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The Cartersville Express
Cartersville, Georgia
January 23, 1873, Page 2
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It will be remembered that in the year 1869, a subscription was presented to the citizens of Cartersville, for clearing off and fencing the Baptist and Methodist grave yards.  Forty-six dollars were paid at the time of subscribing, but owing to the stringency of money matters, it was though best not to press the collection of the entire subscription.  The above amount being turned over to me, I loaned it out, so that it might increase in amount.  Some time after this, brother J. H. Gilreath came to me and asked that the subscription be collected, and the Baptist grave yard fenced, as it was near his residence.  I thought he would be the best man to collect the subscription so I handed it to him for collection.  Very soon I collected the amount loaned so as to have it ready to pay on the work when done.  A few days since I asked brother Gilreath about the subscription, and he informed me that he thought he had lost it, but would look for it.  I have a copy of the subscription, but as money is very scarce now, it is best to let the matter lie over till next harvest, or next fall, when, if I remain in Cartersville [line obscured by fold] work the amount collected will pay for.  Brother J. J. Howard once informed me that there was another small sum of money to appropriate to the Baptist grave yard when necessary.  I have put the amount in my hands on interest again, and hope the other sum may also be put on interest till needed, if not now on interest, as this will add a little to the funds.

After this subscription was presented, the town Council took charge of the grave yard question, and bought grounds adjoining the Methodist grave yard, and laid out a regular Cemetery.  This being done, it only left the Baptist to be fenced, so only one-half of the subscription was demanded that remained yet unpaid.

Cartersville now being a city, and the authorities making such efforts to make all public matters put on a city appearance, it is hoped that soon no City can boast of a more beautiful Cemetery than Cartersville, as the cite cannot be excelled.
I make the foregoing statement as some persons have asked about the matter.

Jan. 18, 1873
T. M. Compton.


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