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Bartow County Invincibles

Captain D. B. Henry – At a meeting of the members of Company C, 35th Regt., GA Vols – held July 18th, Lieut. J. G. Johnson (which is Solomon G. Johnson), Sgt., C. E. Conder, W. H. Davenport, S. R. Daily and W. G. Roberts were appointed as a committee to express the deep regret of the company caused by the death of their beloved and respected Commander Captain D. B. Henry, who was killed in battle near Richmond, VA on June 26th, whilst gallantly leading the company in a charge upon the enemy’s batteries – At the battle of 7 Pines he led his company in the thickest of the fray and was among the last to retire from that ensanguined field – When the impetuous assault was made upon the enemy’s right, June 26th, his regiment formed a portion of the advance of the assaulting army. He fell in front of the enemy’s redoubts, and his remains now slumber upon that hard-contested field.

In his death the Bartow Invincibles have lost a loved and efficient commander, the Confederacy a brave and gallant soldier, and his family a kind husband and father…
Adieu, my friend; in quiet rest
Be quite still they noble breast
The dread alarm and battle roll
Shall stir no more thy peaceful soul

Bartow Invincibles, Camp near Richmond, July 24, 1862