“Brief Local Items.”

The Courant American Newspaper
Cartersville, Georgia
November 24, 1898 Page 5:
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“Brief Local Items.”

That clever knight of the yard stick, John A. Dobbs, is smiling over the recent arrival of a baby girl at his home.

Page 8:

“Doings in Bartow—Linwood.”

Mr. C. A. Kitchens of the W. & A. Railroad is wearing a broad smile, as he has another fine boy to come and live with him. He is a fine 10 pound boy.

Mr. G. R. Gibbons

Celebrates His Eighty-Fourth Birthday at His Home at Grassdale.

This is seemingly a long while to live, but when the years sit so lightly that the heart is still young, the spirit buoyant, and only the snowy head betokens the octogenarian who would not live to a green old age, to be remembered and celebrated at each returning anniversary.

How appropriate and timely these birthday celebrations, this calling together of the family and marking the stations on life’s journey. Such was the pleasant occasion at the home of Mr. Gibbons who, on last Friday, the 18th instant, marked his eighty-fourth mile post by a sumptuous repast, prepared by loving hands. How beautiful the devotion of father, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. While the day was gloomy without, and the sky overcast with clouds, yet within, all was bright and cheerful and the smiling happy faces made the hearty welcome doubly so.

A large picture of the venerable father, decorated with lovely autumn flowers and the significant sheaf of ripened grain, occupied a place in the foreground of that beautiful home picture.

With music and “social converse free and unrestrained,” the hours passed swiftly away, until dinner was announced. What an inviting and bounteous spread that table contained. It was simply loaded with every viand and delicacy, from the whole pig, done to a beautiful brown, to the pumpkin pies of thanksgiving fame; all prepared and served in true Virginia style. Four generations were seated at this hospitable board, all vying with each other in loving attentions and gentle courtesies to make happy the loved father and grandfather.

May his years be lengthened and his loved ones spared to comfort and cheer the evening of his life as the sun gilds and makes radiant the closing day.

A Friend. “Brief Local Items.” Mr. Felton Jones steps with a more buoyant air and wears a smile of intense satisfaction since the arrival of that fine new boy at his home.


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