News from The Weekly Cartersville Express

The Weekly Cartersville Express
Cartersville, Georgia
September 13, 1867, Page 3
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To The Voters of the Seventh Congressional District.

At the earnest solicitations of many friends, both white and colored, I have consented to present my name as a candidate for Congress, to represent the Seventh Congressional District of Georgia in the great council of the nation at Washington City; believing, as I do, that the large number of recently enfranchised citizens of color in the United States should have a voice in the same.  I claim the suffrage of my race and their friends, in the forthcoming election, as a matter of justice and right, and trust that they will accord to me no impure motive in seeking this high and responsible position.  I am induced to offer myself a candidate for the amelioration and exaltation of my race and color to position and power with their white compeers who have so magnanimously broken from us, as a people, the shackles of bondage and slavery.

I was born a slave, and am acquainted with all the changes and incidents consequent to the life of an African slave; though my lines have fallen to me in comparatively pleasant places, my old masters having all been endowed with feelings of humanity and consideration towards their servants.  I am now in my 58th year, and during my time of servitude, (my freedom was consummated by the result of the late war,) I was faithful and obedient to their requirements, and entertain no ill will towards them now while I am free.  I only ask of them now what I granted them when a bondsman –their countenance and support.

It will be expected of me that I define my position upon the great questions that now agitate the public mind, which I will proceed to do in as brief way as possible, as follows:

1stly. I am in favor or revoking the tax on Cotton, Whiskey and Tobacco, the three great commodities of trade in the land.
2nly. I am in favor of the equality of races.
3rdly. I am in favor of the Kentucky Resolutions of ’98.
4thly. I am in favor of the liberty of the press and speech.
5thly and lastly.  I am in favor of a republican form of government; of the Constitution of the United States and the Laws under it, and desire that it shall be handed down to our posterity unimpaired.

These are the principles upon which I propose to stand or fall in the coming election, and I appeal to all good people, irrespective of color or condition to stand by me in sustaining the above principles.

Very respectfully,
Your ob’t serv’t.
Franklin Haynes.
Allatoona, Ga., Sept. 12th, 1867.


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