A. D. Loveless

The Standard
Cassville, Georgia
July 8, 1852 , Page 2
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The British ship Sir Charles Napier, Captain Webster, arrived at San Francisco on the 21st of May, ninety days from Panama, with 18 cabin passengers and 156 steerage.  When one week from Panama, the measles, dysentery and fever began to show themselves, and continued with more or less virulence for about three weeks, in which time no less than 36 were consigned to the deep.  A succession of calms on and near the equator, no doubt caused this great mortality, as the heat at that time was most excessive. Although the passage was 90 days from port, there were not 30 of them on which there was wind enough to keep the sails full.

Among the deaths we regret to notice the following from Georgia:
March 9th Thomas Banks, Murray county, aged 45.  1st M. Rodgers, Cherokee county, aged 22.  6th Burns, Jackson county, aged 21.  3d, T. Havies, Jackson county, aged 34.  7th, Z. Grindle, Gordon county, aged 35.  18th, Jno Sears, Gordon county, aged 22.  19th, T. Robertson, Gordon county, aged 26.  April 15th, E. Rouse, Lumpkin county, aged 24.  March 28, G. W. Tumlin, Cass county, aged 20.  April 3, W. J. Croane, Gordon county, aged 19.—March 8, Adley, (black boy) Burke county, aged 26.  4th J. Vincent, Cass county, aged 30.  5th A. D. Loveless, Cass county, aged 22.  Feb. 24, J. M. Kincaid, Burke county, aged 22.  May 2. James Hamblin, Murray county, aged 33.  3d, Z. Baker, Lumpkin county, aged 36.  11th, Boly Wickett, Gordon county, aged 23.  10th, Osborne, (black boy) Burke county, aged 18.  5th G. Carson, Lumpkin county, aged 26.  30th, A. K. Bird, Lumpkin county, aged 23.  25th Wm. Birt, Lumpkin county, aged 20.  13, A. Reid, Cass county, aged 25.

The steamship McKim sailed from Panama on the 28th of November last, but has been ever since detained by an accident, on the passage, at Monterey.  The following deaths, taken from the ship’s log, have occurred on board since she sailed from Panama:--

Died on the passage. –Dec. 6, Robert Gammell, Canada, passenger; 7th William Cotts, England, waiter; Amasa Rowell, Michigan, passenger; 10th, Neil McQuarry, Ireland, passenger; 11th, John Clapp, Jr., Massachusetts, passenger; William Oakstrong, New-York, seaman; John Sayers, Germany, passenger; 15th, Benjamin Herrick, Maine, passenger; 17th, Joseph Bolen, Georgia, passenger; 24th, Lovan Conway, Maine, passenger; 27, Wm. W. Johnson, Georgia, passenger; Jan. 5, John M. Dodge, Massachusetts, passenger; Feb. 10,  John Cart, Indiana, passenger.

Died in California.—March 1, J. J. Simmons, Georgia, passenger; 14th, George Sanford, New-York, waiter; April 2, John W. Moore, Baltimore, passenger; May 4, Abraham Bisson, Canada, seaman; 13th, Michael Conway, Philadelphia, steward.—Sav. Rep.


July 15, 1852
Page 3

Cassville Lodge, No. 136, A. Y. M.
Cassville, July 6, 1852

Whereas, an all-wise Providence of God has removed from among the living, our beloved brother, A. D. LOVELESS, who died on the 5th day of March, whilst on his way to California.  Therefore, Resolved,

1st.  That this Lodge is both deeply bereaved and solemnly warned in this affliction and mysterious event.
2d. That not only as Masons, but as citizens, we mourn the loss of our worthy brother.
3d. That we most of all heartily sympathize, with the relatives, and especially with the aged mother, to whom may “God temper the winds as to the shorn lamb,” and furnish her that comfort which he alone can give.
4th. That our lodge room be hung in mourning three months.
5th. That the foregoing be entered upon minutes, and a copy sent to the mother of the deceased; also, that they be published in the standard.

By order of the Lodge, July 15, 1852.
James Milner, W. M.
John W. Burke, Sec.


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