News from the Cartersville American

The Cartersville American
Cartersville, Georgia
September 1, 1886, page 2
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Death of an Infant.

“Empty is the cradle, baby’s gone.”
On Tuesday morning, Aug. 24th, the hearts of the people of Kingston were saddened as they listened to the words of a snowy-white winged messenger, telling at every door that a soul in our midst had been wafted above.
Saddened, saddened!  Yes, natural it is that the hearts of those to whom this pure little babe was so dear, should ache, ache coldly as they realize that she is gone, gone forevermore.
But she was not the only one the parents had to love, no, she left a little brother whose age is the same as her own, therefore he seems a part of her very self.  Still we ask why was her stay so brief?  For some wise purpose as are all things directed by Divine Providence.  She was spared to loving parents and devoted grand-parents a sufficient of time for her to creep into their hearts and warm them with purest affection.  Her very suffering and helplessness made their love for her the more tender.
But why grieve?  So long as she was with us she was a sufferer.  Yes, as we lifted her delicate waisted figure, fit emblem of purity and patience, and gazed on her white lips, which had never lisped, a mother’s name, they told of silent suffering.
But now she’s sleeping.  The voices of those dear ones who have been her midnight watches need speak softly no longer, no longer need their feet tread lightly lest they disturb Louise.
No, she heeds them not.  Those sweet thin lips are paler than ever, white and cold as marble, and still as death itself.  Yet they tell not now of pain, but of rest and peace, such as is found by every lamb when embraced in the arms of the tender Shepherd.
As the cold grave yawned to receive her slight little form, while Heaven itself seemed weeping, so the bright portals of the great eternity were thrown wide open, and the “Angel of Peace,” with its precious treasure, passed in, chanting on its way.
“Of such is the kingdom of God.”
Innocent as a dove, pure as the driven snow, what must have been the silent mission of the little darling?
Ah! Surely ‘twas to bring earth nearer to Heaven, to bind hearts nearer to God.
--P. G.


“Town and County.”

Baylis Lewis was adjudged a lunatic on last Friday, and will be committed to the asylum.


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