Mannings Mill Cemetery

Adairsville, Georgia
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This is a list of people buried in an abandoned cemetery off Mannings Mill Road, in Adairsville, in a wooded area between a new subdivision they have built and a large farm. It is very overgrown in this area & the farmer who owned the land did not know the cemetery was there. This area has been left as a buffer from sound and smell between the farm and the subdivision through a agreement between the developer and the farmer. At some point in the future the cemetery may be lost or forgotten.

Directions:  From Highway 41 turn onto Mannings Mill Rd , maybe a half mile you will see a new development on the left, just past this subdivision, the first older farmhouse on the left is 104 Mannings Mill Rd. It is obviously a working cattle farm with fenced pastures and a barn and corrals. The house has a drive on each side that circles to the back of the home. The owner is Roy Phillips and he will gladly show you how to get to the cemetery which is on the right side and to the rear of his home. It is on a hill about 40 to 50 feet high, that runs at a 90 degree angle from the street about 100 to 150 yards. The cemetery is on the top about 100 yards from the road. You can see some of the roofs in the new subdivision from the cemetery. The hill is almost flat on top and is about 35 yards across. It drops off on both sides, one to the pasture and the other to the subdivision.

If  you go to the cemetary dress appropriately because you have to cross a small creek and go either over or under a barbed wire fence.

One other choice is from either of the two houses in the subdivision whose backyards back up to the hill. The 2 houses are at the end of a cul-de-sac at the rear, right side of the subdivision. I didn't note the actual address but you could probably figure it out.


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   *man & woman together are parents of Valerie Nichols; man on knee is Roy Phillips. 




Row #


BARRON, C. Lizzie (Mrs.) August 28, 1845 January 1, 1882 3 Aged 36 yrs 4 mos & 3 days
CASEY, Dena Barron February 16, 1873 March 21, 1896 1 w/o F.M. Casey
HICKS, Alice July 24, 1900 July 25, 1900 1 infant of Henry & Mattie Hicks
HICKS, Henry April 18, 1870 August 14, 1902 1 h/o Mattie Hicks
HICKS, Mattie Towers June 17, 1872 September 13, 1900 1 w/o Henry Hicks. There is a monument between the Henry & Mattie . In front of the monument are buried two infants. 
HICKS, Paul February 28, 1899 March 5, 1899 1 infant of Henry & Mattie Hicks
Hilburn, Maggie Towers August 4, 1868 August 6, 1893 1 w/o J.A. Hilburn
SELF,  A.B. March 6, 1858 August 18, 1902 5  
SHARKEY, Infant girl September 9, 1903 September 9, 1903 1 d/o Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Sharkey
SHAW, Catherine June 24, 1824 July 10, 1890 1 Age 69 yrs 11 mo 21 days. Married John G. Shaw January 29, 1843
SHAW, Donald M. December 15, 1853 November 21, 1863 3 Aged 9 yrs 11 mos & 6 days
SHAW, Henry M. September 2, 1862 June 14, 1891 1 Age 28 yrs 9 mos 12 days
SHAW, J. Simeon March 11, 1858 December 22, 1881 3 Marker broken
SHAW, James H. March 18, 1856 December 10, 1885 1 Age 29 yrs. 8 mos. and 22 days.
SHAW, John G. July 16, 1820 August 10, 1890 1 Born Randolph Co. NC, age 63 yrs 1 mo & 16 days; married Catherine Shaw Jan. 29, 1843
SHAW, Lula B. July 17, 1860 March 23, 1883 1 22 years 8 mos. & 6 days
TOWERS, Sarah A. (Mrs.) November 28, 1847 January 29, 1890 2 Age 43 yr 10 mo & 1 day;
TOWERS, W.B.F. February 11, 1847 November 21, 1885 2 Mason; Age 85 yrs, 9 mos 10 day;
Unmarked graves     5  
Unmarked graves     4  
If you have information on unmarked graves, please contact so they can be added to the burial list. 
Be sure to reference name of cemetery.
To have a tombstone repaired, or to purchase new one:  Frank Perkins at Cartersville Monument at (770) 386-6777
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Small granite markers can be purchased by calling ... 770-366-2603. Markers are reasonably priced
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