Pest House Cemetery

Photographed by: H.M. Williams 3/2007

Directions: From I-75, take Highway 20 East 1/10th mile to Highway 20 Spur. Follow it to Bartow Beach Road. Travel on Bartow Beach Road 1.3 miles until you come to a gravel road to your left with a chain across it. (At this time, there is a signpost with a blue symbol on it at the road.) There is room to park without blocking the road.

Walk down the road less than half a mile. (You will have to cross over another closed gate.) At the foot of the hill, the road makes a horseshoe turn. After you round the corner, you will see the cemetery in the woods to your left. It is before the house that sits at the end of the road. All but one grave are marked by fieldstones.

GPS / Map:

Note: Small Pox patients were transported to the Pest House during the epidemic which occurred abt. 1850-1860. Most did not survive and were buried in the Pest Cemetery near the Pest House. Only one grave has been identified, that of Mrs. Anne Stroupe Ash who is buried in a vault made of native stone.