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The Cartersville American
Cartersville, Georgia
August 3, 1886, page 3
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Gored By a Cow.

Mrs. William Everidge, a lady living near town, was fearfully gored by a crumpled horn cow a few days ago.  It seems that upon going out into the yard, she saw a cow in the lot trying to hook a negro woman.  The negro was in close corners, and Mrs. Everidge immediately went to her rescue, whereupon the cow left the negro and began goring Mrs. Everidge with all the viciousness characteristic with the brute.  The negro sought safety beyond the fence, leaving her rescuer at the mercy of the cow.  Soon Mrs. Everidge lay prostrate beneath the feet of the merciless brute, whose rage seemed to increase ten-fold with every death intended stroke of the horns.  No one being nearer than a half mile except the negro, who would not attempt to assist her, it seemed that nothing but Mrs. Everidge’s death would satisfy the cow’s thirst for the life blood of its victim.  Fortunately Mrs. Everidge’s son, who was in a field about a half mile away, heard the screams, and hurried to the horrible scene.  Driving the cow away he managed to get the bruised and almost lifeless form of his mother into the house.  The cow’s horns had brass knobs on them, and therefore the flesh was not torn, but the bruises were so great that Mrs. Everidge’s condition is considered dangerous.


The Reunion
Of the 18th Georgia regiment at Cartersville on Friday, July 30.

The fifth annual reunion of the 18th Ga. Reg. was held here last Friday.  The early morning train arrived on schedule bringing the Dalton Cornet Band.  They were met at the depot by the Cartersville band and our citizens were roused from their early morning slumbers by strains from the two bands.  At an early hour Secretary Geo. W. Maddox was at the Opera House and enrolled the following survivors of the old regiment:
J. C. Wofford, W. H. Barron, F. M. Durham, Vesta Harwell, A. L. Barron, Jno. W. Garrison, W. F. Bennett, J. B. Smith, R. P. Potter, H. C. Barnett, J. M. Wilhite, I. F. Hayes, A. A. Dobbs, J. W. Allman, Sr., Lt. F. Whittaker, R. A. Gaines, R. S. Thompson, Lt. H. W. Bell, Jim Upshaw, Capt. I. F. Harden, Jason Watters, Tom Dawson, Col. F. M. Ford, John Lusk, Nicholas Atkinson, T. J. Woodall, Eli Jenkins, Dr. Joe McEver, W. W. Cotton, I. M. Tanner, W. I. Tanner, J. I. Kennedy, J. F. Reynolds, B. N. Garrison, W. H. Crawford, A. I. Nalley, George Key, L. J. Nichols, E. Harling, A. Nichols, C. J. Luchman, S. Z. Ruff, J. B. Gains, H. K. Miller, Lt. Geo. R. Smith, J. I. Oneill, Monroe Cox, R. B. Wright, W. D. Kennedy, Joe Ballard, J. D. Murchison, N. I. Rhodes, T. J. Helton, Wm. Byers, Capt. J. R. Wikle, G. W. Rice, Albert Smith, J. S. Cook, A. Fergusson, Jno. W. Morris, J. W. Headden, Lt. R. R. Grant, B. O. Crawford, J. W. Vaughan, James McLain, J. R. Brandon, D. O. Brandon, Chas T. Dabbs, Maj. J. A. Stewart, Capt. J. B. Oneill, C. W. Pyron, Geo. A. Smith, D. B. Whitfield, W. B. Reagin, John Brown, T. J. Hardage, B. R. Whitfield, C. C. Phillips, Lt. M. M. Phillips, Capt. J. L. Lemon, P. C. Priest, John McLain, W. H. Jackson, Henry House, J. P. Fitzgerrald, W. F. Brown, J. P. Durham, E. C. Stancell, Surg., E. J. Roach, J. S. Goodwin, Jno. Guinn, A. M. Anchors, Geo. S. Hull, R. S. Mayburn, M. J. Guyton, Geo. W. Maddox.
Whilst Capt. Maddox was enrolling the 18th, Sam Milam and Bob Anderson were busy enrolling the ex-Confederate of various commands residing in the county.
At 11 o’clock the procession was formed by Col. Ford as marshall of the day in the following order:
1st, Dalton Cornet Band.
2d, Ex-Confederate Veterans
3d, Maimed Soldiers.
4th, 18th Ga. Reg.
5th, Field and Staff.
6th, Officers of the Survivors Association.
7th, Speakers.
8th, Cartersville Band.
The procession moved up the West side of the public square to Church street, thence across to East side public square to Main, thence to Gilmer and up Gilmer to Church, thence to Douglas, thence to Carter at the East Cartersville Institute grounds, where a stand and seats had been prepared.  Arriving at the grounds the procession was halted and in open order reversed position.
At the stand the meeting was called to order by President H. W. Bell, of Co. C., and prayer was offered by Rev. E. Harling, a one legged private of Co. K.  Dr. W. H. Felton was then introduced who delivered the address of welcome in an appropriate manner, paying several glowing tributes to the old 18th.  Maj. J. A. Stewart responded in behalf of the Regiment in a neat short and pleasing style.
Lt. Col. H. D. Capers, of the 12th Ga. Bat., as the bearer of greeting from the 1st Ga. Reg., was introduced, who submitted a communication from a special committee consisting of B. F. Rudisil, E. D. Watkins and Leslie Robinson, which was read by Secretary Maddox and commented on by Col. Capers.
On motion the communication was accepted and Col. F. M. Ford, Maj. J. A. Stewart, Capt. J. L. Lemmon, Capt. J. F. Hardin, Dr. E. J. Roach and Serg. W. F. Bennett were appointed as representatives of the 18th to attend a reunion of the 1st Ga., to be held in Forsyth, Ga., on Thursday, 5th August.
Dinner was announced and a supply of choice viands, prepared by wives, mothers, sisters and friends of the old 18th and other veterans, was spread.
The committee consisting of J. R. Wikle, Jno. C. Branson and H. W. Bell, who were appointed to prepare a memorial for Gen. W. T. Wofford and other members of the Association who have died since the organization were not ready to report, in consequence of the absence of Mr. Branson, and were continued till next meeting at which time they were requested to report.
The committee consisting of Capt. S. D. Irvin, Maj. J. A. Stewart, Dr. E. J. Roach and Capt. J. L. Lemmon and T. H. N. Black, who were appointed to investigate the practicability of having the Survivors Association incorporated, were not ready to report in consequence of the absence of their chairman and were continued.
Mr. S. Z. Ruff, son of Col. Ruff, who was killed at Knoxville was unanimously elected an honorary member of the Association.
President Bell introduced Mr. Ruff, who exhibited the old battle flag of the 18th Ga., that showed it had been in service, being riddled with shot and shell.  The men received it with a shout. There was tied on to the flag a lock of human hair which was said to have been from the head of one of the Zouaves which the Regiment fought at the 2nd battle of Manassas.
Dr. E. J. Roach was elected President and Col. F. M. Ford Vice President for the ensuing year.  Capt. Geo. W. Maddox tried very hard to decline the office of Secretary but his comrades wouldn’t admit of it and unanimously elected him for another year.  Acworth was selected as the place for the next meeting.  The time will be fixed by Company A., and the Secretary give publicity thereto in due time.
The crowd was variously estimated at from 1,500 to 2,000.
After the close of the exercises at the stand, the survivors of the 18th Ga. were arranged on the green at the back of the Institute and Mr. Bishop, a photographer, took several views for the purpose of making some large size photographs.
There was nothing done towards organizing the Veteran Association of the county more than enrolling about three hundred names.  The organization will be perfected soon and we hope every Confederate living in the county will become a member.
H. L. Dempsey, of Co. B, was the only member of the 18th Ga. reported as having died since last meeting.  Every Company of the 18th was represented except D.  Capt. Irvin, the principal commander, was unable to attend in consequence of rheumatism.  Col. Armstrong, of Albany, got as far as Atlanta, but had fever and could get no farther.
The thanks of the Association were given the E & W. R. R. of Ala. for the lowest rate given members in attendance; also to the Southern Passenger Committee through their Commissioner, Mr. M. Slaughter, for a reduction of 33 1/3 per cent over the important roads of the State; to the W. & A. for special favors granted.  At the request of the Secretary, the unanimous thanks of the meeting were given the press of the State for invaluable services rendered in publishing notices, etc., and on motion of Dr. Roach, the Atlanta Constitution, the Augusta Chronicle and Macon Telegraph were specially named in consequence of their publishing both daily and weekly editions.  Lt. H. W. Bell made a splendid presiding officer.  He was the guest of Col. Ford. Major Stewart is one of the finest looking men in Georgia and is very popular with his comrades. Capt. J. B. O’Neill, of Acworth, who is almost totally blind, was kindly greeted by every old soldier, and the object of their special care.  He could only distinguish a man by his voice, and it was astonishing how well he knew men with whom he was intimately associated during the war.  Vice President Barron declined nomination and was permitted to retire.


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