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Cartersville, Georgia
July 5, 1901, Page 1
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Memorial Service.
Interesting Meeting at Methodist Church Sunday Evening.

The memorial services held at the Methodist church Sunday evening last were interesting and pathetic.  The occasion was in honor of the memory of the fourteen confederate veterans who have died from P. M. B. Young Camp, No. 820 U. C. V., since its organization.

This loving service had been arranged by the comrades of these heroes who have answered to the roll call up yonder.  Rev. G. W. Yarbrough, himself a veteran, acting chaplain, invoked rich blessings upon the families of those who have gone before, and upon their surviving comrades.  As Geo. S. Cobb, camp adjutant, called the names of those who have fallen out of ranks, the silence was painful.  Brig. Gen. A. G. West, commanding the North Georgia Brigade, was the first and principal speaker of the evening.

His address met the occasion and the expectations of his comrades and friends, was timely, eloquent, pathetic.

Judge Thos. W. Milner, Judge Jno. W. Akin and the commander, Capt. T. J. Lyon, each made short talks which were well received.

The music was a charming feature of the service.

The decorations, flowers and plants, were appropriate, tastily arranged and showed the touch of gentle hands.  Much is due to Capt. Lyon and to the ladies for the success of our first service of this kind.  On the whole it was a sad, sweet pleasure.


Two Monuments.
That Will Mark the Wild Race of Andrews’ Raiders.

Marietta Journal.

The Kennesaw Marble Company have just completed two magnificent monuments of white Georgia marble, length six feet by three feet, squared bottom; one to be erected at Kennesaw, Ga., and the other at Ringgold, Ga., commemorating the capture and abandonment of the engine, “General,” during the late war between the state.  In letters of brass sunk into the monuments are the historical account of the events.  These monuments are placed there by the lessees of the W. & A. R. R., now the N. C. & St. L. Railway Co.  The inscriptions are as follows:

“This tablet marks the spot at which the locomotive, “General” was captured by Andrews raiders on the morning of April 12th, 1862.

“Capt. Jas. J. Andrews, with nineteen volunteers from Sills Brigade, Mitchell’s Corps U. S. A., captured the “General” at Big Shanty, April 22th, 1862, while the train crew and passengers were taking breakfast.  The purpose of the capture was to destroy the bridges on the Western & Atlantic Railroad.  Conductor W. A. Fuller, accompanied by engineer Jeff Cain and Anthony Murphy, foreman of the W. & A. shops, commenced pursuit on foot.  They soon secured a hand car and in spite of the obstructions placed on the track by Andrews’ raiders made rapid progress,  They found the engine “Yonah” at Etowah and the pursuit then was at such a rapid pace that serious damage to the railroad by the raiders was impossible.  The ‘General’ was abandoned by the raiders on account of lack of fuel and the close pursuit of Conductor Fuller and his party.”

“This tablet marks the spot at which the locomotive ‘General’ was abandoned by Andrews raiders, on account of the pursuit of Conductor W. A. Fuller and train crew, on the afternoon of April 12th, 1862.

Jas. J. Andrews, Heminsburg, Ky.
M. A. Ross, Co. A. 2 Ohio Vol. In.
G. E. Wilson Co. B, 2 Ohio Vol. In.
P. G. Shadrack, Co. K, 2 Ohio Vol. In.
J. W. Scott, Co. F, 21 Ohio Vol. In.
S. Slavens, Co. E, 23 Ohio Vol. In.
S. Robertson Co. E. 33 Ohio Vol. In.
W. H. Campbell, Salinesville, O., were executed in Atlanta as spies.
Jas. A. Wilson, Co. C, 21 Ohio Vol. In.
Mark Wood, Co. C, 21 Ohio Vol. In.
J. R. Foster, Co. C, 21 Ohio Vol. In.
W. W. Brown Co. F 21 Ohio Vol. In.
Wm. Knight Co. E, 21 Ohio Vol. In.
D. A. Dorsey, Co. H 21 Ohio Vol. In.
M. Hawkins, Co. A., 21 Ohio Vol. In.
John Wallace, Co. C. 21 Ohio Vol. In.
Escaped from prison and reached the Union lines.
Wm. Pittenger Co. G. 2 Ohio Vol. In.
Jacob Parrott, Co. K 32 Ohio Vol. In.
Wm. Reddick, Co. K, 33 Ohio Vol. In.
Robt. Buffirm, Co. H 21 Ohio Vol. In.
Wm. Bausenger Co. G 21 Ohio Vol. In.
E. H. Mason CO. K 21 Ohio Vol. In.
Were exchanged from Libby prison.”
Prominent among the prisoners of the south were: Steve Stokely, Peter Bracken, F. Cox, A. Martin and H. Haney.

[Erected by N. C. & ST. L. R. R., June 1901.]


Page 6.

Written on Visiting the Graves of My Beloved Dead.

Folded ‘neath the fragrant flowers, on a quiet starlit hill,
Free from life and all its labors, they are resting calm and still.
Little hands that knew no worry, other hands that knew no rest;
They have crossed beyond the river to the home of all the blest.

Dimpled hands, like waxen lilies, folded with a baby grace,
Covered o’er with sweetest flowers, scattered near her lovely face.
This I see, as one lone mourner, stands beside her grave today,
Looking through a mist of tear drops, to that home so far away.

Other hands like snowy daisies resting o’er a gentle heart,
Fairer far than sculptured marble, or the fairest dream of art.
Do not wake this peaceful sleeping of our darling long since fled;
Some sweet day she’ll wake to greet us; she’s only sleeping; she’s not dead.

Aged hands, like withered roses, folded o’er a tired breast;
Hands that long have labored for us, now have found perfect rest.
Long they toiled with weary waiting—not a word of murmuring said,
While they wore this web of living, with a gold and silver thread.

Tell me, oh! Some white-winged angel, if the story thou dost know;
But no answer breaks the silence o’er the years of long ago.
Have they ever sent a message, these loved ones so white and still?
Or must I wait with heartfelt anguish ‘til I too sleep upon this hill.

--Lula Tumlin Lyon.


Page 7.

Mr. J. C. Wofford had a pleasant visit from a nephew, Mr. Fred Lovell, of Florida, last Friday, while on his way home from Manila, where he had been in the artillery service of the army.  He saw enough service and doesn’t like the country much anyhow and will hereafter remain a plain citizen.


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