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The following is a list of the payroll of Capt. Berry W Gideon’s Company of Mounted Volunteers organized under the act of the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, assented to the 26 day of December 1837 for the protection of the Cherokee and Creek Indians from the 15th of Jan. 1838 to June 1838 and ordered into service of the State by Colonel Samuel Stewart by order of the Governor of the State of Georgia.
Source: Book : They Were Here vol #5
Name Rank
Barton, Daniel
Bolt, William
Cantrell, William I
Casey, Bainbridge
Danaway, William
Dodd, Christopher
Dunagan, Franklin A
Dunagan, Hiram
Dunagan, William
Gathright, M.F. 3rd Cpl
Gideon, Berry W. Capt.
Hamilton, James M. 1st Lt
Hamilton, Joseph T. 2nd gt
Hassell , William D
Howard, Lemuel 1st Cpl
Huchison, John H
Jackson, Joseph Wilson
Jones , James F
Jones, Lorenzo D. 2nd Cpl
Leander, H Gillis
Long, Jonathan 4th Sgt
Lowry , James
Lowry, Carter
Lowry, Green
Lowry, William B. 3rd Sgt
Massey, Anderson
McElroy, John
Miller, Johon H. 1st Sgt
Moore, Patrick 4th Cpl
Morrow, Nicholds Leander
Murkeson , Duncan
Owens, Anderson
Pearson, William 2nd Lt
Perkins, Elijah
Person, Bailus
Pinson, Elijah
Pinson, Isaac
Pogue , Reuben M
Ponder, John
Quarles, David
Ray, Samuel I
Simpson , William
Stokes, Joseph H
Tate, Isaac
Terry, W. Ensign
Terry, William
Turner, William
Watson, James N
Watson, John
Wilson ,William H
Wilson, Nicholds John
Wood, Joseph
Youngblood, Gideon Y