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The Cartersville Express
Cartersville, Georgia
May 6, 1875, Page 3
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Our Merchants
Comments on the Trade Interests of Cartersville.

Sketches of the following merchants: Gower, Jones & Co.; P. L. Moon (came to Cartersville in 1856 from Cobb county, raised in South Carolina); The Planters’ & Miners’ Bank; Kirkpatrick & Sayre (Dr. Kirkpatrick resident since 1850, Mr. Sayre is a native of Hancock County); Trowbridge & Johnson (successors to H. A. Patillo); Dr. M. G. Williams (resided in north Georgia since 1848); H. M. Clayton.


By request, we have today copied from the laws and ordinances of the City of Cartersville, those ordinances relative to the City Cemetery, and have also published the rules and regulations lately adopted for the government of affairs connected with the cemetery.  We regret very much to learn that, in several instances, parties not having respect for the effort of the Council to beautify the “City of the Dead,” have committed depredations upon the graves—such as riding their horses and driving vehicles over them, breaking the shrubbery, flowers &c., &c.  A worthy member of the Council informed us day before yesterday that that body means business, and they intend to put the ordinances into effect to their utmost extent.  Indeed we hope they may, as we regard no offence more heinous than the mutilation of a grave or its immediate surroundings.  We hope the depredators will take this as a timely warning.  Such espionage as will not fail to find out those who commit the outrages, has been established, and they will soon be brought face to face with his Honor, the Mayor, who will not spare them.

Sec. 37.  Any person or persons who shall in any wise disturb any grave, deface, pull up, or remove anything put or placed to mark a grave, or any paling or wall placed around the grave, or shall remove any plank, posts, or timbers in the grave yard; such person or persons so offending, on conviction thereof before the Mayor or any member of the Council, shall pay a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars and costs, or be imprisoned not exceeding thirty days in the calaboose, or common jail of Bartow county.

Sec. 38.  Any one who shall destroy, mutilate, deface, injure or remove any tomb, monument, gravestone, or any other structure placed in the Cemetery in said city of Cartersville, or any fence, railing, or other work for the protection or ornament of any tomb, monument, gravestone or structure aforesaid, or for the ornament or protection of the Cemetery, or shall willfully destroy, cut, break, remove or injure any tree, shrub or plant that may have been planted, or that may be growing in said Cemetery, or commit any trespass within the limits of said Cemetery, shall upon conviction thereof before the Mayor or any member of the Council, pay a fine of not more than one hundred dollars and costs, and may be imprisoned in the calaboose not exceeding thirty days; which money, when collected, shall be applied, one-half to the informer, and the other half by City Council, under the direction of the Committee on the Cemetery, to the reparation and restoration of the property destroyed or injured, as above stated.

Sec. 39 Any person or persons who shall bury or cause to be buried any dead person or persons in any other place in this city than the public Cemetery, without permission from Council, shall, on conviction, pay a fine of not exceeding fifty dollars and costs, for each offense, or be imprisoned in the calaboose or common jail not exceeding thirty days.

Any person or persons driving any vehicle out of the streets in the Cemetery, or riding on horseback out of such streets, shall, on conviction, be fined not exceeding twenty dollars, or be confined in the calaboose not exceeding twenty days.

Regulations in Reference to the City Cemetery, adopted by City Council, May 3d, 1875,

  1. Any person or persons residing outside the corporate limits of the city of Cartersville, who may desire to bury their dead in the City Cemetery, shall first purchase a lot in said Cemetery.  Until purchase of lot such burying is prohibited.  Above regulation not to apply to those who already have lots.
  2. All persons who have heretofore selected lots in the Cemetery, may obtain deeds to the same by payment to the Clerk of Council, the price fixed upon such lot by the Cemetery Committee.
  3. All lots in that portion of the Cemetery lying north of street No. 1, and east of street No. 5 not already selected and pointed out to the Sexton, shall be for sale.  Upon payment of price fixed upon any lot, to the Clerk of Council, he shall execute a deed to the same.  Prices of lots range from $10 to $20, according to locality.
  4. All that portion of the Cemetery west of street No. 5, not already selected shall be set apart for the use of all those who are unable or unwilling to purchase lots.
  5. No lots south of street No. 3, shall be sold to colored persons, or used for burial places by colored people.  The Sexton shall see that this regulation is not violated.


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