dwelling # 232) and are living in close proximity to several of their children:

• Lula - my great-grandmother (35) - husband William Joseph Hall (44), daughter Jessie (14), daughter Blanch (11 - my grandmother), daughter Eunice (7), son George (5), son Carl (4) and daughter Mona (2) are living in dwelling #229;
• Blen married Alleck (Alex) Presley on 28 Mar 1908 in Bartow County, GA. They and one son (Weldon – age 1) are living in dwelling #230;
• Loma married Howard Holmes 24 Dec 1902 in Bartow County, GA. They, daughter Ethel (2) and son Hugh (2 months) are living in dwelling # 231; and
• Magnolia married Julius Greene on 12 Mar 1905 in Bartow County, GA. They, son Laurence (4) and son Clarence (1) are living in dwelling # 233.

At the time of the 1920 Federal Census for Enumeration District 9, Cassville, Bartow, GA [Series: T625, Roll: 234, Page: 268], Jessie (63) and Mary A Anderson (67) are living alone in a home free of mortgage near Dixie Highway. Jesse’s occupation is farming. They are living near two of their children and Jesse’s sister Mary A Brown and her husband James (the dwelling numbers are illegible for this census sheet):

• One door up lives their son George S (31), wife Lula O (30), daughter Bernice (7) and daughter Inez (6). George and Lula married about 1912. George’s occupation is farming and their home is owned free of mortgage;
• One door down lives Jesse’s sister Mary A (67) and her husband James E. Brown (63). Their home is owned and free of mortgage. James is a farmer.
• Three doors down lives daughter Lula (45), her husband William J (55), son George D (15), son Carl (13) and daughters Mona (8), Annie B (11), Mildred (7) and son Ralph (2). William is a farmer and they own a mortgaged home.

Two other daughters and their families also live in Enumeration District 9, Cassville, Bartow, GA [Series: T625, Roll: 234, Page: 250]:

• Daughter Loma H (38), her husband Howard Holmes (39), daughter Ethel M (12), sons Hugh H (11), Everett W (9), J?? (5) and Robert (1) live on a mortgaged farm (dwelling #41) on Dixie Highway. [Series T625, Roll 234, Page 250].
• Daughter Blen (34), her husband Aleck L Presley (33), sons Welldon R (10) and George W (1) live on a farm on Dixie Highway listed as dwelling # 33. [Series T625, Roll 234, Page 249].

In Adairsville District, Bartow, GA [Series: T625, Roll: 235, Page: 10], daughter Forrest (43), her husband Joe C Lowery (44), daughter Ruby (28) and sons Hayward (20) and J. C. Jr (3) live in dwelling #178 on Dixie Highway. Their home is owned and mortgaged. Forrest and Joe married 8 Dec 1894 in Bartow County, GA. Joe’s occupation is foreman in a mine (name of mine begins with letter “B”, the rest of the word is illegible). Son Hayward is a laborer in the same mine.

Jesse and Mary Ann’s daughter, Gertrude Mae, married E V Yarbrough on 26 Jul 1908. I have not found any further information on them.

The 1925 Bartow County Tax Digest for Cassville Militia District, p 75 was reviewed at the Etowah Valley Historical Society offices in the old Bartow County Courthouse by Blanche Wallace on 11 Apr 2006. The record states: Anderson, J F owned 80 acres valued at $600.00 and located as lot 44, District 5, Section 3. Household goods valued at $25.00; jewelry/watches valued at $3.00; 1 cattle valued at $15.00; 2 hogs valued at $10.00; carriages/wagons/farm equipment valued at $5.00 - Total of $688.00. The amount of taxes due was not listed.

The 1930 Federal Census for Cassville, Militia District 828, Bartow, GA [Series: 626, Roll: 337, Page: 137] shows Mary Ann’s husband Jesse F Anderson (72) living with their son George S (41) and his family: wife Lula (40), daughters Bernice (17), Inez (16) and son Denice (9) in dwelling # 100 on Folsom Grade.

Daughter Loma (43), her husband Howard E Holmes (43), sons Wilson (17), J.F. (15) and Robert (11) live next door in dwelling #101, which they own. Howard is listed as a farmer and his three sons as farm laborers.

Daughter Lula (55), her husband William J Hall (64), sons George D (25), Carl W (24), daughter Mildred (17), son Ralph (14), daughter Clara J(essie) Hayes (34), and Jessie’s daughters Rosebud (14) and Shelma L (9) live four doors up (dwelling #96 on Dixie Highway No. 3). William is a farmer and their home is rented.

Daughter Forest (52) and her husband Joseph C Lowery (54), daughter Ruby (33) and son J, C. (13) live in dwelling #112 on Hermitage Road, Watters District, Militia District 859, Floyd, GA. Their home is rented for $1.00 per month. Joseph is employed as a farm laborer [Series: T626, Roll: 356, Page:28].

Mary Ann Queen Anderson died on 27 Jun 1929 and is buried in Cassville Cemetery, Bartow, GA [Bartow County Georgia, Formerly Cass, Cemeteries Volume I, Etowah Valley Historical Society, 1993].

The 1934 Bartow County Tax Digest, Cassville Militia District, p 71 was reviewed at the Etowah Valley Historical Society offices in the old Bartow County Courthouse by Blanche Wallace on 11 Apr 2006. The record states: Anderson, J F owned 80 acres located as lot 44, District 5, Section 3 and valued at $600.00 - no listing for household goods, livestock or equipment. Entire property valued at $600.00. Taxes were: State = $2.40; County = $9.00; County wide school tax = $3.00; Local school tax = $0.90.

Jesse Fernando Anderson died 05 Mar 1936. The burial plot of Jesse and Mary Ann Anderson is in Cassville Cemetery, located at GPS coordinates N 34_15_2 / W 84_50_41. The grave stones were photographed and transcribed by Blanche M Wallace on 11 Apr 2006. The plot includes the following graves:

• Jesse’s parents: John Anderson (b 01 Mar 1816, d 23 Aug 1899) and Mary L Anderson (b 01 Mar 1815, d 08 May 1906);
• Jesse’s sister Gertrude (b 29 Nov 1881, d 14 Mar 1921);
• Mary Ann and Jesse’s son George S Anderson (b 26 Jun 1888, d 26 Mar 1959) and George’s wife Lula P (b 02 Oct 1899, d 25 Nov 1972); and
• Mary Ann and Jesse’s great-grandson, Harold W Greene, Jr (1931-1932). This child was the son of Mildred Hall Greene and Harold W Greene. Mildred Hall Greene was the daughter of Lula Anderson Hall.

Down slope to the west of the Anderson graves are those of Mary Ann and Jesse’s daughter Loma (b 07 Apr 1881, d 31 May 1993), her husband Howard E Holmes (b 1880, d 24 Jun 1939) and other Holmes family members. The GPS coordinates of this plot are: N34_15_2.1 / W84_50_42.4.

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