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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
Valentine, Charles Jr. Ford, Mary K. 23 November 1940 "W" added as Groom's middle initial K (Colored)/398
Vance, Alfred McCollum, Maybell 22 March 1934   M/345
Vance, Homer Johnson, Lena 10 July 1931   M/181
Vance, M. A730H. Mullins, Mrs. Daisy July 16, 1932   M/234
Vandevander, Herman Calhoun, Louise 23 October 1888   H/462
Vandivere, A.T. Smith, May C. 12 June 1906   J/371
Vandivir, William Levi Grant, Charlotte 04 June 1843   B/112
Vanmeter, Garvin Teems, Eva 25 May 1919   L/083
Vanmeter, Isaac N. (Dr.) Jolley, Elizabeth K. 16 February 1881   G/443
Vann, James R. Hobgood, Thelma 08 October 1922 James ROBERT added L/331
Vanzandt, L.W. (Dr.) Stanley, Josie 1 June 1910 Bride's name also shown as Stanly K/149
Varner, F.M. McTear, Nancy 08-Oct-1868   F/021
Varner, Pink Brown, Mittie 5/15/1906   Colored/179
Vasser, A.P. Brock, Elzie 15 August 1815   K/498
Vaughan, A.B. McMichen, Lillie 12 August 1904   J/283
Vaughan, A.B. McGuire, Mary 26 November 1920   L/161
Vaughan, Abb Doss, Lula 23 September 1906   J/417
Vaughan, Arthur Russell, Selma 06 January 1934 "L" written in as Groom's middle initial M/333
Vaughan, Arthur Hazlewood, Florence 20 May 1899   J/020
Vaughan, C.H. Brooks, Ethel 27 October 1907   J/475
Vaughan, David A. Gillstrap, Delilah 31-Dec-1871   F/121
Vaughan, G.W. Milhollin, Ida B. 05 January 1890   I/036
Vaughan, George Hardy, Narcissa E. 21 January 1900 Groom's last name indexed as Vaughn J/132
Vaughan, J.A. Hembree, Addie 05 March 1916   K/515
Vaughan, J.L. Reynolds, Adaline P. 23-Dec-1875   F/382
Vaughan, James Bell, Nellie 27-Dec-1876   F/177
Vaughan, James I. Whittaker, Fannie R. 13 July 1881   G/535
Vaughan, James L. Brooks, Mary J. 30 December 1878   G/321
Vaughan, James W., Jr. White, Gladys 12 February 1921   L/172
Vaughan, James Wilson Williams, Sarah Frances 8 June 1893   I/222
Vaughan, Madison Bush, Allie May 23 December 1923 Bunch added L/347
Vaughan, Memory C. Collier, Margaret D. 11-Nov-1852   D/176
Vaughan, Merlon Tidwell, Duskey 1/19/1908   K/032
Vaughan, Oscar Ledbetter, Martha J. 14 January 1906   J/392
Vaughan, Paul R. Freeman, Ethel 12 December 1919   L/118
Vaughan, Reuben Abney, Mattie 23 February 1890   I/046
Vaughan, Smiley N. Puckett, Marie 09 January 1919   L/052
Vaughan, Tate David Evans, Nannie May 26 March 1922   L/264
Vaughan, Thomas Emory Collins, Annie Laurie 07 June 1900   J/069
Vaughan, Thomas W. Lyda, Annie O. 24 January 1920   L/124
Vaughan, W.L. Bagwell, Cora 16 December 1899   J/030
Vaughan, Wiley Hannon, Charme 26 March 1937   M/565
Vaughan, Will Dorroh, Mary Eugenia 16 August 1933   M/439
Vaughan, William B. Upshaw, Ella 16 November 1877   G/194
Vaughan, William J. Parker, Martha C. 13 December 1858   E/168
Vaughan, William P. Keys, Elizabeth 16 October 1856   E/154
Vaughn, Arthur McEver, Abbie 22 September 1901   J/149
Vaughn, B.A. Hardy, Frances I. 15 January 1901   J/121
Vaughn, David A. Scott, Louisa C. 14-Nov-1850   D/099
Vaughn, Grover C. Boyd, Ida Wynn 09 November 1935   M/467
Vaughn, Homer Hubbard, Ruby 28 October 1933   M/309
Vaughn, John W. Baker, Laura A. 26 November 1865   E/269
Vaughn, Oliver Williams, Nancy M. 24 Dec 1854   E/050
Vaughn, W.J. Ledbetter, M.S.L.P. 19 July 1902   J/187
Vaught, William Warlick, Mary 22 June 1837   B/002
Vaught, William Rudd, Mary 06 February 1839   B/023-024
Veach, Everette D. Bradley, Lillian Mae 6/1/1910   K/136
Veach, G.A. Dobbins, Mattie L. 13 October 1885   H/375
Veach, George William Gaines, Dorothy Anne 05 June 1935   M/427
Veal, D.H. Peacock, Lucy 20 December 1883   H/148
Veal, W.M. Teems, Lula L. 14 July 1895   I/380
Venable, C.E. Henderson, R.L. 18 February 1903   J/217
Venable, H.W. Thomas, Grace 25 December 1890   I/086
Venable, J.P. Allen, Martha 03 October 1866   E/340
Venable, James F. Phillips, Martha 18 August 1842   B/096
Venable, James L. Foute, Lizzie B. 23-Feb-1871   F/176
Venable, Jeff Wright, Sallie 21 December 1882   H/063
Venable, Marvin W. Mashburn, Luella 11 August 1904   J/310
Venable, Nathaniel J. Pitts, Susannah xx-xx-xxxx No date; Names indexed but page missing D/048
Venable, Robert Studdards, Jennett 12 September 1936   M/523
Venable, Samphord Hill, Harriet F. 12/22/1853   E/011
Venable, W.A. Carlile, Mattie 30 April 1876   G/020
Venerable, J.H. Cornett, Cora (Mrs.) 02 March 1929   M/049
Ventoso, Benjamen Yarbrough, Sarah E. xx-xx-xxxx License Date of 23-Jun-1852 only; not final D/163
Verner, Henry J. Hollinshead, Mattie B. 21 December 1899   J/052
Verner, J.B. Bell, E.M. 23 December 1897   I/523
Verner, John Simpson Harris, Nanna Jane 26 November 1876   G/123
Verner, M.T. Satterfield, Pearl 11 December 1901 "McTier" written in as Groom's first name J/151
Verner, Sam Ginn, Mamie Josephine 26 June 1912   K/274
Vernon, Andrew Scrutchins, Nancy 5/26/1905   Colored/156
Vernon, John L. Gaines, D.A. 13 December 1876   G/113
Vestal, Charles R. Morrison, Rebecca 01-Feb-1872   F/183
Vick, W.I. Hall, Annie 25 December 1895   I/415
Vick, W.M. Newman, Annie 16 November 1892   I/154
Vincent, A.A. McEver, Margaret C. 08 January 1878   G/207
Vincent, A.A. Bell, Jane 29 May 1865   E/282
Vincent, A.E. Adair, A.E. 14 January 1885   H/254
Vincent, Aulsey Upshaw, Martha G. 04 January 1838   B/008-009
Vincent, Bob Buchanan, Bertha 01 September 1890 Colored I/093
Vincent, Carl Ransom, Stella 2/17/1907   Colored/186
Vincent, D.C. Campbell, Camille Mildred 29 October 1928   M/030
Vincent, G.R. Johnson, Francis 10 August 1884 Colored H/177
Vincent, Green Carter, Amanda 24-Dec-1873 Colored F/321
Vincent, J.U. Trippe, S.C. 15-Jun-1871   F/112-113
Vincent, John Shellman, Julia 17 November 1881   G/553
Vincent, Wood Myers, Milly 07 September 1839   B/035
Vincient, Hicks Roper, Imogene 25 Apr 1931   M/170
Vinson, Marion Cantrell, Elizabeth 20 December 1858   E/193
Vinson, S. J. Worthy, Susan 2 Sept 1857   E/112
Voiles, Elijah Bailey, Mamie 13 October 1928   M/033
Voyles, Nathan Shelly, S.E. (Mrs.) 06 June 1889   H/611


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