Courant American News, June 9, 1887

The Courant American Newspaper
Cartersville, Georgia

June 9, 1887 Page 2:

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Executor’s Sale.

By virtue of authority granted me as his executor by the will of Malcolm Johnston, Sr., dec’d I will sell before the Court House door in Cartersville, Ga., on the first Tuesday in July, 1887, for cash, to the highest bidder, the following as the property of the estate of Malcolm Johnston, dec’d. to-wit: The lot known as the old Baptist graveyard, in Cartersville, Bartow county, Ga., containing two acres more or less, lying on the hill in the rear of the White Baptist church, bounded east by the street between this lot and the property of R. H. Jones and Mrs. Jane Jones, south by the vacant lot of Mrs. Ware and Mrs. Brame, purchased by them from the estate of Lewis Tumlin, west by lots of D. W. K. Peacock and Tom Ware and vacant lots of J. J. Howard and Milly Copeland, north by lot of Albert Lawrence.  This May 30, 1887.
Richard Malcolm Johnston.
As Ex’r of Malcolm Johnston, Sr., dec’d.


Georgia – Bartow County.  To All Whom It May Concern.
Thomas J. Benson has in due form applied to the undersigned for permanent Letters of Administration on the estate of John H. Benson, late of said county, deceased, and I will pass upon said application on the first Monday in July, 1887.
This 31st May, 1887.
J. A. Howard, Ordinary.


Cass Station.

We need rain.

Felton Jones, of Cartersville, was at Cass Saturday.

Prof. Marshall is making arrangements to open the public term of school at Wofford’s Academy, Monday, June 20th.

Mrs. V. L. Ray, of Cedartown, is visiting Mrs. Dobbins.

Mrs. G. A. Veach, of Adairsville, is down on a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dobbins.

Mr. Dick Milam was visiting in this vicinity Sunday evening.

We had prayer meeting Sunday night at the M. E. Church.  This is a step in the right direction.  There will be meeting every Sunday night hereafter.

The Hargis family had a picnic and family reunion at the Hargis homestead (the home of R. R. Hargis) one-half mile from Cass, on Saturday, May 28.  Although it was a family reunion, Captain Hargis invited some of his friends and neighbors to enjoy the affair with them.  There was quite a large number present, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves immensely.  Capt. Hargis said they had met for the purpose of having a reunion of the family and celebrating their father’s birthday.  He wanted all to enjoy themselves and have a nice time.  This is always the way with Mr. Hargis.  He closed his little speech by saying “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.”  It was a grand affair, and all were in high spirits.  Capt. Dave Wyly and lady, of Atlanta, and “Nabor” Freeman and lady, of Cartersville, were present.

Harry Hargis spent Sunday in Atlanta.



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