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June 15, 1877, Page 1
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Our Grave Yards.
A Letter on the Subject from Mr. Thos. M. Compton.
Athens, GA., June 8, 1877
To the Editor of The Express:

In former years I was permitted to use your excellent paper as a medium of communication to the citizens of Cartersville and vicinity of facts in relation to the grave yards at that time, lying in the woods, known as the Methodist and Baptist grave yards.  I desire now to make a statement in which many are interested.

Just after the war, I asked the Baptist church to fence her grave yard, as I was a member of that church, and thought the work should be done.  The deacons were appointed to see what the work would cost and report to the church.  This they did, but the church never took any more action on the subject.

In the year 1869, having a Sabbath school class of young ladies at the Methodist church, composed of those of both Baptist and Methodist persuasion, I asked them to take up a subscription to fence both the grave yards, which they did.  At the same time I gave notice that the citizens of Cartersville and vicinity would meet on certain days with tools to clean off the undergrowth, ready for the fence.  During all this time, several parties, as well as myself, insisted, both privately and through the Express, that the city council should take the matter in hand, which they did.  They bought additional land and added to the Methodist grave yard, and laid out a regular cemetery.

This being the case, it was thought proper to ask for only one half of the subscription to fence the Baptist grave yard.  From various causes just at this time, and from the fact that I was now employed for others, the collection was not made.  After a time Mr. J. H. Gilreath asked that the matter be attended to.  As he was living near by where the work was to be done I gave him the subscription, and told him to proceed with the collection and work.

Failing to attend to the matter for some considerable time, some person through the Express, asked what had become of the subscription.  I replied through the same medium, that I had turned over the subscription to Mr. J. H. Gilreath.  He stated that he had lost or mislaid it.  After a time he found it and returned it to me.  Since that time I have been in Cartersville but little.  I thought perhaps I would return after a time, to remain permanently, when I could have the work done, but have failed thus far.

The young ladies collected forty-six dollars, while circulating the subscription.  This I loaned to Dr. Kirkpatrick, but when I gave the subscription to Mr. Gilreath I collected the money and held it ready to turn over, when the other amounts were collected.

As the other money had not been collected, I marked on the subscription book the words, “put on interest Jan. 15, 1873,” so that I might pay the $46.00.  The principal and interest to June 1st amounted to $62.85, which my agent, Mr. B. F. Godfrey, will pay over when the other sums are collected and the work is done, I do not wish to pay interest any longer.

I am sorry of the delay, but if the work is done it will be new, whereas, if it had been done in 1869, it would have been out of repair now.

It seemed that every year, times were closer and the matter was deferred for a better and more prosperous year.  Times appear no better yet, but as the wheat crop is fine and it is hoped other crops will do well, I hope this matter will be attended to before the year closes.  If you will publish this statement it will be a matter of satisfaction, no doubt to many of the citizens.

Thos. M. Compton.


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Exemption of Personalty Under the Homestead Act.

Henry A. Pattillo.


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Uncle Reese Lowry, aged seventy-seven years, and Uncle Joseph Williams, who has notched his ninety-seventh birthday, went hand and hand to the polls Tuesday and voted for a convention.


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