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The volunteers led by Jane Thompson that helped with the Marriage Record Project included: Wyndell Taylor, Vic Freeman, Brenda Hawkins, Janis Richardson, Jack Milam, Sherry Osburn, Marjorie Stansel, Barbara Worsham, Cindy Casey, Barbara Timm, Freeman Porter, Felice Dissmeyer, Mark ___ and Arlene Woody.
Groom Bride Marriage Date Comments Book/Page
Yancer, ThomasLewis, Ruth W.24 December 1839 B/043
Yancey, E.S.Brown, Georgia27 August 1929 M/079
Yancey, G. S.Cain, Elizabeth17 January 1920 L/136
Yancey, G.S.Cain, Elizabeth17 January 1920 L/121, 136
Yancey, RobertEvans, Viola26 June 1920 L/151
Yancey, W.C.Baldridge, Grace05 January 1929 M/042
Yancy, J.A.Bell, Lizzie M.15 December 1906 J/404
Yancy, J.F.Beavers, Mirah L.19 July 1883 H/153
Yancy, J.F.Hitt, Neacie A.28 October 1894 I/314
Yancy, J.M.White, Mary E.23 December 1885 H/389
Yancy, James E.Cline, Mamie03 January 1909 K/058
Yancy, John N.Arrowwood, Mary C.13 September 1877 G/272
Yancy, LawrenceQuinton, Emmie Bettie07 June 1914 K/426
Yancy, LesterStewart, Estelle02 August 1911 K/240
Yancy, Levi N.Goodwin, Mattie29 June 1882 H/152
Yancy, LewisTownsend, Ann E.29 April 1883 H/099
Yancy, Milford H.Bell, Eunice04 March 1905 J/392
Yancy, S.M.Tilly, Ethel04 October 1914 K/449
Yancy, T.N.Tapp, Susan L.H.13 May 1883 H/152
Yancy, W.A.Fortenberry, Bettie04 December 1898 I/579
Yarborough, BirdMauney, L.C.09-May-1872 F/204
Yarborough, Calhoun B.Martin, Anna L.29 December 1892 I/218
Yarborough, CharlesEly, Margarett31 March 1881 G/533
Yarborough, GeorgeAgan, Ellen19-Aug-1870 F/108
Yarborough, GeorgeMcDaniel, Rachel04 March 1886 H/314
Yarborough, HarryBryant, S.L.26 September 1878ColoredG/327
Yarborough, HenryDavis, M.J.12 August 1883 H/102
Yarborough, HiramGore, Fannie15 January 1880 G/343
Yarborough, J.J.Gaines, Sophronia27 October 1885Susan indexed as Bride's first name, but is marked throughH/302
Yarborough, James O.Sproull, Harriett06-Aug-1868 F/006
Yarborough, MelvinHuffman, Etta14 January 1885 H/260
Yarborough, OliverCannon, Jennie27 December 1881 G/560
Yarborough, SidneyPatterson, Mahala14 September 1884 H/206
Yarborough, Sidney Moore, Victoria 2/7/1897 Colored/017
Yarborough, W.D.W.Yarborough, M.A,08 October 1882 H/037
Yarborough, WashingtonMcDaniel, Annie G.M.06 April 1886 H/414
Yarborough, WilliamCraddock, Francis27-Nov-1873 F/303
Yarbrough, C.H.Hendricks, Eva L.07 May 1918 L/016
Yarbrough, CharleyDavis, Mattie19 July 1908 K (Colored)/151
Yarbrough, ClarencePassley, Ola18 May 1923 K (Colored)/074
Yarbrough, Clarence Brown, Roberta 4/3/1910 Colored/239
Yarbrough, ClarkBearden, Della23 December 1919 L/121
Yarbrough, E.V.Anderson, Gertie Mae26 July 1908 K/044
Yarbrough, GeorgeJones, Polly22-Dec-1852 D/180
Yarbrough, GriffinWilburn, Mary11 May 1897ColoredI/475
Yarbrough, Griffin Reed, Litty 1/23/1908 Colored/213
Yarbrough, GuyYarbrough, Minnie16 March 1896 I/396
Yarbrough, HenrySmith, Jane 08-Apr-1853 D/192
Yarbrough, HughHaney, Ethel25 March 1928 M/001
Yarbrough, JohnBailey, Sarah Elizabeth14-Nov-1849 D/041
Yarbrough, John Murphey, Eliza xx/xx/xxxxNo marriage date; License issued 20 Sep 1907; Marriage recorded '29 Nov 1907Colored/203
Yarbrough, LouisPasley, Cora02 December 1889 I/011
Yarbrough, O.H.Pavlovsky, Jennie07 January 1923 L/287
Yarbrough, S.C.Godwin, Mozelle09 January 1901 J/111
Yarbrough, SamJohnson, Senia18 April 1923Bride's name"Seena" marked out and"Senia" written inK (Colored)/070
Yarbrough, SamWesley, Jane18 June 1893ColoredI/237
Yarbrough, SidneyFord, Lizzie4/4/1915 Colored/448
Yarbrough, Stephen Wallace, Dollie 7/27/1907 Colored/199
Yarbrough, Walter B.Gilreath, Ora01 December 1904 J/317
Yarbrough, William N.Baxter, Lula C.22 October 1905 J/384
Yarwood, Thomas PowellAlfred, Arminda T. 14-Dec-1869 F/070
Yearwood, BarneyMorgan, Mollie06 May 1900 J/068
Yearwood, James A.Shuley, Mary E.21 _______ 1888Month missing; License issued 17 Oct 1888; Recorded 26 Apr 1889H/543
Yearwood, JohnCross, S.F.25 February 1900 J/054
Yearwood, WarnerWhelchel, Dessie14 July 1918 L/016
Yemly, HenryBarber, Mary02 July 1858Groom's last name hard to readE/135
Yoe, Harry O.Crouch, Alice31 December 1921 L/246
York, A.N.Lochlier, Beulah17 July 1907 J/471
York, Alvin WalkerHicks, Cherokee (Mrs.)24 September 1920 L/162
York, GradyStamper, Maude07 November 1936 M/537
York, HomerHenderson, Maggie23 April 1905 J/403
York, I.M.Hite, Ardenia14 August 1892 I/189
York, I.N.Coffer, E.A.26 December 1879 G/382
York, John J.Davis, Sarah09 September 1866 E/407
York, P.R.Dupree, Violet30 June 1931 M/180
Yother, W.A.Cagle, Evie28 February 1922 L/244
YoungMariah15 September 1866Colored; no other names writtenE/351
Young, A.E.Sanford, Beatrice14 Feb 1931 M/163
Young, AlexPhinizee, Ella15 June 1878ColoredG/249
Young, AllenGoddard, Mary25-Sep-1870 F/177
Young, Allen Keeter, Octavia 12-Jan-1899 F/001
Young, BenMadden, Maria03 November 1889ColoredH/601
Young, BobTownsend, Minnie29 August 1920 L/153
Young, CharlesScott, Lizzie03 August 1890ColoredI/059
Young, Charles Robt.Jenkins, Clocktin Alice02 April 1921 K (Colored)/029
Young, CharleyCoggins, Mamie17 July 1920 L/151
Young, Charley Benham, Ethel 6/13/1915 Colored/353
Young, CharlieHill, Sallie Kate13 November 1934 K (Colored)/439
Young, CharlieLewis, Charlotte13 May 1884 H/179
Young, CharlieWilliams, Emily26 January 1887 H/358
Young, ClarenceRansom, Georgia30 January 1887 H/345
Young, DavidSmith, Bertha09 December 1913 K/429
Young, DavisPinson, Elizabeth31-Mar-1851 D/107
Young, E.D.Davis, Cora05 December 1924 L/384
Young, EddKincaid, Eliza17 February 1891ColoredI/128
Young, Elliott Fields, Minnie 10/5/1906 Colored/181
Young, FrankRaflitt, Pauline07 July 1928 K (Colored)/177
Young, FrankTeel, Grace27 November 1910 K/191
Young, G.W.Bearden, Millie18 August 1912 K/278
Young, George Johnson, Eliza 3/15/1902 Colored/083
Young, GoliahGordon, Nellie31 July 1921 K (Colored)/034
Young, Griffin W.Hayward, Lucy28 April 1897 I/485
Young, H.L.Cook, Annie Mae11 October 1914 K/448
Young, HarlenJones, Eva24 February 1935 M/412
Young, Harvey E.Harris, Rachel E.02 June 1897 I/505
Young, IkeCooper, Margaret19 December 1936 M/546
Young, IsaacAbernathy, Lucretia21-Mar-1875 F/343
Young, J.A.Robertson, S.B.19 November 1880 G/466
Young, J.D.Kennedy, Mary26 August 1920 L/154
Young, J.J.Gaines, Sarah S.15 July 1877 G/200
Young, J.L.Cox, Lizzie25 November 1906 J/426
Young, JamesMoss, Sallie15 April 1918"W" written in as Groom's middle initial; marriage date changed to 18 Apr 1918L/017
Young, James Jones, Helen 3/15/1914 Colored/338
Young, James Saxon, Jane 24-Dec-1868 F/027
Young, James E.Branton, Ledia J.28 May 1868 E/608
Young, JenkinsPhillips, Martha E.29-Apr-1852 D/159
Young, JohnYarborough, Rachel21 June 1877ColoredG/178
Young, John H.Mullen, Sarah (Mrs.)20 May 1884 H/205
Young, Joseph LeeBarron, Sallie07 January 1912 K/250
Young, LawsonAkin, Polly07-Aug-1845 D/086
Young, LewisPhillips, Sarah C.9 January 1856 E/080
Young, Lon Lee, Lizzie 4/12/1909 Colored/223
Young, MancePritchett, Silah16 January 1898ColoredI/565
Young, Mance, Jr. Gay, Josie Ann 26 March 1942GDOB: 01-15-1919; BDOB:07-26-1919K (Colored)/434
Young, Marian Barnwell, Ollie 12/25/1904 Colored/131
Young, Miles E.Richards, Ella Edith07 February 1926Bride's initials"E.E." filled inK (Colored)/126
Young, MiltonThurman, Lula19 February 1922 L/238
Young, NewmanJackson, Liney03 April 1879 G/396
Young, Perry Mills, Alice 24-Feb-1873ColoredF/258
Young, PettitStokes, Lula21 December 1921 L/225
Young, Richard J.Worthington, Margaret21 November 1904 J/298
Young, RoyCrawford, Bessie07 November 1920 L/166
Young, RubenMartin, Effie17 April 1937 M/572
Young, SamBarnes, Mary01 August 1909 K (Colored)/156
Young, Sam Lott, L. 9/11/1904 Colored/128
Young, SamuelMcCollum, Narcissa9/11/1854 E/038
Young, Samuel W.Havemier, Carrie E.19 June 1892 I/178
Young, StarlingRoper, Buna19 September 1906 J/417
Young, T.A.Waldrip, M.B.06 May 1900 J/040
Young, TalmageDavis, Bertha09 April 1918 L/017
Young, Thomas J.Wheeler, Florence1 April 1908 K/032
Young, W.M.Smith, Bettie25 December 1885 H/315
Young, WalterGilstrap, Bertie17 August 1919 L/085
Young, WillJackson, Viola3/11/1919 Colored/460
Young, WillLee, Lucy29 September 1934 K (Colored)/287
Young, WillScott, Mary Lou16 August 1924 K (Colored)/095
Young, Will Bailey, Evie 6/24/1906 Colored/189
Young, William LaFayetteWhitaker, Nancy01 January 1936 M/478
Young, William WattsSmith, Jessie W.04 October 1894 I/310
Young, WilliePrice, Hattie11 October 1896ColoredI/457
Young, Willie A.Lockaby, Wynette04 September 1934 M/375
Young, Willie C.Stegall, Lena24 November 1940 K (Colored)/400
Young, Z.A.Mitchell, Cordelia18 September 1884 H/184
Young, Z.T.Brewer, Mollie09 March 1884 H/153
Young, ZachariahPinson, Mary A.06 February 1859Bride's last name may be"Pinion"E/157
Young, ZackKeith, Marilla15 January 1890 I/013
Youngblood, EdwardMason, Lucinda15 March 1855 E/060
Youngblood, EdwardStepp, Sela10 October 1865 E/277
Youngblood, J.M.Spence, Corrie22-Sep-1870 F/129
Youngblood, Julius HallisterWade, Kate01 November 1876 G/108
Younger, CharleyHannon, Viola11 March 1923 K (Colored)/067
Younger, CliffordPowell, Ethel08 November 1919year written overK (Colored)/079
Younger, JamesBell, Margaretta31 August 1924 K (Colored)/096
Younger, JamesRichards, Beulah28 January 1933 K (Colored)/250
Younger, JonasParks, Rosana22 December 1905 I/524
Younger, SilasMarshal, Susie27 October 1898ColoredI/577
Zachary, Felt Blance, Octavia09 September 1929 K (Colored)/198
Zachary, Felt Lyons, Ella 12/14/1902 Colored/108
Zachary, ThomasJohnson, Nora12 January 1890ColoredI/016
Zachery, AlbertHayse, Louisa28 October 1876ColoredG/101
Zachery, Felton Bufford, Bell 9/10/1904 Colored/123
Zachry, AlexSingleton, Lillie10 Febraury 1935 K (Colored)/295
Zachry, Alfred F.Brown, Katheryn21 February 1912 K/261
Zant, Thomas E.Randall, Mary J.29 December 1853 E/017
Zuber, Will Lowe, Tichia 10/30/1904 Colored/134
Zuker, WileyRudicil, Elizabeth25-Dec-1870 F/118


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