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Cartersville, Georgia
June 19, 1890, Page 5
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A full count of Cartersville’s population is wanted. For ten years will the city be judged by the census that is now being taken. Let every one see to it that his or her name is collected in the taking of the census.


An Interesting Gathering at the Home of Rev. J. S. Hillhouse.

There were three very pleasurable days at the home of Rev. J. S. Hillhouse the past week. The occasion was a family reunion.

All the living members of his father’s family were invited, and they all arrived Friday afternoon. They were:

Miss Ida and Mr. W. L. Hillhouse, of Calhoun, Ga.
Mr. Louis D. Hillhouse, Palm Beach, Fla.
Mr. Joseph B. Hillhouse, Clarksville, Tenn.

Besides and admirable dinner or two under the skillful auspices of Mr. Hillhouse’s most estimable wife, they all enjoyed a drive to that picturesque locality, the old Cooper Iron Works, on Saturday.

The family party remained together until Monday, when the visiting members took their departure.

Rev. J. S. Hillhouse, the host of the occasion, is the pastor of Cartersville’s Presbyterian church. He is a gentleman of culture, dignity and affable nature, and commands the respect and admiration, not alone of his own church people, but of the people of the entire community. Miss Ida Hillhouse is well known in Cartersville, having been a frequent guest in her brother’s home. She is a lady of splendid attainments and lovely disposition, and possesses hosts of friends.

Mr. W. L. Hillhouse, of Calhoun, is a contractor, high up in the knowledge of his chosen calling, and is a quiet, solid and popular citizen of his town.

Mr. Louis D. Hillhouse has been engaged in growing tropical fruits in Florida the last four years. He likes his new home and business and is prospering finely.

Mr. Joseph B. Hillhouse, the youngest of the living members of the family, is fitting himself for the ministry at Clarksville university, and his advancement so far gives promise of a useful and conspicuous career in his exalted calling.

The writer of this has known this splendid family for the last twenty years, Rev. J. B. Hillhouse, the head of the family, having taken up his residence near Calhoun in the year 1873, moving from Newberry, S. C. He was logical and deep as an expounder of the gospel, frank, manly, firm and conscientious in all his acts and positions, and commanded the respect universally of all who knew him. He passed to his final home and rich reward only a few years ago, followed soon by his sainted wife and several children.

The vacant chairs at the family table last week were perhaps the only things calculated to sadden the occasion, but the consciousness of the survivors that there will be a perpetual reunion one day is cause itself for rejoicing.

The Courant American wishes the participants in this family gathering all the joys this world can give and joys unfading and unending in the great beyond.


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