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Last Will and Testament of John Wallraven Sept 10 1845, Georgia.

My last Will and testament after payin all of my just debts. Cass County. I will to my wife Nancy Wallraven my lot of land 49 in the Seventh District, Third section during her Lifetime. At her deeath the said lot of land is to be equally divided between my sons, John Wallraven and my son President Wallraven.

I will to my son Jonathan Wallraven and my son William Wallraven one lot of land number fifty in the Seventhy district, third section to be equally divided between them.

I will my son President Wallraven to have a good horse, saddle and bridle and all of the rest of my property,

I will that my wife Nancy Wallraven shall have during her lifetime and then to be equally divided between all my lawful heirs.

Witness my hand and seal. John (x) Wallraven Wit (his mark) Joseph (x) McElrath, Z.F. Wilson, Joseph Bogle, Henry McConnell, Phillip J. Guyton

Georgia, Cass County In person came before us Joseph Bogle, Phillip J. Guyton, Jushua Bowdon, Nathaniel Nicholson Justice of the Inferior Court in and for said county Joseph P. McElrath, Z.F. Wilson and Henry McConnell who being sworn and deposed and say that they saw John Walraven seal and sign the w— and foregoing instrument or testament and that he execute this freely and without compulsion so far as they know or believe and that he was at the time of executing the same of sound disposition and mind and memory and that they sign the same as witnesses in the presence of the Testator. Sworn to and subscribed before us this 3rd day of November 1845. /s/ Joseph Bogle, JIC; Nathaniel Nicholson, JIC; Joshua Bowdoin, JIC; Henry McConnell.