William Abernathy

The Cartersville News
Cartersville, Georgia
September 11, 1873, Page 3
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Early on last Sabbath morning, a man was found near the Car Factory horribly mangled, having been run over by the train.  There was found in one pocket a loaded pistol, and in the other a bottle partly filled with whiskey.  The latter article was strong, presumptive evidence of the cause of his terrible and untimely end.  It is supposed that he fell asleep on the track, and when the 11 o’clock train came along it mangled and crushed the poor inebriate.  The unfortunate man was not fully identified at first, but it was afterwards discovered that his name was William Abernathy, son of Linn Abernathy, of Cherokee county.

His father and brothers came to see him on Sabbath evening, and at about 5 o’clock his earthly sufferings came to an end, and his spirit left his mutilated body.

Thus one by one they fall, and the tide of drunkenness rolls on, yearly sweeping its thousands to untimely graves.  Truly “war has slain its thousands, but intemperance its tens of thousands.”  Yet the voice of warning, which comes from such examples as the one given above, is unheeded by the multitudes; and they madly rush on like beasts to the slaughter-pen!  Verily “the way of transgressors is hard,” and those who hate instruction and despise reproof “shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy!”


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