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The Cartersville News
Cartersville, Georgia
October 22, 1908, page 1
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Testimony Wanted.
Victims of War Time Burnings Desire Evidence as to Destruction.

Fort Worth, Tex., October 16, 1908.

Editor News: My mother married Dr. A. P. Brown, of Smyrna, Ga., brother of U. S. Senator Jos. E. Brown, of Georgia.  On her wedding night mamma’s father made her a bridal present of a nice home in Cartersville on the main business street in front of the railroad on street running toward Pumpkin Vine Creek.  On this lot was a dwelling and store house, a warehouse, stables, barn and out houses.  Mamma went to nurse in the hospitals with papa and left Mr. Nat Hilburn and his wife, Margaret, who was a Miss Grenwood, in charge of her property.  General Sherman came to Cartersville.  He occupied Mamma’s home for his headquarters and when he left he had his soldiers burn the property.  The Union soldiers looted the house, ripped open the feather beds with their bayonets and then rode away with mama’s fine furs and silks flying from their bayonets and from the pommels of their saddles.  After they had burned the house and as they rode away they sang “we’ll hang old Gov. Joe Brown to a sour apple tree.”  They said they burned the house because papa was a brother to Governor Brown, the war governor.

Papa was head surgeon of the Georgia hospitals with the rank of brigadier general of the medical department.  Mamma nursed hundreds of confederate soldiers.  All papa’s comrades loved him for he never failed to help his fellowman.  This was why he was not rich like his brother, for he chose the higher life. 

Mamma has put in this war claim for the property destroyed.  Congressmen Livingston of Georgia and Culberson, of Texas, U. S. Senator Bailey of Texas and papa’s nephew, U. S. Senator Latimer, of South Carolina, did all they could for mamma.  The claim has passed Congress and is now before the Court of Claims in Washington.

There were only two houses burned in Cartersville during the war, the court house and mama’s house.  Now the Court of Claims wish for more evidence.  Mr. Editor will you please arrange these facts for publication in your paper and call on other county papers to copy and for the Confederate veterans to assist mamma to establish the fact that the property did exist and that they heard or saw how it burned.

Please tell them to communicate their knowledge of facts to Carrie W. Brown at 1608 Kennedy street, Fort Worth Texas, who is my mother and she owned the property.  Papa did so much for the dear old veterans; surely they will get this evidence for mamma, as she nursed so many of their comrades in arms.  Surely they will not let her lose her patrimony by silence.

Please dear Editor make a fervent appeal to Bartow county for those who know and urge the Christian duty to the widowed wife.

Mrs. C. E. Dempsey,
1608 Kennedy Street,
Fort Worth Texas.


Important Work.
Indexes to Records in Clerk’s Office Finished by Capt. Anderson.

Capt. Bob Anderson, the efficient deputy clerk of the superior court, has been engaged on an important work which he is proud to see the finish of the past week.  The records of deeds, mortgages, etc., in the clerk’s office have been duly indexed as the records were made, making it an easy job to find in what book a paper was recorded so far as the records of the last twenty years was concerned, but for the years back of 1888 to the organization of the county in the thirties there was no index to guide the searcher over the books.

To make an index for the work from the beginning on up to where the index was already complete has been the job of Capt. Anderson and every moment that could be spared from the other duties of the office has been employed on this work.  It is a great convenience and one that will be appreciated by all that have to investigate the records for any purpose.


Page 6.

Fine New Boy.

A bouncing baby boy arrived Tuesday morning to bless the home of Mr. and Mrs. Zimri Jackson.  Mother and infant are doing well; and the two grandpas are doing a lot of smiling.


Page 9.

Mineral Springs.

Mr. John Knight is all smiles, it’s a girl.


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